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Slutty babe lexi lore tight pussy gets stuffed for a ride
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Trail Lodge awakening…Pt 2. The shower was hot and the needles of water dug deep into my charcoal covered arms and cock, washing away the dirt and freshening up my body, helped in part by the shower gel 'guaranteed to attract women' that I had been using since fourteen, in the vain hope. All showered, and towelled down, I too left the bathroom and glanced down the corridor towards the main room of the cabin, past both my sister's room and my mother's room.

All was quiet down there, so I how-to young brunette girl teaches using a banana tube porn back to my room to dress for dinner, choosing more shorts and a loggers shirt. When I arrived outdoors to check on the state of play with the barbeque, I found Sami and my mom already waiting. Neither had even touched the barbeque, their reasoning being that with dad away, that it was my duty to care for the barbeque: women do kitchen cooking, men do garden cooking.

It should come as no surprise then really why so many people get ill eating outdoors in summer when the part-timers take over. The embers were white hot as I spread them out, seated the grills, and placed the peppered steaks out to cook, turning them often to prevent them burning whilst cooking well. The food prepared, we all sat down to eat on the benches around the alfresco kitchen.

Leaning back against the stone wall, I looked over my new kingdom and over to my mom and sis. They too were sat eating silently looking around the cabin area towards the woodland and down to the creek and lake path.

Both were still simply dressed in summer frocks, the night oppressively hot and close and clammy. The problem with the night was in flight around our heads, in flight only when not feeding on our blood.

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Mosquitos whined, but thankfully didn't pester too much as the citronella lamps drove them away from our food and us. After dinner, we moved inside the cabin and chose a game of cards to while away the hours until bedtime.

We sat in a loose trianguler circle, all facing each other and proceeded to play. To my right was Sami, her legs cwh brooke and vikki twin sisters11 in front of her, her skirt firmly pushed down between her spread thighs. On my left, mom, more casual in her stance, sitting side saddle on the floor, less conscious of her exposed upper thighs when she moved. Thus it was that I found much of my attention being diverted to my left side, justifiably so as I was passing my discards to my mom from my hand and had to be aware of what she was collecting.

Each time she leaned forward to pick a card from the pack, her dress fell open at the top, revealing her smooth milky skin, a runway between her hanging breasts drawing my gaze repeatedly. As the game progressed, my mother seemed to take longer to decide which card to take, the discard or a blind card, and all the while she was leaning forward, bearing her upper breast to my view.

I watched my sister in similar situations, but her dress was not so loose as to present such a wonderous view. After two games, mom called a halt to proceedings and declared a hot chocolate break before we retired to bed.

As she rose to make our night-cap, her folded legs, bereft of their circulation, failed her at a critical moment and she tumbled forward onto me, grasping for my shoulder and hopelessly missing, her hand landing squarely below my shoulder in my seated crotch. It must be an automatic female response to grasp a cock when it is place in your palm, and that very response shocked both my mother and me for different reasons. Mother was surprised at missing my shoulder and at grasping my hard cock through my shorts.

I was surprised because she didn't immediately let go, but did a quick double squeeze before looking me czech streets jana full story the eye with a stare of wonderment before releasing her grasp and standing back up. Sami seemed oblivious to the contact scene that had just taken place, and just showed concern for mom, before realising that she was in fact fine, very fine indeed.

As the chocolate was drunk down, Sami stated her intention to retire to bed, and wafted away down the corridor to her room, next to mine, leaving mom and me sitting on the floor, her back against the sofa, mine against the opposite chair.

We finished our drinks and I was just about to get up to leave when mom started to cry quietly. "I am sorry John, this has nothing to do with you, but you are now in the middle of this. Your dad did something bad and I need to think things over. But maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to send him away." I listened as she continued on about her misgivings and worries for our futures as a family. In my turn, I revealed my knowledge of why my dad was not here now, the knowledge of what I had heard outside when I returned from the creek ahead of Sami.

Mom was so angry with herself for not being there for dad, when he needed her, hence his badly chosen surrogate when masturbating, and his carelessness in getting caught. "Mom, it isn't your fault. You are beautiful, and Sami is just your double, except for a few years between you.

Maybe you should take it as a sort of compliment that dad chose someone who looks just like you to fixate his lust upon, althoug I undertand your obvious objection about it being Sami." Her sobbing continued and she drew her legs up to her chest and rested her chin on her knees, looking across at me. For my part, I looked back beauty brunette teen masturbates pussy on webcam her, and tried to be supportive towards her in all the points I was trying to make, without telling her of my own spying, or making it obvious that right now I was looking straight at her own tight gusset on her panties.

These were a sheer black material with a lace edging that I am sure should have been worn to please my dad. There in the light of the cabin I coudl clearly make out the pussy of my mom through the material of her panties.

Her lips were clear to see, the folds and glisten of her wetness beckoning my eyes to watch.

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Damn, I was staring. I looked up realising that maybe I was caught, and confirmed my fears when my own eyes met my moms. She raised her eyebrows.

"Having fun there looking your mom up and down?" I was lost for words and felt the blood rush to my head, knowing that any second every pint in my body would fight to explode from my ears. The burning sensation of such a deep blush boiled the blood already there and turned me more scarlet than I would have believed possible. A ringing in my ears was replaced with laughter, my mom's laughter at that.

As the red haze subsided and my vision returned, I looked at my mom sniggering at my discomfort, yet she still sat there with her legs drawn up and her happy face resting atop her knees. There was confusion aplenty as I tried to place what was happening into the neat little stacks of logic in my head. Had I just been scolded, or chided?

The laughter seemed to point to jest and happines on my mom's part.

"By, but you are plucked straight from your father's vine my lad, all barring the size of the fruit." More confusion then mom laughed again, and her left hand uncoiled from around her knees and a pointed finger indicated my own crotch. Oh dear, my uncontrolled teen hormones had raged by themselves again whilst I was admiring my moms labia.

There in my shorts was a raging hard cock, straining to be free and rampant. I could almost feel my blush returning as I looked down at my tented shorts. "Yes, barring the size of that, you are definitely from your fathers loins, peeking on your mother." "I, I, I don't know." my mom stopped me there with a wave of her hand. There followed some reassurance of my current predicament and thenceforth further intimate revelations about my parents sexual predelictions.

My mother was treating me as the man of the family now, laying foundations for a way forward in all our relationships. She moochied on over to my side, skittling on her bottom so I could still see her crotch clearly as she moved, the panties digging deeper into her pussy as she moved. She rested her forearm on my own knee, and then allowed her hand to casually drop until her fingertips were in contact with my shorts, at the apex on my little teepee. She stared into my eyes as her fingers began a slow circular dance about the tip of my penis.

I could feel the warmth of her fingertips throught he thin material, and became aware of smoothness in her rubbing. I glanced down and saw a wet patch at the tip of my cock, soaking through my shorts as my mom massaged the pre-cum around my straining cock.

My cock twiched even more as she stroked and squeezed the tip between her fingers and thumb.

For my own part, I looked down her frock at her breasts, admiring their pert firmness, before sliding my own hand across the floor to intercept the thin material poorly protecting her vanity. As my fingers reached the sheer material of her own panties, I felt my mom twitched and gasp slightly in shock, but no admonishment any more. I brushed the back of my finger slowly up her gusset, eating cock and fucking with hairy pussy the heat of her pussy and the wetness of her pleasure.

Sliding along the groove in her panties, I eached a point of obvious pleasure, her clitoris, confirmed by a lsight whimper from her lips, her closed eyes, bowed head and increased momentary pressure on my cock from her fingers. I then gently rubbed my fingers back and forth along this wet gusset, teasing my mom's pussy with all my teenage wiles. For her part, she withdrew her hand from the tip of my cock and slid her whole hand into the loose leg of my shorts, seeking out the whole shaft of my manhood to lay claim to.

She made short shrift of manhandling my cock into a position she wanted and then proceeded to gently rub the whole shaft back and forth. Never in my life had I managed such wanking aptitude on my own cock, and here was my own mother about to teach my a lot. "We need to lose the shorts boy, I'll go check on Sami whilst you do." Said mom, quickly moving to the corridor and down to Sami's room to check on her. As soon as mom returned and nodded I stood and dropped my short, stepping from them, sporting my hard cock, all seven firm inches thick and leaking excitement.My mom stepped over, reached down to grasp my cock and looked up into my eyes, leaning forward and into me, opening her mouth for a kiss, which I promptly provided.

Here was my own beautiful mom, beautiful in her nakedness, handy in her penile aptitude and now full on kissing me on the lips. The kissing was intense, an affirmation that this was not just sex, no kissing for just sex.

No tongues just for sex, this was a hot passionate exchange of desire, hot wet lips, searching tongues and quiet moaning. As my mom began to rub mu cock up and down, and my hips thrust to meet her hand movement, I pulled her tightly to me, and then unfastened the buttons at the back of her frock. She paused adminstering to my cock as she allowed me to raise the frock over her head, leaving her standing there in only her panties; a sight of beauty to my teenage eyes. Again she reached out to hold my cock as I stood tansfixed admiring her white smooth flawless skin.

Again my mom managed to take me by surprise, squating down in front of me; breathing deeply onto my throbbing penis, she rolled back the foreskin to reveal my glans and calmly placed it upon her extended tongue. Sliding my cock into her mouth along the runway of her tongue, she the closed her lips down upon the very root of my cock, the whole seven inch rod deeply in her fantastic oriental titty fuck stockings and japanese. I looked down amazed at the disappearance of my cock into my mom's mouth just as she started to bob her head back and forth, gently sucking and teasing my cock with her tongue.

I rocked back and forth in no small amout of ecstacy, lacing my hands on my mom's head just to steady myself. This was so hot, so wrong and so damn nearly making me shoot my load.

I began to lose control then as my mom reached up and took my balls gently between her fingers and began to knead them like play-doh.

"Oh god mom, I think I am gonna cum. please." My mom responded by taking my cock to the back of her throat and reaching between my legs to pull my ass forward to her face.

I closed my eyes and felt my whole body shiver as my cock began to unload its teenage load; a full load of thick fetile man seed filled my mother's mouth. Mom sucked hard and swallowed the lot, looking up to me with smiling eyes as I looked down in wonderment. Mom, removed her mouth from my cock, still stiff, but not quite as rigid as previously, and proceeded to lick the remainder of my creamy cum clear as it oozed from the tip of my cock.

A movement caught my eye away behind mom, towards the corridor, and there I was in time to see Sami retreat into the shadows. How much had she seen, and did she know I had seen her? I looked down at mom as she stood up, smiling at me. Again she offered her mouth to me; again I took the offer and kissed her.

We embraced a while before mom stated it was time for us to go to bed and contemplate tonight's evolution in our relationship. Tomorrow would be a whole new day, and she wanted me strong for her and our family.