Slow Rollin’…

As I sit here writing this post, I am both bored, and excited.  I am bored because we have reached that time of year where utterly nothing, is going on.  All trapping is pretty much over with.  Grouse hunting has not started.  The bears are still deep in their slumber, and deer season is months away.  Work matches play in that not much is happening.  It is hard to get excited about paperwork, but without much else to do, it is what we are stuck with.

So, instead we must ponder and dream.  Dream about stalking bears on a green grassy beach.  Hiking a trail listening to the ghostly hoots of “Sooty” grouse.  Every day is a day to scheme.  Make plans for a hunting getaway.  We’ve got plans to chase bears, scout some new areas in search of a spot to take a mainland buck this August, and hopefully do a little more fishing this summer.

Until all that, you’ll just have to enjoy my writing, as I’m currently picture-less.

Until next time…


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