Hot and tocher xxxx sex stories uc b

Hot and tocher xxxx sex stories uc b
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A big rush of excitement came over me when I woke up the next morning as I thought about what had happened last night. My beautiful aunt Chloe, who I had been lusting over for years, came to visit and the sexual tension between us finally broke. Tanner mayes is the cutest little cock slut had been turning each other on all night and after a series of seemingly innocent 'massages' and 'quick peeks' at her naked bum, we finally got serious.

She was laying on my lap, naked from the bottom down and she had instructed me to jerk off on her nude butt. I had already cum in my jeans earlier, (unknown to her at the time)!

It was the most amazing feeling to finally break the tension and explore her naked body, I just couldn't wait for more. Just thinking about it all made my cock start to get hard but I got dressed and went downstairs to start the day, knowing last night was just the beginning of the fun I would be having with my aunt Chloe. "Mornin' sweetie!", she said as I came into the kitchen. "Morning!" I said cheerfully but reserved as my parents were in the room.

Aunt Chloe was in a tight, pink bathrobe and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra because of the way her boobs were jiggling. She turned to put some food on my plate as I sat down and of course her robe wasn't tied too tightly in the front, letting the top of her cleavage show. I just smiled and tried to take my mind off of her tits (getting hard at the breakfast table would have been embarrassing), and thankfully my mom started talking which got my mind off Chloe's breasts.

"Your father and I are heading out for the day, we have some errands to do and that party is tonight, so we actually won't be back until late, do you think you two will be OK here for the day?," she asked Chloe and I.

"Of course!," Chloe said brightly, "We got off to a great start last night, watching a nice movie and all!," she said while smiling in my direction, as my heart skipped a beat just hearing her mention last night. "Yeah, we should be fine", I said, trying to hide my excitement as this was almost too much to believe.

Gorgeous aunt Chloe was in town, we realized our sexual interest in each other last night, she asked me to jerk off mom and son accident pron sex fairy taless her butt and now we had the day and night to ourselves! Breakfast went by slowly but smoothly and my parents weren't leaving for a bit so after breakfast I just watched TV and Chloe worked on her computer. Then it happened, my parents got their stuff together, said goodbye to us and left, or as me and Chloe were probably thinking, finally got the hell out!

Aunt Chloe turned to me with a devilish grin on her face and said, "Darlin', I'm going to head upstairs, come up in a minute and join me?" "I'd love to!" I said excitedly, my cock starting to go back to the seemingly perpetual state of hardness it had been in since aunt Chloe came to visit.

"Okay, just knock when you come up.", she said as she went up the stairs. I said that I would, figuring she was getting dressed and freshened up a bit, and waited for a minute before walking up to the guest room.

I knocked lightly, asking if she was ready yet. "Hey babe, come on in," she said sweetly. I walked in and she was sitting up on the bed against the pillows, her pink robe still on, but down a bit further showing more of her full, 38C breasts. "Come over and cuddle darlin', we can figure out what we're going to do today!", she said, the both of us knowing full well what was going to happen.

I came over and cuddled up next to her, offering nervously, "Well, aunt Chloe, what do you want to do.?" "Well sweetie, I've been thinkin' about that cock of yours, I got a good view last night and a nice demonstration when you jerked off on my bum, but I'd like to see a bit more." she said, rubbing my leg slowly. "Think you could let your aunt see it?", she said. "Yes, anything you want." I said, quickly taking my jeans off and letting my hard cock stick up proudly. Aunt Chloe reached down, grasping it with her soft hands and I felt like I could cum right there.

She slowly moved her hand up and down the length of my cock, feeling all seven inches of it as it pulsed in her hand. As her soft hand rubbed my cock her index finger lightly bumped against the head of my cock, making me even more aroused. I began breathing more shallow and became mesmerized by her hand as I watched her work wonders on my cock.

She quickly got my attention though as she began pulling the top of her robe down with her right hand. I was going to see all of aunt Chloe's large, beautiful breasts for the first time! The same breasts I had been lusting over for years, trying to catch a glimpse of every time she visited.

Her robe fell away and her 38C breasts spilled out, her dark red nipples sticking out proudly from her large areolas. My cock nearly jumped out of Chloe's hand when I saw her boobs but she just smiled and kept jerking me off, the precum now spilling out of my cock.

"Darlin', have you ever had your cock sucked on before?" she asked. "Uh, yes, but she wasn't very good." I said. "Well, let's see how good I can do it.", she said quietly. I just gasped in anticipation as she sat up and swung herself around so she could face me, her boobs swinging as she moved.

She tied her hair up in a ponytail and took off her robe, only leaving on her tight, pearl colored panties that barely held in her gorgeous ass. My cock stuck up like a flagpole and was dripping with precum as I waited patiently for her to start. She leaned over, her tits resting on my thighs, and put her soft lips on my cock.

I was in ecstasy, waves of pleasure began rippling through my body, just from her touch. She began lightly sucking, taking in a little bit more each time she came down on me. Her soft lips and tongue had a firm, wet grip on my cock. She began lightly touching my balls and slowly masturbating the base of my cock as she sucked, the feeling of her older but very soft hands was amazing.

I reached down and began touching her left breast, lightly grabbing her supple 38C's as she bobbed up and down on my redhead babe get live cam creampie chattercams net. By now her sucking had increased and she was taking a lot of my cock deep into her mouth and down her throat.

When she came up, her tongue would swirl around the head and she would occasionally look up at me, her eyes twinkling sweetly. My balls were beginning to hot fuck specific for playgirl with melons naturaltits and hardcore as my breathing became more shallow and I neared orgasm. "Mmmm, come on sweetie, auntie Chloe is gonna take all that cum!" she said as she jerked my cock before popping it back in her mouth to finish me off.

My balls tightened and she lightly squeezed them as her tongue flicked the underside of my cock. "Ahh, shit, I'm cumming!" I panted as ropes of cum started shooting out of my cock into her mouth. She milked the cum from my balls as she looked up at me with an innocent look in her eye before popping my wet cock out of her mouth.

I could see a big pool of cum, some dripping out of her mouth, as she smiled and swallowed it all. "Mmmm, baby, how do you still have that much left?!" she said, beaming up at me.

"When I'm that turned on, I guess I just find it! That was amazing.", I said as I rubbed her breast and ran my thumb over her hard nipple. "Well, maybe you can return the favor." she said sweetly. She moved up the bed and lay next to me.

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I could see a wet spot on the front of her panties and a few slight wisps of her blonde bush sticking out the sides. She moved close to me and smiled before gently nudging my mouth down to her left nipple which I promptly began sucking on.

She moved her left thigh in between my legs and gently pressed it against my groin, letting my balls and still hard cock rest on her smooth leg. I just dutifully sucked on her sweet nipple, as I put my right hand behind her and slid it down the back of her panties and gently grabbed her right butt cheek. We seemed to read each others minds as Aunt Chloe took my left hand in hers and gently slid it down the front of her panties.

I could feel the soft mound of blond pubic hair before I reached her plump vulva which was slippery with her juices. I was tingling with excitement but I still didn't take her nipple out of my mouth as I began caressing the front of her soft vulva. She gently squirmed with a light feeling of excitement and I could feel her leg brush up against my balls and cock more. She led me to her clit which was just slightly sticking out of it's hood so I brushed it slightly, causing her to squirm more.

I became more bold and slid one finger into her butt crack with my right hand from behind her and one finger into her soft, tight pussy folds, entering her warm pussy. "Mmm, babe, that feels so good." she panted. I just wanted to feel everything and do everything all at once but I wanted to get her off right so I got to work on pleasing her.

I took my mouth off her nipple so I could focus on her pussy and her bum and this way I could look at her face as I fingered her. My right hand was squeezing her ass, my index finger stopping at her asshole so I could finger her there and my left hand pressed against her pussy as my index finger slid in and out of her warm pussy. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight up, her leg still resting against my balls as our eyes locked and I just smiled. I slid my middle finger classy emma has her pretty face jizzed her pussy as well and began pressing against her clit with my palm, feeling her soft bush and the soft skin above her pussy with my hand.

She was breathing more shallow now so I decided to step it up. I took my hand away from her bum and the other one out of her pussy and she slid her panties off, sensing what I wanted to do and then got on her knees on the bed.

I could see her plump pussy surrounded by her thick blonde bush which was wet with her sunny leone xxx mp4 download. I took hold of her hips and gently turned her around so her bum was in my face and she bent over, showing me her tight asshole and the back view of her thick pussy lips through her bush.

I leaned over and kissed each one of her butt cheeks before alternating between licking in between the folds of her pussy and licking her tight butthole.

I licked as deep as I could into her pussy and I went faster as she started to moan. "Ahhh, babe, that's it." she panted as I placed my left hand between her legs and rubbed her clit with my fingers. I was using my right to hold onto her butt which was now bucking slightly and rubbed her hard clit in a circular motion.

"Ah, yes, make your aunt cum, babe!" she said excitedly, reaching around with her left hand and pressing my face against her pussy. I knew she must have been close so I furiously rubbed her clit and licked her pussy as fast as I could and within a few seconds her back arched and she started bucking her ass and pussy into my face as she came.

"Y-yesss!" she squealed as her big ass smacked my face, my tongue still buried in her pussy as I licked her soaking wet pussy. She gasped and took hold of the sheets on the bed to stay upright as the orgasm finished. I took my mouth off of her and smiled as she turned to look at me. "Wow, that orgasm almost knocked me over!" she exclaimed, laughing.

"I'm glad you liked it, I hope I did everything right." I said, still nervous that I hadn't done a good job. "Sweetie, it was perfect" she said, beaming at me. She laid back on the pillows and I laid next to her with my arm around her. "Aunt Chloe, this has been an amazing day", I said quietly.

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"It really has been.but it doesn't have to be over, you know." she said with a mischievous smile on her face. I smiled as my heart started racing again thinking about what we could do next.

Part three is actually coming soon, (for real this time)! Hope you enjoyed part two! :)