Two hot teen couples fucked in a dorm party

Two hot teen couples fucked in a dorm party
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True story. So for security purposes the girl will be named 'Amy'. Also if I go off track by just describing her, I'm not sorry. If you met her you'd be in the exact position as I was and I am in now. You may say that being 19 and not ever been kissed by a girl is bullshit. But I did get a lot of girls running after me, begging me to date them and what not.

However I wasn't like the rest of the guys. I'm hella tall 6ft3 to be exact, athletic body, dark hair; undercut with a naturally styled quiff (like David Beckhams hair), Jaw bone defined and hipster styled glasses.

I was inbetween a nerd and a jock. I studied Engineering, my grades were nearly all A's & B's, and was in the colleges Football (soccer) team, badminton team, American Football team and basketball team.

Anywho it was my final year and things started piling up on me. College, my part time job, my parents arguing every single time they saw each other and exams. Whilst I was in the cafeteria I find out that a few people from a different campus would be joining our college.

*we have one main college but split up in various different buildings.* We meet them at a practical session, where we had to design the chassis of any motor transport. Maybe it was destined or maybe it was luck but she was paired up with me. When I looked up to see who I've been paired up with I actually fell in love with her. She was a shy girl, but she was beautiful, long dark hair tied up in a pony tail, big hazel eyes, the most innocent looking girl I've ever seen and when she smiled the dimples on her cheeks would make me go crazy.

She was a perfect 5ft 5. She wore a sky blue floral summer dress, her complexion was perfect. She was half indian and half white. I completely froze when she came Infront of me. Normally I'm vocally loud, but she left me speechless. I finally got the courage of speaking to her.

She had such a sweet voice, we introduced ourselves, got to know a little about her, what course she does & why she got moved to our building. Turned out her building was getting renovated, and she needed help in some work. Our work was exactly the same. But she got put in a different group and a different timetable to me.

Whoever said "time violet vasquez y jazmyne fat puerto rican ass when you're having fun" is a mother fucker. It's so freaking true. I did not want to leave her side.

So we exchanged numbers and she left with giving me a you know how boys are. They'll take something normal, add bullshit, with a little more bullshit and finally a pinch of more bullshit and smash it in your face. My face went red. But I didn't let them phase me. A few weeks went by and we finally started to gel. We were inseparable.

We used to talk nearly everytime, on the phone, text, IM etc. We talked and hung out every chance we got. People started questioning us that if we were a couple. She got shy and I said no. It was her birthday right after Christmas break, she decided to host a party, she invited everyone from both campuses, pre-drinks at her house then everyone at the club.

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When we reached the club she goes inside to find the ViP section booked for us, a huge cake in the middle and every drink possible around it. It was my present to her.

She turned around in excitement and her head hit my nose.

So I was there, nose running with blood non stop like a tap. I tell her friends to take care of her whilst I go to A&E and get my nose checked out.

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Nothing happened to my nose. But there was a bruise on it. I got given painkillers and told to rest. But I went, changed my shit and went to see her again. As soon as I go inside I see some guys trying to talk to her. She was drunk, like could not walk in a straight line drunk, she was feeling uncomfortable, so being a hero I take her hand.

She looks at me has the biggest smile, the other guys just walk away.

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I then take her home. College started again,like I said before time flew when I was with her. It was the 2nd week of Jan when the next semester started and now it's April. Just a week before we break up for spring break. But wasn't a time to party because after we come back to college. Our exams started. That final week of April and first two weeks of May.

Was the worst 3 weeks of my life. My parents got divorced & found out my grandparents died. That resulted in me feeling depressed and really fuckING my life up. I locked everyone out, my parents, my closest friends even Amy. I didn't go to college for a couple of weeks thinking it would just go away like a phase.

It old guy asks wife to watch him fuck young slut. It got worse everytime. I then hear Amy's voice. Oh how it was beautiful it brought a smile to my face. I opened the door for her and let her in. We started talking. I poured everything out I starting crying like I was a child crying for his mother. I've never cried like that. Surprisingly the more I cried the better I felt. Once I stopped.

I found my head resting on Amy's thighs my face by her stomach. She was stroking my hair and hushed me. I moved my face away wiping my tears from my face, as soon as I open my eyes I see her smiling, still stroking my head. Wiping away the remaining black guy and garil porn story my face releases.

Going off topic but. Remember when you were a child and when you cried in your bed you somehow automatically fall asleep. That nearly happened with me. My head still resting on Amy's thighs, she still stroking my hair and wiping away any tears. My eyes slowly start to shut and breathing becomes calm.

I didn't know what was running through her mind but she kissed me. Not a proper one but a peck on my lips.

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I woke up thinking what that was. Then she did it again, but this time she stayed on for a few seconds. I didn't know how to react. I didn't know how to respond to a girls kiss. I've amazing girl loves engulfing and pounding girlfriend and hardcore been kissed.

My first time in 19 years. So she comes lower again and whispers follow her directions. So I pucker my lips and she kisses me again. She lightly bites my bottom lip. She forces her tongue inside my mouth and then all of a sudden I knew what I was doing. Our tongues played in each others mouths. What felt like 5 mins of kissing was actually 30 seconds.

When I opened my eyes again she was looking down at me. The light above her made her look like she was an angel with a halo. I smiled and whispered thank you. She smiled back and hugged me. I asked her if she could stay with me for the day. She agreed, we cuddled up and I finally asked her if she could be my girlfriend.

She agreed and we kissed to seal it. Now, nearly five years later, we both got married whilst in university and have a baby coming along the way. Since I've met her. My life has had some ups and downs. But she's been there for both those times.

She's supported me through thick and thin.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reading my kind of short story of my first kiss. Appreciate it if you would tell me how I can improve it. Tell me in the comments below if you want me to write about our first time.