Babe gia and marsha gets their pussy pounded hard pornstars hardcore

Babe gia and marsha gets their pussy pounded hard pornstars hardcore
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I ride the bus to school everyday, I wake up at 6:00 and need to get to the bus at 6:30, school starts at 8:00. This must've been one of the longest bus rides I have ever had, I had it twice every day for 3 years.

This was because I lived in a farm town, but that didn't mean I didn't have company to ride with me. A girl named Emma also rode the bus with me, and she was it on the bus, besides the driver who had a pair of headphones on and must've been high off his ass the entire time he was driving us because I could go up behind him and yell as loud as I wanted to and he wouldn't even blink.

I never really talked to Emma for the first year and a half I rode the bus. When I did finally speak to her, she absolutely hated me. I was computer nerd and she was a track kid.

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I was in band, she was in orchestra, I was loud, she was quite, I was a cynic and she wasn't. So we never got along, we kept our distance, well as far as across the aisle on the bus is a distance. Emma had long black hair, it was usually in a ponytail, light tan skin, brown irises in almond shaped eyes, she has got a booty to die for that she flaunts in yoga pants all the time. Her build is athletic, I saw her in a crop top once and only once, and she had a strong set of abs, she is pretty short for our grade, at a cool 4'10".

I though stand at a average 5'10", I am not very thin, and have no athletic ability, but am extremely strong, I have pale white skin covered in blond arm hair, head hair though is a dark dirty blond that is almost brown. My eyes are a blue/green and my charming disposition mature fucking girls fucking story up for all of my shortcomings.

The one time I ever heard the bus driver speak was when He said we all had to sit up at the front. I had no reason to disobey and I think she thought the same. So I stared out the window for the most part and memorized the fields and trees, she sat and read a book. This was what the normal life was like, when we got to school she went off and I never had more than one class with her.

What happened next beautiful cam girl telling you how to get off instructional masturbation what caused this story when the school decided that the bus was too much for 2 students.

So they decided that a van with 2 rows would work. This made it so that I had to sit next to Emma. I have to explain that I never thought she was into me because she was a complete bitch when we talked, and I thought she was good looking but that was it so I never even tried. On the first day of the van all was as usual, I was groggy and my body was sore from a camping trip the previous weekend.

Emma fell asleep, and her head leaned against my shoulder, I didn't really want to wake her up so I just slowly moved my arm around the back of the seat. Her head was now laying on my chest, and she groaned and kept sleeping. When we got to school she woke up and acted like nothing happened. When I got on the next morning I sat in the back row and she did too, the same thing happend.

She fell asleep rested her head on my chest and was out like a light. She started to shiver a bit so I wrapped my arm around her and she stopped shivering. She scooted a little closer. We stayed like that for the rest of the bus ride. This was the normal routine for a bit, she and I in the back, my arm around her, her head against my chest.

A few days pass and as we're about to get off the bus she kisses me on the cheek. Not a long kiss or a passionate kiss, but a peck, it had thousands of times more meaning than any other kiss in my life. The meaning of which I had no Idea, I went through the entire day thinking about it, was it a 'thank you'? Was it an 'I love you'? Was it an 'Lets keep this going but only between you and me'?

I was at a loss, but she had track practice so I never saw her in the afternoon and I could clear my thoughts. The morning after the kiss the normal bus arrives, I get on first and she sits next to me. She places her arms around my neck and leans in, I return the favor and hold her side and the back of her head, I lean in with her.

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As I lean my head to the side and open my mouth a little, our mouths meet, her tongue and mine play a bit with each other, we explore each others mouths in a warm embrace. I pull back and look at her; her eyes stare into mine, they're amber deep and unending, searching in mine. She must've found what she was looking for because she smiles and moves to sit on top of me. She leans in again as I grab her thigh and message it, she and I embrace again.

She starts slowly grinding me, my member already hard straining not to explode. Her wetness against me, her firm thigh in my hand, her warm mouth on mine as we slowly rub against each other.

The bus stops and she slowly rolls off me, after we're off the bus we walk together, not saying anything, I reach for her hand and she takes mine, as we walk in I break off to my locker. That afternoon I get on the bus, she's there, I see her and smile, she smiles back. I sit next to her, I put my hand on the inside of her thigh, she takes it and moves it up. My hand firmly in between her legs I find her lips through the thin legging material and latina sucking and riding a huge cock else, soaked through.

I move my index down and massage picking up speed slowly, her breathing becomes heavy I start moving faster, she moans softly. I stop for a moment and put my hand in her leggings and keep moving in a circular motion, her juices seeping onto my hand.

I slip a finger in and she inhales sharply and shudders, as I move it in and out more and more rapidly. She then arches her back, wide mouthed and panting she climaxes her pussy clamps on my finger. She looks at me and puts both hands on the side of my head and holds me for a kiss, my finger still in her. I pull out and we both stand up and get off the bus, she then embraces me one last time arms around my neck, my hot legs in pantyhose tube porn her butt, and she says, with a huge smile on her face, "I love you".