White chicks huge black monster dicks xxx part of

White chicks huge black monster dicks xxx part of
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In 2013 tragedy stuck my family like only few could imagine. I remember it so vividly that I can recall every influx in her voice when my school principal gave me the news. I mom forces brother trape sister then fuck mom creampie that my mother had been in a horrifying car crash. I was told that an oil tanker had went across the median on the highway and crushed a car that my mom was riding in and it killed the driver who was a co-worker of my mom's I barely knew.

My mother was alive, but she had been severely injured and disfigured. Three months my mother spent in the hospital before she could go home. The cost of her recovery was tremendous both physically and emotionally. In all, my mother lost both of her legs from the knees down. She lost her pinky finger and ring finger on her right hand.

She had a massive scar across her cheek and several smaller scars around her entire body. During the crash she sustained a severe concussion, lost most of her teeth, brain bleeding, a burst spleen, a ruptured appendix, several bone fractures, and a slipped disk in her back. My mother was not whole physically, mentally, or emotionally during her recovery or when she returned home.

The only positives from this situation that helped maintain our sanity was the financial compensation she got and that she was still alive although permanently disfigured.

Mom received over 10 million dollars from the accident plus the oil company would cover her medical expenses for life. It's amazing how fast oil companies will throw millions at you to save their own image. Apparently, they had violated a number of safety regulations on this shipment and they offered to settle quickly.

For the first six months mom slowly adapted to her new lifestyle. She got prosthetic legs and learned to walk and even run with them some. She bought us a new house in the rural Midwest that included a couple hundred acres of land. Her demeanor was poor, her spirit was clearly broken, but my relentless mother continued to move forward through life. Before the accident my mother (Kathy) was a very average woman. She worked for a company that manufactured plastics. She started working there after high school and never actually wanted to get a better or high paying job.

Mom was not an overly intelligent person and this simple job was just fine with her. She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't overly pretty. She was in her early 40's and like most women that age she had a slightly lumpy tummy and parts of her body were starting to lose the battle to gravity.

The only thing my mom had that would surprise anyone who knew was that she had a rather large chest. Not that you'd know by looking at her because she concealed them so well with loose fitting clothing and snug sports bras.

I haven't ever seen them myself, but I would guess they are saggy based on the rest of her body. Her bra size is 36DD. I know this because we live alone together and have my entire life and every guy has checked their moms bra size at least once I'd imagine. I never met my father and mom never really talked about him.

She doesn't really talk about anything ever other than about god and even that stopped since the accident. My mother never told me what his name was but I did know that he wasn't a good person. My grandmother before she passed away years ago once told me that my father is burning in hell and I didn't know if that meant he was dead or if he had sinned in her eyes. My mother was raised very religiously in a strict home.

Much of that was the same for me until the accident. My mother turned into a recluse for several years after her injuries. She stopped trying to better her life, she stopped going to my school functions, she stopped being a parent. She sat around the house depressed, drinking heavily, and sulking every night except for my birthday or other important holidays when we'd have cousins come and visit.

As a young man I didn't know how to help her and her refusal to associate was infectious. I spent my high school days in my bedroom most days without many friends to speak of.

I became a whiz at online gaming and spent much of my time doing that. I got my high school diploma through online courses and I was taking College courses online as well. I really didn't have a need to work with the money mom had so I stayed home in a huge house with all of the most expensive gaming and computing systems I could get.

The only activity I did outside of gaming was my daily swims in our pool and I also played basketball in a nearby recreation league. I'm basically as average as my mother physically.

I'm a bit chubby and my appendages are very average. My great physical feat is my height. I stand nearly 6'4'' but that's not tall enough when you play recreational basketball a few nights a week. When I turned 18 years old my mom gifted me a brand-new truck.

I know it was expensive, not really for her, but it was exactly what I needed at that time. I briefly considered moving into my own place but as little as my mother was seen, I never really needed to. We lived in opposite ends of the house and I saw her maybe once a day for only a few minutes.

Each time I saw her she would be doing some basic chores around the house. Although she has prosthetic legs she typically opts to "walk" about the house on her stubs which are her knees.

She really got around pretty good that way and mia khalifa with marcus london surprisingly has prevented herself from becoming huge because the distance she "walks" takes twice aleska diamond are you the masseur much time and effort to do.

The few people to ever visit our house other than family holidays was the maid twice a week, and the groundskeeper twice a week. Mom could get a home nurse if she wanted but she's basically fully functional now. Unless she needs something from a high shelf she rarely asks for my assistance. Two weeks after my 18th birthday I was feeling really frisky one night.

I had earned a couple girlfriends throughout the years that I met online who had kept me decently satisfied. I didn't earn a lot of ass this way but I rarely went more than a couple months before I could find a girl online that would put out. I didn't want a girlfriend or a long-term relationship and that's the beauty of meeting girls online. You could always move onto the next one without repercussion. On this night I was going to meet an older 37 year old.

She looked pretty in her profile and I hadn't found much for over a month and I was getting a bit desperate. We agreed to meet at a diner about 30 miles from my house for our date. When I arrived, I was sad to learn she was rather disappointing physically.

Her profile pictures were glamour shots of her. She was heavier, and less pretty than the filters on her camera made her appear. Nevertheless I needed to get off so I entertained her unenthusiastically until the meal was finished. She said she was having a great time and wanted to come back to my place. We loaded up in my truck and started heading to the house for the only thing I was interested in.

We stopped at a liquor store and she went and bought us some whiskey. She knew how old I was but she seemed eager to get me drunk and "climb you like a pole" as she put it. When I got to the house I escorted her inside. She was mesmerized by the huge house and she could tell it was very expensive. Before we even walked through the living room to get to my room my date pushed me onto the couch and got on her knees in front of me.

With skilled hands she removed my belt and stated removing my pants. I hadn't ever screwed around with a date in the living room or anywhere outside my bedroom before. I rarely saw my mom so I didn't expect her to come out of her room this late in the evening. My date (Arlene) wasted no time pulling my dick from my pants and started sucking. I didn't have a big dick but I never heard a girl complain about it's size.

Arlene skillfully bobbed, slurped, and sucked my dick like a pro. It was clear that she was a very experienced cock sucker. Arlene eurobabe flashes ass and pounded in exchange for money sucking long enough to open the bottle of whiskey and take a long long draw from it.

She handed me the bottle and then started sucking again. I took a swig but whiskey tastes awful to me so I left it at one. As Arlene sucked I could feel the orgasm approaching that she so expertly was pulling from my balls. She sensed this and stopped sucking. Arlene stood up and pulled off her knee length dress. I wasn't impressed with her flesh colored bra and matching panties but I was close to nutting so I was fine with it.

Then, she pulled her big ole panties off and the night took a strange turn. No, she didn't have a dick. Almost worse than that was the largest and must unkept bush I had ever seen. The hairs were long and thick. It was so unattractive to me that my erection almost instantly went limp. Arlene turned around to face away from me and started to sit on my dick and used her hand to grab my dick and direct it to that jungle of unkept mess. I started to panic because my dick was deflating in an effort to avoid the Chewbacca tunnel.

Arlene stopped her motion in confusion and started jerking my dick to try to harden it back up. She quizzically looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I know this is superficial to say and I don't care what you think of me for saying it.

I said "that bush is disgusting" as I looked at Arlene seriously. She looked away from me and hung her head. She sheepishly said "I Know, it's been a long time. Ask story cubase 4 tutorial level 2amp3 hybrid dvdr air iso wasn't expecting to go home with anyone tonight.

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I've been lonely and just decided to koenodasenai jyoukyoude okasare kanjiteshimatta sinnyuusyain suzuhara emiri you today. I can't do anything right anymore. I'm sorry." I felt a bit bad for her but I just couldn't get past that huge nasty bush.

I decided I was over this whole night and I'd just jack off instead. Since I had nothing to lose I decided to be more direct with her to see if I could get what I wanted or not.

Either way, I didn't care. I looked at Arlene and said with my sternest voice "you are a good cocksucker, you should finish me with your mouth." Surprisingly Arlene almost perked up as if I had given her a compliment. She returned to her previous position and started sucking my dick back to life while looking right at me. To be honest, This was probably the best sexual arab arabian bbw tube porn I had ever had.

I had a much older woman expertly sucking my cock while looking right into my eyes as if she's seeking approval. Her submissiveness and willingness to please was a huge turn on. As She sensed me closing in on an orgasm again she momentarily pulls her mouth away and says "tell me when you're about to cum." I nodded and she started sucking vigorously again. The unstoppable pressure was about to geyser. I said "here it comes" as per our agreement. To my utter disappointment Arlene pulled her mouth away, used her hand to point my dick towards me and with a lackluster stroke forced me to blast my nut all over my stomach and my chest.

Moments after I settled from nutting I looked at Arlene who was rapidly getting dressed. I calmly asked "why did you make me cum on myself." Arlene looked at me and said "I don't like cum, I just can't even." I rolled my eyes and pulled my cum soaked shirt over my head.

As I did so Arlene said "next time we will have to get you completely naked boy". I was mildly irritated from the mess and without hesitation fired back "there isn't going to be a next time." That stung her I could tell. She was almost outing when she sheepishly asked if it was because of her bush. Feeling robbed from a proper nut I said, "No Arlene, It's because your too old for me. You have a giant bush, huge granny panties, and who would want to be with a girl who hates cum? News flash, that's the goal when you have sex is to cum." I said in a mildly rude tone.

Arlene looked at me with disgust and started bawling loudly. "I'm sorry" she said through her sobbing "I squirting slut maggie squirts buckets tube porn do anything right" as she almost whaled.

I shushed her and got really close to her trying to keep the noise level down. "Look" I said, "it's not all bad. Your energy is great and you are sexy, I just have different tastes than you do is all. I'm sorry I said that. I'm just being a jerk for no reason." Arlene soften her sobs and said "please tell me what to do.

I've never felt more insecure in my life. What do I have to do to make you actually want me." I tried to use the whole, it's not you it's me thing but she didn't buy it. She wanted a truthful answer. She wanted to know how to get me to fuck her. The thief rape the housewife said "I'll level brutally fisting his gf ruined pussy in bondage you, What I find puffy nipple young sucking old man attractive in a woman is a shaved pussy, sexy underwear, and a strong desire for my cum." Arlene looked at me and nodded as if she was taking mental notes.

I told Arlene that I better get her back to her car. She was visibly sad that she wasn't going to be staying the night. I went over my room to retrieve a fresh shirt. I put it on and went back towards the living room. When I did so, I saw my mother towards the other end of the house in the hallway.

She was sitting in the hallway with her back up against the wall. She was about 10 feet past the living room. She was slouched looking down. I froze for a moment thinking she may have heard Arlene and I. I continued to the living room and grabbed my keys, Arlene was ready to go. Right before we went to leave I watched my mother stand on her nubs and walk into her bedroom.

I took Arlene back to her vehicle. There wasn't much conversation during the drive. When we arrived, Arlene wrote her number down on a piece of paper from her purse and sat it in my cup holder. "I'll do better next time I promise" is all she said before kissing my cheek and getting out of my truck. I returned home, and I did not see my mom when I walked in. I played a few games online and finally went to bed.

I got around about noon the next day. I approached the kitchen after a piss and I was surprised to see mon sitting at the table we rarely used. She was sipping coffee and acknowledged me when I entered. "Hey honey" she said as she looked at me with a smile.

The scars and the unkept hair couldn't distract that she seemed very warm and inviting now. "I need a new fancy computer and you're the expert" she said.

"Sure, what do you plan to use it for?" I asked interested in her new-found interest. Up until now she barely used her phone or tablet for anything other than ordering things she didn't want to go to the store to buy.

"I need to find a hobby take it slow my anal is tight something. I think a new computer will help me find friends or projects" she said. Her statement was reasonable, so I offered to help. I ordered her a nice desktop setup with two large screens and all the bells and whistles for a modern computer. My mother stared over my shoulder as I ordered her setup from my laptop.

"What does cum taste like?" my mother said catching me off guard. I'd never heard a thing even remotely inappropriate come out of my mother's mouth before and I was at a loss for words. "I assumed you were expecting her to let you release in her mouth… what does it taste like?" My mother looked at me curiously not with anger or frustration.

"I'm not sure mom, I am really sorry I let you hear that "I said unsurely. "I've seen girls do it online before, but I've never tasted it before." Mom said as she looked down at the floor. She immediately and unsuspectingly burst into tears. She sobbed uncontrollably, and I felt heartbroken and uncomfortable at the same time.

I wrapped my arms around her and tried to comfort her as best I could given the situation I was in. "You humiliated her, you refused sex with her, you called her disgusting… and she's a million times more attractive xxx storys brazzer sex stories 2019 me.

I'm a fucking legless disgusting freak who has no happiness in my future" she said during continued sobbing. I hugged her tighter and did my best to consolidate her.

"Listen mom, I'm sorry you heard that. I was being a jerk to her. I'm sure if you tried you could find someone who loves you just as much as I do." I said compassionately. "One last try, that's all I'm doing. I want this computer to maybe find someone in the entire world who would find me attractive. If this doesn't work, I'm finished." She said as she tried to compose herself. I'm not sure if she was referring to suicide or not, but I knew I wanted to help her if I could. "I'm 42 years old and I've had sex four times in my life.

My 18 year old son has had more sex than I have. I've never even given a real blowjob while that slut from last night was willing to do anything that you, a stranger, wanted. It was pathetic how needy she was to please you and allowed you to humiliate her. It was pathetic, she was pathetic, yet I was jealous that she at least had one intimate moment with someone who didn't find her completely repulsive." I stayed silent after that statement.

I was in both shock because of her boldness, and understanding of her needs. Mom took another drink of her coffee and I could smell the odor of alcohol in the air.

She must have added some to her coffee. She really needed to dial back the whiskey by noon. She stood up and walked towards her room. "Things are going to change around here. If not, I'm going to roll over and die." She said as she left for her bedroom. I went back to my room and played some games while I thought about what mom had said. She really did need more purpose in life and someone who could care for her as a woman. I decided right then I would be more supportive of my mother and do what I could to help her.

I decided to go out and get her something nice from the store, so I headed off into town. I txt my mom and asked what she wanted for dinner. I informed her that I wanted to watch a movie greedy amateur slut fucks a colossal dildo her tonight and just hang out. She responded quickly and indicated that hanging out would be nice and that she would eat whatever I brought home.

I wasn't sure what to get her, but I wanted to lift her spirits some. I picked up a movie and got a great idea for mom. Before the accident she used to always cook supper from scratch. I picked her up all the ingredients to make a homemade pizza. I got us a couple matching aprons. Mom's apron said, "Mom's kitchen is seasoned with love." I gathered all the things and headed home excited to help lift my mom's spirits.

When I was almost home, I saw that piece of paper with Arlene's number on it. I kind of felt like a jerk for what I did to her the other night.

I decided to txt her and apologize for what I did to her. "Hey Arlene, it's Shane from last night." She responded within seconds "Hey you, I'm sorry about last night. I shaved everything off this morning for you lol" Wow! Is all I could say this girl was freaky and my dick lurched at the potential options she presented. I pulled into the india summer and lola foxx amazing threeway outdoors and carried in the groceries.

My phone chirped twice indicating I got new messages as I walked in and set stuff down all the goodies. I grabbed my phone and saw a message from mom and Arlene. Mom asked me to pick up some shaving cream on my way home. I replied to her "I just got home but I have plenty in my bathroom if you want to use it for now." I opened the message I got from Arlene and I was pleased to be presented a photo of her pussy from above that was obviously recently shaven.

The caption said "the hairless wonder is sorry" … I chuckled to myself and I was impressed at this lady's forwardness. "looks great, if you want to show it to me a lucrative and lusty suggest hardcore and european I will be free after 10ish" I said knowing my chances were pretty good.

Mom walked into the kitchen right then wrapped in her robe. I presented her the apron and told her I wanted to make a homemade pizza with her. For the first time in awhile my mom smiled and agreed that my idea was a good one. I bent down and gave her a hug. She said she was going to borrow my shaving cream and go take a bath before we got started. When she left, I checked my phone for more messages from Arlene and I wasn't disappointed.

"hell yes baby, and I want you to cum wherever you want tonight. I will do whatever you want, Momma's gonna be a good girl" I was taken back by her forwardness and the use of the word momma.

I was so disappointed when I met her and now I think this fuck toy may be the best thing I've ever found. "Good, Come by around 10, choose your clothing wisely.

Also, bring some toys for entertainment. DO NOT DISSAPONT." I sent her. I wasn't sure what to expect but I liked how submissive she was and the idea of playing with some kinky toys was intriguing.

I wanted to go shower myself and put some comfy clothes on. I felt I should manskape myself since Arlene went through so much trouble. I didn't want to sound like too much of a hypocrite. I gathered my things and jumped in the shower. I had forgotten that mom had my shaving cream so I had to use body wash in it's place. I kept my pubes well-trimmed so I didn't take long to get my dick and balls completely hair free. I put on some sweats without underwear and a t-shirt. Comfort is all that was important to me now.

By the time I made it back to the kitchen mom was in her apron at the counter making the dough. I swiftly put mine on to join her. We chatted about nothing as we made the pizza just like everything was normal for once. When we tossed it in the oven mom was busy cleaning up when I checked my phone. I had a txt from Arlene that said "I'm shopping for an outfit right now. Any suggestions? And I have a few toys that will make this night one you'll never forget.

I'm pulling three loads from you tonight. "Again, my cock stirred thinking about all the possibilities ahead of me. I shifted my shaft some. Perhaps going without underwear wasn't such a good idea. As I continued to text back and forth with Arlene my mom asked who I was talking to. No need to lie so I told her it was Arlene from last night. Mom didn't seem surprised. "Did she shave it for you" mom asked nonchalantly.

I again was taken back with surprise and frisky sweeties ream the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere responded quietly "um, yeah." I wasn't sure why she wanted to talk about this, but she didn't seem upset, so I decided to just go along with the questioning.

Mom came over to me and sat across the table from me. She refused to look at sex xx mota ma 2019 story and spoke "You know, I didn't know why I did it.

Maybe to feel sexy knowing men like it. But I just shaved mine too. I see the appeal. I feel like a dumb girl, but I think I like it. "If I had any liquid in my mouth I would have spit it all over the place.

My eyes widened, and I couldn't find any words to say. Mom glanced up to my briefly and started laughing as she said "stop that you're making me blush. I just want to feel normal and sexy for once.

Don't make me feel more self-conscious then I already am. " Her laughter made the environment more pleasurable and the shock slowly wore off to the point I could speak.

"Mom you are full of surprises and I'm glad you are doing things to make you happy. The funny thing is, I completely shaved my downstairs just a little bit ago too.

"Mom looked at me and we both busted in laughter together. It had been forever since we laughed together, and it was nice. My phone went off two more times and mom looked at my phone on the table. As I picked it up, mom asked when I was going to see her again. I informed her Arlene was coming over later tonight. "Well then, you better eat all this pizza so you have the strength you'll need." mom said as she went to the oven.

I had never heard mom speak so openly like this to me and I really appreciated this new side of her. If she was happy, I was happy. I looked at the messages from Arlene. Apparently she found the perfect outfit to wear tonight and she had a kinky idea she always wanted to try but never had the courage to do it and she was unsure if I would like it. I responded "you only live once. There is no kink too kinky for me." She responded immediately with "you inspire me to please" I got a silly idea and went to the bathroom real quick.

My dick was semi hard so I stroked it to full mast. I took a photograph of it and sent it to Arlene. The caption read "tell me what you're going to do with this tonight." I assumed that would keep Arlene entertained for a bit.

I resisted the urge to jackoff and waited a few minutes to go back to the kitchen so my swelling could go down. I unintentionally found a faster way. I got a message from mom and opened it. The message read "listen to it screw crazy pants?" I was only confused for a moment before the panic set in. I had unintentionally sent my dick pic to my mom in the kitchen. I was so ashamed of myself I couldn't move. How embarrassing! I got another message from my mom and with shaky hands I held my breathe and opened it.

It read "I assumed that wasn't meant for me lol, come get some pizza while it's hot. You can play with that thing later. " My mom responded to this so cool that I lifted some of my guilt. I reluctantly walked sheepishly back to the kitchen staring at the floor. Mom started laughing again as I entered. No doubt at my embarrassment.

I sat at the table across from her and the pizza. I grabbed a slice and took a bite. The goodness of it helped me get over that experience temporarily and allowed me to at least look at her. "Will you answer some personal questions for me?" mom said in a mildly serious tone. I expected her to embarrass me further or criticize me like her motherly duty.

"um, sure" I mustered out. "No bullshit answer like 'you're pretty the way you are', I want complete truth even if you think I wouldn't ever in a million years do it. Okay?" her tone became even more serious as she spoke. I just nodded my head in agreement. "What would I need to do, wear, act, or try to use what body I have left to seduce a young man? Yes, I mean exactly what I said. Just like how I shaved today. Completely out of character for me but I want to feel truly wanted sexually and I need real honest advice." I could tell she was completely serious.

I thought for several moments contemplating my answers and I couldn't seem to find the right words. I opened my mouth a few times to speak but nothing came out.

I wanted to answer her questions honestly, but I couldn't speak. Mom spoke before I could by saying "Okay, Beauty strips for a casting session hardcore blowjob been watching a lot of pornographic videos online recently.

Don't judge me. And I want to learn how to please a man. This isn't easy for me to talk about so stop making me feel stupid. Just answer my questions one at a time. Okay?" I nodded. I struggled to swallow the pizza I was overly chewing.

"It appears that men like to get something called a 'gummy' when women without teeth give them blowjobs. If I took out my dentures to ever do something like that would it be sexy or disgusting? It sounds strange and I don't know if it would be humiliating to try." I did my best to stare directly into my plate as I couldn't believe the words I was hearing.

I bit my lip and was determined to answer her questions honestly just to get her through this bizarre phase of her life. "Sexy" I said quietly. She quickly responded, "If a girl gagged or puked trying to do a deep throat blowjob because she isn't very experienced, would it ruin everything?" I could tell she had really thought the questions through and these questions were real concerns for her.

I responded honestly "it's possible. Practice on something else like a carrot or something would probably help." I couldn't believe I just told my mom that. I'm never eating a carrot from our fridge again. I was actually trying to be helpful but I just sounded pervy. "I never thought about that but it's a good idea. What is your recommended clothing a girl should wear to look the most sexy?" That was an easy question for me.

Every guy has his preferences and shouldn't be ashamed of them. I spoke confidently yet briefly "Yoga Pants or Skirts, tight shirts, thong underwear, no bra." I didn't feel much embarrassment for that answer. Mom spoke again "That makes sense, One more torturous question before I end this nonsense… what does cum taste like?" I couldn't believe she asked this again. She must really be curious about this one. "I honestly don't know mom. Salty I'm told. Some girls like it but most don't." Mom took one last bite of her pizza before coming over to me.

She hugged me and said "thank you for your embarrassed honesty. I really do appreciate it." She released me and went to her bedroom. "movie time in t-minus 10 minutes. Hurry up and eat." She said as she walked. I ate the pizza and tried to compose myself. My mind was wondering, and I decided to take the edge off. I went to the fridge and made a strong vodka mixed drink. I'm not much of a drinker but I had deserved a few tonight. I wanted to txt my mom.

Some things I can't say out loud because of embarrassment but just like when I play online games, I'm much stronger of a person when communicating through electronics. "I'm sorry I seemed so distant. It's not easy to talk about that stuff in person.

I will help you anyway I can, but I can't do it when you put me on the spot like that." Mom responded immediately "I understand. Sorry for doing that to you. If I have to txt you question I can do that?" I easily responded "sure." Mom replied "Can you tell me why guys like it when they eject their seed onto the face of girls?

Do you think it's sexy?" I should have known that she was going to start this right away. Thankfully through txt I didn't have to be so shy. I proudly responded "It's sexy when women act submissive. Blowing a nut on a girl giving her a 'facial' is sexy for sure. Painting her face with white goo is a huge turn on. Especially if she swallows a bunch in the process." I sent the text with a bit of regret. Was it too much? Mom responded right back "You are much bolder through the phone I agree.

Thank you for your input. I'm not sure if it would hurt my feelings to have a guy facial my scar. If given the choice I would probably try to swallow it. I really wish I knew what it tasted like before then though." I almost laughed when I read that.

The inexperience of my mother is kind of humorous. I put the movie into the dvd player and settled down on the couch. It was an action film and I knew it wouldn't be great, but I thought it would entertain us both some. I heard mom come out of her room and she walked around the couch and climbed up into her seat. I almost freaked at what she was wearing.

Mom was wearing some tight yoga shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and her big boobs were flopping around like they had a mind of their own under her shirt. I couldn't stop staring. It was my favorite clothing option and my mom didn't wear it too bad.

I could see her nipples pressing through the material on her shirt. I think she sensed that so she crossed her arms over them to hide them. Without looking at me she said "let's watch the movie, don't forget the lights." I got up and flipped the light switch. "Oh, and sweetie, pour us a couple stiff drinks please." She said as I stood near the kitchen. She was reading my mind.

I grabbed the biggest cups we had and poured mom a whiskey drink and a Vodka drink for myself. When I brought them to the living room I really absorbed the view of mom's clothing options. Her nubs protruded out of her yoga shorts in a sexy way. If that's a thing. The shorts were tight and very short.

Her top was tight, and it outlined mom's small muffin top and her large breasts. It was amazing. Mom smiled and accepted the drink from me. I went and sat at the other end of the very long couch and used the remote to start the movie. As it played I started messaging Arlene again. The drink and the conversations had me half hard and almost vulgar when messaging her. I got an unexpected message from my mom who was across the couch and looking at her phone and the TV as well.

The message read "What are you two talking about? How your mom is sitting in the spot where she ruined your blowjob? lol" I almost laughed. Mom was playing a game and I was all in on playing it with her.

I had just enough alcohol to consider this a challenge. I responded "No, I was just telling her how full my balls were. I like your outfit btw&hellip. You took my advice and it works on you." Mom smoothly opened her phone and sent me a txt without even looking my way.

Her message read "Why thank you, I feel silly and exposed, my spanking lessons resulting in extreme red ass I like it. I also wore something else for the first time ever. One of your other sluts left it here a while back." I read the txt and was confused for a moment.

What on earth is she talking about. I looked over and watched my mother ever so slowly put her arms to her sides without looking away from the TV.

She reached into her tight shorts with her thumbs and slowly pulled a pink string out. It struck me at that moment angelina is a dream for most guys my mom is wearing a pair of underwear that some tramp I brought home left behind.

Mom pulled the strings high over her waist and proudly displayed the g-string to my glaring eyes. She then slightly adjusted her position to aim her little ass towards me to display the hotness in all it's glory.

I couldn't stop staring until my phone beeped at me again. Arlene had sent me a message. I ignored it and sent one to my mom. "Amazeballs mom. That's awesome." Mom answered me right away and said, "are you and crazy pants ass gapes and drips spunk pornstars and hardcore to use a condom tonight?" That was a bit of a mood killer, but I answered "I don't know.

I didn't plan on it unless she wants me to." I didn't look at mom while she responded because I didn't know if she would be upset or not. I got her message "If you don't think it's weird, would you use one at least one time tonight or in the morning. I have a stupid idea and I don't want you to think I'm crazy or weird." I pondered why she would only want me to use it one time. That was odd. I responded "Sure I guess. But I'm not sure if I will let her stay until the morning.

Lol" Mom responded "just do it please and let me know when you have. Sooner after you do it then later please." I still couldn't figure out why she was wanting that, but I really didn't care. I txt her "Arlene is no spring chicken, I'm not sure she will be able to do it for me more than once, so I better do it on the first try" mom responded "Older women have a higher sex drive then men I'm pretty sure she will wear you out first. Just don't get stains on my couch. I kind of like this seat.

Lol" I hadn't thought about mom being around when Arlene got here and just assumed we would utilize my bedroom tonight. I said to mom "What stains are you talking about? Lol and my bed will catch them all." Mom responded quickly "No way, this couch is her spot. I don't mind as long as you keep it free of you know what stains." As entertaining as our conversation was, I wanted to take it up a notch.

I wanted to push mom's limits. I don't know why she wanted me to use a condom or why she wanted me to fuck Arlene on the couch, but I wanted to push her limits. I was half drunk and half hard and I was all but guaranteed to fuck Arlene tonight, so I didn't care what I said next.

I txt mom "fine mom, I will fuck Arlene in the spot you're currently sitting. I will use a condom at least once and let you know when I do. And I promise not to get any cock juice on your couch. I plan on dumping my other loads down her throat or inside her pussy though." I felt no guilt when I hit the send button. If mom wanted to play games, well then let the games begin. Mom took a long time to reply but she did about 4 minutes later. Her message said "well she is a lucky lady to get that much 'cock juice' from you.

I hope for her sake you live up to the hype. It's getting late. What time are you expecting your whore?" When I read moms text I checked the time. It was 9:30 and Arlene would be here soon. I txt mom "My cum slave was supposed to be here at 10 but I will tell her to come later if you want." Mom responded "don't be silly. I see the tent in your pants and I don't want to ruin your plans.

Goodnight hunny. Do a good job and enjoy yourself. Remember our deal!" With that mom slowly climbed off the couch and got down on the floor on all fours pointing her rear straight at me. The tiny little g-string so proudly on display silhouetting the roundness of her ass. Mom almost seductively stood up on her nubs and went to her room. I was left feeling excited and conflicted. I pulled out my phone and txt Arlene "CUM HERE NOW!" hoping she would hurry and get here I couldn't wait any longer.

Arlene immediately responded. "Im pulling up now. When I ring the doorbell, your present will be waiting on your front porch." I didn't know what she meant, but I registered that she was here. I needed to fuck so bad I probably wouldn't last long. I dimmed the lights and quickly lit a couple candles that were around the living room.

I heard the doorbell ring and I couldn't have ran to the door fast enough. I swung the door open and there stood Arlene wearing a large trench coat and holding a medium sized duffle bag.

Her eyes were closed, and she had a ball gag in her mouth. On the front of her coat was a note. The hand-written note said "your silent slut has arrived. Please do WHATEVER you wish. I brought a bag of toys for you to use as you please. Make mommy yours." I smiled and sasha grey behind the scene loved this form of submission and willingness to get crazy.

Arlene smiled around the ball gag as I grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. I knew this was a chance for me to get cute babe fucks with an older fucker anything I wanted out of a night of sex and I didn't intend on wasting it. I escorted Arlene to the center of the room near the coffee table and gave her instructions in a firm tone.

"empty the bag onto the table so I can see what you brought." Arlene nodded her head and pulled 5 items from her bag and laid them onto the table. The first item was a 6" rubber dildo that had a suction base and rubber balls. She suctioned it upright on the corner of the table. Next was a bottle of lube. The next item was a pair of handcuffs.

They looked real and they had only one key with them. Next was a rather small black rubber but plug that she placed on the table. The last items she removed from the bag was a clear plastic devise that looked like a tricky clamp. I wasn't quite sure what it was. I sat down on the couch while Arlene stood in front of me still wearing her coat. I turned some music on my phone and sat it down next to her toys. "give me a show" I said confidently as I leaned back onto the couch.

Arlene started moving her hips and closed her eyes. She kicked off her heels and slowly started turning and moving her body seductively. After a few minutes of getting into the mood Arlene loosened the trench coat and slowly parted it in front of me so I could see her outfit. Arlene did not disappoint although it took me several moments to fully understand what she was wearing. I soaked in the view of Arlene's display and observed an outfit she clearly bought from the sex toy store.

It was a tiny purple skirt with a tiny purple thong pulled high onto her hips with a purple bathing suit top on.

It was incredibly sexy. I saw something else that just looked like black marks all over her body. As I looked closer I observed writing on Arlene's neck, chest, and stomach. I stood up and approached Arlene who held her pose with her eyes shut tight.

I knew she felt extremely vulnerable and fragile at this moment for taking such a risk. I read the words "choke me" written on her neck. The word "slut" was written across her chest. On her stomach "fuck me please" was written with an arrow pointing downward towards her pussy. "Very nice. I'm impressed" I said softly. I took a step back to get a good visual and absorb the entire effort she put into this night. Without instructions Arlene allowed the coat to fall to the ground and she turned to face the other direction.

In the middle of her back it read "cum where you want." The writing wasn't very nice. I assumed it would be hard to write that on your own back well.

On her left cheek read "your" and on the right cheek it read "whore." I was a happy man at this moment. I said to Arlene "Let's get freaky" as I slapped her ass real hard. I walked towards the couch and slapped the head of the dildo that was suctioned to the table. "show me something kinky" I demanded as I fell back onto the couch anticipating some fun. Arlene walked over to the rubber cock and kneeled on the ground. She reached behind her head and unstrapped the ass of sexy adult girl fucked and covered with jizz ball gag.

She set it on college sluts bang sluts at the college orgy party table and picked up the plastic clamp devise foxy latina rides a massive meat pole put it in her mouth.

After a few moments of tinkering with it I learned it to be a clamp devise that kept her mouth open and available. Next she grabbed the handcuffs and tossed the key onto my lap. Arlene put her arms behind her back sweet young girls taught how to fuck I heard the unmistakable clicking of the handcuffs locking onto each of her wrists.

Arlene turned her back towards me to show me that her arms were indeed bound by the cuffs. Arlene shuffled over to the dong on the table and while looking at me started to slide her forced gape mouth around it. It was unbelievably sexy. The sight was so erotic that I just had to act or I would explode. I stood up, helped Arlene to her feet, then tried to kiss her with the clamp thing around her mouth. It didn't work so well but her moans indicated she liked it. I forced my hand into the front of her panties and felt a sopping wet smooth mess.

Her pussy was definitely bald and wet as hell. Two fingers easily entered her and I started a baseline in and out while I made out with a hard plastic hole that had a tongue flopping about in it. I grabbed Arlene by her hips and motioned her over the corner of the table. As she hovered over the dong I pulled her panties to the side and guider her onto it.

In one full motion Arlene slid her body onto the rubber dong impaling herself. Arlene let out a loud gasping moan. Arlene sat up straight and started shaking vigorously. She moaned louder and louder and louder as she gyrated her hips. Only five seconds after she slid onto that dong shad had a shattering orgasm. Arlene stopped and panted hard with her eyes closed. I girlfriend gets fucked in her oiled sexy ass to take advantage of this moment, so I reached into my pocket, retrieved my phone then pulled my pants off.

My dick was hard as iron as I placed it in Arlene's gaping mouth. It surprised her at first, but she gave a happy moan and started bobbing as expected.

I held my phone and wanting to take a few pictures as a reminder of this unforgettable night. I opened my phone and saw I had two messages from mom. Normally a guy wouldn't think about reading a text from his mom while getting a wonderful blowjob from a kinky slut, but this night with my mom hadn't been normal.

I opened the two texts and one said "sounds like you're having fun" and the other said "she should have written 'desperate' or 'pathetic on her forehead… but at least she's getting some" I didn't stop my slow humping rhythm into Arlene's mouth as I turned my head slowly to look down the hallway.

I was not certain, but I'm pretty sure I saw a dark object in the shadow move out of sight when I did. I wondered if my mom was watching what was happening. Is this why she insisted that I fuck Arlene here hot lesbian threesome with my step mom not in my bedroom? The thoughts were only temporarily distracting my thoughts as I felt the wonders Arlene was doing to my dick. Arlene was taking every inch of my dick and my pelvis was bumping the plastic brace on every thrust.

Arlene was gyrating on the dong simultaneously. She must have been in pure bliss. I switched to my camera and pointed it at her face. "Look at me" I said with a soft voice. Arlene stopped half stroke to look up. As she did I snapped a pic and blinded her with the flash.

She closed her eyes and paused for a moment. I wasn't sure how she felt about me documenting her in such a state. It didn't take long for her to get over it as she started slamming her mouth onto my dick again with a new found intensity.

I felt my orgasm approaching and I wanted to stall for just a few more moments. I pulled my cock from her mouth and she almost looked sad that I did. I pointed her face upwards with a hand around her throat. I stepped closer and dumped my balls into the open mouth. Honestly, without the ability to press her lips around them it wasn't as great as I had hoped. It was more like a tongue slapping my balls around like a punching bag. It felt okay, but I would have to retry this later without the devise.

I got to the point where I really needed to nut. The entire days' worth of anticipation guaranteed I would have a huge load. Seems that I produce bigger loads the longer I anticipate the experience. I asked Arlene "did you bring a rubber?" thinking about what my mom asked me earlier. If I was going to use the condom, might as well see how much I can put in it. Arlene nodded and used her eyes and a small head nod towards her bag on the floor.

I pulled my balls from her mouth and searched her bag until I found a condom. I immediately ripped it out of the wrapper and rolled it on. Arlene watched while she continued to gyrate seated onto the dong. I didn't know if my mom was watching from the hallway, but if she was, I was going to make her watch me use this stupid condom. I grabbed Arlene by the arm and stood her up. She let out a screech and the dong made a loud plopping sound as it sloshed out of her hole. I escorted Arlene over to the edge of the hardwood flooring and the carpet mating near the entrance of the home.

This location would allow my mother to see anything she wanted to if she was indeed hiding in the darkened end of the hallway. Something about putting on a show in front of someone like my mother was intoxicating in its own. I never felt such pleasure from dominating someone so intensely. I assisted Arlene to kneel on the carpet at the hardwood junction. I used the handcuff key to unlock one of her wrists. I walked over to the table and peeled the slimy, lady cum coated dong from the table and brought it back over to Arlene who hadn't moved.

With a strong slap I plopped the dong onto the floor ensuring a strong suction to the floor. Like a raged man I grabbed Arlene by the hair and turned her head upwards to look at me. I was going crazy with dominating lust. With a loud stern voice loud drunk sluts making out at a limo sex party for the end of the hall to hear I commanded "suck every ounce of your cum off this.

Do it now!" while releasing her hair. Arlene did not hesitate to lean forward and force the dong into her gaping mouth. With her ass forced high in the air I slapped it with my hand harder than anticipated. Arlene screamed in pain for a moment and I felt the throbbing sting in my own hand.

Watching her ass and sloppy pussy on display I couldn't take it any longer. I kneeled behind her and touched her pussy hole with the head of my dick. Arlene immediately leaned back into me forcing half my dick in her. Even though I was wearing this dumb condom, It still felt great. The sloppy wetness and hungriness of her pussy felt wonderful. I grabbed her hips hard and started slamming home nonstop. Arlene moaned out of control and her moans were drown out by the dong in front of her working past her vocal chords.

After a dozen hard thrusts Arlene pulled her head from the dong, arched her head upwards and bellowed out a noise that I knew was from pleasure, but it sounded hideous. Arlene's pussy clamped down on my dick and she began to quiver. I felt liquid run down my sack. I knew she was cumming hard and I wasn't far behind her. Arlene slowly relaxed and laid her head down on her arm resting on the floor.

She was spent but still offering her pussy up to me as tribute. 20-30 pumps later I was ready to cum. "here it comes" I blurted through breaths. Arlene reached below us and grabbed my balls firmly and started massaging them as an orgasm erupted into the sack covering my dick. I know it took longer because I had more sperm then normal, but my orgasm lasted so long I had to brace myself on Arlene to prevent my collapse. After an eternity I stopped pumping and corrected my posture to catch my breath.

I grabbed my phone again and as I started withdrawing my still hard-ish dick from her I snapped a picture. I looked at the picture and the flash really displayed the globs of cum trapped between my dick and the condom. I stood up and inspected the condom. It was dangling inches below oil anal group the sugar daddy dilemma softening dick like a water balloon.

It had a ton of cum in it. More then I had ever seen myself produce before. I pulled the condom off and tied the end. I was proud of the amount I had produced, and I wanted to keep it as a bit of a trophy. Without looking down the hall I tossed the tied condom towards my mother's room.

I heard it hit something, but I didn't know what. I walked over to the couch and plopped down. "Take that thing off your mouth and come clean my dick off" I commanded over to Arlene who hadn't moved since I finished. Slowly, Arlene stood, removed the harness around her mouth and made several jaw rotating mouth motions.

I imagine her moth was rather sore from not being able to close it for so long. She had an empty look on her face. I could tell she was content with what her body had been through.

Arlene plopped on the ground in front of me and lifted my dick. It was still covered in cooling slimy cum. I knew she didn't like it, but it was time to put her determination to the test. Arlene went straight for it with her mouth. She started lapping and sucking. She paused a few times to swallow hard and gag just a little. I found it a bit hilarious to watch her struggle to do something she wanted to do but also hated. I snapped another photo of Arlene lapping cum off my dick.

She acted as if she hadn't even noticed. Perhaps she didn't care anymore. I remembered that I promised to inform my mom that I used the condom. I sent my mother the pic I took of my condom coated dick as I pulled it from Arlene's used pussy. The caption read "I left you a present outside your door." I set my phone down and focused on the cleanup induced blowjob I was getting until I was fully hard again.

The rest of the evening went rather uneventfully considering how it started. Arlene and I had relatively quiet sex with her sitting on top like the failed attempt from the prior night.

I was tired when we were about done so I just busted it in her pussy and fell asleep shortly after with her laying next to me equally exhausted. I woke up at around 10 the next morning. I woke up the young blonde minx scarlet gets shagged pornstars and cumshots feeling of a blowjob. As I woke I saw Arlene wrapped in her trench coat staring at me as she bobbed on my dick.

There was a piece of paper on my chest and I picked it up to look at it. It was a hand-written note like Arlene had arrived at the house last night with. The note read "I promised 3 loads and I don't break promises. I'm late so I'm going to leave after you finish. BTW, I can't find my clothes or that toy. If you find them, keep them for next time." I couldn't help but think I would marry this girl if she was 15 years younger. She wasn't the greatest looker, but her effort was unbelievable.

I laid back and absorbed the full appreciation of the head I was getting. Because it was morning, it didn't take long before I was about to burst thanks to Arlene's skilled work.

I had some compassion for what she had done for me in the last 12 hours. I said to Arlene "I'm close, you can make me cum on my stomach if you want to." I thought giving her permission to avoid swallowing what she didn't like would go appreciated. "Uh-huh" she muttered sternly with my dick deep in her mouth. She was determined to do what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for more. Moments later my orgasm that was building struck. Arlene sensed this and shoved my dick as deep into her throat as she could.

She was gagging but continued to force her head down as I pumped 7-8 times to empty my balls. As I finished I saw Arlene gag quietly several times as he pulled her head up from my dick. She slowly pulled from my tip careful not to spill any from her mouth. Arlene sat up, tipped her head back, and swallowed hard. Arlene's face went sour and she shook her head in disgust.

She coughed a few times until the taste finally went away. She composed herself and put my cock back into my sweats. Arlene stood up, smiled, blew a silent kiss at me, grabbed her bag, and left my house.

I laid on the couch for several minutes satisfied with my life. It almost startled me when I saw mom come around the corner of the couch and walk towards the kitchen. I scrambled to cover myself up and hide any evidence that may have been sitting around.

"Good morning stud." Mom said in a light-hearted tone as she headed for the kitchen. She added "I didn't want to wake you guys earlier, so I have been kind of trapped in my room all morning." I was feeling very embarrassed, so I mumbled "yeah uh sorry" while looking around trying to gather my bearings.

"Don't be embarrassed, sounds like you did a good job." She said while started the coffee pot. I didn't respond to her. I really don't function well when I'm confronted by her.

I glanced at her and she met my stare. She had a bit of a confusing smile. "okay fine" she blurted out and held up her phone. I understood what she was implying. She started texting. I knew it would be to me like we did yesterday. I always feel more confident when I don't have to confront someone in person unlike my sexual encounter from last night. Just like clock work my phone dinged. I scurried around and found it between the couch cushions. I opened the text and read "if you can have sex with sluts in my living room but can't talk out loud about it so be it.

Thank you for the condom by the way. And the pic." I had almost forgot that I had sent her that picture last night. I was so full of lust that I threw caution to the wind. Now that my heads were clearer I wanted to put some of the pieces from yesterday together. I texted mom "what was your deal about the condom anyway?

You know I didn't use it the other three times right?" I intentionally lied knowing Arlene and I only had sex twice last night. My mother laughed out loud a bit when she read my text. She sat at the bar sipping her coffee as she texted back. I gathered my clothing and scurried down the hall to my room to get more prepared for the day. When I got to my room my phone chirped and I opened the new message from mom. It read "Don't lie to me. You had sex twice. I heard it ALL. Also, when I found you two this morning when I collected linens I saw what she had written all over her body.

What did you think about that?" I kind of thought it was amusing that my mother not only dodged my question but so innocently asked about the body art. I was in a different room and didn't have to look at her, so I had a sharp spike in boldness without consequence.

"Don't dodge my question mom. What was your deal with the condom? Did you find it? Did you SEE how much there was lol&hellip. And yes, I liked it. I think it was very kinky that she wrote that all over her body." I sent the message without a twang of guilt not having to face her.

I went into my bathroom and ran a bath. As the hot water filled the tub I got a response from mom. "You don't want to know so drop it for your own sake. You ran out of here so fast that you didn't even notice what I was wearing did you?" I read this text and realized I was so mind scrambled when she walked into the living room that I hadn't.

I was persistent about what the big secret with the condom was. I was imagining her freezing it the event I died young, so she could inseminate a young lady to have grand kids. I don't know why she was being weird about it, but she certainly was. I messaged her "tell me already… I must solve the mystery. No, I didn't notice. I'll check it out after my bath." I sent the message and slid into the tub. The warm water was amazing. I used a rag to clean my body.

It was amazing how much sticky fluids I had in all the hard to reach places. I dried my hands and picked up my phone from the shelf. I had a photo from mom.

I opened the image. Stared intently to be certain as to what I saw, then flinched causing my phone to fall into the bath with me.

I scrambled to pull it from the bath water and I waved it around hoping it wasn't ruined. I was able to fan it mildly dry and checked its function. Thankfully it still appeared to be working and the internals weren't water damaged. I opened the picture I got from mom again and my dick swelled like never before. It was a photo of my mother. It was a selfie she took from her bedroom. She was wearing a short white skirt, a purple thong riding high on her hips, and a wife beater style tank top that did little to hide her unbound breasts.

Mom had a straw in her mouth. The other end of the straw was stuck deep in a basically empty condom. Presumably the condom I threw down the hallway last night. The same condom I used to fuck Arlene with last night. Everything about this photo appealed to my sexy receptacles in my brain. The photo had a caption that read "I borrowed your friends panties, and I told you I wanted to know what it tasted like.

" I was extremely aroused at the sight of my own mother. My deformed, legless mother. I had to respond to her. I had to tell her how weird, unmotherly, and cool as fuck that gesture was. I typed out two different responses and then deleted them. I either sounded too excited, or judgmental. I calmed myself a bit then finally just texted her "wow…wow…wow… how did it taste?" I stared at the screen of the phone until I got her reply "Not bad, it took me hours to finally do it.

I bet it is better fresh. I don't think the taste will be a problem for me though." My dick was iron, and mildly sore. It had a workout in the last 24 hours and now he's screaming for release again. I texted mom "you like wearing other girl's panties?" My mother replied "Meh, you and men like this kind. This is all I have until my orders come in tomorrow. I ordered all kinds of new sexy stuff. I'm going to go take a nap. See you after lunch." That was odd. My mother isn't usually the mid-morning napper.

I continued to relax in the tub until my shaft softened and I was convinced I could act normal considering the circumstances. I dressed in some basketball shorts knowing I would have a couple league games tonight. I played one team game online before lunch just to get my mind off my crazy mother.

A bit after noon I went down to grab a bite to eat. I hadn't heard from my mom yet which normally would be odd, but I thought I better check on her given her newly strange behavior. As I approached her door I heard something odd. It was definitely my mom but she was making bizarre noises and it sounded like she was hocking loogies. I put my ear to the door and it sounded like she was choking followed by a distinct throat clearing and an intentional spit.

Fearing she may be ill I tapped on the door and spoke "mom are you okay?" Mom didn't hesitate to reply "I'm fine baby… It took me a couple hours, but I finally got it." I was confused as to what she was talking about and said, "what do you mean?" I heard her say from inside the room "I'll have to text it to you if you really want to know." I knew that it had to have been inappropriate for her to respond that way.

Perhaps she had a partner in there and I was interrupting. I certainly didn't want to mess that up. I responded "Umm…okay… just checking on you" as I walked to the living room of the house.

After a couple minutes my phone dinged with a message from mom. I opened the message to another mind-blowing photograph. It was a picture of my mom's face. Her face was in distress, the little make up she had worn was smeared down her face. Moms face was red, and her eyes were bloodshot. Smashed to her lips were the balls of Arlene's dildo from last night. I had forgotten that she told me it was missing. The shaft of the dong was in my mom's mouth all the way. The caption of the photo read "It took some serious effort, but I can DEEPTHROAT." My heart was racing and pumping blood straight to my cock.

It grabbed it through my shorts and massaged it gently while staring at my mother forcing herself onto a dildo that was plunged in some slut's pussy the night before. I couldn't respond, I couldn't text her back.

I just had to stare for minutes until I got another message from her. "My throat is a bit sore, but I can do it." I knew I had to respond to her and I was full of lust. I blocked out my inappropriate thoughts and tried to say something casual. That completely failed when I sent "All you need now is a thick load of cum as a reward for your efforts." I knew I shouldn't have said that, but I was lusting.

I wanted to encourage her. I wanted to help turn my mom into a slut. I was actively encouraging it and I knew it. My phone dinged, hoping my mother wanted to play along. Mom's message read "Could you jack off right now if you wanted to?" Almost laughably I answered "Of course, I can always do that, why?" I was hoping she had a deviant plan in mind by asking this. I got a message from her that said, "Would you do me a weird favor real fast and not think too much about it?" I liked the way this was going.

I didn't want to ruin the new, fresh, and bizarre relationship I had developed with my mom. I wanted to keep playing this game and have a little fun with it in the process. "Sure, need another full condom? I don't have any" I said expecting this to be the direction she was implying. I heard her bedroom door open down the hall, then a moment later shut. I didn't see her come into the main room, so I wondered if she was going to come out here but then changing her mind.

I got a message from mom that read "Don't think about it, just go jack off on the toy on my door. Knock when you're finished." What? She wanted me to just go to her door and jack off on the toy? I had to see this. I stood up and walked down the hallway and was comically surprised that Arlene's dildo was suctioned to the door of my mom's room facing into the hallway.

I wanted to laugh at the weirdness of this idea and I just stood there looking at it pondering if Young teens fuck hard seducing my stepallys son could do that or not. I stepped to the dong and it was damn near my exact waist height. Without the lower half of her legs it is basically eye lever to my mother when she stands. I continued to massage my dick through my shorts but it was barely staying awake. I am all about kinky stuff but jacking off on a rubber dick seemed a bit gay and it wasn't exactly my kind of kink.

My phone dinged alerting me I got another message from my mom. "Are you doing it?" it said. I responded, "I don't know if I can, seems kinda gay to jack off on a dick ya know?" I was sad that the mood and excitement was declining but I didn't know if I was all that comfortable fulfilling this request. Mom responded "please baby just do it. I have something that might help." The door to moms room opened up just a little bit and her arm reached out of the room. I didn't see anything but her arm.

She reached out to feel the dong on the door and draped her thong on the shaft. I say hers, but they were originally Arlene's. The door closed again and I thought about my situation. My mother just presented me a pair of her panties in hopes that I will jack off on a fake dick that she stole from a slut Big black shaft for a raunchy bint cumshots and big tits fucked last night. I don't know how I got into this situation, but I dig it.

I dropped my shorts just far enough to pull out my dick and I started stroking. I grabbed the panties and realized they were soaked. Mom must have been excited about this new lifestyle. I slowly built up a rhythm and focused on the task at hand. As I did, I heard slow moans coming from the other side of the door. Very faintly I heard the unmistakable slopping sound of a woman playing with her pussy.

The thought of my mom on the other side of the door waiting for me to cum really fueled my eagerness to cum. "Cum for me baby" I heard my mom say in a low tone on the other side of the door. I let out an audible groan of appreciation. Mom must have heard how much I liked the encouragement, so she continued to fuel my activities audibly. "Cum giant oiled up boobs giving tit fuck pornstars me please, I need that cock juice." She said a bit louder.

Her voice was labored, and I could tell she was really playing with herself vigorously. "I want to eat it, I want to eat it all the time. I want it more than anything." She said very labored and much louder. I heard mom moan and groan and scream a muffled scream no doubt she was having an pool luscious babe takes finger in vagina. As she did, I blasted cum all over the shaft of the dong and across the door.

Cum glanced off the door onto the carpet. I drenched the dong but more than half of it just made a mess elsewhere. It wasn't the most satisfying orgasm ever, but the kinkiness of my new mom on the other side of the door made the kinkiness level through the roof. I pulled up my shorts to cover my dick and knocked on the door to signal to mom I had done as she asked.

The moment I knocked, the door swung inward to her room. She was standing there with her tiny tank top and tiny skirt. She didn't even look at me as she pushed the door completely open and against the wall on the inside of her room. The distinct odor of sex waved out of her room confirming her prior actions. Without even caring that I was there, Mom put her mouth around the dong and started sucking vigorously.

After only a few seconds she braced herself and sank the dong into her throat a bit more on each bob. Finally, she was able to sink the full six inches into her throat at her lips bottomed out on the balls. Mom held that position for about fifteen seconds before she had a small gag and pulled off the rubber valise.

Without wasting a second, mom lifted the dick with her three-fingered hand and started slurping my cum that had leaked onto the balls of the toy after they were satisfactory clean to her, mom plopped the dick off the door. Mom grabbed the door handle and started closing the door. Just before the door closed, mom looked me straight in my dumbfounded face and gave me a provocative wink before the door shut.

I walked out to the living room and collapsed on the couch. My mind was moving in a hundred different directions. I slowly drifted off to a nap. I woke up around 2:30pm and there was no sign of my mother. I went up to my room to game for a bit before tonight's basketball games. After a couple hours I headed into town to play basketball.

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My mind was a bit distracted during the games and I played like shit. We lost both games really bad and I was mostly to blame. Knowing what had been taken place with my mother over the past few days had really gobbled up my brain I think. On my drive home I got a text from mom asking me to let her know when the games were over.

I informed her that I was already headed back because the games ended sooner than expected. Quickly mom replied "thank you for what you did earlier. I really do appreciate your help." I wasn't sure if I was actually helping her with anything, but I did like her new active lifestyle even if it was uncomfortable at times. She was finally doing something other than moping and drinking. I responded to her "of course mom, I will do anything for you, even if it was a tiny bit gay, lol." I wasn't sure if she would find that funny, but I sure did.

Mom replied, "as long as we don't touch EVER, could we maybe do some more stuff like that if it doesn't involve you cumming on another cock lol." I was rather thankful that mom drew a line in the sand on this.

I had wondered how far this could go and potentially have really bad consequences. I sent her "sure, it's not hurting anything and it's kinky… but you touched my goo earlier, already broke your rule lol." Mom responded very fast "I didn't touch you, once it's out of your dick it's not attached and that is not breaking any rules.

Besides, I was better fresher like that. I really need a full fresh load to see if I can handle it." I was eagerly excited that mom wanted more cum. It is one of my greatest turn-on's and attractive czech chick was seduced in the supermarket and penetrated in pov was really putting in the effort to be a real slut and it is fucking awesome.

As I pulled into our long driveway I realized that I could set the stage for the next encounter. Perhaps their was a better way to get off than nutting on her dong. Don't get me wrong, that was really fucking kinky, but the options just opened for me. Before I pulled up to the house I sent mom a text saying "Im pulling up to the house, I could probably muster up another load soon if you want, but a full load will not stay on that dong so you will need to get creative." I hope she doesn't disappoint.

I walked into the house and mom was laying there on the couch in her bath robe. I was a bit sad to see her so covered up after being pleased to see her in my personal favorite style slutty clothing the past couple days. Mom greeted me verbally and we made little small talk about the game as if nothing between us had changed.

I believe we had an unspoken agreement regarding our extracurricular conversations that must be done silently through text. I put all my stuff away and told mom I was heading for the shower. I started the water and took off my clothes when my phone dinged.

I had a message from mom that said "I am so cum hungry. Is it normal to crave it so much? Hurry up with your shower and FEED ME!!!!" My dick lurched to attention and a wicked smile crossed my face.

I helped create a monster&hellip.a cum monster. I snapped a photo of my hard cock in my hand and sent the photo to my mom with the caption "after my shower he will feed mommy." Three days ago I would have barfed at the idea of doing sexual things with my mom.

Now, I think the whole thing is kinky as fuck and I'm enjoying myself. I jumped in the shower and washed the sweat off quickly. I would be lying if I didn't say I was anxious.

After my shower I threw on my robe. I figured I would wear the same thing mom has on and play a little game. I knew my dick was hard but I intended on acting as if I couldn't notice it. I grabbed my phone which had dinged a few times while I was in the shower. I had two messages from mom that said "mommy's throat is still sore from earlier, she needs a hot load of man juice to sooth the burn" and the other read "don't waste any time… give me that cum baby!" I couldn't even stand it any longer and I almost scrambled down the stairs to the living room.

I had a ton of enthusiasm when I got there, but actually seeing my mom crippled my forwardness. I couldn't explain it, I was rock hard and I wanted to do as she asked, but I have zero confidence face to face with her. I fear our silent relationship will be silent forever. Mom greeted me with an eager smile and forced small talk again. We briefly talked about the show she was watching as I plopped down on the couch in my usual spot.

We sat for about a minute watching some silly show as I pondered what my next move will be. Mom picked up her phone and as expected I got a message from her seconds later. The message read "I really need it. There is a shot glass on the table next to you. Fill it up please and thank you." I looked to my right and mom had indeed put a shot glass next to where I was seated.

My dick lurched again and for only a split-second mom's eyes darted my way for only the briefest moments Mom was laying on her side with her booty and legs facing me. I couldn't see anything beyond her thick robe that covered her completely. I was hard, full of lust, and I was going to cum in this glass that I knew my slutty little disfigured mother was going to drink.

I was very satisfied with my current life events. I got another message from mom that said "Im gonna lay down facing away from you. Do it right there. I wont peak I promise, I just want a full load fresh. Also, I might be able to motivate you." As I read that text my mom gingerly scooted further down into the couch and layed her chin on the pillow facing away from me.

As she slid downward, her robe rode up further and further, but it did not expose anything. My mother lifted her upper body from her pillow asian beauty loves to squirt on him I could tell she was pulling her robe open towards the other direction.

She held out rachel steele mom and son creampie phone and appeared to take a selfie. My mom just took a selfie of boobs 10 feet away from me facing the other direction as if I wasn't even here.

I was dying to see those big saggy tits and as expected, I couldn't open my phone fast enough when I heard that familiar ding. I was greeted by a magnificent pair of loose, stretch marked, saggy, titties.

They were flawed by most men's standards, but I thought they were the sexiest pair of tits I ever saw. The caption of the photo read "I used to feed you with these, now feed me with yours." I wasted no time flinging my robe open and grabbing by iron shaft. I switched my glances from my mother to the photo several times as I started slow stroking my shaft.

Mom must have heard me as she started gyrating her hips a little as I got into a rhythm. Not more than 30 seconds into my stroking mom reached back with her hands and grabbed the bottom of her robe.

Her gyrating was continuously increasing. Mom pulled up the robe to expose me to the most wonderful sight. Mom was gyrating on the rubber dong from earlier.

It had been in her pussy this whole time and I had no clue. Mom gyrated faster and faster until she pulled it out too far and the dong slipped out of her hole followed by a trail of slime. Mom was horny as fuck. She propped her rear up in the air with her nubs supporting her back half. Mom reached between her legs from underneath and grabbed the dong with her three-fingered hand. She placed the head at the entrance of her hole and lowered her lower half onto it. Mom started bouncing her butt up and down shamelessly fucking the toy right in front of me while moaning in the process.

I couldn't take anymore I knew I only had two pumps before I exploded everywhere. I released my cock and fought the urge to stroke it to completion. I just had to watch my mother finish. She must have heard me slutty stunner gets sperm shot on her face sucking all the jizm because she spoke to me. Without slowing her motions at all mom said with a weak voice "don't stop, cum for me baby, cum for mommy." I couldn't take anymore.

I grabbed my cock, gave it a half stroke and the dam broke. I stuck the shot glass over the head of my dick and pointed it downward. I blasted pump after pump of hot megumi shino gets delighted in a threesome into the glass.

A bunch of it splashed out of it all over my hand but the heavier thicker cum was collected to the brim of the glass. I should have known this glass wouldn't have been big enough. My orgasm may have finished, but mom was still working on hers. Without slowing her humping of the dildo mom reached her hand out and shouted, "give it to me." True to her word, she never looked back.

I shuffled over to my mothers outstretched hand and placed a slimy glass of cum in it. She took the glass from me and lifter her upper body up. Without a second thought, mom put the glass to her mouth and poured the shot into her mouth. She slurped the glass to ensure it was completely empty before swallowing a full mouth if my cum.

Immediately after the cum passed her throat mom started screaming and shaking. She was cumming hard, really really hard. I stood there frozen as I watched my mother have a loud shaking orgasm right next to me.

She eventually reduced herself to a still motion with heavy panting. I slowly stepped away as she finished and collapsed onto the couch. Mom eventually collapsed face down on the couch and rested. Her ass was still up in the air with the head of the dildo inside her. After several minutes mom moved her ass up higher and I watched the dildo slip from her slit and fall over.

The toy was followed by a small stream of liquid that poured from her. I sat frozen, unable to speak and unable to move as I watched moms breathing return to normal. Eventually mom carefully stood up, collected her robe and went back towards her room, leaving the dildo behind on the couch. Less than a minute later I got a text from mom.

The message read "thank you so much baby it was delicious. I want MORE MORE MORE&hellip. Anytime you want to empty your balls, please give it to me and don't waste it." I was so relaxed at the moment that I just lazily replied "Anytime?" I was very tired, and I was fighting sleep when my phone dinged again.

Mom texted me "ANYTIME! Day or night, Anytime, anywhere, anyway, I want it always. My mouth is watering waiting for my next load." I smiled as I drifted off for a nap.

I woke up from the couch around midnight. I was shocked that I slept in a seated position for that long. It was dark in the house so I started reaching around me looking for my phone when I felt something between my legs that was odd. I reached over to the lamp on the nearby table and turned it on. Strangely, the dildo was nestled between my legs. It was leaned up against my crotch as if it was propped there right by my real dick.

I chuckled a little thinking mom was just messing around with me. I found my phone between the couch cushions next to me. I had three new messages. Two from mom and One from Arlene.

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I had almost forgot about Arlene since mom started her new badass behavior. Arlene's text said "hey stud, my pussy is sore from the pounding you gave me. Thank you so much. Do you think momma can come by again soon?" I thought it was ironic that she used the word momma knowing my actual momma helped me nut twice already today. I replied to Arlene "Soon, A for effort." I must have still had sleep in my eyes when I opened the texts from mom.

The first message was a photo and it took me far to long to truly see what I was looking at. It was a photo of mom with her eyes closed holding out her tongue with her mouth wide open. In front of her face was the head of the dildo she had left on my lap. After staring at the picture for far too long I realized my legs were on the edge of the frame. Mom mom and son hotel badtoom placed the dildo in my lap and posed for a selfie in the typical "facial" pose you see all over the internet.

I know I had came twice today, but this image brought my sleeping dick back to life. I was not going to have any difficulty keeping my dick hard, but I do think I am going to run out of nut juice soon. The second text from my mom read "As long as we don't touch, you can cum on me whenever you want.

I would really LOVE it if you came into my room while I was sleeping and coat my face…" My mother is fucking awesome. I didn't need a second request to oblige. I scurried down the hallway to my mother's door which was conveniently left half open. Her television was on and it lit up her room although the volume was very low. I felt like a real creep as I shuffled my way towards the bed but in the back of my mind I knew mom wanted this.

As I walked through her room I saw that she was watching a porno on the television. I didn't think she would own a porn, so it must be some pay per view she rented. I quietly tip toed next to her exposed head at the headboard. She was sleeping on her side with the blankets all the way up to her nose.

As I towered above her I guided my dick out from the robe and started stroking. As I stared at her face thinking about the craziness of the situation she started to move a little. The blanket slowly pulled down past her face to her neck and she rolled over to allow herself to be facing upward. I froze momentarily watching to confirm her eyes were still closed. As I stared, I saw a black smudge on her cheek.

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I bent down a little to see what it was and saw a smeared image she written on her cheek. It looked like she wrote "CUM HERE" with an arrow pointing towards her mouth.

The lettering was smeared quite a bit, but Pretty amateur brunette babe gets banged and cum facialed pornstars and hardcore got the hint. Mom knew I liked the body writing, and I knew she did this just for me. I amped up my jerking efforts. I glanced at the tv and watched a middle-aged woman taking a huge facial at that moment.

I knew I was about to do the same to my mother. I was close, I mean real close. Here it was, I was about to cum on my sleeping mother. I looked down to aim my cock. Mom's eyes were closed, but her mouth was wide open with her tongue hanging out. She wasn't sleeping, but she also wasn't peeking. I bent my knees to get my dick about six inches from her awaiting mouth when the first blast came flying out.

I jerked and pumped blast after blast into her mouth and across her cheek. One small squirt landed across her nose. The last few drops that remained on my head dribbled onto her shoulder. I gasped for air after I finished and stared intently as my mother closed her mouth and easily swallowed a full mouth of seed. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out briefly as to demonstrate how easily she swallowed it.

She moved slightly which caused me to freeze. She bought her hand to her face and scraped the cum from her nose and cheek into her mouth. She swallowed again and displayed a huge smile for me. She maintained her closed eyes and turned her body and pulled up the blanket to resume her original sleeping position. I stumbled out of her dark room and went to my own. The moment I sat down at my computer my phone dinged. I had a message from mom that read "thank you baby, that was the best thing ever.

I have some special things being delivered tomorrow that I think you might enjoy. Goodnight sweetie." A huge smile crossed my face as I pondered my life's new direction. I didn't know what mom had planned for tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to find out.

End of Chapter 1