Summer Grind (Wishin’ I was fishin’!)

Well, summer has been kickin’ right along.  It’s hard to believe we are about to roll over into August.  With work, our schedule has been tight.  Leaving very little free time for much of anything else.  Something about working 3-4 weeks (See!  I can’t even remember how many!) has not been good for our adventure life.  That and a freak accident on a staircase causing a badly sprained ankle has been tough.

Thanks to work though we’ve had quite a few adventures.  We made it to the outside coast a few times near Cross Sound and got to see some more beautiful scenary as always.

Even in short order we managed to spend a week in Yakutat, though we didn’t think it through and should have brought our fishing gear.  We got to see the world-renowned Situk River, and the lack of fish in it.  I have to admit though.  There were some cool things to see in Yakutat like the Dangerous River, Cannon Beach, and all the cool little streams and river surrounding the area.  We managed to make some new friends and connections, and hopefully with a little luck, will return back there soon with rod in hand!

Now, on to the good stuff!  Just the other day we got a random call from a friend saying that he was going to be in town the next day.  Plans were hashed, and decisions were made.  The next day we were on the water and fishing some local flows.  Salmon this year has been a non-starter with near record-low returns on many species.  This has been fishing tough, and has limited options.  The upside is, the Dolly Varden are hungry and eager to take a fly.

We started off the first day by hitting up a local flow, beads and mini-llamas in hand.  Before we knew it, both had caught around 20 fish.  Not a bad day.  To top it off, we are experiencing a bit of a heat-wave.  Who could complain?

Though the fishing at this spot wasn’t terrible, we thought it wise to check out another local stream.  We started off on the upper end of the stream in an area that has typically been ripe with fish.  It was just about a bust, with very few spawning salmon to entice the Dollies out to play!

We quickly made a change and moved to a lower section of the creek that I had never really fished before.  With very low water, the creeks are dry and fishing can be tough.  We tried a few runs with no luck, then a couple later we were into them so thick we couldn’t keep them off our lines!  We ended the day with a total catch-and-release count of about 80 Dollies between the two of us, with some of them being real toads!


Thanks to Alaska Flyfishing Goods we got to try some new gear, BnR Soft Beads were the ticket of the day.  I have to say, I’m used to using Troutbeads, but these little soft gummy treats were the ticket.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you should.  Not to mention they’re also a little easier on the environment if you lose them!

All in all, it was a good week.  Though, I must say, its been a little slow between updates.  I’ll try to post more.  Hopefully work will be a little less hectic and I can get out and play more.

Until then, I’ll leave you with my best summer spawn bear impression!

The Moldy Chum!

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