Ten czech girls with a black man

Ten czech girls with a black man
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The following story is essentially true. The events happened pretty much as described, though I have embellished some of the details after all, this occurred when I was 6 years old, and I can't remember everything precisely as it happened.

Names have been changed where needed. My father was in the Navy, and this story takes place in on-base housing at a large naval training base. My mother had also previously been in the Navy, but had gotten out to get married and raise a family.

They had three boys; I was the oldest, with my next younger brother about three years younger than I was, and the youngest just over four years younger. My mother's best friend was Jane, another Navy wife who lived just around the corner from us. I don't recall ever seeing Jane's husband around, and I can only figure he was out to sea when this occurred. Jane had two daughters, Elizabeth, who was five and a playmate of mine, and another who was maybe a year old or so.

One night, I had inadvertently walked in on my mother as she was naked in the bathroom, denise and sunny have some bedroom fun masturbation pornstars gotten a good view of her breasts and pubic area. I noticed her pussy (though I didn't know it by that term then) was very hairy, and that there was no trace of a wiener.

When I asked my mother about it, she just brushed it off and covered her lower body with a towel, then went on as though nothing had happened. I was still very curious about it, though.

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There were quite a few other kids in the housing area close by, of all ages, so there was generally no shortage of playmates. One day, however, Elizabeth and I ended up alone, shortly after the episode with my mother, and while I was still wondering about the difference in equipment.

The housing we lived in was all two story duplexes, with basements and carports, and behind each unit there was a concrete stairwell going down to the basement. I invited Elizabeth down into the stairwell of our house, and she came along gladly. Once there, I asked if she had ever seen a boy naked, and she said no, and I told her I would show her mine if she would show me hers.

Elizabeth gladly went along, and we were soon both stripped completely naked and checking each other out.

I noticed right off that, not only did she not have a wiener, she also didn't have any hair 'down there', and her titties were, of course, completely undeveloped. I got as close as I could for a good look at her hairless pussy, and asked if I could touch it, and she agreed. I reached out and played with her a bit, running my finger up and down her slit, and asked her how she peed.

I told her I stood up and aimed my wiener at the toilet and peed that way, and she told me she had to sit or squat to pee. Elizabeth asked if she could touch my wiener, which was, actually, pretty hard by then. I let her touch it, and it felt so good when she did, I encouraged her to keep touching it. She got down so she could get a better look at it, as First night boom press sex had done when I examined her pussy, and touched and felt around my little wiener and my balls, marveling as I had at the differences between us.

Suddenly we heard her mother above us, completely shocked, saying, "Oh, my God!" She had been looking for Elizabeth in the open area behind the duplexes, but neither of us had heard her calling.

She had found us, and looked into the stairwell just in time to see her daughter kneeling in front of me, with my wiener in her hand.

Jane got us both dressed and took us to see my mother, where she explained what she had seen. My mother was also shocked, and I got a good lecture out of it once Jane and Elizabeth had gone home.

I was full of questions about the differences between Elizabeth and me, and my mother, and I did manage to get a few answers girls never did grow wieners, their breasts grew in later as they grew up, body hair also came later, things like that, but no real explanation very much beyond that. A few weeks later, I was in school, and my mother and father were having marital problems (though I didn't know that at the time). My mother decided to take my two younger brothers to visit her parents for a couple of weeks, but she didn't want to take me because I was in school and she didn't want me to miss any.

My dad worked nights, so leaving me alone with him wasn't going to work. My mother asked Jane if she could take care of me for a couple of weeks, and she agreed. Jane had apparently gotten over what happened between her daughter and me, and accepted that it was simply part of young kids growing up. The first night I was there, she gave both her daughters and me a bath, all together in the same bathtub.

Jane was right there with us, so I managed to control my busty young realtor sells a million dollar home to a client pornstars and hardcore to explore Elizabeth's pussy any further with my fingers, but I did ask Jane some of the same questions I had asked my mother about the differences between us, and got pretty much the same answers.

Jane took the youngest girl and dried her off, then left Elizabeth and me alone in the tub together while she put the younger girl to bed. Elizabeth and I took the opportunity to check each other out a bit more, once again touching and feeling each other's privates.

A few minutes later, Jane walked in on us and caught us, again, but this time, instead of being shocked, she simply chided us for being bad, and got Elizabeth out of the tub to dry her off and put her to bed.

After she had dried me off, she took me to Elizabeth's room, where I was supposed to sleep Elizabeth had been moved into the same room as her younger sister for the duration and tried to coax me into my pajamas.

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I hated pajamas, and preferred to sleep naked, even then. If my mother ever did get me to put on pajamas, I usually pulled them off before I went to sleep, so she had learned to simply just check in on me later and make sure I had some covers over me. My mother had told Jane that, though she had left a set of pajamas for me if Jane wanted to try to get me in them. Jane actually managed to get me to wear the pajamas, and tucked me into philippine ofw sleep fuck in kuwait boss, but a few minutes later I got up and took the pajamas off, as usual, then went back to bed.

Some time later, before she went to bed, Jane checked in on me, and sure enough, I was lying in bed naked with no covers over me. She tried to wake me up and get me back into my pajamas I remember her waking me up - but soon realized that was a lost cause and gave up, as I almost immediately went back to sleep as soon as she had me rolled over onto my back.

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Shortly afterward, though, I awoke to the most pleasant feeling I had harish sex story and won known, and it was centered on my wiener.

I opened my eyes and looked, to see Jane with my little wiener in her mouth, gently sucking on it as she milked it with her fingers. She noticed I was awake, and quickly motioned me to keep quiet as she milked a bit more sticky fluid from the opening in my wiener.

She licked it from her fingers, and asked me if I liked what she was doing. I told her yes, and she continued to suck my little wiener for a while longer, milking a bit more sticky fluid from it and moaning about how good it tasted.

I asked her if I could have some, and she got some on her finger for me, and let me suck it off her fingertip.

It was pretty tasteless to me, but she kept milking it pussy of darksome playgirl gets nailed hardcore and blowjob my wiener and sucking it as though she couldn't get enough.

Afterward, Jane told me I must never tell anyone what we were doing, that if I did we would never be able to do it again. It had felt so good I would have agreed to anything to have that feeling again, so I promised not to tell.

She tucked the covers around me and kissed me goodnight, and left to go back to her room for the night. The next night the bath and bedtime routine was the same, except instead of taking me to Elizabeth's room to put me to bed, Jane took me to her room and put me into her bed. She stripped naked herself, as I watched in awe, and lay beside me on the bed, facing me. She asked if I would like her to do some more of what she had done the night before, and of course I said yes.

There were some things she wanted me to do for her first, she told me, and she rolled onto her back and motioned for me to come closer. She held one of her titties out to me and asked if I would like to suck it, just like I was a baby again, and I latched onto the nipple, sucking away like a baby. Her youngest daughter was still breastfeeding, so there was quite a bit of mother's milk, and she had me go from one tit to the other, sucking as much as I could.

She coached me as I went, teaching to bite just a little, so very gently, and to now sister sleeping after broter come his rooms and lick the nipples and aureolas. As I did, I noticed one of her hands was gently playing with her hairy pussy, and the other was toying with my wiener. Next she asked if I would like to check out her pussy, and of course I was ready for that.

I scooted down so my face was right in front of her pussy, and she let me watch as she fingered herself, at first lightly fingering the hair, then running her fingers up and down the slit, and finally parting her pussy lips and inserting a finger into her slit. She coaxed me into feeling her pussy, the lush, luxurious hair, and the now open slit, which was warm and already considerably wet. I got a bit closer to sniff it, and loved the smell of her wet pussy, and she had me put a couple of fingers inside it, and directed me how to move them around a bit to arouse her even more.

When I pulled my hand back, it was wet with her pussy juice, and she encouraged me to lick it from my fingers, and I did. I thought it was better than tasting my own fluid from the night before, and decided I liked it. She asked again if I had enjoyed her licking and sucking my wiener the night before, and I said I had, and she asked if I would do the same for her. She didn't have a wiener, of course, and asked if I would lick and kiss her pussy for her, to make her feel as good as she had made me feel.

She told me it was what boys and girls who loved each other did for each other, and asked if I loved her, and I said yes. At her direction, I lowered my face to her pussy, this time until my lips were kissing her pussy lips.

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She had me stick my tongue out and lick up and down her slit a few times, then showed me where to direct my attention next her clit. She had me lick around it several times, then kiss it gently, and even had me nibble at it just a bit.

While I was doing so, she directed me to put the fingers of one hand into her pussy again, and told me how to move them in and out as I sucked her pussy. A few minutes later she began to moan and wriggle around a bit, and I asked doggystyling euro teen working for her facial I was hurting her, and she gasped that I wasn't and to go on with what I was doing.

After she had cum and relaxed a bit, Jane made an effort to have me fuck her. She was able to get my wiener inside her pussy, and get me to thrust in and out a few times, but my young wiener was just too small to give her much satisfaction. After a few minutes, she had me lie on my back beside her, and she began to play with my wiener and balls for me. She leaned over and gave me another blowjob like she had the night before, licking her own pussy juice off me along with the sticky fluid from my own wiener.

Then we went to sleep, with my face snuggled up against her titties and one hand on her still wet pussy.

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Over the next two weeks, the routine remained pretty much the same. Jane would give us all a bath at night, then put the girls to bed in the same room, even though I never again slept in Elizabeth's room.

Jane and I would both sleep nude in her bed, after I had eaten her pussy for her and she had sucked my little wiener for me. Sometimes in the morning I would wake up to her sucking my wiener before she got me up for alluring brazilian awesome babe plays solo hardcore blowjob, other times I might wake up and find my wiener all wet and sticky as though it had recently been sucked without waking me.

Jane constantly reminded me I should never tell anyone, not even my parents, and I promised I never would. Once my mother and brothers got back, things more or less went back to normal. Every once in a while, Jane would see me outside alone, and ask if I would like to come in and have some cookies.

Somehow this always seemed to be when her daughters were down for a nap, and cookies were only a secondary reason for inviting me in. I loved that good feeling I got when she played with my wiener and sucked it, and I looked forward to seeing dad catches son dominating mom. A few months later, Elizabeth and I slipped down into the stairwell again, and stripped down to check each other out again.

Elizabeth showed me how she peed, squatting over the drain in the stairwell, and I showed her how I peed, standing up and aiming my stream for the same drain.

We explored a bit more this time, and I actually slipped a couple of fingers into Elizabeth's tiny pussy and played around a bit. I even got down and kissed it for her, running my tongue up and down her slit, then inside, then around her tiny clitty, like her mother had showed me. Elizabeth said it felt very good, and I asked if she would take my wiener into her mouth and suck on it a bit. She was a bit hesitant, but I explained that this was what boys and girls who loved each other did for each other, to make them feel good, and I asked Elizabeth if she loved me.

She said yes, and I stood on the concrete steps, a couple of steps up from her, and she bent down and took my wiener into her mouth. I gave her a bit of direction, and soon had her pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, when we heard a familiar scream "Oh, my God!" I looked up to see Jane standing above us again, watching me pump my little wiener into her young daughter's mouth, and Elizabeth took her lips off my wiener and looked up.

Jane stormed down into the stairwell and quickly got Elizabeth dressed and took her home, leaving me to get dressed by myself. I thought I was really going to catch hell this time, but Jane never told my mother about what had happened.

I think she king and maid in palace afraid if she did, my mother would want to know where I had learned such a thing, and Jane was afraid I might spill the beans about us. Jane never invited me over for cookies any more, and a few months after that, my mother and father separated for good, and my mother took my brothers and me to live closer to her parents.