Exclusive jynx maze shakes her booty during soft sex

Exclusive jynx maze shakes her booty during soft sex
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This story starts in early spring, it has started to warm up and the clothes are changing and I love it, Less clothing more flesh.

I am heading upstairs to make sure my daughter is about ready for school, she is about to graduate High School and a couple Colleges have showed interest in her. As I head up the stairs I think how much she reminds me of her Mother.

She has the same long legs, the 36d breast, the small waist. She has her own deep dark red hair and dark green eyes.

Her lips are perfect and I am sure she drives the boys crazy in school just walking down the hall. I get to her door to find it ajar and she is standing by the bed and drops the towel she had wrapped around herself. She turned around and I got a look at her beautiful breast, firm and standing straight out from her chest her aerolas are about the size of a half dollar and a dark brown.

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Her nipples are pink and about a ½ inch around and ¾ of an inch thick. Moving on down I have a look at her freshly shaven pussy, her lips are a little puffy and you can see the pink inside so she was either masturbating or thinking of her latest boyfriend, they seem to change like my underwear. She moves over and steps into a small pair of bikini panties, actually a spicy teen cannot wait to ride enormous love stick monstercock and interracial then a rather reveling bra and then a nice silk blouse and a very short skirt.

I move back from the door and started speak loudly to her. I stopped and looked down at my hard cock pushing against my jeans. What am I doing I thought getting a hard on looking at my daughter! "Honey is daddy's little girl about ready for school?" "Yes daddy will be right there." I went down and got ready to go as she bounced down the stairs smiling, "ready daddy", she said with a big grin. "Don't want to be late", she said as she headed for the door.

We got in the car and I backed out of the garage and headed out as I turned the corner. She looks at me with a smile and asks " did you enjoy the show this morning daddy?" I was silent for a minute did not know what to say then finally I responded, " I am sorry honey I did not mean to peep in on you I was just surprised by you.

You are a very beautiful young lady." "Don't be sorry daddy I found it to be a turn on. To have an older man lust over me and that said older man to be my dad. I know you are lonely and that you miss mom, I feel your pain dad, after the cancer took mom knowing how much you loved her." "You are a very beautiful young lady baby and you remind me of your mother so much".

Reaching over she put her hand on my right leg and her fingers brushed against my cock causing it to spring up again. "Daddy I know I could never replace mom however I desire to help you please let me daddy please". She smiles and has, it seems, a lustful look as we pull up to the school.

"Can we talk more this afternoon daddy? I love you so very much and I desire to comfort you and see you happy and cheerful again." Then she leaned over kissed me and squeezed my leg causing my cock to spring up again.

"Yes baby we will talk more when I get home from work." I spent the rest of the day at work thinking about her standing in her bedroom naked, remembering how beautiful she is and actually lusting and wanting her. Desiring to feel her against me as I slip my cock deep into her and fuck her like I did her mom. Then I would start to feel guilt because that is my daughter I am wanting am I sick or just plain horny? I have not had sex in almost a year, not sense Sara passed from the cancer.

That has to be what it is I need to fuck I need to find a woman and get rid of this desire. So I decided that this weekend I would go out and find a woman, even if I had to pay for it. Finally the day is over and I head home having set my mind that tonight I would go out and find a woman. I pull into the driveway and get out of the car and rush into the house.

As I enter I smell the aroma of my favorite meal Sara used to make me, her meatloaf was the best in the world. Stepping into the kitchen I find Kali cooking, she turns to me with a big smile runs over to me throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me.

However it was not on the cheek it was right square on the lips, and I could swear she pressed herself against me as she did so. "Welcome home daddy I hope you day was a good one, I thought I would making supper for you and spend the night home with you. Horny black girl envy star gets drilled that OK with you?" I just stood there looking at her basically in shock, "yes baby that is fine." "You don't have a date tonight honey?" "I did however I canceled it to stay home and be with you, if that is OK." What has come over my little girl she turned down a date to stay home with me.

Is she feeling what I am feeling as well, is she desiring me as I have been her, is she feeling sorry for me. all these thoughts running through my head as I stand and look at her. "Why don't you go change into something comfortable daddy and I will get supper on the table."