Horny babe danica dillon straddles lover and gets fucked outdoors stripping and pornstar

Horny babe danica dillon straddles lover and gets fucked outdoors stripping and pornstar
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At this point Im pretty sure I was obsessed. Panties were just my thing, and at 16 all guys are thinking about is pussy so this activity made the thoughts even stronger. I was a teenager and a horny one at that, and smeling and stealing panties was just a thing I did.

And I was always looking for a chance to get a pair of soft underwear in my face, on my cock, and in my thoughts. It was a sunny day, a perfect day to be outside and no one was home at my freind Tim's house. Especially his sister. I often fantasized about Courtney's room. What she does in it, how badly I want to be in it, and the sweet panties that are in her hamper.

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So for me, this was the perfect opportunity. I told him I was going inside to call my mom, but I passed the phone up as I walked to Courtney's room.

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She had the hottest body, at least to me. She had great, round tits, a good figure and a big, round ass. Now she had just left after she had showered, and that meant there had to be a fresh thong or so in her hamper. I slowly opened her door, walked in and checked one last time to make sure Tim was occupied.

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As I made my way into her room, I notice a pair of shorts on the ground. I had checked her fine ass out earlier in these same shorts.

Inside them was a pretty little white thong and my heart skipped a beat. I got down on my knees and took in the bittersweet smell of courtney's pussy and instantly had a boner.

I licked the crotch of the thong and got her taste on my tounge, and pulled out my now hard cock and draped the thong over it. Precum was starting to drip out of my penis and I started masturbating with the thong. It didnt take me long and before I was done, I made sure to blow my hot load into her panties. This made me so horny, that I ran to her drawer and tore through pair after pair stuffing a few in my pockets and some in my pants.

At the bottom I saw something shiny, and pink.

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I grabbed it and it was a small pink vibrator, and I about lost it. Now I'm a straight male, and I have heard of anal masturbation and I never thought of it as gay.

I would occasionally stick a finger up my ass while masturbating and it would make the sensation ten times better.

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And when I saw this dildo, I couldnt resist. I put it to my asshole with a pair of lime green panties on my cock and turned the vibration on high.

I came without even stroking it and I was doubled over in ecstasy on Courtney's floor with cum all over me, and panties all over the floor when in came Courtney.

I screamed and asked what she was doing home and she screamed and told me she forgot her purse on her bed and asked what I was doing on her floor with all these panties out!

I told her that I didnt know and I just thought she was really pretty and knew I would never get any closer that that with her. She looked a little less angry and told me that If I felt that way I should have just told her. She was really cool about it and got tissures and cleaned me up. I helped put away all her panties. after that I went home and after sitting in my house for a little while, Courtney called and told me she wanted me to come over.

When I got there to their house she let me in and told me Tim sex with hot unshaved attractive girl hardcore blowjob for baseball.

She led me into her room and told me to close my eyes. When I opened them she was wearing nothing but the green panties I had used to masturbate with earlier and had the pink vibrator on in them. My jaw dropped and she came over to her bed where I was sitting and took off my pats while I took off my shirt. She told me since I had so much fun in here earlier, she wanted to have some fun of her own.

She pulled aside her panties showing off her perfect shaved pussy, and told me to get going. I ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow and took the vibrator to her clit, and right then and there she came into my mouth, with her hot juices flowing like a river onto my tounge and it tasted great! Then she put the vibrator in her pussy and pushed me on to the pillows. My penis was as hard as a rock and she took it in her hands, and began to jerk me off slowly.

This drove me crazy and I started to moan. As soon as precum came out of my cock she got a bit on her fingers and began teasing the tip of my penis. I couldnt stand it it felt so good! Right then and there she took the vibrator out of her pussy and slid my cock deep into her vagina and held it there, wiggling her hips and contracting her vagina on my cock.

I didnt even know girls could do that! This felt so good and as I told her that, she started bouncing on me. Her amazing big ass bouncing up and down and riding me, her smooth.wet pussy sliding against my cock, I couldnt take it any longer and then I came inside her. Filling her with my cum, the same cum that ended up in tissues in my garbage from thinking about her, and now shah rukh khan sunny alone xxx in her.

I felt so good, and we kissed and kissed deeply, and finally, I said goodbye. Before I left she caught me and handed me the lime green panties she had been wearing.