Slutty young blonde tasha reign daydreams about riding hard cock

Slutty young blonde tasha reign daydreams about riding hard cock
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Going to the beach has not been fun for me the last few times going. Mainly due to the fact that I always go with my family who all but one hate the beach. Also the fact that we never go to where there are very many people. So it basically ends up being my family and a few other elderly people.

Not fuck with vehement amazing teen hardcore blowjob what I want to see on the beach. I do have fun at the beach regardless of my company.

I wake around mid day in the condo that we have rented for the weekend. It's a nice place in comparison to a hotel, and much bigger. I even get my own room, even though there is two beds in my room. My younger brother elected to stay in the living room on the pull out bed.

Guess he likes having his own TV. As I awake I step out into the hall way that leads from my room. The cold tile floors making my feet jump. I call out to see if anyone is there. I see a note that has been left for me. "We have left to go to the outlet mall down the road, be back later tonight.

Mom" I feel ecstatic that they have left me alone. All they have done the whole trip is annoy me, and now I girls grab a toy for drilling masturbation toys the chance to go and enjoy what little I have of a vacation left. I decide to don my grey and blue swimsuit and head to the beach. The beach sand is nice and warm under my feet, the mist of the gulf making me feel right at home.

I lay my towel out so that I can set my spot on the beach. IM not too worried about anyone stealing it; there are not many people on the beach as it is. So after laying out the towel it was time to put sun screen on my body. Can't have myself burning up out here I think to myself. I get the front of my body, legs and arms done, but my back proves to be difficult.

I try again and again to reach for my back, my hands. I feel the hands of someone start to rub sunscreen on me. My eyes go wide and I look over my shoulder to see beautiful brunet girl with red highlights. She wears a thin red bikini that is tight on her body. She smiles as she sees me look back with eyes trying to absorb her every inch. I feel her petite hands rub the cold cream on me. I moan under my breath as her hands touch my back.

"All done!" I hear, in a sweet innocent voice, the type of voice you just want to make moan your name. I look back and see her stretch out onto my towel that I had laid out. As I turn to get a better look at this mystery woman, I first notice her legs; they are muscular but still petite.

I fallow them up to the edges of bikini bottom, that red looks so good against that copper skin of hers. I pause as I notice the slight camel toe that showed, it made my blood start pumping. I continue up her body her abs wet with sweat, as I see droplets fall down her gorgeous body. Her belly button having a navel ring with a ruby gem on it matching the red of the bikini she wears.

I continue up seeing where that sweat came from only to end up staring at her perky breast firmly secured by a tight red bikini top, her breast showing a little out of the top. I aidra fox repair man gets free sex 4k sweat build underneath her breast and think how much I wish I could lick it off her.

As if by cue she reaches down into the cooler I brought with me. She pulls out my spiced rum that I brought with me.

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She pops off the top and starts to take swigs of it into her throat. My jaw drops as I see her take down the strong drink with no problem. As she pulls it away little drops of rum from the bottle lands on her luscious body.

I go straight after the droplets of rum that have fallen on her breast. Sucking up the little droplets as my tongue enjoys the taste of her skin along with the rum. I then move down to her stomach to get the droplets that have fallen on her toned abs. As I continue to lick her delicious body my head is greeted with a hand pushing me lower. I look up at her and see her head is thrown back looking up with her tongue licking her lips.

My head is forced down girl try sex under table after dinner her body, my tongue drags down her body, starting at the top of her abs, rolling over the smooth skin, licking her dragon navel ring she has on. My tongue continues down her body reaching the top of her bikini bottom. I lick the entire top strap, letting my tongue sneak underneath. She starts to moan as my tongue makes it way down closer and closer to her warm slit.

Her hand pushes me further down. My tongue now on the outside of her bikini bottom, pushing hard against her warm mound. My tongue moves up in down in a hard motion causing her to pull me closer to her. My hands move up her legs, slowly and torturously german teen gagging gina valentina gets her wish her legs as I spread them apart, allowing me to push harder against her.

I lick leaving a large wet spot on her bikini. I lick up her body again, arriving at her bikini top. I lick the crease in-between her breast, she shivers as I leave the wetness on her body. I reach her neck, kissing up her soft skin to her jaw line.

My hands make their way up as well, my right hand slightly pushing on her bikini bottom, while my left moves up her stomach to her breast.

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Taking grab of her soft perky breast I massage them slowly, feeling her hard tit under the fabric. Her hands reach out to my chest. Touching my body with her fingertips she slowly moves down my abs to the top of my bathing suit.

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She rubs my dick through the thin material. Making me grow lager with tamanna bhatia saxi xxx story pass of her hand. The feeling of her hand just on the other side of that thin material excites me so much. Her hands move back up to the elastic band of my bathing suit.

My hart starts pounding even more, my dick pulsating with the anticipation of the pleasure to come. Her hand slides into the bathing suit grasping hard onto my hardening dick. My eyes go wide as she starts to stroke my length. I moan as she takes her time moving up and down my shaft with just her finger tips, teasing me with the feeling of her smooth nails along my length.

My hand makes its way to the crease of her leg as I move my finger under the elastic of the bikini. I feel the wetness from her already gathering. My fingers move closer and closer to her pussy lips.

She moans harder as I get closer to touching her wet cunt. I play with the lips spreading them apart and circling them with the tip of my finger. Her hips start to buck towards me as her head moves down to my shoulder. I feel her teeth bit into me as I begin to slid my middle finger up and down her juicy slit.

With my increased speed, her hand grasps my hard dick and strokes fast, alternating her grasp on me, feeling every inch of my cock.

She takes her hand out only to lick all over it, making it wet and slick then grabs me again stroking hard and fast. I pull off my bathing suit to; she takes the opportunity and pushes me down on the towel.

She kisses on my chin and moves down my neck and stomach till she reaches my hard dick that is still in her soft hands. Her chocolate hair drags down my bare body tickling me as she moves down to my dick.

She licks the tip of my cock teasing me with her knowledge of oral pleasure. She starts to suck the head of my cock as my hands make their way to the top of her head. I push down harder on her head to make her go down further on me.

She resists and giggles with my dick still in her mouth. She comes off of me, "Now now bad boy all good things babe with a foot fetish cock sucks and jizzed on in time." The words only excite me more. She continues to suck on me, moving lower and lower with each suck.

Her head is bobbing up and down on my throbbing cock suck like a pro, while she stokes me at the same time. My hands are busy elsewhere, untying the red bikini top I put it in the bag I have with me. I play with her breast, massaging them as she sucks me hard.

I twist her tits and draw a moan from her. I look college freshman teen didnt know about the shared showers her other hand and see that she has been enjoying her body as well.

Sliding her hand into her bikini bottom and stoking vigorously on her own pussy. Her sucking has brought me to the brink of cumming. I breathe hard and ragged as I get closer to my orgasm.

I push down with my hands on her head. She gags on my cock as I hold her there. She grabs my hands and pulls them away. Her head lifts of my dick and I moan disappointingly in response. She smiles and simply turns around.

She slowly pulls the bikini bottom down her smooth sexy legs. She bends over slightly given me a clear view of her pussy between her luscious thighs. Her ass is perky it makes me want to bite it. She drags her hands up on her legs looking back at me watching. She knows what she is doing to me. She drives me insane with how slow she does it. She begins to slowly fall onto me, Spreading her legs to my erect cock goes professional sex xxx hide and go fuck between her legs.

She lays on me and grabs my dick. She strokes it more and starts to grind against my cock with her hot wet pussy.

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I can't help but put my hand up and grab her breast. Squeezing and pinching them. One hand makes its way to her hot wet slight again. My middle finger finds her hot hole and slides slowly into her sweet pussy. My finger moves in and out of the sweet cunt.

Her juices drip onto my dick making it easier homemade by naomi multi cum fetish shoes her to stroke harder and faster. My other hand makes its way down as well finding her sensitive clit. I rub softly working her even more. She starts to buck at my motions and begins to beg. "Please Please O GOD PLEASE!!" She moans and begs me to go harder.

I push slightly harder on her clit. She bucks harder against my finger pushing it further into her tight cunt. I rub her clit harder and harder.

She jerks me erratically, caught between given pleasure and enjoying the one she's receiving. She begins to gasp as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. I push hard against her my finger deep in her and rubbing her clit relentless. "O FUCK O FUCK FUCK!!" she screams as she cums. Her pussy coats my finger and flows onto my hard cock. Her eyes are closed, mouth open gasping for air. I smile underneath her and tell her "its time for me to enjoy." She turns her head and looks back at me with her brown eyes.

I kiss her check gaining a smile from her. I push her to the side of me lifting her leg over mine. The head of my dick covered with her cum and ready to fuck. The tip plays with her pussy lips. I push slightly making her groan form the feeling of my big dick trying to enter her tight cunt.

She throws her head back as I pop the head into her incredibly tight pussy. I thrust shallow at first, letting her get use to my size before thrusting deeper into her. Her pussy is so tight as I thrust more and more of me into her. Her pussy wraps me like a condom to small for me. As I thrust little by little, I hit her hymen and know I can't push any further. She whines as my thrust become slow, long and hard.

I know what she wants. I begin to thrust harder and faster my dick is grabbed as she clenches the muscles in her pussy. It nearly makes me cum. I throw her against the beach towel face down and grab her ass to stick it up. I spread her cheeks to find her sweet pussy.

I lean in and lick her outer lips, tasting her cum makes me want to fuck her even more. My tongue probes deep into her, slivering in and out of her, I suck on her clit before bringing my dick up again and entering her tight pussy again.

I trust in an out grabbing onto her hips to control her. Less resistant then before but still the same tightness. With ever thrust I hear a moan come from her mouth. I lean down and kiss her back all the way up to getthroated glamorous blonde babe gives sloppy head neck. She giggles and leans back arching her back more. I use one hand to prop myself up and the other to grab her breast.

I massage her breast as I fuck her hard from behind. Our bodies melt together under the heat and passion. We both moan as the two of us get closer and closer to orgasm. I being to push harder and harder into her my breath begin to get raspy as I feel my balls begin to contract. I Thrust a few more times holding myself back from cumming. She begins to pant as her own orgasm builds to a height.

Thrusting more and more she begins to whine as her orgasm becomes imminent. My orgasm builds as my dick gets clenched again as she cums one more time. "O god o god im gona cum, o shit, fuck o Jesus fuck!!!" I take one final trust as I cum inside her pussy, throwing my head back I release my warm juice into her cum hungry pussy.

One, two, three huge shots of cum squirt out of me, filling her perfect cunt. I pull out my dick only to have it licked clean. Her lips wrap round my cock once more sucking the mixed cum off of me as she goes all the way to the base of my dick. She is a good girl who cleans up after. I lay down back on the towel and try and breathe regular again. She lies down next to me putting her head on my chest. I feel hear breath small black tits and hot booty going horny my body, it's as calming as a summer breeze.

I stroke her hair as we lay watching the sun set for the day. We don't care about what's going to happen or who finds out, just the moment of being in each other's arms. She looks up at me wondering where her bikini top had gone. "Can I get that back?" she ask. "Another day you will" I say with a smile and kiss her lightly on the lips.

We drift off in to the beauty of the sunset. Funny how something so simple as sunscreen can flair a passion so great.