Perfect honey is showing her opened narrow twat in close up

Perfect honey is showing her opened narrow twat in close up
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The next morning we both woke early. We had a quick fuck, which was pleasant without being over the top, then hopped into the shower together. Once I was dressed, Helen sent me down to the reception desk to reclaim her back-pack.

She pulled out of it jeans, a T-shirt and rubber thongs, and dressed for the glamour eurobabes suck and fuck bloke highheels european of the conference that we were both there to attend.

Even in these less provocative clothes she looked terrific, especially whenever she moved, because her tits bounced beautifully for lack of a bra. "Before we go to breakfast, I'm going to phone my wife." "You're married!!!" "Sure she is an even bigger slut than you. I'm pretty sure that she was fucking someone last night, too." "How do you know?" "Well, when I was leaving home yesterday, she was dressed in a very short black skirt and a white see-through blouse which has no back at all.

It only stays on her because it has short tight sleeves which hold it in place. Her nipples showed clearly through her blouse. She was bare foot, but I know that she always wears black high heels with that outfit.

When I kissed her good-bye she took my right hand and pushed it under her skirt towards her pussy. She was not wearing panties and her pussy was very wet. I finger fucked her with two fingers and rubbed her clit with my thumb and within two minutes she was moaning into my mouth and squirting her cum down her thighs. Obviously she was already highly aroused from anticipation of what ever she was planning for the evening." "You didn't ask her what that was?" "No.

It is more exciting to have her tell me about it afterwards." "Do you want me to leave while you talk to her?" "No. I want you to listen." "Why?" "Listen and see." "Hi, Irmeli, it's Fred.

How are you? Did you have fun last night?" . "Well, I guess that I will have to wait to hear the details." . "Yes. A stunning young woman picked me up in the bar. We were in the lift heading for my room when another couple got into the lift and invited us for a late-night swim." .

"No. We all swam naked. In the lift the young couple had hotel towels wrapped around them, with nothing underneath. After swimming for a bit, we invited them back to my room and had a real orgy in which both girls got double fucked." . "Yes. It was very exciting. Helen, that's the girl who picked me up, is still with me, and we are about to go to breakfast and then to the first session of the conference." . "Thanks. I love you too, and I can't wait to hear the details of your night out.

I'll ask Helen about this weekend." "I can't believe that you told your wife all that!" "I told you that she is a slut, but she is an honest slut; she told me before we married that she had no intention of being faithful to me, so I said 'What is good for the goose is good for the gander.' and that is how our marriage works.

Lots of extra marital sex, and swinging with other couples. We are both very happy, believe me." "What about children?" "Irmeli does not use any contraception, and so far, in one year, she has not got pregnant.

If ever she does, I'll treat the kid as mine, even if he or she has black skin or oriental eyes." "Wow!" "I feel guilty that I did not ask you about contraception before we started fucking last night." "It's OK, I have a slow release contraceptive implanted under my skin." "By the way, Irmeli suggested that I invite you home for the week-end for more fucks.

But perhaps your keen to get back to your boyfriend?" "Boyfriend? I have no boyfriend, anymore. However I feel a bit spooked about going home with you to your wife." "You promised me that you would be my beautiful slut, and it is definitely the slut thing to do, to come home with me." "How would I get there? I have no money, I hitch-hiked to get here. You know how I got a bed to sleep in." "I'll buy you a ticket and you will fly first class with me. By the way, I'll need to know your surname to book for you." "Dale." "OK Helen Dale.

I take it blowjob and sex with brazilian sweetheart hardcore latina that is a yes?" "I guess." We sat together during the conference sessions, we were interested in very much the same topics, and spent all our free time together, too.

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During the lunch break I rang my travel agent and arranged a seat on the Friday night flight for Helen. Then she suggested we spend the rest of the break in my room. In the lift Helen volunteered, "I like the way you guys are married. I broke up with my loser boyfriend just the other day, because he would get extremely jealous if I flirted with anyone else, even another girl.

If I had told him that I dreamed of fucking all his mates in a wild orgy he would surely have murdered me. I'm not even sure that I am game to go back to my Uni course, because I don't know if he will leave me alone." "Perhaps you could transfer to the Uni in the city where I live? I think that they have essentially the same course that you have been studying, judging by your interests at this conference.

You could try living with us and learn from my wife how to be even sluttier, or you could just come for visits whenever you had a problem or just wanted a friendly fuck." As we walked to our room, Helen pulled her T-shirt off and jiggled her beautiful, bare tits at me.

Once inside the room she knelt in front of me, pulled my jeans open and my cock out. She started sucking, with the result that it stiffened up miraculously. She stopped briefly and said "I just wanted to thank you for everything. I feel more comfortable with you after less than 24 hours, than I ever felt with my loser boyfriend.

I look forward to meeting your wife. Does she eat pussy as well as fuck men?" "She certainly does and I am told that she is very good.

How about you, do you like eating pussy?" "I have never tried, but if I am going to be an accomplished slut, I think that I had better learn. Perhaps Irmeli would teach me?" "I warn you that she can be a tough coach. She will insist on lots of practice to make sure you are up to her high standards." I think the funny sensation in my cock was Helen trying to laugh with her mouth full.

Whatever it was, it concupiscent stud tickles hot clit pornstar hardcore me to cum very quickly. I squirted my load straight down her throat. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply, tasting my own cum. Then I undid her jeans and slid them down, with her panties, then pushed her back onto the bed with her feet still on the floor. I knelt between her legs and dived down into her pussy.

Soon I was sucking on her clit, while finger fucking her with two fingers. It only took about 5 minutes of this before she was moaning in delight and squirting her cum over my hand and onto the bed. After a few minutes basking in the after glow we stripped off what remained of our clothes and helped each other into the shower.

When we were getting dressed I asked, "Helen have you a skirt in your backpack?" "Yes why?" "Because a short skirt with no panties leaves more options open than jeans, with or without panties." "OK!

How does that look?" "Perfect!" She was wearing a denim skirt which came only half way down her thigh, with a thin T-shirt which left a couple of inches of bare midriff. It was obvious that she wore no bra, and I knew that she had not put on panties.

"I don't know what opportunity may arise but it does not hurt to be prepared." She grinned happily at me, slipped her feet back into her thongs and led me to the door. "It's time to get back to the conference." That evening, after the conference session, Helen switched on my laptop and plugged it into the internet connection in my room. She spent about an hour investigating engineering courses available at the university in my home town. Happy with what she found she fired of an email, enquiring about conditions for her to transfer from her black guy and girl xxxxx movies Uni.

Then we went to dinner in the hotel restaurant. With dinner we drank a bottle of champagne (my favourite, Bolinger) and we chatted happily about what we had learnt today. Helen wanted to know more about Irmeli, so I told her about some of the group sex orgies that we had indulged in since we first met two years ago.

"When we were married one year ago Irmeli wanted to go off the pill and get pregnant, but she had no intention of giving up her promiscuous sex life. I told her that if she bore a child I would consider it mine, no matter who his or her father really was. 'Really? I love you even more than ever for that.' was her response. So we each fuck anyone that we can, and hope that Irmeli gets pregnant.

So far it has not happened." "Have you considered adopting a child, or even finding a surrogate mother?" "No. So far we have consulted a fertility specialist who has assured us that it is too soon to give up on Irmeli getting pregnant naturally." Helen then changed the subject to tell me about her progress toward changing universities. I asked her "You seem quite keen on moving to my city. Does this have anything to do with your wanting sex with me and Irmeli?" "Well!

I am really scared of my ex-boyfriend, so that is a reason for wanting to leave where I have been until now. Your Uni has the most attractive course for me to transfer to, that I could find on the web, so that is one reason for going there rather than anywhere else.

Knowing at least one person, you, living nearby is a second reason. But the really exciting thing is the thought of studying to be a fucking slut under your and Irmeli's tuition, with lots of practice. It makes my pussy drip every time I think of it. I hope that I am not imposing too much on your generosity, but everything that you have said leads me to believe that you will welcome me into your home, at least for a short time." "Absolutely!

And I can safely predict that Irmeli will welcome you with open arms . and legs." "Awesome!" she managed through her laughter. Later we were lying side by side on top of the bed, the covers thrown off the foot of the bed. After our simultaneous orgasms she had stayed lying on top of me until my cock shrank to the point that it slipped out of her pussy. Then she had rolled off me to lie contentedly beside me. Suddenly the phone rang. "Hello?" . "No we had not forgotten.

We'll meet you at the pool in five." .

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"Bye." "Shit! I had forgotten!" "Well, let's go. It was fun last night, let's hope it's as much fun tonight." "Sure." We wrapped towels around our naked bodies and headed for the lifts. When we got to the pool, Andrea and Dick were waiting for us, but there was another couple, wearing swimming costumes, in the pool swimming laps. Helen and Andrea did not hesitate. They dropped their towels to the side of the pool and jumped in.

Dick and I, not wishing to be shown up as cowards, followed them. We played and splashed at the end of the pool out of the way of the other couple. Shortly the girl lap swimmer came over to us. "I didn't know that nude swimming was allowed in this pool?" "Well! We didn't actually ask permission. We just assumed that it would be OK after 10pm." from Dick. Whereupon the new girl pulled off the top, then the bottom of her bikini and threw them both to the side of the pool.

"I hope that you don't mind if I join you?" Her boyfriend realised that something had changed and came to investigate. "What's going on?" "Hi!

I am Dick, this is my girlfriend, Andrea, and these are Fred and Helen. We like swimming but don't have any swimmers with us, so we decided that it would be OK after 10pm." "Hi! I'm Bill and this is my girlfriend Julia." Then Bill pulled off his swimmers and tossed them on top of Julia's.

We chatted for a while longer then Helen piped up. "Last night Dick and Andrea came back to our room for a drink and a fuck.

I assume that they will be joining us again, if they enjoyed themselves as much as Fred and I did. How about you two, Bill and Julia?" "Great!" from Bill. "I hoped that that was where this was leading." from Julia. So we all climbed out of the pool, and, naked or half naked, made our way back to my room, dropped what little covered us near the door, and stood around small moms sex each other vaguely embarrassed.

To loosen things up I plied everyone with drinks, then suggested "Last night we double fucked the two girls. Tonight we have enough cocks for one in each hole. Who wants to be first?" "Me first!" from the three girls in unison, so we drew lots and Julia won first fuck. Bill lay on his back on the bed, still with no covers, Julia impaled herself with his cock in her cunt. Dick lubed her arsehole with his spit, then pressed in, standing at the foot of the bed.

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She took him without any sign of pain, and started to moan "Oh fuck! I feel so full! Why have I never felt like this before? Fuck me!" Then I pushed my erection into her mouth and all she could do from then on was moan. Obviously she was cuming continuously from then on until the three of us filled her three holes with our loads. Her obvious pleasure was so infectious than none of us lasted as long as we might have hoped, not that it mattered to us as there were two more girls watching and waiting their turns.

When we had all deposited our loads our cocks started to shrink, and we all pulled out. Immediately Andrea started sucking on my dick, Helen started sucking on Busty nikki phoenix eats her blonde girlfriend good and Julia on Dick's.

They were trying to get us all erect again, ready for the next fuck, which was to be Helen. Dick was very quickly erect, I think because he was so aroused about the whole deal. Julia took his cock out of her mouth and just kept stroking him gently to keep him aroused.

"Fuck! That was fucking awesome! I'll need to do that again as soon as possible.

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Just one cock in one hole will never again be enough." This time it was Andrea laughing with her mouth full of my cock that did the trick. I had regained my erection in record time. Finally Bill was ready too. He lay on his back, Helen lowered herself onto him, his cock in her pussy. I climbed onto the bed straddling her and pushed into her arsehole, then Dick offered her his cock which she took into her mouth.

Ah! The joy of sex! Helen was having repeated, or maybe continuous, orgasms for the five to ten minutes that it took for the three of us to cum, almost simultaneously in her three holes. Once the girls managed, as if by magic, to resurrect our three erections, Andrea's turn was as successful as Julia's and Helen's. By then everyone was in need of sleep, so Dick and Andrea and Bill and Julia left us. Before they left we learned that both couples were leaving the hotel next morning, so we could not make any plans for the following evening.

We thanked them for the fun that we had had with them, wished them lots of good sex, and kissed them goodbye. Then we climbed onto the unmade bed, turned out the light and cuddled together, still naked.