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When I got to the room, I saw that it had a hot tub. I don't think I'd ever seen a hotel room with a hot tub, and frankly, I had no interest at all in using it.

I'd sat in the hot tubs next to swimming pools in hotels before, and was not that impressed. Anyway, this one was just a big round empty plastic vat that didn't look that inviting. I showered, changed and went down to the reception.

I didn't think twice about the box. It almost certainly had the handouts for our booth and would be in the room when I returned. We'd had them printed and shipped directly here. Jen and Robert, my colleagues were already there.

She had a glass of red wine and he was holding a beer. They would her boyfriend and her stepmum alura jenson get it on in a hot threeway threesome and hardcore helping me staff the booth and Robert had a paper to give about how we were experimenting with something called 3-D printing to make molds for the complex shapes our machined parts were made to.

I had examples in my baggage for the exhibition. If we could use 3-D printing we could eliminate 13% of the weight and give up nothing in strength. I said hello to them - they'd come in on an earlier flight - but spent most of the time schmoozing with customers while I made a meal of meatballs and nachos and a couple glasses of cabernet. Like me, Robert was married but he really did seem to be hitting it off with Jen, a 20-something sweetie fresh out of graduate school.

When I got back to my room, the box from the printer was there. Out of an abundance of caution, I used a key to break through the tape and open it. I'd lost my pen knife several trips through security ago.

Looking in the box, I knew I was in trouble and immediately called Jen on her cell phone. "Jen, we have a problem. The printer didn't collate and staple our handout. There's a hundred of them! Could you come to my room and help?" "Sure, should I bring Robert?" I could tell she was in the bar and apparently Robert was with her.

I thought about that, but I wasn't sure Robert should be seen going into a woman's hotel room a 10 PM - my room in particular. "No, it better just be you. Stop by the desk and see if we can borrow a stapler. Make sure it is full." Jen showed up 15 minutes later. We used every surface to assemble the handouts. The bed could hold about 20; the dresser 7; the desk 4. We went around putting the back page down first, then the next to last and so lucia love enjoys a nice shagging session.

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It took three rounds and we didn't finish 'til after midnight. We were exhausted, and a thought occurred to me. "I'm so wired, I'll never go to sleep," I told Jen. "I was thinking I'd try out the hot tub." "Neat," she said as she got ready to leave. Then I had another thought. "How rude of me.

There's room for two in there." Actually there was more room than that. "I don't have a bathing suit." "Well its just us girls. Besides, I don't either." Once we figured out the controls, it took the tub 10 minutes to fill up. The sign on the wall said 104 F is the hot teen taking on a rock hard dick safe temperature and we chose that.

We never did figure out the bubbles part so there was just the hot gently swirling water to sit in. Jen and I took off our clothes and piled them carefully on the bed. I have to say, Jen's lithe body was stunning and I wished I was 10 years younger too.

Her tummy was flat, her boobs still sat firmly against her chest and oh my she shaved everything! A little sag here, a new bulge there and my 36 year old body couldn't hold a candle to hers. But we weren't there to compare thank goodness. We slid into the water - it seemed way too hot for the first few seconds and then it was really nice - and sat there side by side chatting. First about tomorrow's booth, then girl talk - boy friends, my husband, when I was going to have children and so on.

She'd never been in a hot tub. "Do you think people have sex in these things?" she asked. "I wouldn't know. But people have sex everywhere else so why not?" She just giggled. We sat there for a few minutes thinking about that.

"Robert seems to like you." "Yeah but he's married." "That's the pits." "Maybe an earlier time, we would have hooked up." More silence. "Ever have sex with another girl?" I asked. Jen looked at me, her eyes like pie plates.

"What?" "Another girl." "Have you?" "Well a few times." I lied. It had been a lot in college. Jen seemed at a loss for words. But then, "Well no. But I've always wondered." "It's different." It had been maybe a dozen years for me, but there I was, naked, next to a beautiful naked woman, sitting in a hot tub. "Can I touch you?" She didn't say yes and she didn't say no.

So I took that as maybe. I ran my finger from her ear down her neck to her shoulder. Jen took a deep breath and let it out all the way.

Then with my palm up I ran a fingernail gently across her collar bones and down almost to her breasts. She wasn't resisting. "I don't know," she hoarse whispered, but she let my fingers trace the outline of her nipples.

She was breathing deeply. I took her hand and placed it over my breast. It was clear she'd never felt another woman's chest, but she started rubbing me there. My hand dropped into the water and followed her belly down down down. We started kissing. She was letting me rub her pussy and enjoying it.

Soon there was a hand between my legs, too. I found her clit and, even under the water, I could feel her lubrication. She was breathing rapidly and moaning gently. I could feel the muscles in her belly pulsating. As my fingers pushed inside her it was clear that that wetness wasn't coming from the hot tub.

"Do me too, I begged," and she seemed to have no trouble finding my opening. To milf games in the hot burning sun a better angle, I moved around in front of her, kneeling on the bottom of the tub. Her fingers pushed up inside. "It's just like doing yourself .

oh my!!!" It was so much fun finger fucking each other that I almost passed on the next thing as my body convulsed with pleasure. "Why don't you sit on the side of the tub," I finally suggested. She eased herself up onto the wooden ledge that surrounded the tub. My fingers were still pushing in and out, but she could no longer reach my sex.

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Without stopping, I started to kiss the inside of her legs. Up up her thighs til i could lick the side of her vulva while my fingers still pumped in and out. She was near to an orgasm and when I wrapped my mouth around her pretty shaved pussy, it came on like blockbusters.

I licked between her lips, then her clit, then, pulling my fingers out, forced my tongue up as far as it would go inside her, lapping lapping lapping. She let out a series of deep guttural groans as she climaxed over and over. Ultimately, Jen leaned against the wall as she sat there on the edge, panting, out of breath. "That was amazing!" Then the only sound was her breathing as she slowly got her heartbeat under control.

Finally, she said, "I suppose i'm supposed to do that for you?" "That's OK. Only if you want to. I know this is new for you." "But I do. I do want to," she replied. So I sat up on the planks and she slid into the water. "It's still hot," she exclaimed. Jen seemed a bit awkward as she moved between my legs, and she didn't take time for my thighs. She went straight for my pussy, kissing my lips, licking between them and fingering me.

But she found my clit in short order and soon I was gasping and moaning and spasms rocked my belly. And when she pushed her tongue into my vagina and I careened into an orgasm. And she didn't stop. When her tongue came out it found my clit again. And her fingers plunged deep inside me. Oh god oh god oh god, it was so good. Seductive one eyed monster riding smalltits homemade almost passed out from the pleasure.

And when it was over, we were again sitting side by side in the hot tub, with our eyes closed and our hands caressing each other, gently sliding over each other's breasts and tummies. Finally, I chimed in, "Robert doesn't know what he's missing, hehe." Jen giggled. "Yeah, but he's married." "Too bad. Think he'd want to join us?" "Oh my god," she mouthed. A very groggy Robert answered his cell phone. "Hey Robert, there's a hot tub in this room.

Jen is here too. We're done with the handouts. Wanna come down?" "Do you know what time it is?" Well we did. "OK. I suppose. Why not." Jen went over and flipped the safety latch so the door wouldn't close and got back in the tub. Robert arrived a few minutes later wearing a hotel bathrobe and red swim trunks. Our backs were to the door and we motioned him over. He let the door close properly and started to climb into the tub.

"It's so h. OH MY GOD," as he realized there were four bare boobs above the water line! "Don't you ladies have bathing suits? Am I the only one with something on?" "It's skinny dipping time," I giggled. But he slid into the water with his trunks still on.

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"Yep." "And that better not stay that way." Poor guy, he couldn't hide the fact he was getting hard as he slipped out of his trunks and plopped down into the water. "Why are you sitting over there?" I asked as Jen and I moved apart to make room for him. Robert looked terrified, but he complied by sliding in between us. Jen's hand was the first to find his cock and start stroking it. I took the opportunity to caress his balls. He was definitely getting aroused. Then Jen surprised me by moving out in the center of the tub and ducking under water.

She took his very hard cock in her mouth and obviously knew what to do. Robert had her boobs in his hand as I started kissing him. I was amazed how long Jen could stay under water giving that blow job. Then she came up for air gasping, took a couple of breaths and dived in again. Feeling left out, I took one of his hands away from her tit and dragged it down between my legs.

He didn't fool around and his two fat fingers went up inside me as I moved in front of him next to Jen. This time when Jen came up for air she wasn't going back under.

She turned around facing away and sat in his lap. I checked and saw his cock plastered flat against her back between them. But then she rose up slightly, reached between her legs, and I could tell she was grabbing it.

"No No, I can't," Robert protested. But Jen held it between her legs and I could tell she was easing herself down on him. "Oh Oh," he objected. But Jen was bobbing down and up, making the water in the tub slosh out onto the tile floor where it sat. Good thing there was a drain. Robert had given in at that point and began pushing up into her every time she slid down on his hard cock. I don't know what his usual holding power might have been but this situation didn't give him a chance. "Oh god I'm cumming," and he lifted Jen off.

Little strings of semen pulsed out into the water. Jen collapsed on the other side of the tub, obviously pleased with herself though it was miss pooja huge sex tv fucking download story clip she'd already had orgasms with me.

I was so damned aroused, I knew I had to do something.

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"If you want me to keep this a secret, you're going to have to fuck me too," I blurted out without thinking. "I can't believe this happened," poor Robert exclaimed. "Maybe we should get out of the tub," I offered. When Jen and I stood up, Robert's eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing.

I'm not that bad and Jen was stunning as i already pointed out.

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I handed him a towel which he used to hide his organ. It wasn't limp but wasn't exactly hard yet either. As we stepped out of the tub, I used his towel to give him a good rubdown. Then leaving him naked there, I used the same towel to carefully and slowly dry every part of my body.

Jen stood behind him with a naughty smile watching us. Robert didn't know what to make of us. Robert's erection had come back in full force and I led him over to the bed and pushed him down. He didn't stop me when I started licking his shaft. He moaned softly when I took it in my mouth making slurping noises as i sucked on him.

Jen started kissing him while I worked. Then I climbed up onto the bed and, with my knees beside his head, lowered my pussy onto his mouth. Well he was certainly no virgin when it came to that position - His tongue lapped eagerly all over my sex and he knew precisely when to drive his fingers in again. I could hear Jen slurping behind me and I glanced back to see her laying sideways across the bed, her head jerking up and down.

When my orgasm was about to explode, I slid back down Robert's torso. Jen moved away as I used his cock to tease madam ne student se chudi. Jen took it and held it under my opening.

Robert let out a groan as I lowered myself. Oh yes that felt good. I could feel Jen rubbing him and her hand would hit my pussy every time I dropped down. I leaned back on my elbows so Robert could see everything.

His thrusts came faster and faster. Jen held her fingers against my pussy and squeezed as his slippery cock drove in and out. It was round two for him and I knew from experience that he would need more time. I decided to change position and moved off onto my back. We managed not older man and a chubby japanese teen disconnect and Robert's thrusts continued.

Jen was kneeling next to us and I reached across and found her pussy. She opened her legs enough to let me push two fingers into her soaking wet vagina. My orgasm was coming back and this time I knew Robert was reaching the same point. "I'm cumming," he exclaimed again. "Don't stop. Don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck me til you have nothing left." Wave after wave of orgasm shook my body.

Jen was cumming too. And Robert's juices were exploding deep inside my belly. I felt pulse after pulse shoot out. Then we all collapsed on the bed and went to sleep. Robert moaned "Oh my god," when he woke up between two naked women. He jumped out of bed, slipped on the robe and bathing trunks and hurried out. Jen and I made love once more in 69 position, showered each other lovingly, dressed and went down to breakfast.

Robert turned red as a beet when we first saw him, but then managed to say, "Thank you both."