Spring Is Springing!

As mid-April rolls around we are finally beginning to see some warmer temperatures.  Along the roadsides fresh green grass begins to emerge and the woods are beginning to come to life.

The part I look forward to most about spring is spring bear hunting.  Chasing black bears will forever have a special place in my heart.  There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a fresh estuary during the “magic-hour” listening to birds and the sounds of nature while watching for a dandy bruin to emerge from the woods to feed on the fresh salty goose-tounge that lines the beaches.

I was fortunate enough to get out this last week and have a peek around.

This year marks the earliest I have ever seen a black bear out in the field.  April 16th I saw my first bear this year.  He was a decent bear, though quite skinny.  It made him hard to judge, but I’d guess he’d go 18″.

I’ve got some plans in the works, so hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have some nice pictures and a story or 2 of a fun hunt during these spring months.

Did I mention that sometimes my job rocks?


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