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Sexy mommas unveil their round boobies brunette big tits
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Good Afternoon, I am replying even though I don't hot sluts bondage and fetish fuck movie all your requests I feel like I want to reply just in case. Me - married for 40 years but I have had some M2M experiences over the years. If you were to meet me you could never tell that I have had these experiences. Additionally I have had 2 "submissive experiences" The first was about 15 years ago with this woman I met online.

We had lunch a few times, met for a coffee a few times and I finally asked her about her email address - then she told me she was a Dominate Mistress, needless to say I was shocked. We met several more times and never had any sex of any kind. One after noon at her apartment we got on the topic of Domination so I asked her what it was like - she read I was kind of interested so she asked if I wanted to try.

With some hesitation I said sure.

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She then explained what a safe word was the asked what I might like - I did not know so I said something like a first timer. She said OK then told me I needed to strip - this made me feel insecure being naked in front of her. After I was naked she told me to stand still then she disappeared only to return dressed totally in black with tight pants, black top and high heal boots. She blind folded me - cuffed my hands and hooked them to the ceiling - told me I could not hang because it would not hold - need to hold hands up with only slight weight hanging on hook.

The time I was waiting felt like hours but I am sure it was only minutes. She rubbed her hands all over my body for a while then all of a sudden she slapped my ass, it was shocking and a little painful but not too much pain. She continued to slap me for a while the suddenly stopped - I heard nothing but silence.

then WOW I felt ice cubes on my ass - cold at first the it felt good. That stopped and nothing for a while From behind i felt the warmth of her body rubbing me - her breasts on my back then her legs rubbing my legs - she had her arms around me rubbing my chest and stomach when she pinched my nipples - shocking.

This was followed by ice cubes on my nipples.

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She then started playing with my metroid samus hardcore fucking big dick animation hmv play free - I got rock hard. As I was getting ready to cum she told me I could not cum but she keep stroking me. I could not hold it any more and shot my load, at that point she squeezed my cock hard and slapped my ass with her other hand.

She let go of my cock and quickly returned with a hand full of ice - needless to say that was quite shocking. Finally she let my cock go, unclipped my hands from the ceiling but cuffed my hands behind me telling me to stand still. She uncuffed me and told me to jerk off and that she wanted to see a larger load of cum than she just saw. I did the best I could and based on what she said it was smaller so I needed to be punished.

She bent me over a "coffee table" that had my knees just off the floor. She then cuffed my wrists to my knees under this table.

A few slaps on my ass then I felt a cold fluid on my butt then spread down the crack and around my hole. Then I felt pressure on my butt hole and then it happened inside me was a dildoe - she put her hands on my hips and fucked me.

It was painful at first but as I got used to it the pain was replaced by pleasure. She pulled out then I felt her reach between my legs and grabbed my cock and milked me like a "cow" until I came again.

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I heard her walk away leaving me tied there - shortly I heard her return and she began to release me. When she took off the blindfold I saw her dressed in the T-shirt and jeans she had on when I arrived. She then told me I could take a shower and get dressed. When I returned she mom and daughter share anal a coke waiting for me and we talked about what happened.

It was amazing and never happened again. About 4 or 5 years ago she moved to North Carolina to be with her family. Once in a while we trade an email. The second experience happened about a year ago. I was feeling a little horny so I looked at CL and saw a M4M ad that sounded interesting. Basically it said " come over for a drink (soft drink or beer) to watch some porn - maybe something will happen and maybe not.

When I got there he offered me a drink and I took a diet coke, he asked what I wanted to watch. I asked what he had and he told me just about anything so I picked a straight video. As he put that one in we were just chatting about various things - not anything sexual yet. We made comments about what was happening on TV as we drank. After about 30 minutes he said - lets have some fun.

I asked what he had in mind and he said lets change DVD's so I said sure. To teen latina teasing and masturbates watch more of her at ulacamcom it more interesting he said that I should close my eyes and pick one out of the box and we will watch about 10 minutes then get another one -sounds like fun!!

The next video was another straight one, I don't remember how many times we changed DVD's but he had a big collection and we watched, (in addition to straight) he had gay, lesbian, and she-male. Then a Bondage DVD appeared - I started thinking about what happened many years ago so I really was interested in watching this one.

He noticed that I was interested and asked if I liked it? I told him I did and asked if we could leave this one in a few minutes longer. He said - would you like to try something like that?

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My mind said yes! but I was very cautious when I answered. Making a long conversation short we headed to his bedroom where we both stripped. He told me to lay on the bed then he cuffed my hands to the head board and put a wrap around my leg near my knee and the pulled it up and tied that to the head board also. He did not blind fold me but just laid a rough girl bareback threesome xxx twisted and taken loosely over my eyes.

I felt him playing with my but then he lubed it and began to work a dildoe in and out - slow at first then faster. With his other hand he gave me a hand job. When it was all said and done we took a shower together and gave each other hand jobs in the shower. The evening finished with us having another drink while watching more porn.

So now that you have read all of this I am wondering what you are thinking?? Hope to hear from you