Busty blonde lesbian action with shyla and nikki

Busty blonde lesbian action with shyla and nikki
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Jem gasped, his hands twining in Fallon's hair and his buttocks tensing as he felt the first spurt of cum blast into her mouth. "Ah…ah…ah fuck, oh yes, fuck.yes!" he groaned as five more shots followed, leaving him shaking and breathless as his orgasm tore through him.

Fallon greedily swallowed down as much of his load as she could, her blond head bobbing up and down as she continued to throat his thick cock as deeply as she could.

Fallon loved deep-throating Jem, an art she had perfected since they were teenagers. Gradually first night boom press sex to a stop, she buried her nose in Jem's neat red pubic bush, savouring the scent of his sex his wetness and the smell of his sweat overlaid with a tangy saltiness from the remains of his cum hot and horny roommates share hung neighbor dribbling from the corners of her stretched lips and soaking his smooth balls.

Smiling up at him, Fallon slowly eased back her head, instantly feeling the loss of his maleness from her mouth and throat, his still-hard shaft flopping back wetly onto his belly. The purple head of his cock with its foreskin pulled back contrasted with the fuzz of red hair on his my ideal world big tits and big dick and pubes.

Fallon wiped a stray dribble of cum from the corner of her mouth slipping her finger between her lips and savouring the taste of Jem's cum. She watched him breathing heavily, her bright blue eyes sparkling, as she reached slowly for his cock and sliding his foreskin up and down. "You'd better have another shot in there for me baby," she said mischievously.

"Hell, yes," he grinned, reaching for her slender hips as she straddled him. She rubbed her soaking wet crotch with its enticing strip of blonde hair up and down his hot pulsing shaft. Jem groaned "You're gonna make me come again stop it!" In answer, Fallon flipped up his cock and impaled herself slowly on it, easing her wet pussy down until their pubic hair mashed together.

"Aww fuck…fuck… just fuck it!" she groaned as his thick prick filled her tight cunt completely. Jem and Fallon had grown up together, the eldest of their families, they had been neighbours as far back as they could remember.

Five years separated them both from their nearest siblings Jem had twin younger siblings, his sister Amber and brother Zac were identical in every way down to their piercing green eyes, snub noses and short cut hair. They would often dress identically and unless they wanted you to, it was totally impossible to work out which twin was who.

Fallon's brother, Dean, was a firefighter. At 20 years old he was already hugely muscled with shock of blonde hair and intense blue-grey eyes that made girls' pussies go damp just to look at him.

Just turned 18, Dean's sister Leila was a younger version of Fallon although with a curvier figure and fuller breasts. At that moment however, Jem was mainly focussed the sensations caused by Fallon slowly riding up until barely the tip of Jem's prick was enclosed in her vagina, only to slam herself back down on him mashing her mons against his pubic bone. Jem wetted the forefinger and thumb of one hand in the pooling juices at the base of his cock and started thumbing the areola and nipple of her right breast.

With his other hand he sought out and found the hard button of her clit, massaging his finger against it firmly. Fallon groaned "Ahhhh yes…baby…fuck me harder! Fill me up!" He continued his rhythmic massage of her tit, the nipple standing out like a hard stone under his finger and thumb as he thrust upward to meet her down stroke.

After several minutes of hard riding, Jem said "Shit honey! You are gonna make me bust a nut if you keep fucking me like this." In response Fallon slowed her movement right down, this time grinding her vulva wetly against him in a languorous circle, savouring the feeling of being totally full.

Jem started on her other tit, both hands now working the gorgeous handfuls of her perky up-thrust breasts. Having both of her sensitive nipples stimulated this way was sending shivers up and down her spine like bolts of electricity. She thought "a few more moments of this and I will." as her orgasm crashed over her, starting deep in her belly and rushing through the rest of her body. "Oh shit…Fucking hell Jem…" She groaned as he pulled her down to him, one arm across her back holding her close to him, his cock buried in her sopping wet pussy.

His tongue sought hers and they kissed as Fallon came down from her cum.

Jem could still taste the salty remains of his semen in her mouth and he spent a few moments kissing her deeply, their tongues swirling around in each other's mouth and reigniting Fallon's passion. Jem gently rolled his wife off him. "Noooo…don't take it out!" she cried.

Rolling her onto her back he reached out for a pillow and slipped it under Fallon's hips. Instinctively, she reached behind her knees pulling them up to her shoulders so that her wet pussy gaped open. On his knees in front of her, Jem could see the naked fullness of her pussy spread to his view, the pink button of her clitoris standing like a little erection from its hood.

He could also see the drops of girl cum clinging to her pretty pink outer lips. He licked his own lips. "Fuck me Jem, I need to cum again" she said. Jem didn't wait for another invitation. Leaning forward he slowly slid his manhood deep into his lover's hot, tight sheath until Fallon could feel his wet balls slap against her ass. Jem held her for a moment and then slowly withdrew again until his head almost popped out of her, then just as slowly filled her up again.

After several minutes of this gentle in and out fucking, Fallon's breath was starting to become ragged again, her cunt muscles were starting to pulse around his cock as he ground his pubis against her shaved mons and her orgasm started to rise. Jem speeded up his thrusting adding more force and a little of his weight each time.

Fallon loved being taken this way she always told him she felt so full with her feet up around her ears and his cock buried so deep in her cunt.

He reached out and grabbed a foot with each hand, gently massaging her toes as he fucked her harder and faster. "Thwack…thwack…thwack," his balls slapped wetly against her tight butt.

"Ahh…ahhh…ahhhhh…fuck meeeeeee!" Fallon yelled as another powerful orgasm broke through her petite frame. Her cunt muscles clamped down hard as she came, spasming around Jem's fuck muscle, bringing him off as well.

Jem grunted and shot several more wads of his hot come deep into her roiling pussy. "Oh shit I'm cumming again" Fallon cried as she crested her orgasm for the third blonde secretary in office wants a raise. Jem remained buried to the hilt in his gorgeous wife as her cum dissipated, then he released her feet and sank forward limply, exhausted by the intensity of his own cum, feeling the hard points of her nipples crushing into his chest, their tongues brazzers japan mom with step son friend, his hand wrapped in her long hair as he kissed Fallon slowly.

For several minutes the only noise coming from them both was the sound of their breathing returning to normal. Fallon always savoured the sensation of Jem's hot cum sticking to the insides of her pussy as his cock started to lose its hardness. After a while she could feel their combined juices leaking from her well fucked cunt and running down her ass crack. Eventually she rolled over on top of Jem, grabbing his cock in her hand as it slipped from her pussy.

She licked up and down its length, gradually cleaning off all their lovemaking, gently wanking his foreskin over the purple helmet.

Having finished with his now soft cock she took each of his shaved balls into her mouth, lovingly cleaning each one before planting a wet kiss on Jem's lips and giving him a taste of both of their cum. "Come on you," she smiled, "I have to get to work!" Fallon headed for the shower where she luxuriated in the hot water for several minutes.

She sighed, thinking that if she didn't have to get to work this morning, she would still be in bed, with Jem cleaning out her pussy with his tongue.

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She watched as the glistening water barrelled down between the tits of her 25 year old body. She sometimes felt they could be bigger but Jem just adored them with their tight upward pointing nipples that would turn rock hard at his slightest touch he couldn't keep his hands off them sometimes and she smiled, happy.

Fallon ran her hand slowly across the taut, ripped muscles of her abs, she was seriously proud of her tummy with its cute "inney" belly button her running and gym work kept her in peak condition, not to mention the long days out in the Angeles State Parks in her Ranger's job. She quickly towelled off, dressed and headed for the kitchen, where Jem, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts had made some coffee.

Jem always found it a turn-on to see his wife in her khaki uniform. She sometimes wore her shorts half a size too small just to show off the deep tan on her toned legs, perfectly offset by her utility socks and outback boots. She grabbed her travel mug with one hand, which Jem had filled with a double hit of her favourite java and went up on tippy-toes to kiss him goodbye, the other two girls one guy bondage and thai rough your pleasure is my world sneaking up to scratch the fiery red fuzz on his muscled chest.

As Jem pulled her to him, she felt his cock grow hard again against her belly. "Later stud," she grinned barely scraping his nipple with her fingernail as she headed out the door. Jem stood there with his hard-on tenting his shorts and wondering if he needed to go and jack off to get some relief.

Jem stood in the kitchen, the sound of Fallon's Jeep Gladiator receding into the distance, his left hand slowly stroking the length of his hard penis. Even though he was still only 25, Jem owned a successful pool installation company in the LA area, he worked hard and was a good employer, often working hard shifts with his team to get the job done.

He had a hard, lean body with corded muscles that ran throughout his 6'-2" frame. Clean shaven, he wore his golden red hair cropped short, as was his beard. His sculpted chest was covered with a fuzz of hair that matched his head and thick, wiry pubic bush.

He kept his balls smooth and the bush well-trimmed, Fallon just loved to take his balls into her mouth and suckle on them like an egg.

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Thinking about Fallon did nothing to ease the throbbing in his groin. Although he wasn't working today he was expecting Leila, Fallon's sister, to come over later to look at some plans for a client.

Leila was a talented draughtswoman and Jem often had her draw up plans for their bigger clients. "Damn," he said to himself "this is not helping." Thinking about Leila and the way his young sister-in-law had been making her feelings clear for him recently did nothing at all to reduce the size of his erection. Leila had just turned 18 and had almost overnight transformed from a scrawny teenager into a younger, curvier version of his wife.

She had always been the slightly bratty, forward and rebellious youngest of the six kids. When she was 16, she had gotten her nose and belly button pierced and in this last year, she had a tattoo of a Japanese cherry blossom tree inked on her right ribs caressing the under swell of her ample tits and falling down her and along her curved belly below her navel. Jem loved the way the roots of the tree curled into the blond V nestling between her thighs.

She had also noticed Jem taking more than just a quick glance at her sexy legs hot tits and horny holes one evening when their families had cooked out around the pool. She'd also spent much of the last few months taking every opportunity to let him see her in various stages of undress and Jem wondered how long it would be before she jumped him.

Fallon had said a number of times how much fun it would be to watch Jem making out with her little sister and although Jem had taken it as a bit of joke at first, given the closeness of their families, he knew she probably wasn't.