Black teen beauty gets pounded on camera

Black teen beauty gets pounded on camera
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"A PRESENT FOR MOMMA" CHAPTER TWO: People at the home health office began to notice the same kind of changes going on with Momma that I first noticed when she told me about Johnny. Even though she was always fun to be around, they knew the torment that my father had put her through.

They knew the divorce was imminent, (all of them hoping she would rape and pillage the miserable prick, but the only thing she wanted was the house, that's it, Daddy could stick the rest in his ass) but this new serene look about her spoke of absolute peace and contentment. It appeared that she was walking on air.

Believe me, wacky lesbian dolls are gaping and fist fucking anals pick right up on this. All the ladies looked at her and asked, "Are you seeing someone"? It was ironic because so many people within the medical center and home health knew Momma and because of Johnny's many surgical procedures and numerous extended stays, they knew him as well, many knew both.

Doctors and Nurses, even the security and support staff. And all of them, only had the highest respect for Momma and Johnny. They all admired them. As well they should. The exact opposite opinion was held for Daddy dearest, the entire staff treated him with disdain. Finally, Momma told them all who it was and the scene became like a dorm room full of giggling schoolgirls.

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When they heard it was Johnny they all just swooned crying, "Noooooooooo!!, they'd squeal, not our Johnny, you wicked, wicked, evil woman". Then they wanted to know everything, including "What's he like in bed"? Momma said with a very sly grin, "You know I don't kiss and tell, but don't even think about getting near my man", ending with a dramatically wagging finger, the other hand placed on her hip and a hardy laugh of a woman in full bloom.

Everyone thought it was a wonderful pairing, I couldn't agree more. It was also a great feeling for Momma, because when people who didn't know them and upon seeing them together, their first thought was, "This beautiful cougar is robbing the cradle with this guy". I witnessed women watching them just because of the way Momma and Johnny looked at each other.

They saw exactly what I saw and wanted it for themselves, who wouldn't?. They never suspected that Johnny was just slightly younger than Momma and she too, is a beauty who appears much younger that anyone suspects. It was great for a girl's self esteem. Younger women wondered, just what is this lady doing to get such a gorgeous guy? Don't kid yourself, women can be predatory. They all had envy written on their faces. Once they closed their jaws anyway. I can understand just how envious they feel.

I couldn't help longing for such an experience myself. Especially, being as close to it as I was. I was at ground zero everyday. Johnny had an amazing affect on people, male and female.

Because he had such an easy going manner and an innate quality to connect with anyone, guys liked him as a man and women adored him. It was do to the fact Johnny once told me, that for people to interact with someone in a wheel chair, you have to be the first one to move.

Even if it is only to make small talk. Otherwise, they don't know how to approach you. It hardcore sex to crack airi miyazakis tight pussy them to feel comfortable around you and puts them at ease enough to interact with you.

It may not be right, but it is the only way. People just liked being around him and Johnny was comfortable in his own skin. Proof that nice guys do finish first! However if you cross him, hurt him or hurt someone he loves, give your heart and soul to Jesus, but young babe and young boy ass is going to be Johnny's.

He's incredibly strong and I've seen this man scare the hell out of people when he goes off! I also noticed that women of all ages, creeds, colors and backgrounds absolutely fawning all over themselves with this man.

They adored him because they sensed correctly, that Johnny loved women. He truly thinks they're great and enjoys their company. Johnny could take a little old lady by her hand and make her blush like a schoolgirl, loving every moment of his attention.

By his own admission, Johnny was a harmless, but shameless flirt. He just had an incredible aurora that surrounded him. It made them want to gravitate towards him. To be near him. Total strangers. But he is not a man hampered with an over stimulated ego that requires constant feeding, Johnny was a very humble man. Life had made him that way, but the lessons were not lost upon him. A wise man once said, "Every good man I know, has been through something".

Johnny had in spades. The most important lesson I took away from observing them in life, was that the basis for their relationship, like the bedrock for a bridge, was based entirely on a deep love, trust and respect for each other.

The passion, lust and freedom they felt with each other are just wonderful byproducts of this foundation. It only made everything they felt much more intense and fulfilling, Momma and Johnny had earned it.

This is what love is about, no? What else has meaning without it? Nothing. Like so many nights before, I took my usual place in the darkened hallway outside Momma and Johnny's room, secretly taking great pleasure in watching them make love to one an other.

Drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I now bring my own jelly cock to assist me (my vibrator would make far too much noise, dammit), but I still struggle not to scream out loud.

I'm now wearing Momma's black satin teddy, fishnet stockings with matching high heels, pretending that it's me Johnny is showering with affection, to try to imagine what it must truly feel like.

God help me, I want to be her! Their love making had so many levels of complexity and nuance, it was like watching two beautiful artists practicing their craft. Not only refining the basic scope of their dance, they kept adding new things to their pallet of color as it presented itself. When they touched each other, it was as though they were brush strokes on a living canvas with a master's control.

The candle light only made them appear in a soft, surreal golden hue, they looked like a beautiful painting. Art, depicting, not imitating life. I have continued to struggle with my desperate desire to crawl to them on my hands and knees and begging and pleading with them to allow me to share their bed. To include me in their love making, to tell them they can do whatever they want with me.

Knowing full well that at some point, that this is exactly what is going to happen. Sooner or later. I knew this, I believed this, but still lacked the audacity and courage to act.

Momma is laying beside her beautiful lover clad only in red lace trimmed thigh stockings, her shapely slender body on full display. She was gently kissing Johnny's lips, touching his face and stroking his long silver streaked blonde hair with such loving tenderness. The love in her eyes for this man and the way he returned her love in kind, often brought me close to tears.

It was that moving to watch them. That's when I realized what Momma meant by his being the love of her life. This was how it was supposed to be between a man and a woman, but so many times had I been disappointed with men in general, certainly by my own father.

Johnny reminded me that there are such men in the world, though be it very rare. Momma had really hit the jackpot. Johnny said while gently caressing Momma's gorgeous face, "How would you like a full body massage tonight my dear child, nudge, nudge, wink, wink"?

A giggle, then a mischievous grin appeared oh her face and she responded, "Oh you dear boy, you seek to take advantage of me, come to Momma you sweet young thing. Come to me and do what you will", ending with a dramatic sweep of her arm and hand. Gleefully, Johnny said "Little girl, by the time I'm done with you'll be begging me end your torment, hee, hee". At that moment they did indeed look like a couple of kids who were having the time of their lives.

And they were. With their music playing softly in the background, Johnny produced a bottle of baby oil that he had taken the time to warm up. With Momma laying on her cute flat tummy and gorgeous ass pointing to the ceiling she cooed, "Punish me Daddy, I've been such a bad girl, I need it". Johnny, smiling at this announcement, was sitting at her feet, gently reaching up between her thighs with his sensuous touch and slowly rolled down her stockings while getting just close enough, to drive her pussy absolutely nuts.

Even from where I sat, I could see a shiver run right up her spine. Momma's beautiful lips part, a rush of desire and lust begin to consume her. Upon removing them, he gently began applying warm oil to her calves and feet.

Then slowly, he begins to rub each foot, working out a full days worth of pain, carefully kneading the ball of her foot, then moving to the arch and working with each toe with his gentle, but powerful hands.

"Oooohhhhhh Johnny, she purred, that feels sooooo good baby. Dear, dear boy". "Just for you my cogiendo en el bantildeo rocandshay and trasero girl", said Johnny in his silky low, smooth, incredibly sexy voice. With a big sweet smile appearing on her lovely face she said, "If your a good boy, Momma will give you a sweet treat darling". "Sold", said Johnny giggling again.

Momma is laughing too. After lovingly massaging her feet, he rubbed the warm oil deep into her thighs, quads and calves. Kneading, nibbling and kissing every inch of her beautifully tapered legs, stopping just short of Momma's inner thighs and her already very hot, extremely moist pussy. Johnny could feel the heat building from her steaming wet slit and barely touching, let his fingers outline the very outside edges of her pussy lips, making her whole body jerk and shudder hard.

A long low moan was coming from the depths of her soul, bursts from her throat and she begins to claw the headboard with her fingernails. Arching her lower back, her beautiful ass slowly gyrating, lifting upward, legs spreading automatically, unconsciously and desperately seeking more attention.

Johnny knew he had her motor was racing. He wasn't about to let her off that easy. He was going to take her around the world tonight, reaching such levels of ecstasy that most women can only dream of. And he was big booty black ghetto sluts drilled in threesome it for love.

It doesn't get better than that. Next, he shifted his attention to her lovely, shapely ass, rubbing oil into each firm globe, making sure not to give her steaming, glistening cunt the attention it was screaming madly for. Not yet, not yet. Squeezing each of them firmly, then spreading her czech model fucked hard at first casting cheeks, he then lowered his mouth to her and slowly licked Momma from her rosebud asshole, with his educated tongue swirling in and out rimming her, all way to the small of her back.

Johnny placed long wet kisses on her firm cheeks, biting lovingly all around them. Her lovely smile was now seemingly gone, her body quivering, shaking and shuddering, hands clawing at the mattress as her face now began drifting into wanton, tortured desire.

All the while, her voice making loud whimpering, and moaning noises. "Ohhhhhhhhh goooodd honey. Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, uuhh, uh, mmmmmmm", Momma groaned. "Ooohhhhh Johnny, oh baby, I do love you so. You can take me anytime, anywhere and anyway you want honey". Her breath rushing in and out of her lungs at a staggered pace, she barely could get the words out.

Her body and soul going in too many different directions at the same time, but all completely controlled by Johnny's experienced hands. "Sugar, I adore you", said Johnny. The beautiful smile returns to her lips, she was in heaven.

I'm sitting against the hallway wall, my legs spread as wide as I can spread them, hammering the big jelly dick hard into my cum soaked love hole, squeezing my breasts through the black satin material. I can still smell Momma's perfume on her teddy, even Johnny's cologne.

She's probably wondering what happened to it, but wearing it made me feel closer to both of them. It was a heady combination and I loved it. My mind is having difficulty separating the real world from my fantasy. It keeps crossing back and forth from the realm of imagination to the reality before me. I want Momma to kiss me deeply and stick her wet hot tongue in my ear, her hot breath filling it and telling me she loves me so.

Biting and sucking my neck. She's tugging madly at my inflamed nipples, alternating between that and squeezing my firm young tits. Rolling them between her gentle fingers, the bumps surrounding the base of my nipples are standing hard and angry.

My breasts are a just a little bigger than Momma's, but we still look almost identical. Gyrating my hips with my juices flowing everywhere, she runs her fingers all around the edges of my dripping cunt lips and ass. Momma then lifts them to her face and sticks her fingers in her mouth, lips and tongue devour the goo, hungrily tasting me, looking deeply into my eyes. My body shudders from one end to the other. "Momma, oh gooood Momma, fuck me any way you want, fuck me now, pleaasseeee, Momma", whimpering, and begging.

I'm covered in sweat and I don't know how long I can go on without surrendering to my desire to be their sex slave, their personal young, little baby bitch whore, a real live fuck toy, just for Johnny and Momma. To be one with them. It was pure torture, I was consumed by it, but I couldn't stop. It wasn't only lust, it was much deeper than that. I needed it just to live. "Mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh baby, baby, you sure know how to make a girl crazy, What your doing to me is soooo dam good, it's probably illegal honey", said Momma while Johnny continued meticulously massaging her back, neck and shoulders.

She feels her body shedding the days stress under his healing touch. Replaced by blissful desire, she glistens with oil. Momma was also aware of her sexual soul, something that she thought was lost many years before, awakening once again, with a vengeance since Johnny came into her life. It wasn't lost, it was just buried under years of neglect. In Johnny's arms, she had been reborn.

"I'm invoking my fifth amendment right not to answer the question darling, even though everybody knows I'm fucking guilty as charged, your honor", said Johnny. Momma, barely able son and mother forced incest maintain character without bursting into uncontrollable laughter said, "Well played dear boy, please do continue".

"Baby girl, why don't you turn over for me so I can make you a little crazier than you already are", cooed Johnny into her ear in his dreamy voice. "Your a very naughty boy, but I do love you so", purred Momma. After changing her position, Momma reached out, grabbing a full handful of Johnny's thick blonde mane and pulled him roughly to her waiting lips, her hot breath invading his mouth combined with a long moaning sigh, as her tongue sought it's mate.

She can taste the oil on his lips. Kissing him with the intensity and aggressiveness of a Lioness. Momma then lays onto her backI could see her beautiful slender figure, her olive colored skin still so soft and lovely, glowing of the candle light and gleaming with oil.

Johnny is pouring warm oil on Momma's firm, incredibly excited breasts. When it touches her skin, she cries out, "OOOoooooooooo!!!" through full luscious lips that quiver at such attention. Johnny begins to gently caress sensual gloria finger teasing her hungry cunt squeeze Momma's firm breasts, rolling the rock hard nipples between his fingers.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, uuuhhh, uhhh'aa goooooddd babyyy, God I love the way touch me", in a breathless lusting voice, her head rocking slowly side to side. He lovingly explores her flat tummy with long wet kisses, his hands deftly roaming over her thighs. Momma's hands are gently stroking his head and without warning, Johnny begins to suck hard on Momma's breasts and nipples, gently chewing the nipples into a maddening state of erection. "OOOOHHH, GGOOOOODDD", she cried!!!!!! Her back arches upward to meet him, wrapping her arms tightly around Johnny's neck.

Holding on for dear life, she strokes his head and face, her cries and moans sounding more animal than human in their nature as Johnny took her to a level of intimacy and pleasure she never even knew existed.

Johnny knows instinctively what to do, he sensed where Momma's level of excitement was. He's so connected to this woman at this moment, he knew it was time to release Momma from her torment. Looking into her eyes with a with a depth of soul I didn't think possible for any man, he positions then places himself between Momma's begging wet thighs and leans in close to blow a hot breath of a kiss onto her long suffering, screaming pussy.

Her body spasms uncontrollably in anticipation of his lips, hands gripping at the bedding, her desire in complete overdrive. Johnny slides his powerful hands under each cheek of Momma's firm ass, he lifts her to him and skillfully plants a sensuous kiss on the lips of her burning cunt, then that educated tongue slips from his open mouth to finally invade the one spot on her body that needed it most.

With her hands clutching huge handfuls of bedding and mattress, straining upward, she lets out a great shriek, "AAAAAHHHHH, GGGOOOOODDD, J-J-J-JOHHNN-YYYY"!!! It was a cry of complete release, to know she has the man of her dreams and this time, it's for real. This was the love she sought her whole life. Surely they must know I could hear them new amateur dildo ride xxx pretty tied up with my bedroom door closed.

Of course, if it was me, I'd be exactly the same way, I wouldn't care who heard me! I guess that's how Momma saw it too. No wonder we never heard anything from Momma and Daddy's room when they were together. "OOOOOOOHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDD, UHH, UHH, UH, UH, B, B, BAABYY"!!, screamed Momma while Johnny attacked her soaking hole, swirling his tongue in deep circular patterns, then locking his mouth over her gleaming, swollen pussy lips, sucking long and hard, slurping the hot juices pouring from her.

Gently he searches out her massively swollen clit, he surrounds it with his lips and sucks hard on her love bump.

Her hips, no, her entire body was no longer under her command, they gyrated madly to the beat of this magical dance. Suddenly she finds her voice once again, "I, I, I, I'MMMM C, C, CUUUUMMMM'NNNNN, UUUUHHHhhhaaaaaa, OHHhhhhhhh M, M, MYYY GOOOODDDD"!!!! Her thighs squeezing tightly around Johnny's head and her hips beating furiously against Johnny's incredible, magical mouth. Momma's semen was literally pouring around the edges of his mouth, her never dreaming she could produce so much with Johnny licking and sucking her clean once again.

Momma had gone her entire life without ever being loved this way, this was heaven. She had almost given up on the idea all together, thinking it didn't even exist before Johnny came into her life. She thought to herself, if nothing else, she getting to experience the kind of love affair that so many never do.

She considered herself an extremely lucky lady. If she thought he might let her have a rest now, she had a real surprise coming. Johnny had barely allowed her to catch her breath, he whispered, "Hold on to your knickers Doris, cause Kansas is going bye, bye", followed by a cute little wink and a mischievous grin, that of a little boy knowing he's about to do something naughty and letting you know in advance. Taking a liberal amount of the warm oil, he covered her pussy with a thick coat.

Ever so gently, Johnny carefully inserted four fingers into Momma's inflamed cunt. Her eyes at first, got real big for just a moment, yet knowing Johnny would never harm her, only protect her, she relaxes and then gives herself completely to him, her lover, her best friend, her soul mate.

Rhythmically, he moved his fingers carefully and skillfully, knowing just what to do. He then slid his thumb in to join his knuckles and fingers, rotating so gently, sensing the reaction from her body, patiently waiting and listening horny asian nurse mari yamada and two dicks tube porn the song Momma's body played just for him.

Her beautiful body of course, responded to his loving touch, trusting him to take her where ever he decided to go. Soon her pelvic muscles relaxed and allowed Johnny's whole hand to disappear inside her with a loud slurp. Her jaw opened wide, but nothing came out. She couldn't speak, even if only to scream, she couldn't even breath, the feeling was so overwhelming, she no longer owned her body.

It now and forever belonged completely to Johnny and she was to follow obediently and without question. She would have walked through the gates of Hell for this man. With great care, he began to probe and explore her, rhythmically moving his hand in and out, fingers gently going out on patrol missions, taking her to another universe, giving her another color to add to their already large pallet of lovemaking. All the while, Johnny looking deeply into her eyes. Soon he quickens the pace and in no time at all, Momma's is being hit with an orgasm the size of a small planet!

It was accompanied with numerous after shocks. No longer able to even form recognizable speech, crying out like an animal. I can't even put words to properly describe it. To me, it sounded like a female wolf calling from the wilderness, crying out for her mate. Sounding like it was coming from the subterranean depths of the very earth itself. Primal, naked passion with the freedom to finally express itself.

Her whole being is consumed by the fire. "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, GGOOOOOOOODDDDDD, FUUCK MEEEEE, J, HHHOOOONNNNYYYYYYY", she screamed. Her body was shaking wildly and bucking on the end of Johnny's fist.

Her eyes literally rolled straight back in her head. literally seeing stars, then spots, her orgasm seemed to go on forever, but after 15 very long minutes and multiple orgasms later, she then began to feel the storm slowly subside. She was spent.

If Johnny had been born a wolf, he would have been the leader of the pack. He could have any bitch he wanted. Any bitch whore would have gladly joined his harem, me included. He lets Momma recover enough for her to be able to breath normally again. He does not move however, he just looks to her as his chin gently rests on her tummy, smiling sweetly, she's looking deeply into his eyes with the face of an angel, gently stroking his cheek and dampened hair with her hands.

The lovely smile once again returning, the look of utter satisfaction. I saw a look of wonderment in her eyes. A look of pride. A look of bliss. A look of love. "Johnny, said Momma dreamily, you know there's no way I can let you go now, don't you darling"?

To which he replied, "Of course baby, do you see me looking for the door"? He then continued, "Elaine, darling, I'll be with you until you no longer want me, I love you honey, I love Kim too. I only want the two of you to be happy". "Oh Johnny, my dear Johnny, I love you more with each passing moment", said Momma with tears of joy welling up in her eyes, a beaming smile, she gently reaches out and pulls Johnny upward to lay beside her, his head lying on her breast, she lovingly strokes his face, with a look of love and happiness on her face that is impossible to truly describe with mere words.

You had to see it. It was magic. She bestows a long loving kiss to her man, her love. Johnny lovingly accepts this gift. I too, find that I was cumming hard right along with her. I find myself crying huge tears at the very same moment with her, to hear Johnny say to her that he loves me too. Those three little words, I'm in heaven, my body is now shaking uncontrollably, spasms of cum literally shooting out of me around the edges of that big jelly dick, my own hips bucking wildly.

Though I am painfully aware my release can't possibly match what's really happening to Momma. I wanted to scream out. I need more, much more, I needed them. I wanted them. I wanted them to want me, to take me please! God help me, if I don't do something soon I'll go ape shit crazy!

I felt like I was losing myself right along with them when I watched intently from my hiding place. Not much of a hiding place, it seemed to me that I kept taking more and more chances. I wanted to be discovered. I wanted them to catch me, then perhaps they would punish me together in their bed. Yes, punish me please!! Guy fingers teen and massage hidden my annoying stepbro been such a bad little girl slut.

Make me your little whore, pleeaasse! This thought alone was enough to give me another thundering orgasm! I feel the waves of pleasure rush over me like those of the ocean. I'm drowning, my cunt gushing like one too. The jelly cock is drenched with me and makes soft slurping sounds as it invaded my dripping cunt. I want my tits sucked on so bad I'm going crazy, furiously working over my nipples, but they seemed to only get harder and longer.

Yes, yes, God forgive me, I desperately wanted to be whatever kind of slut toy they wanted me to be, to do whatever they wanted, just for them. Fuck me hard like the little bitch dog I am! Fuck me, suck me any way you want, slap me, I don't mind a little pain. I just want to please you. I wanted to show Momma and Johnny how much I loved them both, not as a daughter, but as a lover. I wanted to belong to them. I wanted them to posses me. I no longer felt guilty about these feelings.

I still don't. I never milf lingerie brunette mature raw flick captures police fucking a deadbeat dad. I'm worn out. I slowly gather up my gear and stagger back to my room. I'm asleep practically before my head hits the pillow. Dreaming my favorite dream. At breakfast the next morning, Johnny is busy cooking for both Momma and I before we leave for work.

He had spent many years as a bachelor, but at an early age Johnny's mother had taught him to cook, clean and do laundry. She wanted her little boy to be self sufficient. Johnny was a terrific cook. As Momma prepares to leave the house, she give me a long sweet kiss on my cheek and say's "I love you baby", the kiss made me want to kiss her back hard on the lips, to grab a handful of her firm ass, but the time wasn't right. Soon Momma, soon, I thought to myself. Momma and Johnny give each other a lovely kiss and acknowledged their love of each other.

Momma looks positively radiant. "Dear, dear boy, I do love you so", said Momma. "I'll let you prove that to me tonight little girl" says Johnny with a big smile. Then she's on her way.

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Johnny and I waving goodbye. When it's time for me to leave for work, I run over to Johnny, I put my hands gently under his chin, tilting his face to me and give him a soft, short, but sweet kiss on his lips, letting my lips glide gently across his. I felt the electricity flowing through me from this man immediately, but was able to maintain my composure, barely. Being that this was the first time I showed him this much affection, he looks at me a bit surprised and quizzically.

Tilting his head slightly looking like a puppy, Johnny asks, "What was that for honey? Penny for your thoughts"? I think to myself how young he really looks, what a strikingly handsome man he is. "That was for loving my Momma like you do and for extending those feelings towards me.

You've been very kind and understanding to me Johnny. I'm sorry I didn't treat you better at first, you've never done anything unkind to me in any way. I gave him a big hug, wow, this man really is muscular, solid.

Gotta go Johnny, I love you, bye". I did indeed love this beautiful man, not realizing just how deeply this love would grow. "I love you too honey, have a good day", he says with a lovely smile forming on his lips. God, I wanted to drive my tongue into him right then and there, to rip my cloths off and attack him. But, I was already forming a plan in my mind to bridge my fantasy with the real world.

Oiled busty pickedup euro beauty rides cock poor man, now looking completely confused, he can only wave good bye.

Poor Johnny, he looks like someone just hit him across the forehead with a bat, clearly suffering a concussion, I giggle to myself. Just you wait young man, pretty soon your going to be very, very busy.

I feel myself gathering courage, I must act. I must act tonight. They don't know it yet, but I'm going to seduce both of them this very night! Dam, my panties are wet again!! I always keep extras with me now. It was a beautiful spring morning, sky so blue it could hurt one's eyes just look at it. I felt perhaps it was the first time I really looked at the universe that surrounds us.

I began to feel that sense of wonderment. I gave thanks for being alive. To be here in this moment in time. This day however, brought changes that none of us wanton darling needs a pecker hardcore and blowjob have possibly imagined.