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Over the next few days I started stashing supplies in the woods. A box of condoms and some lube, purchased with all my allowance. An old blanked from the basement. I packet of sanitary wipes. All the things I wished I had the first time. Every evening I would make a careful trip to check out that hidden area in the woods. I figured it would be a while.

It would just be too much to expect her back so soon. A week went by and it was Saturday night again. I saw her walking up a path and hid.

She was carrying two six packs large scoops guarantee hot sex for luscious babe I smiled in anticipation. The problem now was how long to wait. Doing calculations in my head of how long for each beer and how many beers made me laugh. They always said math would be useful. I decided to give her and hour so I went home and tried to keep busy.

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Finally it was time and I headed up the hill and sneaked up on the opening to the hidden spot. She was still drinking and singing to herself, badly. I waited through two more beers and she finally flopped back and within minutes was snoring. I got my supplies and then slowly approached her.

Remembering Jake I gave her arm a shake and tried to wake her. She was out cold and I was in business. I spread the blanket out, rolled her onto it, and then started undressing her. She had a Tee shirt on so it was more work to pull it over he head. Jeans so tight I had to work them, one side and then then other, to get them off her hips.

I soon had her buck naked on the blanket.

I think it took me less than ten seconds to strip off my clothes and lay down beside her. The night was slightly cool and the warmth of her body was delicious.

My hands roamed over naked skin while her body was pressed against mine. Why would anyone ever refuse this three horny cougars sharing long dong on couch. I could have enjoyed laying there but I had plans.

I let go of her long enough to put on a condom and spread a generous amount of lube on it. Spreading her legs and bending them at the knee I rolled on top of her and poked my hard shaft between her lower lips. It was good that I had used lube as she was dry. I had to work in and move my hips to spread the slippery feeling to every surface. Slipping my hands under her I grabbed her shoulders and began stroking.

My cock was in heaven. Her warm breasts pressed against my chest and I buried my face in her hair, avoiding her mouth that stank of stale beer. I fucked her slowly and then faster until I came, spurting into the condom. Then I fucked her more until the head of my shaft became too sensitive to continue. Entirely contented I collapsed on top of her enjoying the warm skin Raunchy mature looker has her pussy plowed was laying on.

Eventually I had to move, disposing of the condom and using a wipe to clean the mess. Laying next to her I ran my hands over her body finally concentrating on those marvelous tits. I jiggled them, squeezed them, and sucked on her nipples in wonder that they were mine to do with as I pleased.

Burying my face between her luscious mounds I wallowed in the feeling of her soft breasts on my skin. I was hard again and as much as I was enjoying myself I wanted to fuck more. Another condom and more lube and I was ready to enter her again. There was still enough inside her that I slipped in easily. I fucked her slowly and tried to decide. Should I go slow and try to make it last or cum as quickly as possible and make the next one last?

She started snoring in my ear so I decided to just fuck hard and quick. I was banging on her pussy with quick strokes and thinking this fuck was even better than the first. I was well lubricated and my cock slid in and out of her so smoothly. Her pussy was tight enough that I felt it touching every part of my cock but still so wonderfully soft and warm.

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I fucked her for the next 11 minutes before I started to feel close. It was a good thing as I was starting to tire. I pushed my self to keep up the pace until I finally came, spurt after spurt, and collapsed on top of her.

After I had caught my breath I tried a few more thrusts but I was already softening. Pulling out I disposed of the second condom of the night and then curled up against her. I lay there enjoying the feel of her naked body and thought about how well this was working out.

I didn't feel bad about not including my friends. They were so weird to take off like that last time and young college student just wants to do porn me to clean and redress her. After a while I straddled her chest and trapped my still small penis between her boobs.

It was fun to jiggle her boobs this was and that but my penis did not respond. Moving up I dragged the tip of my penis over her cheeks, nose, and finally her mouth. This got me half hard and I moved back down to stroke it between her boobs. I didn't try to lube her tits but just enjoyed the warm feeling of my cock between those luscious mounds. When I was hard again I put on the third condom and more lube.

Again she was still slick enough for me to smoothly bottom out and grind my hips into hers. I worked in and out until it was feeling real good and then slowed down. This was my last fuck of the night and I wanted it to last. I was going to take it slow and enjoy every minute. With the slower pace I didn't get out of breath and my legs didn't tire as quickly.

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I was going to fuck her as long as I could so I paced myself. After two cums I was enjoying it but didn't feel like the first time when I exploded into her so quickly. I must have fucked her for twenty minutes before I felt myself quicken the pace and the urge to cum.

I forced myself to stop and relax on top of her. When the urge to cum passed I resumed stroking. Even with the slow strokes I was feeling close again in no time at all.

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I pulled out and rolled off her. I needed a break as my knees and elbows were hurting from the ground. Laying on my back I reach out a hand to play with her boob while I rested.

It was very nice enjoying the stars and the feel of her tit added to the experience but it wasn't long before I felt my hard on softening. Rolling on top of her I was still able to slip it in. I moved her legs together and put mine on the outside of hers. Boy did that make her tight. It also put my weight on her thighs and took the pressure off my knees. Leaning forward I rested myself on her boobs, relaxed, and began stroking in and out. I let my hips find their own speed, whatever felt right.

In spite of my break I was soon feeling close to cumming again; she was just so tight this way. I sped up and felt my jism spurt into her, well, into the condom. That wonderful relaxed feeling came over me and I never thought of trying to keep fucking. Instead I just settled on her wallowing in the feel of her warm body. Eventually I forced myself to roll off and lay next to her, resting. When I got my strength back I started cleaning myself up and got dressed.

Then I used wipes on her cunt until she was probably cleaner than when I started. I finally managed to get her jeans over her hips. Her shirt was easier. Then I rolled her back to the ground and folded up the blanket. There was a big damp spot but it only reminded me of the fun I had making it. When everything was back in atla sikisen kadin pornosu storylari bag I did a quick check with the flashlight to make sure I hadn't left a condom wrapper.

I still had a few minuted so I pulled her blouse up and again played with her boobs. It wasn't getting me hard but they were still so nice to hold. Finally I pulled her shirt back down, grabbed my bag, and headed out.

I stashed the bag behind some bushes and then worked my way home. It had been a good night.