I fuck big dildo my pussy squirt

I fuck big dildo my pussy squirt
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Halloween Trick (M+/M-teen, 1st-gay exp, rp) by Trickster ([email protected]) *** Going in drag on Halloween proved to be a big mistake when six guys give me the ride of my life. *** had always heard that girls could drink with a fake ID much quicker than a guy so I waited until Halloween to put the theory to a test. Since I was only 17 and my older sister was 22, I slutty doll gets cum load on her face swallowing all the cum sure that by using her driver's license and a costume that covered my face pretty good that I could pull it off.

Since I was on the swimming team I had a body that, when clad in the harem costume, made me pass as a, albeit flat-chested, girl. One thing I noticed when I put on the costume was that I immediately got a hard on.

I jerked off but it did no good, I still had a hard on, so I decided to use one of my mom's kotex's (I think she used them because her "flow" was so heavy) to try and cover the telltale sign.

There was a bar that I knew some girls at school always got in pretty easily despite the fact they were underage and I knew that they were having a Halloween party there. When I arrived, I had no problem getting in with my sister's driver's license. I could feel the eyes of the guys on me as I went by and it felt cool. I was hoping that Jenny, my girlfriend wasn't there .and when I looked around, it appeared that she wasn't.

I knew that she had bought a pirate's outfit and I didn't see one in the bar. When I got to the bar I ordered a vodka and tonic as I felt that went with the role best. I hadn't had two sips of the drink when I felt a hand rub my ass through the sheer nylon of the harem outfit. I turned around and saw Mark Simpson smiling at me.

At first I thought he recognized me and my heart almost stopped, but then he said. "Nice outfit, what's your name?" I moved a little away from him but he gripped the nylon material and I thought it was going to rip, so I let him pull me closer to him as he kept his hand on my ass. "Ummmmm, Jenny," I said with as high pitched voice as I could muster and pulling a name out of thin air.

I thought about punching him and running, but images of police and handcuffs and laughing policemen discovering who was under the costume prevented me.

Mark took my reluctance to pull away as encouragement and slipped his fingers between the cheeks of my ass and squeezed slightly. What happened next surprised me. I felt myself getting hard against the kotex in my harem panties. I pressed against the bar for fear that someone would see the protrusion. In doing so I gave Mark further access to my posterior and this only made him smile the more as he took this as a further invitation.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You have the nicest ass I have seen in quite a while.

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What say we get out of here?" My mind raced for something to say and for the life of me I could think of nothing to say to get him disinterested. Finally, I heard the words, as if from a stranger coming from my mouth. "You don't want to waste your time on me tonight, I have my period." From the look on his face, I thought that this stupid blunder of a statement had worked, but I was wrong.

He just smiled and moved his fingers further into the crack of my ass. He moved forward again and whispered in my ear, "Oh, that's okay Jenny, there are lots of things we can do." My mind raced for something to say, but before the words came out he said.

"I'll be right back and then we can leave." Now was my chance. As soon as he turned to leave, I fished in the little pocket of the panties that they provide for almost nothing and pulled out a $20 bill and waved it at the bartender to pay for my drink so I could make a quick exit. I turned to see if Mark had made it to the rest room as yet and I saw him about thirty feet away talking to a group of guys that also were not dressed in costume, but that I didn't recognize.

They were looking at me and smiling. I started to get frantic and waved the bill at the bartender who was busy making drinks for one of the cocktail waitresses. I finally got his attention and mature fucking cute on dailymotion took the $20 and went to the register to ring up my tab. Every second seemed like an hour before he came back with my change. "You didn't have to do that," I heard Mark's voice over my shoulder as I was taking the change from the bartender, "I would have paid for your drink." I turned around to see Mark standing there with five of the guys that he had been talking to in the corner.

"I want you to meet a few of my friends, Rick, Tim, Cliff, Dale and Gene. They have had a little too much to drink so I promised them I would drop them off at Rick's house which is just a couple of miles away from here." I couldn't think of anything to say but let Mark guide me out of the bar. "Uh, how are we going to all fit into one vehicle?" I asked trying to find an out.

"Oh, I've got a Dodge Ram 3500 van. Wild teen lets bestfriend try bfs big cock is plenty of room for all of us." "Yeah, I love the Ram." The one I think named Rick said. The others laughed. When we got to his van, I could see that it was not only big enough for the six of us, but it could have fit another 8 xnxx sunder nager sex movi in it.

I climbed in the back and my heart sunk as I saw the it looked more like a converted RV then a van. There was a bed, a swivel chair, a TV and a sink. "Where do you want to sit?" Mark asked me as he climbed into the back of the van with me. I quickly sat in the swivel chair. The van started and I noticed that the one named Dale was driving. "I thought they had all had too much to drink?" I said, "why is he driving?" "Oh, uh, Dale, uh, he hasn't had too much to drink." Mark jija fucking his sister in law. "Well, then why didn't he drive them home in his car." I asked, now starting to panic and I could feel my voice starting to crack.

Mark smiled and put his hand on my leg as he sat down next to the chair. "You got me, honey," he said, "we just want to have a little fun, that's all." I looked at them as they leered at me. I could catch Dale's smile in the rear view mirror. "So why don't we just get comfortable," Mark said taking off his shirt. The others started to do the same. "Don't be shy," Mark said, "these windows are tinted so dark no one will see in here.

Believe me, this ain't the first party we've had back here." They all laughed. "Come on," Mark said, but he wasn't smiling anymore. My mind was racing.

I knew that if they found out that they had been tricked by a boy that they would hurt me badly, if not kill me." "Uh, I told you," I stammered, "I have my period. Please let me go." "Awwwww, she's begging," Mark laughed as he pulled off his pants. He was wearing no underwear and his erection stood out and looked to be about 7 inches. I looked around the van and saw that each of them had stripped naked and were sporting erections. "You don't want to get blood all over your van do you?" I tried.

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Mark stood in front of me with his erection only inches from my face. I had never even had my cock sucked but I had seen many porno movies.

I could see from Mark's expression that he was about to grab my hair and shove his cock in my mouth and when he did that the wig would definitely come off in his hands and Awesome hottie banged in a massage room would be a dead person. "Okay," I hear myself say, "I will suck each of you off on one condition." They all looked surprised but didn't answer.

"I keep my clothes on." They all nodded their agreement in silence. Before Mark could change his mind I took his erection in my mouth and tried to remember everything that I had seen in the movies. I gagged but managed to get about half of it in my mouth. I think I was more afraid of them finding out who I was then I was of sucking six cocks.

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I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting Mark off as soon as possible. I wrapped my hands around his naked ass and found myself cupping his balls.

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I tried everything that I had seen in the porno movies. "Oh, fuck!" Mark yelled, "she is fucking great." I wrapped my hand around half of his cock and jerked him off while I sucked the top half. I could hear his breathing getting heavier. "Oh, fuck, here I come," Mark yelled, "swallow it, bitch." The way he said it, I knew I had better swallow it. He spurted and spurted into my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as I could.

I had eaten raw oysters once and it reminded me of that, except not cold but hot. I just kept telling myself that I was eating raw oysters. "Man, that was fucking jennifer best and karla kush threesome in the bedroom best blow job I have had in my life," Mark said as he collapsed on the floor. "Me, next," the one named Rick said as he stepped in front of me. His cock was only about 5 inches long and I felt relieved.

I found that when I started sucking him that I could actually get it all in my mouth. I put both my hands around his ass and started pumping my mouth on his cock. In two minutes he was coming in my mouth and I thought of another plate of oysters as I swallowed.

Cliff was next but he made me lie down on the floor on my back which worried me but then he straddled my face and started to face fuck me. He was also about 7 inches so I had to wrap my hand around the base of his two naughty babes fucked by their coach so that he wouldn't choke me as he plunged his cock into my mouth.

As he was pumping into my mouth, I felt a hand rubbing my ass and starting to make it's way between my lets. I wanted Cliff to hurry and come so that I could stop the person who was about to uncover who I really was.

I found myself doing something that I had seen in the porno movie which surprised me. I stuck my index finger up Cliff's ass. He came right then. "Oh, shit," he said as he was coming, "oh, shit.no chick has ever done that to me before." As he climbed off, I saw that Gene was the one that had been trying to put his hand inside my pants.

"Man, I want to fuck this whore," Gene said. I could see the glare in his eyes and knew this was going to be a difficult situation. I waited for Mark to come to my defense, but he was quiet.

They were all quiet, waiting to see what my response was. "I told you, I have my period," I said. "I don't give a fuck," Gene said angrily. I looked at Mark pleadingly.

"You want blood in your van?" I asked Mark. Mark just smiled. I felt the van pull off the road and come to a stop. Dale came to the back of the van and started to remove his clothes. Gene pushed me back down on my back and started to remove my pants.

I panicked. "Okay," I said, "how about this," I gulped. "How about if I bend over the chair, pull my pants down. but not off. and you can. you can, uh." "I can what?" Gene snapped. "You can fuck my ass," I murmured, lowering my eyes. I saw Gene's jaw drop. "Ok," he said quietly, almost in disbelief. I got on the swivel chair and pulled my pants down, petrified that they would fall too far and expose my equipment despite the kotex.

I waited and I heard Gene spit.

He rubbed the spit into the crack of my ass and I felt his index finger enter my anus. I gritted my teeth but it didn't hurt as much as I college hoes have foreplay with hung tutor it would.

In fact as he started moving the finger in and out, putting some more slobber on my hole, I found it felt kind of good. "Okay, bitch," Gene said leaving over me, "here it comes." I felt the tip of it inch in and thank God he did it slow.

In about 30 seconds I felt his stomach up against my ass and I knew that he was in completely. I looked up and saw everyone standing around sporting erections. Gene started slowly and at first it hurt but after a few minutes I found I was enjoying it.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw Tim standing in front of me with his cock at my face. I opened my mouth and he slid his 6 inches into my mouth. Suddenly I felt the most incredible orgasm building up in my balls. The friction of the kotex rubbing up against my cock together with Gene's cock, now, pounding into my ass was enough to bring me off.

For the first time in my life I came without even touching myself. I screamed, although it was muffled by Tim's cock that was pumping into my mouth. The sound of me coming was enough to bring Gene off and I felt him spurt into my ass. "Oh, shit," I heard him wife finds him cheating and gets insane tube porn as he unloaded. Tim was just seconds behind him as I had another order of oysters slip down my throat.

I was barely aware of Gene slipping out of me and Dale slipping his cock into my ass as I busty brunette kortney kane blowing a big dick still panting from the incredible orgasm that I had just had. My ass must have been pretty well lubricated because there was no pain whatsoever as Tim pumped into me.

I could feel myself getting another erection and was close to coming when I felt Dale spurt into my ass. "Shit," I heard Mark say, "this is too fucking hot. I gotta have some of that ass." I felt him slip easily into me and start pumping when I heard Rick say, "Holy shit man! Look!" I turned to see what everyone, with the exception of Mark who was pumping away into me, was looking at.

They were all looking down between my legs. It was then that I realized that in the excitement of my orgasm I had lost concentration on keeping my harem pants around my thighs.

They had slipped down to my knees, the cum filled kotex was laying on the chair and my balls were flopping back and forth as Mark ploughed his cock into my ass.

Mark was oblivious to everything but his impending orgasm and I felt him tense up as he spurted what felt like a small amount of cum into my ass. I saw the look of anger on the others face as they realized that they had been fucking a boy instead of the hot little teenage girl that they had thought. "Move," Rick said, pushing Mark aside, as he brought his fist back to hit me.

"Wait," Dale said, grabbing Rick's arm. "What?" Rick asked, looking at him. "Wait, a minute," Dale said, deep in thought. Everyone looked at Dale and waited. "Hey," I interjected, "I'm sorry. I swear I tried to get out of this, but I didn't anyone in the bar knowing what I had done and things just got out of hand." "Yeah," Dale said, "but you liked it." They all looked at me.

"No, no, I didn't," I stammered. They all looked down at the cum filled kotex. "Really?" Dale said. I could feel my face turning red. I said nothing. "Is that the first time you've ever been with a guy?" Dale asked. I shook my head to the affirmative. "Look, guys," Dale said, "I am not a faggot, but that was the best blow job I have ever had." "And the tightest ass I have ever had," Gene chimed in.

They were all quiet for a minute and I felt relief that I wasn't going to get murdered. "So now what?" Rick asked. Mark moved to the front of the van and came back with a digital camera. "So now our little girl continues the party but has nothing to be shy of now, right?" I just nodded my head.

"Get back on the chair," Mark said. I climbed back up with my, now bare ass, protruding. "Who's next?" Mark asked as he held the camera to his face. I felt my ass cheeks spread and an erection probing at my anus.

"Say cheese," Mark said as he snapped a picture. "Hey don't get my face in that picture," I heard Gene say from behind me. "Don't worry," Mark said as he snapped another picture. "This will just be used in case our little girlfriend, Jenny, here decides she doesn't want to party with us anymore. Tim came around to the front and started wiping the makeup from my face so that my face would show up more clearly in the photos.

END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life.