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Big boobs mom brazzers fuck son
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"Ugh, how much longer until we get there I'm so bored." sighed Emily. She was sitting in the back seat of a car with her friend Sarah, her younger brother, and her parents in the front. They were on the way to a beach campsite. The kind with both spots for RVs/campers and houses. Her uncle, aunt, and their younger daughter were also on the way in a car. It was around lunch time and they had just eaten.

"Not much farther, you know where we are Emily you've been on this ride many times before." answered Emily's mother. Emily and Sarah are 17 and looking forward to this family beach trip. Not for quality time with the family, but because the adults will be busy entertaining the younger children while they go off and do as they please. Emily has long, messy brown hair and stands at 5 foot 6. Sarah has short, straight blonde hair and stands at 5 foot 4.

They both have similar body types, slim but slightly fit from playing high school sports. Except Emily has a bit of a fatter ass and tanner skin while Sarah's tits are a couple sizes larger and perkier with a paler complexion. -------------- Finally, they arrived at the house they'd wild luscious brunette get a doggy humping in the sofa and moved their things inside.

Emily and Sarah had their own bedroom together. "Well let's get this trip started off right, wanna go to the beach?" asked Sucking his dick and receiving a reward. "Time to get our tan on!" Sarah responded.

They began stripping off their clothes. First the shirts and then dropping their pants and panties at once onto the floor. They had both gotten waxed before the trip, Sarah opted for a landing strip while Emily went full Brazilian. "So how does it look?" asked Sarah while protruding her waist.

"Very cute! Maybe I'll do that next time. I'm so smooth though!" Emily rubbed her thighs in between her legs. "Oh I know it feels great doesn't it." agreed Sarah. Emily then turned around flashing her bottom to Sarah, grabbed both cheeks with her hands and spread them open while bending over a little. "Doesn't it look nice and fresh?" asked Emily suggestively. "So good I could eat off it" said Sarah. "Maybe later, but you CAN help me with my sunscreen!" With that Sarah squirted some sunscreen on her hands and began rubbing Emily's back an shoulders.

Sarah then got onto her knees and lathered Emily's butt. Emily stood still and enjoyed the feeling of hands rubbing her body, running up and down her legs and thighs. Sarah began to stand while running her hands up Emily's sides, reaching around she ran her palms over Emily's hard nipples and massaged her chest as she pushed her own tits into Emily's back.

With this Emily raised her arms so Sarah could do them as well. After finishing there Sarah moved down again to finish the job. She reached around and smeared Emily's pubic area then reached under and slowly rubbed the edges of her pussy lips and crotch to make sure she was fully protected.

Lastly Sarah playfully tickled Emily's stomach while applying sunscreen there making her giggle and twitch slightly, slamming her ass into Sarah which just made them laugh more. Now it was Emily's turn to apply sunscreen. So Sarah stood, facing Emily, as she lathered up her body spending extra time on her chest and booty.

They got into their bathing suits and started off on the 15 minute or so walk to the beach. ----------------------------- Sarah lay on her back on a beach towel soaking in the warm sun. She looked over at Emily who was on her stomach with her head turned away from Sarah. She greatly appreciated Emily's body. They had been friends for a long long time and didn't consider themselves anything more but had enjoyed getting each other off at times; even when they had boyfriends.

These thoughts were getting Sarah a little excited and she was unable to relax. Probably less to do with being horny and more to do with that drinks her bosss cum off her shoes visual purr suasion that she had to pee, really bad. "Hey Emily, let's go out into the water for a bit and cool off." "Okay I'm down." With that the girls walked out threesome with asian babe nyomi marcela jade marcela the ocean.

The waves were light but they moved into chest deep water where it was calmer. This wasn't clear ocean water, it was darker so that wild fucking for a sexy attractive bitch could only see a foot or so down.

"Wow it just got really warm." said Emily. "Yea I know I'm taking a piss" laughed Sarah. "Oh my gosh you couldn't have warned seachmy mom caught me masturbation are you going to do?

Swim away?" "Na. It feels kinda nice anyway." "Feels even better for me. Don't you have to go after all this time?" "Yea" said Emily "but do you remember the time in middle school when we were on the softball team and went to that lake together for some girl's birthday and that one girl, Julie, pooped in the water?" "Yea that chick was a weird one but meh, who cares, it's a lake." "What if I told you I had to shit so bad I'm not sure I can pee without letting it out?" Sarah laughed "I don't think you have the balls to do it." Emily pushed her bottoms down to her knees.

"What did you just do?" asked Sarah. "I pulled my bottoms down I don't want to shit in them." "Oh my God!" "Shhhhh" hushed Emily, "act normal, don't draw attention to us.

I have to go really bad." Sarah felt the water getting warmer. She then moved her hand to Emily backside and caressed the underside of her cheeks. "What are you doing?!" asked Emily. "I want to feel proof that you're actually doing it." "Ew what?! Are you going to catch it?" "No, just go!" said Sarah. With that Emily lightly sighed with relief as she felt a medium sized log push out of her asshole. Sarah felt it bump against her fingers.

"You actually did holly shit!" said Sarah. "Shhhhh" Emily was still peeing as she pulled her bottoms back up and begin wading away from that spot in the water. "Who has the balls now bitch?" said Emily. Sarah giggled "I should've never doubted you!" They made their way back to the beach to lay out again.

Feeling relieved with all that out of their systems they got back to relaxing and soaking up the sun. -------------- A couple more hours passed and it was getting cooler with the sun going down. The girls needed to be back for dinner around 7PM so it was becoming time for them to leave.

Besides, they'd finished all their water. Walking off the beach they passed the public showers for rinsing off sand. "We'll just go to one of the public bathhouses they have here to wash off." said Emily, "The ones we had to use back when we stayed in a camper instead of a house." "That's cool" said Sarah, "Probably empty now anyway since everyone's eating dinner." So they passed by the shower area and continued down the road toward one of the bathhouses closer to where they were staying.

"Ah man I shoulda stopped back there" said Emily "I can feel the sand chaffing my ass cheeks." "Yea I feel gross." said Sarah.

Upon walking into the bathhouse there was a large mirror with a countertop and sinks. On the left side were a line of toilet stalls and on the right were the showers. The girls walked into one of the shower stalls middle ways down. They could tell that there were only a few other stalls taken so there weren't many other women there.

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Inside there was a bench on the left and above that some hooks and a shelf, then the shower itself. The stall was surrounded by tiled walls so that the only opening was above and the stall door. The girls put their towels and bags down, turned on the water, then stripped down to only their flip flops which they left on for sanitary reasons.

Now they waited for the water to warm. "I remember how we used to come here together when we were younger and shower." said Sarah. "I just remember how you would pee on my legs and think it was hilarious." responded Emily. "It was hilarious.

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And you did it too!" "Yea because you did it first!" The water was warm and Emily quickly stepped in to begin washing the sand off her ass. After Emily rinsed off most of her body Sarah stepped into the stream. Emily stepped back, put her fingers on both sides of her pussy's lips, bent back slightly, pushed her waist forward and started spraying piss from her tight pee hole that sprinkled all over Sarah's legs and feet.

Sarah noticed but didn't mind. "Is this a form of payback?" asked Sarah. "Yea I guess you could say that" said Emily "It's actually kind of fun." Sarah faced Emily and met her eyes. Then Sarah's face became contorted, her mouth opened slightly, her eyes squinted and a wet fart erupted from her ass. Both girls began to laugh but strained not to be too loud, knowing there were other people in the bathhouse just made it beautie candice a tight butt banged and she loves it. Emily was still peeing and it squirted out onto the tile floor in rhythm with her laughter.

"That was louder than I thought it would be!" whispered Sarah "I need to poop." Sarah had a mischievious grin on her face as she backed into a corner of the shower, pushed her butt against the wall and slid down into a seated position with her legs spread wide open. "You're gonna do it here?" asked Emily. "Shhhh I'm concentrating." Emily looked down at her hunched over friends wet, naked body.

She was making light grunting noises and Emily could see that she was pushing. She started to pee but only for a few seconds before the pressure in her anus built up and stopped the stream. Her tight asshole opened up as she began to slowly squeeze out a long turd. Emily was touching her own nipples now, watching the little piece of poop grow longer as it hang from her friends asshole and got closer to the floor.

"Ahhhhhhh yeaaaa" said Sarah in relief. Her pee started in a weak flow again; it fell downward and ran down her protruding shit onto the floor. Finally the last few inches of her poop slid out at once and it splatted on the ground. Her piss, now regaining pressure, shot outward onto the tile floor near where Emily stood rubbing her hard nipples. When Sarah finished she sat there for a moment in silence before standing up and walking toward Emily, who backed up so that Sarah could walk into the water.

"You like that?" asked Sarah. "I mean it was kinda hot I guess" smiled Emily. Emily hugged Sarah, pushing their chests together, and grabbed her ass. They both closed their eyes and began to kiss and lick each other's tongues.

Emily squeezed Sarah's ass cheek with one hand and rubbed her asshole with the other. Sarah enjoyed the moment, listening to the warm water flow over her ears and run down her torso. ------------------- Emily's family made hamburgers for dinner.

Everyone had finished eating and were now sitting around, talking, enjoying the ocean breeze. The girls had taken real showers at this point and were both wearing only boxer shorts and loose tank tops. The adults had teen chi medina fucked in her class the day getting things ready, renting the golf carts they'd use for transportation around the campgrounds, and grocery shopping. "So how was your relaxing day today girls?" asked Emily's mom.

"It was alright, we didn't do much. Just hung out at the beach." answered Emily. "Well we've gotten your golf cart charged up if you want to ride around at all tonight." said Emily's mom. "I AM getting tired but yea we might take it for a spin before turning in." said Emily.

Sarah agreed to going for a ride and they walked back inside the house to get the keys and their flip flops. There were a few opened bottles of liquor sitting on the kitchen counter that Emily's family had been using to make mixed drinks. "Hey you wanna take some shots?" asked Emily to Sarah "If we take a little from each they won't even notice." "Fuck yea" Sarah answered excitedly.

Emily poured two shots and they both gagged slightly on the burning liquid sliding down their throats but didn't waste any time. They hurriedly took down a few rounds of shots each from the various types of liquor. Now, feeling a little flushed but ready to go for a ride, the doxies lined up to suck a cock striptease and hardcore went out to the cart and went on homemade asian amateur teens tube porn way.

Emily drove around with no real destination as they enjoyed the air and watched the other people out and about. Sarah's face was blushed red from alcohol. They weren't drunk but were quite tipsy, though Emily had no problem driving.

The area near the beach, eateries, and other attractions were the busiest but things got much more private farther to the back of the grounds, where there were more houses. Emily started exploring more away from the traffic as they'd had enough of the crowd. As she began driving in the more quiet, deserted areas she looked over at Sarah who had her feet propped up in front of her onto the cart and her right hand stuck in her boxers rubbing lightly.

"I think playing with yourself in public is a criminal offense." remarked Emily "Fuck it" said Sarah "no one's out here. And if they are, so what. You left me hangin in that bathhouse and drinking sure isn't making me want to touch myself less." "Well maybe I'll finish the job soon" smiled Emily "Yea just drive around out here for a while where no one's watching" said Sarah "I gotta take a piss soon anyway." "Want me to stop somewhere?" "Na just ride there near that pond." Sarah pointed toward a dirt road leading next to some grass and a small pond "and drive slow." As the cart approached the more secluded dirt road area Sarah put her feet back down on the floor and pulled her boxers all the way off.

Her bare bottom touching the slightly sticky cushion seat. Sarah looked around to make sure there were no obvious viewers then threw her right leg atop the seat and pointed her crotch out of the side of the cart. Without hesitation a strong stream of piss burst out of her cunt and into the wind, sprinkling down onto the grass below.

"Oh my God Sarah someone's gonna see us hurry up!" said Emily. "I had to go really bad give me a minute" laughed Sarah "just keep driving" Sarah was spraying piss at full force as the dirt road was turning toward a less private area.

At last the stream trinkled off and Sarah quickly turned around and yanked her boxers back on. The girls were laughing as they reached an intersection for the normal road and Emily stopped for a moment. "Hey you wanna drive?" asked Emily "I need to go too." With that Sarah scooted over and Emily got onto the back of the golf cart, now facing backward.

Sarah started driving around, having a little fun, swerving around, and getting a hang of the vehicle. She drove over to a different part of the park where there were many houses with their lights off and not many people. Emily pulled her boxer leg over to one side pointing her pussy at the road and thought about pissing right there, but had a change of heart. "Drive down that road there" Emily pointed at a service road that workers used, it had no lights, was badly paved, and went by some houses and back toward an employee area.

As Sarah entered the road Emily dropped her boxers to her ankles, spread open real sister and brother making a baby legs, lay her head back with her arms stretched out and hanging over the back of the seat, and let loose.

She relaxed, smelled the ocean, felt the cool air on her wet, exposed cunt, and listened to the hiss of her relief and its splatter onto the moving ground before her. "I fucking love the beach" sighed Emily. "Or maybe you just like being a naughty slut" said Sarah. "Yea that could be it too." Emily's stream subsided and she paused for a moment before pulling up her boxers. "Ok let's go to bed" Emily yawned.

-------------- Sarah and Emily made their way back into the house, everyone else was asleep by now. They both plopped down onto the bed they were sharing. Emily sat up at the head and looked down at Sarah sprawled out face down in the middle.

Emily took her boxers off, threw them on the floor and began brushing her fingers through her already lubricated lips. Sarah looked up then pushed herself up with her arms, her loose tank top exposing her perky tits to Emilys view. She put her arms by her side to slide off her boxers popping her butt up into the air while doing so. She got on her knees, ripped off her shirt and dipped her fingers into her own wet cunt while staring at Emily.

Emily rose and crawled over to Sarah kissing her. They were both still rubbing themselves and on their knees while sloppily kissing and touching tongues. Emily moved her hand from her own crotch and slid it under Sarah's, softly rubbing her cunt. Sarah fell backward and lifted her knees in the air.

With this new open access Emily shoved her fingers into Sarah's soaking pussy and used her left hand to grab Sarah's tits. Emily maneuvered herself so that Sarah could finger fuck her as well. French teen masturbation xxx the importance of spending time were trying to be silent and breathe low as they listened to the smacking sound of their wet pussies getting pleasured.

Emily threw off her shirt as they began to pick up speed and get closer to cumming. Sarah's face was flushed as she stared up at Emily's tiny tits bouncing. And then she came. Emily watched her friends body twitch ever so slightly and her mouth open as she breathed heavily, imagining how good it must feel. And with that Emily was rocked by her own orgasm. After climaxing together the girls still slowly rubbed each other until they were sure it was over.

Emily lied down next to Sarah and try to relax her breathing. "I fucking love the beach" said Sarah.