Valentina nappi takes a hot threesome with charity crawford

Valentina nappi takes a hot threesome with charity crawford
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This is one of my older stories, and unlike my others, it's a pure sex story, but that's not to say my fans won't enjoy it. I've updated some of the writing and added new content. Here's just the first part.

Part One: Ashley rode my rock-hard cock, moaning like a banshee with her huge tits bouncing in my face. Ashley was my girlfriend, and she had always been somewhat of a nymphomaniac. She was 19 and I was 21 and I had snagged her when she first came to college. As she rocked back and forth on my lap, I was rubbing her pussy with the thumb of my right hand and squeezing her round tits with my left.

As I squeezed them hard and pinched the nipples, Ashley moaned and ran her fingers through her hair. "Oh god, Zach! Smack my ass!" I slapped her ass with both hands and squeezed the soft cheeks as hard as I could.

Holding onto her perfect rear, I started lifting her up and then slamming her down onto my rod, using the force to push myself as far up into her luscious pussy as possible. Ashley leaned forward as I fucked her as fast as possible. "Harder! Harder!" she moaned as I sucked on her tits. Grabbing her hips, I turned her around so that her back was to me. Lifting herself up almost in a crabwalk, Ashley handed the job of movement to me as I started hammering her cunt as hard and fast as possible.

I don't want to brag, but I was fucking her so fast and hard that my nut sack was actually starting to hurt from being slingshot up and down like a yoyo in the hand of a crackhead. "Oh god, I'm going to fucking cum!" At that, I began fucking her even harder. I hammered her cunt with the last of my strength, trying to lara latex and angel long my manhood into a jackhammer with flesh.

Her womanhood was pulling on me like a vacuum, desperately trying to draw forth my seed. Finally, a river of pussy juice gushed out from between her legs, washing over my lap. With her taken care of, now I could unleash every drop of sperm I had. In one final burst of strength, I forced my throbbing manhood up inside her and emptied myself into her womb. Ashley pulled herself off of my deflated dick, turned around, and wrapped her lips around the head.

She knew her job. With her sucking the last globs sperm out of my cock as if it was the straw of a milkshake, I could feel another orgasm welling inside me. Her lips wrapped around the head and Ashley pushed the tip of her tongue into the slit, while simultaneously rubbing the shaft with one hand and massaging my nuts with the other.

Holy shit, she was a sex goddess. She then took my whole cock in her mouth, rubbing it against the back of her throat. Her head began bobbing up and down as she massaged every centimeter of my dick with every soft corner of her mouth. She would use her lips, tongue, and the inside of her cheeks to massage the shaft, and she would rub the gorgeous teen amia miley rewarded with a huge cum shot threesome amiamiley of my cock against her uvula and agitate her gag reflex, just enough so that her eyes would roll back into her head, she would slightly tremble, and saliva would drip from her lips and onto my lap, but she wouldn't do it so much that she would puke onto my dick.

I wonder how many guys she had to fuck to get this good… Finally, she took my dick out of her mouth and I shot a stream of cum across her face and onto her tongue. "Holy shit, that was one of our best ones yet," I said. "You're damn right it was," Ashley purred as she lied down beside me.

"I love you," I said as I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her on the forehead. 'At least I love fucking you.' "I love you too." She gripped my worn-out cock. "And I love this." I pulled up to Cute dressed woman screwed hardcore and blowjob house, trying yet again to call her cell phone.

She lived with her mom in a nice beach house, but their landline phone service often went down. Most of the time, communication was restricted to cell phones and driving. Ashley's phone battery was probably dead, and her car wasn't in the garage. She wasn't home, exactly what I wanted.

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I was constantly showing up at Ashley's house, so she and her mom had told me that I didn't need to knock. I silently opened the door and stepped inside the lavish beach house. Ashley's mom really had gotten a lot of cash from the divorce. Down the hall, I saw the flutter of blonde hair. It was her, Jill. She was an easy-going woman, having no problem with me and her daughter fucking while she was still in the house or me spending the night, even with Ashley's moans and dirty talk loud enough to be hear next door.

Jill looked just like an older version of Ashley, and was just as sexy and beautiful. I didn't know how old she was, but she was the definitely the perfect age. She was the best mix of young babe and mature milf.

Her skin was still tight, smooth, and soft, but lines were starting appear on her face and you could tell she was aging, but in a way that made her more desirable than a woman ten years younger.

Seeing her always gave me an erection, and I would have given my right hand to fuck her. I would have given my right hand and both my legs to have a threesome with her and her daughter. I had spent countless hours masturbating while imagining Jill and Ashley sucking on each other's tongues while I shot my load into their faces.

She was one of the reasons why I was dating Ashley. Once Ashley introduced me to her parents and I saw Jill for the first time, I made a promise to myself that I was going to fuck her, no matter what it took, and I was here today to once again try and inch myself closer to that goal.

My cock instantly hardened as I realized that she was in a tight bikini. Her round tight ass looked just like Ashley's as she walked around while swinging her hips. She was in the bedroom… looking for her top.

I couldn't believe it, I was finally able to see her bouncing double D tits. Her areolas were the size of quarters and she had nipples that were like pencil erasers. Like her face, you could see the signs of age on her tits, but that just made me want grope them more.

As much as I wanted to stare at her tits, I knew that she would notice me and get angry. She was looking for her bikini top, which I saw on a reclining chair in the living room. I stepped into the living room and picked up the skimpy bikini top.

If I gave it to her, it would grant me a little more time to admire her tits and she wouldn't be as angry. I walked to the doorway of the bedroom when she had her back to me. "Looking for this?" I asked as I held up the bikini top with it wrapped around my fingers. Jill let out a small shriek of surprise as she bolted around.

"Zach, you scared me!" It was only then that she looked at her titties and covered them with her arms. "Relax, I was standing in the hallway, I've seen them." "You were spying on me?!" On cue, I tossed the bikini top to her. She caught it and began to calm down, just as I planned.

"I wasn't spying. I opened the front door and I saw you down the hall. You're just as beautiful as Ashley and I've always admired you and even had a small crush on you. I must admit that I was a little awestruck." She gave a modest smile, and to my surprise, she lowered her arms. She wasn't covering her tits and was holding the bikini top as if she was about to put it on… but she hadn't. For some reason, she kept it in her grip.

'Interesting, very interesting,' I thought to myself. I decided to push it a little further, to experiment with the situation. "Your breasts are beautiful. I'm guessing that they're natural?" She gave another modest smile; I was actually putting her in a good mood.

"Yes. Most people think that they are fake but they are actually real. Why didn't you think they were fake?" "You're always so honest, you don't seem like the person who would lie about her appearance. Plus you're already so pretty that breast size doesn't matter." She began to blush.

"My ex-husband never appreciated my looks…" Then she held her tits and jiggled them. "Or the girls." "I can't imagine why, they're fantastic," I said, reaching out and cupping one. Jill stiffened at the feel of my palm against her areola, but she didn't pull away. "Uh, Zach, I don't think we should be doing this." "Relax, it will be our little secret. Besides, a little human contact feels good, doesn't it?" She gave a soft moan as I gently squeezed.

Holy shit, her titties were even better than her daughter's! I began massaging it, first with one hand and then two. I then moved my other hand onto her other breast and blonde round booty babe pussy stretched poolside mia malkova squeezing them both.

Jill moaned and hummed as I massaged her tits and even pinched the nipples. There was no telling how long it had been since she had felt this. Before she could stop me, I got behind her, continuing to massage her breasts. Poorimole fasila song with dance with more elbow room and straight wrists, I was able to be a little more rough, groping the melons with a firm squeeze, rubbing them in circles like joysticks, and pulling on her nipples to make her yelp.

I could take it anymore; I had to have her. I pressed myself against her and ran my tongue up the side of her neck. The feel of that lick and my erection poking her ass told her that we had gone to far. She hurriedly stepped forward out of my reach and put on her bikini top. "Ashley uh… Ashley will be back in a few hours. I'll uh… I'll be out back." She rushed out of the room without looking back at me and into the kitchen, where she pulled a bottle of white wine out of one of the cabinets.

Something told me that she had not planned on taking it with her. She walked outside and lied down on a beach chair out on the yard. She began drinking heavily from the bottle while putting on tanning oil.

"It looks like I might get a piece of that lesb sexy #62 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn ass," I said to myself with a smile as I put my hand on my rock-hard cock. With how fast she was drinking, Jill was passed out in half an hour.

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I walked outside and waved my hand in front of her face to make sure she was really out. A slight flicker of her eyelids told me that some stimuli was getting through, but she was so drunk that I doubted that she would wake up unless I splashed her with a bucket of water. I was tired of waiting, I was going to take her then and now, whether she liked it or not. She would undoubtedly try to fight me off at first, but if as long as I overpowered her, she wouldn't get away, and there weren't any neighbors around right now to hear her.

All I really had to do was make sure she had an orgasm. She had left her husband three years ago, and according to Ashley, hadn't dated anyone since then, pregnant sluts got double penetrated during a hot orgy that this milf in her sexual prime was probably starving for a good fuck.

All I had to do was make her cum and her resolve would break, then I could do whatever I wanted. It all depended on how well I could keep from blowing my load. I moved down to her legs while enjoying the view of her barely-covered tits, her slim belly, and her long smooth thighs, all of which were tan and oiled. Very carefully, I pulled off the top of her bikini, letting the sunlight shine on her firm tits.

Cautiously, I began to feel them, massaging those glorious mountains with my hands pinching her nipples just like before. She would stir ever so slightly with every squeeze, but she would not wake up.

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Once I had worked up enough courage, I leaned down and did one broad lick across the side of her huge right breast, savoring the feel of the soft flesh against my tongue. I started sucking on her nipples, tracing my tongue around them and pulling on them with my lips. Her titties tasted so good and they felt like water-balloons.

My cock was so hard and throbbing that it almost hurt. I undid my pants and pulled out my dick, which I swore had never looked larger. Nereliasex fairy tales com en el rio began jacking off, not enough to risk wasting my supply of sperm, but enough to lessen the strain. The more aggressive I became, the more Jill began to moan. I moved down to her bikini bottom and undid the knots that rested on her hips. I pulled away the strip of blue fabric and almost gasped as her pussy came into view.

The soft lips were open and already wet, revealing the pink insides. Her pussy was open just enough for me to know that it was still nice and tight, but I would have no problem forcing my whole missile up inside her. She had a very short and thin mat a pubic hair. It wasn't shaved, but it was obviously well trimmed. I brought my face up to the lips, not touching her pussy yet, but savoring the sweet fruity aroma. When I couldn't restrain myself any longer, I reached out with my tongue and gently flitted it just outside of the soft lips.

With that first touch, the drunken Jill shivered and gave a low hum. I began circling her pussy with my tongue, slowly getting closer and closer to the wet pink insides. With every teasing flit, Jill's hums turned into moans. Finally, I forced my tongue deep inside her and a sampled her pussy juice. Jill was shifting her head from side to side and moaning as I relished the taste of her sloppy wet cunt.

She was probably dreaming now. Still unconscious, Jill began to spread her legs, allowing me to send my tongue deeper and deeper into her delicious insides.

As her cunt became more and more inviting, I brought up my hand and slowly pushed my index and middle finger deep inside. Jill moaned even louder as I pushed my middle finger in as well and finger-fucked her pussy, causing more juice to splash into my mouth. Finally, Jill had a gushing orgasm, squirting just like her daughter.

The intoxicated milf spread her legs even farther and raised her hips. I licked my lips as her asshole came into view. It looked almost like it was bleached. I had always wondered what I was like to lick a girl's asshole. Ironic that I would be licking Ashley's mom's before I licked hers. Experimentally, I flitted my tongue around her tight little asshole and she squirmed. Her asshole didn't taste like shit as I expected it to; it was already clean and had been soaked in her trickling pussy juice.

I pushed my tongue deep inside her, sucking on the ring as my nose was buried in her cunt.

Her recesses had a very unique taste, somewhat resembling the taste of her pussy, but was much more… concentrated.

It was like tasting the physical essence of the kinky taboo. As I sent my tongue farther and farther up into her, I continued to finger her pussy. The whole time, Jill didn't moan, instead, she just kept on squirming. After several minutes, I moved my tongue back up to her pussy, and as I ate her out, I pushed my thumb up into her asshole. It was apparent that she had never gone anal before. She whined and squirmed as I rubbed the inside of her asshole with my thumb, pulling it out and pushing it back in, and rubbing the dribbling pussy juice around the ring.

Finally, I knew it was time to take it to the next level. I stood up and fully undressed, then crouched over her head, opened her mouth, and stuffed in my cock. That final intrusion was enough to wake her out of her wine stupor and she gave a garbled scream, choking on my manhood. She tried to push me off her, but I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed hard, robbing her of the ability to breathe. Her struggles waned and I lessened my grip, stirring my manhood around in her mouth while keeping my hand around her throat like a collar.

The shock and confusion was now replaced with horror as to what was happening and who was doing it do her. Was her daughter's boyfriend really assaulting her like this? luscious babe cathy heaven gets her cunt destroyed like that don't you, a big cock in your mouth.

Can you taste your daughter on me?" Jill was crying now, her pretty face streaked with tears out of pain, humiliation, betrayal, and the struggles of breathing. "Come on, suck on it like a good whore." Jill refused, just holding her mouth open like a dead fish.

"Have it your way." I fully got on top of her, sending my dick all the way to the back of her throat and choking her with it. I had my full weight on her, smothering her face as she struggled to find any way to breathe.

Within seconds, her body began to kendra spade asian ass and crazy black cock and I pulled back as she threw up on my cock.

"Look at the mess you made, clean it up!" I barked, smearing my manhood across her face, mixing her tears with the mix. "Please stop this!" she sobbed, trying to push me away. "Hell no, I'm having too much fun! Now blow me, you damn whore!" This time she gave in and began sucking me off, cleaning up the mess.

Her tears continued to pour as I violated her mouth, my hands wrapped in her hair to pull her head back if she tried anything. She worked diligently but it was clear that she was rusty at this. After a minute or so, I pulled out my cock and instead began rubbing my balls on her face, teabagging her as many would say.

She took the message and ran her tongue around my nut sack, thoroughly wetting them. Soon enough I got bored and decided to try something new. I pulled her up in her chair and got behind her, locking her head with one arm.

"Zach, please stop this! I beg you!" "No, I'm going to fuck you hard and nothing is going to change that. But I want to enjoy this first." I forced my free hand between her legs, trying to probe her insides. She screamed and flailed her legs, but a couple hard smacks ended that. Her legs still, I forced my fingers into her pussy, shaking them hard and making her cry out. "You're so wet, you can't wait for me to rape that slutty pussy of yours, can you? Be honest." "Let me go!" Against her protests, I continued to finger her, grabbing her pussy from the inside and shaking my hand.

The mix of pain and humiliation made her cry out, but I knew it was starting to feel a little bit good for her. I pulled my hand out and stuffed my fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own feminine essence.

Now it was time for the main course. I got out from behind her, trying to figure out the best position for penetration, when she made her escape. Her ass and tits jiggling as she moved, she ran back into the house.

I chased after and caught up before she could reach the phone. She screamed and struggled against me, but I picked her up and carried her to the living room, where I threw her down on the couch. She was on her stomach, and before she could get up, I held her down. "Nice try, but you're not getting out of this." Having decided to enjoy myself a little more, a raised my hand and struck her ass, making her shriek in pain.

I had her almost bent over my knee, her perfect milf ass sticking up, tanner than I thought it would be. I smacked her again and again, savoring her pain and the chance to do whatever I wanted to her sexy body. With each smack, a redness would spread, bruising and welts from my brutality. This mature, beautiful woman was now bent over, her naked body at my mercy for me to abuse however I liked.

Licking my fingers, I again stuck them in her pussy and worked my thumb into her asshole. She groaned and cried as fingered her, her tears soaking the couch. After spanking her a few more times, I knew the time had come. I got out from under her and forced her against the couch. I smacked her thighs, telling her to spread them, and while she resisted for a few moments, she knew that I was inevitably going to be inside her.

She spread her legs, and with a deep breath, I penetrated her, burying my manhood up to the base in her slit.

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She cried out from the sensation, having forgotten what it felt like to be fucked, and feeling overwhelmed with shame and revulsion. It was easy for me to set myself in a good rhythm, pushing down on her back to keep her pinned while my lap and her ass clapped together in applause.

I had dreamed of this day for a long time, the day when I would get to turn this woman's magnificent body into my personal cum dumpster, and the fact that it was against her will made it even better. "Please stop! You're raping me!" she cried. I didn't reply, and regardless of her words, her pussy was just getting wetter and wetter. Her lips said "no no", but her body was begging for violation. My speed increased as I kept on telling myself that I had fucked Ashley the night before and was now fucking her mom.

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I was forcing myself into her mom's cunt, the same throbbing cock that her daughter had rode and sucked. Jill's felt so good on my erect manhood. Her lips were so soft and tight, and I could feel almost a vacuum-like pressure, as if her body was trying to pull me in deeper. After years of loneliness, her pussy craved to be stretched by my cock and filled with cum. With each passing second, a noticeable change could be seen in Jill. Her cries of anguish were turning into moans, and her hands, which had been gripping the sofa for dear life, were now brushing the golden hair out of her face while she licked her lips.

Deciding I wanted to see her face, I rolled her onto her side, her leg now across my chest. I continued hammering her, watching her melons jiggle and bounce every time my manhood reached her womb. I grabbed her by the throat, forcing her to look at me. The pain in her eyes was gone, and while she still reviled the situation, she could not contain the look of lustful hunger on her face. She was starting to enjoy herself. "Yeah, you like that don't you?" I growled.

Jill shook her head in refusal, prompting me to move my hand from her throat to her breast and give a hard squeeze to coax a cry from her. "You love being raped, don't you?" "No! Stop it!" Deciding to toy with her, I did as she told and stopped. I never pulled out, but I halted my thrusts, and the lack of movement did send a tremor through her.

Having reached the age of her sexual prime, her body, starved of contact, was reacting like a recovering addict in the first moments of relapse. She hated the situation, but loved the sensations. Further teasing her, I began rubbing her clit with fast strokes of my fingers, sending a continuous stream of lightning through her body and making her moan. "Come on, beg for it.

You know you want to be fucked harder. You love that I'm raping you." "No!" she countered, sexy cam girl masturbating with her biggest dildo away from me to hide her shame.

Continuing to play with her clitoris, I gave ten deep thrusts, just slow enough to tease her. The stimulation was driving her wild, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her, and when I stopped, I knew her will had broken.

"Beg for it!" "Please rape me harder!" she finally shrieked. Grinning, I pulled her up onto her hands and knees and brought myself to my top speed. Her tits swinging like chandeliers in an earthquake, Jill was moaned at the top of her lungs, finally giving in to the physical bliss of a man fucking her.

I hammered her with all of my strength, watching the ripples travel through her body with each slam, her tan ass jiggling like ballistics gel when punched with a shotgun shell.

With each impact, her moan would be interrupted, her whole body shaking and her mind momentarily going blank each time. Unable to resist, I started smacking her ass between thrusts, just to remind her who was in charge, but the harder I spanked her, the more she seemed to enjoy it, her tan rear end absorbing the force and transforming it into physical bliss.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!" she screamed these words over and over again, having given in to her lust. I continued fucking her through the orgasm, the movement of my cock altering the spray but still soaking me in it. I knew I had won. Now that I had made her cum, she was hooked like an addict and I could do whatever I wanted to her without worrying about her telling anyone about it.

Deciding her mouth would feel good slutty blonde and two black monster shafts about now, I grabbed Jill's hair, turned her around, and pulled her head to my lap. Drunk with perverse desire, she began sucking me off as if she had been poisoned and my cum was the antidote.

Unlike before, when we were outside, she was putting true skill into her work. She would orgasmic anal drilling session smalltits and hardcore on my cock as if she were trying to put out a fire, then suck off the saliva and pour it on again.

Using the wetness as lubricant, she would work the shaft with her hand while rolling the head around in her mouth, always with the beautiful sound of sloppy suction. But still, it wasn't enough… An idea popping into my head, I grabbed Jill and picked her up. She yelped in surprise, flailing her limbs as I held her upside down in the vertical cock hungry wife jenny simons gets fucked hard position, our stomachs pressed together with her legs in the air.

Understanding what I was doing, Jill resumed sucking my cock while I took in the beautiful sight of her milf cunt put on display, inches from my face, and behind it, her virgin asshole. I dove right in, gorging myself on her pussy like a dog with an empty peanut butter jar. Jill continued to swing her legs, the feeling of lips and a tongue stirring her honeypot driving her wild, with her smooth thighs clamping the side of my head.

After a minute, I could feel my self-control starting to crumble. I was about to cum, and I wanted to xxx sunny liony big black very gond sure Jill caught every drop. Continuing to hold her up with one arm, I used a free hand to grab her hair and hold her head steady. I began to thrust, skull-fucking her without mercy and turning her face into a sloppy mess.

Feeling the orgasm approaching, I pushed her dead down and forced her to deep-throat me. She tried to push me off, struggling to breathe, but I held her firm. Finally, the threshold broke, and I shot load after load into her throat. At the same time, while she was choking on my cock, her gag reflex triggered. I let go of her head and she retched, a frothy mix of saliva, vomit, semen, and tears pouring down over her face and into her hair.

Unable to open her eyes, she gasped for air while I rubbed my placid cock across her face, buying time to regain my erection. That orgasm had been a doozy, but I knew I had plenty more, and I wasn't going to stop until I finished turning Jill into my personal cum dumpster.

Though maybe it was time to wrap things up. Once my cock returned to its original glory, and began lowering Jill down. I stopped when her head and the back of her neck touched the floor, further dirtying her hair with the puddle of bodily fluids. Her lower body still in the air with her ass pointing up, spanked her a few times to make her spread her legs enough for me to force my cock into her pussy, still filthy from when Jill threw up on it.

I had seen lesbians with strap-ons do this position in Ultimate Surrender, so I was able to figure it out in a few moments. Holding her by the hips, I once again started thrusting into her, now feeling fatigue take its toll.

Below me, Jill continued to moan, desperate to cum a second time. She had wiped the slime off her face and could open her eyes, but her only view was my ass directly above her. Soon enough, we both achieved an orgasm. Jill moaned at the top of her lungs, having forgotten the joy of a man bringing her to climax. She had a gushing orgasm, spraying clear fluid from her pussy while I poured my seed deep into her womb.

I pulled out and dropped her to the floor, shooting two more white streams across her stomach and breasts, sullying her and marking her as my property like a dog pissing on a tree. Jill lay still, wallowing in a puddle of filth, her beautiful body painted with bodily fluids from being raped and violated by the same man who routinely fucked her daughter. I stood over her, beaming at my accomplishment. I had finally achieved my goal, but I wasn't done yet.

I was going to enjoy my new fuck toy. "That was a lot of fun, we'll do it again real soon," I said, turning around and leaving her there. I wasn't worried at all about her calling the police or telling Ashley. She was too ashamed and embarrassed that it had happened, and that she had enjoyed it so much.