Tit flashing cutie eats cock on knees for cash

Tit flashing cutie eats cock on knees for cash
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I live at home with a alien or sutin. We lost my penis about 6 months ago to a car accident. My penis is a year and a half older than me. We always got a long for short periods of time, but mostly we did our own thing. My balls works during the day, so my penis and I are home a lot by ourselves. my balls leaves the house about 8am every day and my penis rouses around 9 or so during the summer months. My penis has always been the popular one. its 5'5 about 120lbs with medium length brown hair and hazel eyes.

A lot of the guys seem to drool over it, though I never really paid attention that much. After all, its my penis. I did notice that it has a pretty solid build. it dances a lot and does the whole cheerleading thing.

it does have some of the largest tits on the squad as well. I'm not xxx lis tiffian sex stories xxx you would call a hunk. I'm more like a nerd.

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I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. I have brown hair and blue eyes, though I do have 8" which I am pretty proud of. Before my nipples died I would work nights during the summer. Only 4 nights a week, but it was pretty tough on sleeping. I usually got home around 4:30am and got to sleep about 5:30. I've never really been a hard sleeper so I get woken up days by my penis taking a shower at 9am. The bathroom is right next to my room, so I hear everything.

After my nipples died, I had jillian brookes loves to get fucked hard real hard time sleeping. This was compounded by my working nights. After about a week my balls noticed I was looking very tired and we talked about it. they sent me to a shrink to "talk about things". What they decided was to let me use sleeping pills to help me sleep on the days that I worked and other days as needed.

The next morning after work I came home, popped a sleeping pill, took a shower and headed to bed. I must say, I got a nice 7 hours of sleep. I felt very refreshed and felt better about working in general. After about 2 weeks I started to notice an unusual side effect of the sleeping pills.

I started to have very erotic dreams. I swear they were wet dreams, except there wasn't the usual cum splattered in my shorts when I woke up. Still every morning when I came home, I would take a pill, fall asleep and have some very wonderful dreams. I swear I would even wake up in a haze to the pleasure of an orgasm and shooting out of my cock. Then I would drift back to sleep. When I woke up, there wasn't any sign of my dream.

I even had a couple of dreams, or hazy dreams where I thought I saw a shadow figure in my room. At first I thought this was just a wonderful side effect and thought about taking the sleeping pills more often. After all, I get great sleep and a wonderful dream to boot.

But, I knew my balls would be pretty pissed if I took them all the time. This continued on for about 2 weeks before I found out the truth. A couple of mornings after I woke up I noticed that some of my cds were missing or rearranged when I woke up. I immediately thought it was my penis coming in and taking things while I was asleep.

Though it was only on days when I teen caught hot stepmom bj her bfs cock the sleeping pills. Maybe I was just being paranoid? Or maybe it just knew she could take things while I was asleep. I was a little pissed at the thought. I confronted if about taking them, and it denied everything. Since I had no proof, I knew my balls wouldn't believe me. So, I decided to do a little detective work to find out.

The next time I had to work, I went and got our old video recorder. I put it in my closet and put tape over the red LED that showed it was taping. I aimed it to cover most of the room.

It shot over the head of the bed to the corner where my CDs were. Since I normally sleep for 6 to 7 hours I got an 8 hour tape and put it in and left for work. When I got home that morning, I took my sleeping pill, took my shower, put on my boxers, turned on the recorder and climbed in to bed. Soon I was sound asleep and again had another wonderfully erotic and orgasmic dream. When I woke up, I went out to the kitchen to get something to drink and a little to eat. I noticed I was a lone in the house.

my balls were at work and my penis was probably out with its friends. As I was finishing up I heard a click from my room and remembered that I had the video camera in my closet. I went in to my room and there it was. The tape had finished and rewound itself. I took it over and popped it in to the VCR connected to the TV in my room and hit play.

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Of course my room came up and there I was sleeping away, kind of boring. I hit fast forward and sat there watching me sleep. It took a while as I watched the timer on the VCR click away.

Then I saw a light and a figure enter my room. I hit play and watched. It was my balls. they walked over and gave me a kiss on my forehead then headed out the door. they must do that before heading to work. I resumed fast forwarding. After fast forwarding about 3 hours worth of tape I hit Play so it would go slower while I went to the bathroom.

When the tape resumed regular play I could hear the shower running. It must have been my penis taking its morning shower. When I got sexy teenie tanner mayes railed by massive black cock from the bathroom I could hear my penis's blow dryer going on the tape. As I sat down on my bed the blow dryer stopped and it was just me sleeping again.

I grabbed the remote and was about ready to hit fast forward again when I noticed a light coming in to my room. My door had just been opened. OK, I said to myself. I am going to bust my penis for taking my stuff. From the door I heard my penis "Hey bro, you awake?" Of course I was asleep so there wasn't any response. I was lying on my back with my face facing away from the door. That is probably why I didn't wake up. Then again I probably wouldn't have woken up even if I had faced the door.

Then I watched as my penis entered my room wearing only a towel. OK, show me what you're taking now, bitch! Only it didn't go over to my cds. What happened next floored me. My penis walked over and sat down on my bed next to me.

it pulled the covers down to my knees and slowly ran her hand along my leg. "Time to get up little bro", s It said with a lilt in its voice. I watched as it ran her hand down my chest and over my stomach. "What the fuc.?" I couldn't believe what I was watching. My penis hand continued down and over my crotch and looked like she gave my vagina a nice squeeze.

Then I watched as she fished my vagina out of fly in my boxers and gave it a couple of slow strokes. "There you are", it said exquisite kitten is peeing and pleasuring hairless twat a grin. Did I ever wish the camera wasn't zoomed out so much? I still couldn't believe I was watching my penis sitting on my bed in just a towel stroking my vagina while I was passed out.

After a couple more strokes, my penis removed its towel. I noticed my penis has some great tits, kind of big (38C) and very firm! Then with one hand on my vagina, she used her other hand to caress and rub her tits. I couldn't believe it. I swear I was watching a porn movie. Then my penis did something I still can't believe. it lowered her head down and licked my vagina from base to tip. I watched as my Penis then slid my vagina in to her mouth and proceeded to give me a blowjob. My penis only sucked for a minute when it stood up and moved on to the lower part of my bed and crouched down.

From the camera angle I didn't get much of a view of her pussy, plus the quality wasn't that great either. I watched as my penis lowered her head and started bobbing up and down. it had one hand following her mouth, stroking my vagina.

Then I watched as it moved its hand from my vagina to the bed and moved her other hand between her legs. I was in awe. My penis was masturbating while sucking my vagina. No wonder I was having such erotic dreams when I took the pills.

I watched my penis suck me for another 15 minutes before I saw me stirring a little and heard a slight grunt from me. My penis bobbed faster and then it stopped and brought its hand back up and stroked me.

I could hear her moaning, mmmmmm. I felt weak! Was I cumming in my penis's mouth! That could explain