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Naive japanese teen anna nakagawa hops on a fit ball in bikini
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The Crush pt 2 That next day at school Mr. Jenson wasn't there. I panicked a bit as I walked into the classroom seeing some old man in a faded brown suit. I wondered if it was what had happened the night before that made him go. Did he get busted? Was he fired? I kept thinking like that but then realized no one knew.

No one was at my house and he -was- supposed to check on me. "Emma?" I looked tempting asian babe in bondage gets screwed hard seeing the old man at my desk, who I later found out was Mr.

Manson, staring down at me. "Emma were you listening to me?" " Sorry Mr. Manson I was wrapped up in…uh…math thoughts!" I smiled trying to get him to buy it but he obviously knew it was a joke as the whole class started laughing. "Well be that as it may." he scoffed. "You are needed in the principals office. You may take your things and go." I frowned but stood up taking my things into the office down the hall.

Oh god someone has found out! They fired Mr. Jenson and now I'm going to get expelled! I began to shake with fear as I entered the office and saw the principal standing there with a smile on his face. "Emma!" his smile widened as he said my name as if he'd known me all my life.

"How are you today?" "Uh…okay I suppose.

Am I in trouble Principal Powel?" I asked shakily "Oh! Goodness no! We got a call from your father a few moments ago. He would like you to head straight home from here. He said there was a family emergency." Emergency?! I thought. As bad as that sounds I was happy it wasn't about Mr. Jenson. "Oh…alright. Thank you, sir." I stood up and took my things and rushed out the door.

I walked the empty hallways until I reached the exit. I pushed it open and looked around the parking lot and sighed. Walking home wasn't exactly the highlight of my day but at least I got out early. A few blocks from the school and about eight more to go I jumped as a car honked at me "Hey Emma!" I turned seeing Mr.

Jenson in his old rusted up car with a big smile on his face. "Hey Mr. Jenson." I smiled and continued walking as his car kept even beside me. "Why weren't you in school today?" "Well I just didn't feel like going." he smirked. "You know teachers hate it almost as much as students do. Hop in." he smiled and stopped the car opening the door.

"Okay!" I smiled then stopped and sighed. "I can't.

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My dad called the school. I have to go home." "No you don't. I called the school pretending to be your dad so I could keep my promise." he smirked again and I could feel my body start to shake with excitement. "I love you!" I jumped into his car and closed the door putting my seatbelt on. "Are we going to my house?" He shook his head, "Nope. We're going to my house. I've already got things set up for us." He pulled onto the road again then started towards his house. "But those things you gave me last time, they are at my house!" I frowned.

"Don't worry. I've got extra." he pulled me closer to him and slid his hand up my mini skirt quickly rubbing his big hand on my panty covered mound. I let out a low moan as he pushed my panties aside and slid a finger into me and began finger fucking me as he drove.

I looked down seeing the bulge in his pants and moaned slightly. I noticed he was taking the longer way to his house so I moved over a bit more and unzipped his pants and reached in his boxers pulling out his cock. I wasn't surprised to see it already hard. I leaned spicy hawt doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob and slid his cock into my mouth and began sucking hard.

"Mmmm" he moaned and rested one of his hands on the back of my head. I continued sucking and started squeezing his ball sac.

He forced his hand down on my head making his member hit the back of my throat. I tried to move my head up as I gagged but he held it down.

"Breathe through your nose…relax…ugh…your throat." I took a deep breath through my nose as he told me and slowly slid my mouth back down around him letting it push deep in my throat. "Oh god…That's it just relax." He bucked his hips up into my mouth making the rest of his pulsing member go into my throat.

I continued to suck and began bobbing my head up and down as I squeezed his ball sac making him moan more. He continued driving but I could tell he began to slow down obviously trying not to crash.

"Oh god Emma slow down." he moaned but I didn't. I wanted his cum to fill my mouth.

"Em- Emma!" he groaned trying to hold back his cum. I still continued to suck and squeezed more cum into his ball sac. "Oh god Emma! I'm cu- cumminnngggg!!!" he exclaimed as his rod shot squirt after squirt of cum into my warm eager mouth.

I swallowed every bit of it tasting the sweet and salty mix of it. I slid my tongue along the length of his member and cleaned up the tip sliding my tongue across his pee hole. I sat up and slowly put his cock back in his pants and zipped them up.

"Was that good?" I asked. He swallowed softly and looked down at his pants then up at me and smiled pulling me closer "The best I've ever had." he kissed me softly on my forehead and finally pulled up into his driveway.

"Come on." he grabbed my hand after turning off the car and pulled me out his way. We went inside and sat on the couch for a few minutes, neither of us not knowing what cherokee d ass johnny sins say. "We need to talk, Emma." he turned facing me and sighed. "What happened at your house last night. It was great. But you cant tell anyone. No one. Not a soul, if you do I could get in deep trouble and go to jail." "I know, I'm not going to tell anyone." I smiled.

"Not even my best friend will know." He smiled and leaned over and lifted me into his arms setting me on his lap. "Good. Now lets go have some fun." He stood up carrying me upstairs to his bedroom. What he said was true.

He did have everything ready for me. There on his bedposts were handcuffs for each of my hands and for each leg. He set me down and smiled closing his door "We're going to try a little role-play here, okay?" he started to take off his clothes. "What kind of role-play?" I asked and slowly started to unbutton my top to reveal my well developed 36C breasts covered by my white cotton bra. "I want you to be my slave.

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Call me master every time you speak to me. Understand?" "Yes," he gave me an odd glance and I finished.

"Master." I unzipped my mini skirt and slid it down feeling my body start to tingle with excitement. I could feel my juices around my pussy lips as I shivered and walked over to the bed and sat on the aunt takes it in eye taboo and mlif in only my underwear.

He stripped down to his birthday suit and walked over to me, "Undress completely." he ordered. I was a bit hesitant but realized I was being silly considering he had already seen me naked. I completely undressed and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Move up and lay down and open your legs wide." "Y-yes master." I crawled up on the bed and lay down on my bed opening my legs but not too wide.

I didn't want to feel so exposed to him but he wanted them wider. He reached down and grabbed my left ankle moving it to the far end of the bed and cuffed it there then did the same to my right on the opposite side. I felt my pussy lips spread wide leaving my cunt open to him.

He walked up beside me and grabbed my hands cuffing them up on the headboard and spread apart. "Now. I want your permission to do as I please to you. No matter how painful or how much you want me to stop. I want your permission that your word now overrides what you say when I start. Do I have your permission?" he was rubbing and kneading at my breasts as he asked and looked up at me with innocent eyes.

I bit my lip and wondered what he meant by that but I nodded slowly, "Y-yes master." He smiled at me then pulled out a very small remote control much like the one that my father used to open the garage door. He then reached down under the bed again and pulled out a thick long flesh colored dildo that obviously used batteries. "W-what are you going to do with that?" I asked already knowing what he wanted it for.

I just needed to hear him again. As if I was obsessed with his voice, I needed to know exactly what he planned. "Don't talk." he grabbed a tiny jar of lube and crawled on the bed between my legs and smirked at my already wet pussy.

"Such a naughty slave." he smeared some of cute blonde vlada t pornstars and european lube on my pussy but moved his lubed hand towards my ass and started to lube up my tiny hole. "Wait…I don't -" he leaned over and put his clean hand on my mouth. "Don't make me tape your mouth shut, alright?" I nodded and he moved his hand away and continued to lube my hole every once in a while sliding his finger in to lube the walls of my ass.

I moaned each time he did that, feeling some pleasure at his finger but I was still worried about how the dildo or his cock would fit. He gave me an odd look and leaned forward and began passionately kissing me, sliding his tongue into my mouth.

He moved down and sucked on my breasts and then back up to my mouth. It was when he put his tongue back in my mouth that I felt him jam the dildo into my exposed cunt. I gasped and screamed in his mouth. The dildo was much bigger than he was and it pushed much deeper into me causing extreme pain.

He continued kissing me ignoring my cries into his mouth as he slowly worked the pain away sliding the dildo in and out slowly. He stopped kissing me as I began to moan and buck my hips up forcing the dildo in more. He continued pumping me with it and aimed his hard cock at the entrance of my ass. I looked at him and moaned and shook my head "D-don't!" I groaned not wanting anymore pain. He sighed and leaned over and nibbled on my ear "Shhh." he cooed. "I'll go slow." I whined and tried to move my hips to move my ass away from him but he held my hips down with one hand as the other slowly directed his cock into my hole.

I shut my eyes tight feeling him force more of his cock into my ass. "M-master! It hurts!" I pulled on the cuffs but he continued to push into me. He leaned over and put the tiny remote into my hand and placed the button of it under my thumb. "That will help the pain go away…press it." He smiled and kissed my lips softly as he slid further into my tight virgin ass. I kissed him back feeling his hard member force my walls apart.

I broke the kiss and looked at the remote in my hand. I groaned in pain then decided anything would be better than what was already happening. I pushed the remote button and moaned in surprise as the dildo began vibrating deep inside my cunt. I could feel the tip moving in circular motions rubbing my walls making me moan deeper not even noticing that Mr. Jenson was slowly sliding his cock in and out of my tight ass.

I started bucking my hips trying to push the dildo further but it wouldn't budge. "Mmmm" I moaned starting to feel the pleasure of his hard cock inside my ass. "Yea slave," he groaned. "You like this cock in your ass?" he shoved further in making me wince slightly. He starts teen converse and lesbian redhead playing ranch affair faster so I pushed the remote again sending another wave of pleasure into my cunt.

I moaned deeply in pleasure and bucked my hips up again. Mr. Jenson leaned over and started thrusting harder into me. He took the remote from my hand and tossed it aside. "Only I play with you now!" he groaned and pulled the vibrating dildo out of my cunt so I could only feel his invading cock. "Understand slave!" he grabbed my chin.

I nodded, "Y-yes mas&hellip.uhhhhhh master!" He slammed into my ass over and over again. It hurt at first but now I was beginning to enjoy it. I held my hips up so he could slide in and out easier. He leaned down pressing his stomach against mine as he drove himself deeper inside moving faster and faster. He started sucking my breasts making me moan out in pleasure as he slammed in me over and over again. "Ohhh fuck yea!

You like that don't you? You like me fucking your ass!" he yelled over my moans. He grabbed my chin and made me look him in the eye "Answer me slave!" I nodded and moaned loudly trying to get him in deeper if that was even possible "Yes master!

Please fuck me more!" I clenched my fists and pulled hard on the cuffs not caring if they were going to leave marks. He brought his lips roughly to mine forcing his tongue down my throat. He began grunting in an animalistic manner as he sucked on my tongue.

I could feel the warmth of an orgasm coming on. He broke the kiss and grabbed my shoulders tightly and jammed harder and deeper than I ever felt him do. "Oh fuck yes! Mmm Oh fuck!" I could feel his cum pouring into my ass, that only made me go into my orgasm just as he did. I came hard feeling my hot christina gets a creampie inside her on all internal running down to his dick still in my ass. He collapsed on top of me and was breathing heavily just as I was.

He kissed tenderly at my breasts then up to my lips where I lovingly kissed back. He sunny loan 1 1 2019 bf himself out of me and wiped our juices off of my ass.

He un-cuffed me and allowed me to get dressed. As I was cleaning up and fixing my hair in the bathroom he came up behind me and spanked my skirt covered ass.

I jumped and smiled at him through the mirror. "You know Emma…I could do this to you everyday if you wanted." I blinked then smiled "What about my parents?" "Don't worry about them, ill take care of it." he winked and left the room. I smiled to myself and gathered my things and left to my house next door not being able to wait till I got to go back.