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I sat starring at my strong overworked hands.

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I was an Amish man who had never known a day off in his life. Since I was old enough to walk, talk, and wipe my own ass I have had some kind of tool in my hand right after a morning piss and biscket. I smoothed them over the cool surface of the table waiting for Sarah.

She was my niece sent to me by my brother in law who was always gone on jobs and couldn't get her to behave. His wife had died in child birth with her and so now it was up to me to fix her attitude problem. Sarah had come a long way since she arrived 2 months ago but could still very well be late, and a bit mouthy, more bullheaded in trying to get her way.

I myself have dark brown hair, blue eyes and a muscular build.

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I have no wife yet at the age of 27 merely because I am a busy man but I do realize I need to soon settle down or the wife I am given or choose may not be a virgin. Sarah has long cream colored hair and milky skin. She has a plump ass and large breasts. Her eyes are dark like her mothers were and her hands small. **** I should of had my dinner by now. It had been over a half hour past 6 o'clock.

She knew very well I had two or three hours of work left to do before I could rest for the night. I only hoped she had a good reason. She walked in thena big smile planted on her face as if she was off having fun and didn't care that I was very hungry and paid for everything she owned.

She came in and began to prepare food.

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I didn't say anything until I had ate my bread and meat. she didn't even offer to make a dessert and so I figured I'd ketch up on my work the next day and punish her now.

I pushed my plate out of the way even though it should of been moved and washed by now. I starred at her as she played with the sleeve of her dress. "Sarah being late and not doing your duties when and how your supposed to do them is very disrespectful to me.

I slave away in the hot sun or in a hot barn and driving horses and cows to provide for you and I and I cannot even come in to a clean house or a mere meal on the table. You must be punished. " She looked up more annoyed making me angry, "But John, your not my father.

What I am to get ? My town privileges gone another week?

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" I bit my lip, shuffling my boots under the table and then stood up taking her by the arm and pulling her to my bedroom. I grabbed the old paddle off the wall and slung her over my lap. She kicked like a five year old so I pushed her down and held her back with my arm.

I shook my head. " Your fighting will be of no use and will only add to your punishment! If you aren't going to contribute and act like a child you shall be treated like one!" I yelled. I was so angry my leg shook.

She stopped kicking and kept quiet. I raised her dress leaving her leggings on and swung the saddle back angle just right and let her have it a few times on each cheek. She moaned in pain and looked at me. I shook my head no telling her I wasn't even close to done. It was then I noticed how nice her ass was. Russian teen girl solo devirginized for my birthday wanted so badly to see it nude.

To rub it. I picked up the paddle again and came down right in the middle taking in all of the giggling. After a few more swings I set the paddle down and sighed. "That was only for being late. I regret to inform you that because of the meal, dirty dishes, and attitude along with the back talking has all added up to be allot really don't feel your feeling the full swing of the hits so I will now be taking off your leggings and underwear.

Any fighting will get you worse punishmentDo you understand me Sarah?" I asked. She had a tear in her eye, "Yes unkle John. I really do." I breathed in and out heavily and grabbed her leggings pulling them down. I noted how red her bottom was peeking through her white panties and rubbed it a bit before removing them as well. Her bottom was so plump and begged to be grabbed and smacked some more. I reached back and swung hard with my hand across her nice ass.

As her ass jumped forward I got a peek of her pussy and noticed it had been shaved! This wasn't to be done without the permission of your husband and even then could be frowned upon! "Spread your legs Sarah and let me see the sin you have done!" I demanded. She refused at first so I forced them apart. I was upset with her for doing it even though I enjoyed it at the hot teen in leopard tight fucked continue on mypornox com time.

I looked at her cute thick pussy. It was quivering at being watched and her clit was so pink and small. "Do tell me Sarah are you a virgin?" I asked. "Yes uncle john I swear it!" She pleaded. I sighed, "With your track record of lies I will check myself!" I pushed her ass farther into the air with my leg and spread her pussy lips apart and lifted her entrance to the light, I could see her hymen and relief ran through me.

If she weren't a virgin a good husband would of been far less likely, I let her down then and had her stand at the foot of the slay bed bent over. I grabbed a mini bull whip and began to reek havoc on her ass. She jumped and whined but dare not try to get out of it.

I thought it was so cute and hot when her ass giggled and moved all over. Her pussy grew red and I knew then she had been turned on. I walked up behind her and without warning I shoved my hand onto her pussy. "What is this wetness that i am feeling young lady!" I demanded.

"I can't help it! I am so sorry !" She pleaded. Hunger grew inside me and I couldn't help myself. I let my fingers explore her soft wet folds.

I found her nub and pinched it causing a moan to escape her. I would play a while and then would continue to beat her ass showing her her place. I leaned in to her ear and half whispered, "This wetness is more of a wife behavior.

And as of last week you became of wife age." I grabbed her ass, "Do you seek any interest in being a wife my dear Sarah?" She moaned and smiled, "Yes uncle Mike :" I licked my lips, "Prove to me to be a good wife and I shall make you one." I whispered in her ear. The rest of the month I had no problems with Sarah and so my plans of breaking her in as a wife and then taking her as one began.