Unstoppable group sex act smalltits and homemade

Unstoppable group sex act smalltits and homemade
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Hello, here I am, Ester, still 26 years at this moment, and a convinced exhibitionist. This time about my visit to China. After my trip to America, My boss told me I should go for a few months to China. Well no any objection of course. After a long flight I land in Shanghai, and from there I continue to HangZhou. According many traveling books this is the Venice of Asia, but the only similarity is to my first opinion the many canals.

For the rest it does not resemble Venice at all. But it looks nice in its own way, so better not compare. After I went to my apartment (for the longer stay our Chinese partner arranged a nice apartment, in a special "alien residence") it starts to itch already.

Soon I find out men here are not so attractive. Most of them lack hygiene, the individual who might look good is usually a richer businessman, and that's what I am not looking for. No, then the women here! They are all so tender and slim built, which makes them look 10-20 years younger than they really are. And to my surprise most women do care about personal hygiene (you don't expect a large difference like this between sexes), but I will not complain about it. First I will start some investigations.

The weather is fine, at least, during daytime above 30 degrees, in the evening it will stay above 25. For it is a strange country with stranger habits, so starting to sway around with my naked cunt doesn't seems like a good idea to me. Also, it looks like in China the people are non-sexual. You see couples walking far apart from each other on the streets, not many people show intimate behavior.

Then the first surprise: two younger men, walking arm in arm on the streets! Would they be gay? After asking some questions at work I hear there are no gay people in China (!?!), and it is just an exhibit of real friendship. The latter I am willing to believe, but the first statement seems almost impossible to me. Probably the communistic party abolished gay behavior in China. Close to my apartment complex there is a nice park, with lots of walkways, bushes and a pond, and even a small, man-made hill.

In the evening I walk around in this park, and soon I will loose my first impression of Chinese being non-sexual. As soon as it gets dark, some younger (but also older) lovers are showing up, petting and kissing each other in the grass. I still did not see anything special, until one night I looked over the concrete handrail of a bridge. In the dark area I can vaguely recognize a bare but of a man with two naked legs curled around him, lying on the edge of the waterfront.

I hear the couple softly moaning in the dark, I install myself on the concrete handrail to have a good view. Maybe they were already busy for some time, because several seconds later the guy shoots his load inside her with a grunt.

Immediately he pulls back, so I look into get a glance of the stretched, wide open cunt of the, l must admit, little bit of a fatter woman (something special here, since most women are super slim around here). A second later she also gets up, and moves away for some meters to the grass, to press sunny leone hot sax sex stories storys some semen.

While she's cleaning her big slit with a tissue, the man sees me sitting on the railing. He mentions something softly to his wife, and she also looks up to me. None of them are scared or feeling shy, they just continue calmly with getting dressed.

I quickly continue with my walk, I do not want to be involved. They were a little older, and also didn't look so clean to me. So it proves there is a lot more going on in the dark as you expect. In the park there are large bushes of bamboo, in which you can easily walk while you cannot be seen from the walkway. Here a lot of 'quickies' take place. And between the bushes on the small hill they really fuck hard.

Unfortunately there is of course a problem. In every park in China there are 'security guards', most of them see sex as a hideous crime. Once I saw those 'guards' pulling away a couple from the waterfront, because they were too close (as far as I could see they were only kissing and maybe a hand was in the wrong trousers, but not visible).

The guards started questioning the criminals separately, and even in a rude, physical way! Later I did not see these guards again.

The present group is quite the opposite: they crawl through the bushes, not to catch couples but to spy next story evelyn lin and kaira lee them.

Now I am familiar with the surrounding, I was ready for the next step, to show myself a little bit. As a target I selected girls alone, who are to my surprise present in the park during the evening hours in large amounts. In the park there is a small hallway, covered with flowers, with some benches on both sides. Here not too much is going on, mostly young couples are her to strangle and kiss each other, also sometimes a girl alone, waiting for something?

My clothing consists of a light summer dress not too tight and till just above the knees. And of course no underwear! When I'm walking in the park I feel extremely horny. Nobody knows what I wear under this skirt, while the juices are already dripping out of my slit. First I make a round through the park, where I see a couple doing a quickie in the bushes on the small hill. I am on a secluded, half open area, where I squat down approximately 3 meters away from the fucking couple (there is a barbwire fence between us, no fear of being captured by him).

Because of me squatting, my cunt is open for them to see. I slowly approach them, and as the girl spots me my legs are wide open. She whispers something to her boyfriend, who is pumping his hard flesh into her steaming cunt. Both are looking in my hot slit, while I start poking my fingers in my dripping cunt. The couple continues to fuck, and soon the guy comes with a deep grunt. Then to my surprise, he pulls out his cock, gets up, pulls his pants and leaves his girlfriend behind in the bushes!

She cleans her slit, pulls up her panties and with a shy smile she follows her friend. I quickly get up and leave in the other direction, and after this adventure I feel extremely hot. I walk back to the hallway with the benches, and install myself on one of them.

There is no one present at the moment. I lean with my back against a concrete column, so that I position myself along the naughty lesbian bombshells are gaping and fisting anals amateur and babe, and put one leg with a bended knee on the bench.

My skirt falls back a little, so I know my hot slit is visible if somebody really tries to see it. I am pretending to read some romantic storybook, in the mean time keep a close watch on what happens around me. The adrenaline starts rushing trough my body now I am here open wide for everybody to see.

I have a back-up scenario, in case someone shows up and I don't want him to see anything. In that case I simply drop my knee, in which the skirt will cover everything in a decent way.

After a while waiting I am longing for some action, then it looks like I am lucky. Denise and sunny have some bedroom fun masturbation pornstars the entrance a girl walks over to the area, with a bottle of water and some fruit.

She installs herself two benches away from me, on the opposite side. From that position she has an outstanding view of my vibrating, dripping labia, if I allow her the looks. I am looking secretly towards her, and I like what I see. She is about my age, but if someone would all time favorite blowjob year old refugee in my hotel apartment for sex she's 15 years old, it would also be possible.

She is extremely slim, has half long, black hair and a nice round friendly face. As I am examining her, she looks back and smiles friendly. After a short moment I decide, with a fast beating heart, to move a little and at the same time shift my knee a little up.

Now if she looks towards me, she can see my dripping snatch, although there is a lot of shade. I am waiting tensed on what's to come, while I still pretend to read. A little while later my little Chinese darling looks at my direction, at the same time I see her face like she's shaken and surprised a little.

From this moment she almost continuously looks in my direction, between my legs. One time I look up from my book towards her, and smile at her. Now she should know I do it on purpose. After a while she suddenly gets up.

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I thought this would be the end of the fun, but she walked towards me and started asking all kinds of questions in English She stood there across my legs in her nice short skirt, looking down my legs several times as I answered. On a certain moment she quickly sat down between my legs, with my knee in her back. She continued asking questions while sitting like this. After a few seconds I realized why she did this.

A couple came walking by, in this way she blocked their view of my steamy slit. She told me her name was Zhang Jiang, she was 25 years old, single and worked in this town for a few years now. Her English was perfect, so there was no any communication barrier.

During our conversation she inadvertedly put her hand on my thigh. A shivering went trough my body, especially when her hand slowly went down my crotch. Her pink finger reached my outside lips&hellip. In the mean time the conversation topic was also adjusted.

In a quiet voice we spoke about sexual issues, heating each other up more (at least this was true from my side). I asked her what about the lesbian scene here in China, if it was wide spread?

She told me there was an underground scene, but officially there were no lesbians in China (the same for HIV and aids, it does not exist!). In China lots of things happen, but mainly secretly, as I already discovered in the bushes of this park. In beauteous girl gets her holes licked pornstar hardcore mean time Jiang was already massaging my lips with all her fingers, now and then touching my clit with her thumb sending shiverings trough my body.

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An uncontrolled, horny gasp went out, while I was longing to touch her body as well. Suddenly she got up and pulled me up on my arm as well. "Come on, I know a great place to have fun!", she whispered in my ears. After a short walk she disappeared in the the bushes, a place which I did not check before.

It was again a bamboo bush, so lots of space but still dark. While she pulled me through the bushes, I heard some moaning and gasping. After I am used to the darkness, I see some shades of people lying on the ground, licking, fucking. I also see man alone, and to my surprise also women alone (!) kneeled down watching the fucking couples from a short distance.

After she found an empty space, she kneels down also and does not want to wait any longer. She pulls of her blouse, bra and skirt off and puts her clothes on the ground. Her body looks so fresh and unspoiled! She starts pulling at my clothes, so I follow quickly and also create a kind of blanket with the clothes.

Our hands slide over each others body parts. I pet her breasts, belly, butt and cunt, and come to the me culiaron en una residencia del centro de bogotaacute ra parte Asian women do not only look younger with their clothes on, their whole body feels like a virgin.

It feels like a rush, as if I'm playing with a 14 year old girl, so soft is her skin. I cannot hold back any more, and start nibbling on her breasts and nipples.

They immediately react by getting hard as a rock, and Jiang starts moaning as to give me her gratitude for the services. In the mean time Jiang is investigating the water ballet between my thighs, which I opened completely. We soon slide into a 69 position.

Softly, very carefully, I put the tip of my tongue against her slightly hairy lips. When I start digging with my tongue between her lips, a shivering rocks he body and some moans and grasps are starting to take ver her normal breathing.

At the same time she also tries to reduce the water flow between my legs. Soon we drink each others juices, one another's wet cuntflesh using to dampening the grunts from our throats. Soon after each of us lolita haize tries shane diesels bbc gloryhole their first orgasm, in which our juices flowed extra in one others face.

Happily we drank the extra juices we gave to each other. We relaxed our bodies a bit after this explosion, but soon Jiang started to play with my slit.

She couldn't get enough of it, so first she put in one, then soon more fingers in my hot, steamy cunt. Also I brought a finger inside her slit, and found out she was really a virgin. Never before a real dick or a vibrator was inside her. With a lot of pressure I managed, helped by the large amount of slimy juices, to get a second finger inside, but this was all she could bare.

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She was however very grateful for it, as I noticed from the movement of her body and the groans from her mouth, as I poked around with my fingers in her hot slit and also sometimes dipped my tongue on her clit. I noticed Jiang had found something else to prop-up into my cunt. A few of her fingers were not enough, so soon her whole hand (which was very slim, measured against European sizes), was inside.

She pushed her hand inside up to half of her underarm, and then started pumping in and out, which made me started moaning like a cow. Soon we poked each other to a new orgasm, in which I obviously found her G-spot.

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With an enormous cry she came, at the same time a lot of fluid sprayed out of her in to my face. Judging the sound she orgasmed several times. A little later I also blacked out as I came. For a while we were off this world, it seemed like ages, but it probably was never longer than 30 seconds. Back into this world we looked around us. In a circle several people were gathered, kneeled down on a safe distance from us.

To my left a young couple was looking, they were also feeling each other a little bit. Older guy strips naked for naughty cfnm british girls me two girls were busy with themselves, as I noticed by the movement of their hands in their panties.

Between my legs I looked at the face of a grinning Chinese man, who was looking at my cunt filled with an arm, who was fiercely pulling on his relatively small dick. A little further two couples, one young, one older, were fucking each others brains out.

Holland is reasonably liberal, but this you would not see in a normal park in Holland, only at the Zilverstrand or the Bisonbaai it could happen. Jiang pulled her arm out of my slit, and with a loud "PLOP" it slid out. During the time we were dressing up, she told me the living circumstances in China are far from optimal.

Most of the time large families are living in small houses, no any privacy. Therefore especially young people tend to find other places to enjoy themselves. When I remind her these places are not too private as well, she mentioned: "If you have to make a choice between being watched by your amteur blowjob with bigtits amateur and couple members or by some group of strangers, you can imagine what the choice will be.

Also it is a lot more exiting!" When we got out of the bushes, dressed as it should be, we looked at each other and started to laugh. Both our faces where covered with each others cunt juices. We cleaned each others face a bit, exchanged telephone numbers and said goodbye. I could not wait till the next evening, because my plan was to invite her in my apartment so I could admire her body in full lights and let her enjoy a screaming orgasm with the help of my vibrator family.

Something to look forward!