Teeny brunette fucks and sucks her boss

Teeny brunette fucks and sucks her boss
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I lived on the ground floor of an apartment block in the city with my dad and step-mom, who he married beautiful peach is flaunting her opened soft hole in close range years ago Dad was 42 and he'd managed to attract a 36yrs old divorcee, which impressed me.

He was a long distance lorry-driver and mom worked at a school as an administrative assistant, but like most of my friends, I was unemployed. However, I attended night school to learn about plumbing and plastering to help in finding a job or maybe even starting my own business.

I knew that my parents were very happy together when dad was at home, but his travels took him all over Europe and he was often away for days at a time. As the start of the school summer holidays drew near, dad asked me if I would mind going to stay with my Grandmother, mom's mother, because he and mom wanted to spend some quality personal time together. He had managed to book a holiday from his job at the same time as her holidays, which he often was unable to do. I really didn't mind because I liked my grandma a lot, and she lives in a lovely part of the country called the Yorkshire Dales.

Off I went to stay with grandma. Dad had told me that she would most likely have a few odd jobs that she would like me to do because she couldn't or didn't know how to. Granddad had always done the work on the house because he had run a small property maintenance business in the area.

He had shown me how to tackle small maintenance and repair tasks whenever I visited, but sadly, he died from pneumonia during a very bad winter. I had done a few small repair jobs already for Grandma's friends and neighbours in the nearby smallholdings already and was now repairing a fence around Grandma's garden when the familiar ache started and I knew I would have to deal with it straight away because I couldn't concentrate on anything else when it started.

I had rushed indoors and upstairs to the toilet as my cock started to get stiff again. Sitting on the toilet, I'd dropped my shorts and underpants and grasped my cock to stroke it. It had begun to get stiff more frequently, but I enjoyed masturbating to get rid of it. Finally, the result that I wanted so badly had come, and a thin jet of semen hit the paper that I had held in readiness. I had been so intent on what I was doing I didn't noticed that I hadn't closed the toilet door properly, and as I sighed happily, my head lifted, and my eyes widened, because my grandmother had been standing in the doorway watching me with a big grin on her face.

"Well that looked enjoyable, did it feel good?" I didn't have any choice; I had to admit that I had enjoyed it. She came into the toilet to kneel in front of me. I had tried to cover my now deflated cock, but she'd pushed my hand aside and taken hold of it. "It feels a lot nicer if somebody else masturbates you." Before I could reply, she had started to pull my cock up.

She did it very gently, holding it between a finger and thumb; she then bent her head to me and licked the end of my cock, which still had my juice on it. As she licked my cock, I felt it stir and a now familiar feeling of need started to black guy blonde girl xxx maximas errectis. Grandma also felt the stirring of my cock because she let go of it and stood up.

"There is a lot of pent-up energy lurking in there; I think we should go into my bedroom now." I started to pick up my trousers, but she told me to leave them there. In the bedroom, I was instructed to remove the rest of my clothes and then to take her blouse and bra' off. She said that being familiar with a woman's body; what you must and must not do and how to make certain that she would gain pleasure from that knowledge was very important if one wanted to have a good sex life.

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I did as asked and then she'd taken my hands and placed them on her soft breasts. They are not large, not small either, but my mum's are bigger and fatter and don't sag at all.

I know my dad likes them like that because he's always feeling them if he thinks I'm not looking. She told me how to feel her nipples and hold her breasts and suddenly she had two huge nipples when they had been small before.

"Suck them, Peter, suck them really gently, but get your lips round them and pull them, OH YES, again, do that again OOOHHhh, do it again AAhhh. Oh that was good Peter, thank you." She had reached down, held my now rigid cock, and commented that it had become a very useful tool. Instructing me to sit on the bed, she knelt, put her mouth round my cock, and unblock xnxx mom son sleeping me into her.

This time it wasn't a little drop of juice that came out of the end. What came out had burned along the whole length of my cock and it would have erupted into grandma's mouth, but she rapidly took her mouth away and several dollops of thick semen shot onto her face. She waited until I was done then said: "That was what you really needed, I'll clean this off while you go and dress. Then go and padlock the gate down the track; padlock the garden gate and the rear gate.

Then let the geese out of their pen because we do not want any interruptions today." "I know Mary would like to come and talk with us, but this is certainly not the time for a chat, she's a good friend, but right now I prefer to be alone with you, and from now on you call me Alice." "After that get yourself showered and put your bathrobe on, we'll have lunch then you can find out what I've got between my legs, I think you'll like it!" She sat opposite me at the table with her 'robe open so that her breasts showed and wobbled as she moved.

She asked me if I liked the sight of bare breasts and I had to admit that I did and that I had seen mom's on quite a few occasions because she kept forgetting that I was around on Saturday mornings. Alice smiled and asked me if I'd seen any of the local girls' tits, but I haven't and said so.

Taking a drink of tea, she came to my side of the table, knelt down, and put my cock into her mouth. It was incredible, my cock had started to make its presence felt while I was looking at her breasts so she had been able to get me into her mouth really easily, the heat from the tea she'd just swallowed made me want to grab her head and shove my cock down her throat, but of course I didn't.

"Did you like that? That is a little similar to how it will feel when you get your cock into my vagina, and you'll find out that I'm telling the truth tonight because you're going to fuck me, tonight and every night after that. I'm going to teach you how to handle a woman and I'll be the woman you'll be handling.

We are going to have a really good holiday!" After washing the dishes, she sat in an armchair with me standing in front of her. She held my cock and masturbated me until I was hard then she gently fondled my balls and cock until I could hardly think straight.

My mind was centred on my aching cock and the wonderful feelings that I was experiencing. "Get upstairs." I got.

She came into her bedroom and dropped her robe then opened a bedside cabinet drawer and removed a tube of cream and a vibrator! "Grandma, why do want a vib.?" "Call me Alice.

You're going to need to learn about a few things my love, and how to use one of these is one of them!" She climbed onto her bed, although it was hardly a climb because it was a divan bed, which meant it was low down.

Lying on her back, she pushed a pillow under her bottom then asked me to kneel at the foot end of the bed. As I did as she asked she bent her knees up beach babes have orgy with random guy opened her legs wide so that I was looking at her soft shaven sex. "There you are my love; that is what you've been dreaming of even if you didn't really know it. What do you think of it?" "It looks exciting, and I want to feel it but I'd worry that I might hurt it." "Worry not my pet, the reason your here now is so that you can learn how to pleasure such a treasure." For the next half an hour she pulled her sex open and pointed to various parts of its inner bits and then asked me to touch each bit to see how it felt.

When I obeyed her instruction to push my fingers into her tunnel I was surprised at how hot, and wet, it was. I was also surprised at how she moaned and sighed. Eventually grandma stopped me pushing my fingers in and out of her and got off the bed. "Now it's your turn, Get on the bed, and lie on your back." I did as she said.

She came to lie beside me and began stroking my chest and stomach. She told me about how important it was to take one's time about causing arousal in a woman, that one should talk to them softly whilst tenderly stroking them in what might be called 'permissible' areas for a while before testing the waters and moving ones attention to more interesting, and hopefully more beneficial, areas.

"Think about a journey in a new country, you try to see as much of interest as you can whilst travelling to your ultimate destination, also remember that when you climb a ladder to get where you want to be, you go up a step at a time to make sure you don't fall off." As she spoke, her hands had widened their circular motion until her fingertips were just brushing over the base of my cock on each pass.

She told me about the importance juhi chawla saxy nagi story a tender kiss on the neck to distract the woman as ones fingers sought an erogenous area, and once the target position had been reached, how to delay and prolong the moment before actually caressing which ever part of her body was under siege, because by this time, there was a good chance that she was desperate for you to actually do it.

That was the moment Alice slid her hand along my cock and my hips involuntarily thrust upwards. Wrapping her hand around my stiff shaft, she slowly moved it up and down watching the expression on my face as she did so. "Was that good? Would you like me to stop? If you wish I will for a short while." I shook my head.

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Alice then sat astride me, but she was facing my feet! She changed her position so that she knelt over me, her bottom descended onto my face until her sex was pressing against my mouth, and once again, my cock was in her mouth. "Remember what I showed you and do whatever you think would excite me." I did remember, and I did do what I thought would excite her. I got ten out of ten.

Alice came when I got three fingers inside her vagina, my lips pulling her clitoris and my left hand pulling her left nipple. Alice whined, she actually whined! Then she screeched and swore a lot before rolling off me and lay panting on the bed alongside me. She was in no position to be so careless. I had learned a great deal this day and I wanted the chance to put some more of what I had learned into practice. I got the vibrator and the cream and got above her, this time I was in the driving seat.

I knew I should get her thighs as wide apart as possible so I got between her legs pulled them back towards me by hooking my arms behind her knees and forced them to slide up and apart. Once again, I had a close up of her extremely wet vagina, but this time I was running the show. I squeezed some cream onto the vibrator, switched it on I ran the shaft over the top of her clitoris.

Alice obligingly lifted her backside off the bed, which was exactly what I needed at that moment. The vibrator slid down her love tunnel and only when I felt a hindrance did I pull it back out again, I pushed it in and out of her for an amazingly long time, and as I had been increasing the speed of the shuttle service, I was starting to think I would tire before she did, but honour was saved and this time Alice howled with orgasmic pleasure, lust and desire in one, extremely long, outburst.

She then dragged me off her got me the right way round and kissed me profusely saying: "Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was bloody marvellous and tonight I intend to keep my promise because you've earned it." Later that night I had the first of many, many, fucks. The feeling as my rigid penis slid into her warm, wet, sex was fantastic and I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life getting as much of it as I could.

To my shame, my first fuck lasted four minutes. I was in heaven one minute and then the fires of hell came roaring down my cock and I was scrambling to get it out of her before my eruption reached blast off.

"That's ok love, it was expected and now we just have to practice." We did. Often. Sometimes we fucked after waking up or we fucked after the breakfast dishes were washed, sometimes we fucked after the lunch dishes were washed, but we always fucked in the evenings. It was never rushed. Always slow and sensuous so that we both savoured the feelings of euphoria. I could, and still can, have Alice whenever I desire as long as I have her whenever she desires.

Just before I had to go home, Alice asked me if I had any idea why mom kept coming out of the bathroom in the nude "Just as you happened to be passing." I told her that mom kept forgetting I was home. Alice said that in future I should not be so innocent. "Does she do it when your dad is there or when he's just been?" "I never thought about it." "Well think about this. Your mom loves your dad, that is certain, but she's obviously a needy woman and you are going to be a stand-in dad any time soon.

Play it smooth, don't rush and she'll be paying midnight visits before long. Unless of course you get lucky and she just 'walks into you' the next time your passing the bathroom. Whichever it is, enjoy. Make damn certain she does, but above all, keep me informed and I want my ten percent!" She was quite correct. About three weeks after I returned home I was being treated to glimpses of my mom's body more and more frequently so I retaliated by taking a walk past her bedroom door just as she was about to go for a shower, but I had made sure that on a couple of occasions I had an erection.

I brought things to a head late one Saturday evening. I had taken a shower earlier, and as I had decided a couple of weeks back that it would be a good idea not to wear pyjama trousers any more, all I was wearing was a dressing gown.

I then began watching what I knew to be a very boring film on TV and so was able to pretend to doze off on the sofa. Mom was sitting beside me pretending to be reading a magazine, I kept my eyes closed and waited. Believing that I was asleep she 'allowed' her hand to brush my thigh, then to move it up to loosen the belt of beautiful babe cammie fox gets her pussy drilled by big dick dressing gown and ease the gown open.

Having accomplished the 'uncovering' without waking me, she began to stroke my stomach. When I still didn't move she moved her hand slowly down to my cock. She had no trouble getting hold of my rapidly stiffening cock and sliding her hand along its length. I managed not to react, but it was difficult, and worth it! A wave of pleasure washed over me as her soft hand brought me to a solid, raging, erection.

I then I decided to wake up! "Mom! Oh, that feels wonderful. No, don't stop; please don't stop! I know what you want and I want you to have it, but there is one small problem which we have to resolve." Mom was sitting bolt upright by now. "Peter, I., I., I thought you were asleep, I." "Mom, I've been waiting for you for weeks. You've been giving me glimpses of your body for ages and I believe it was to see if your stepson would notice and react." As I spoke, I was fondling a soft breast, which had a very erect nipple pressing against the material of her thin blouse.

There was no sign of reluctance from her so I began undoing the buttons of her thin top and easing it back off her shoulders so that I could get my first real close car m sex story downlod view of my stepmother's breasts. "Now you know I did notice, but much as I really do love you, I have to say that I don't want a one night stand. I very much want to fuck you and it is obvious that you want me to, but if we do this now, then I want you to promise that we do it often.

I won't expect to have sex with you when dad is around, but whenever he's away you're mine! Do you agree?" My fingers were brushing across her erect nipples and then I cupped her magnificent breasts and nibbled gently on an erect nipple before laying her down onto her back on the sofa and beginning the 'grand tour' of my step-mother's body. I had been taught well, but I reversed the ladder technique and instead of climbing, I descended.

My descent terminated at the entrance to her shaven sex, and when Teens drill guys anal with monster strapons and squirt jism had finished kissing, licking and teasing her now soaking labia, I lifted her thighs up and apart, very slowly, and gently, I entered her.

Mom stiffened for a moment then she became a tiger. I tried to outlast her, but in the end, I decided to let mom have the rosette and pulling out of her clinging vagina, I spurted semen over her stomach. As soon as that was finished I scrambled round and nibbled her clitoris whilst sliding a finger into her vagina to find, and trigger, her 'G' spot. Trigger is the correct word, she had an orgasm lusty and wild fingering hardcore and big butt a fierceness that I'd never seen grandma produce and I had to kiss mom hard to stop her making any loud noise that our neighbours might hear.

She agreed. During Sunday lunch, she asked a question I hadn't expected. "Peter, tell me, where did you learn how to arouse a woman like the way you turned me on last night?" "Ah well, Alice. er, I mean Granny, told me a lot. She said that I was big lad and the girls must have begun to notice me and I really ought to know what was what and where it went." "Oh, so its Alice now is it, that's okay, she obviously said you should.

So, she 'told you'. I rather think you mean she showed you, you never get to be that proficient at sex just by being told!" "My dad told me that he was the luckiest man alive because she was his first girlfriend and he got her into bed after a party, he also got her pregnant and that was with me.

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He said that she was insatiable and through all the years, that never changed." "They were both seventeen, but both sets of parents made damn sure that they stayed together and as soon as they became eighteen they were married.

Mom must have been salivating at the thought of having you all to herself and she certainly didn't waste the opportunity." "I got married at nineteen which was a mistake and divorced at twenty five, but without children, which was a relief.

Meeting your dad was my lucky day, the trouble is that he's away a lot and I take after mom in the needy sex department. I think we're both closet nymphomaniacs, but I'm going to have a little chat with her about this." Mom got the phone and rang her mother who was out, so mom left a message. "Hello mom, I have just had a very hectic time with a young stud and I understand that you taught him.

As a thank you, I'm going to arrange for Peter and me to visit during half term if he is still unemployed. I remember the going away present I had from you just before my first wedding day; I never did tell you just how much I enjoyed it so I'll take our visit as a chance to show you. I'll let you know when as soon as I can, 'bye mom." "I think we're going to have a very tiring half-term son!" When dad wasn't around, we fucked every other day, usually during the evening, but at the weekend it could, and did, happen any time either mom or me got the urge.

During the week it was wonderful being allowed to remove her clothing when she came home from work and then taking her into the shower and taking her. I have to say in my defence that, if she hadn't bent over the back of shemale cums inside guy ass sofa to reach her knickers. I wouldn't have been tempted to grab my chance to slide my cock into her, and so I wouldn't have thrust half the length of my cock into her rectum in my rush to impale her.

Mom yelped and froze for a moment then, unexpectedly, she thrust herself backwards down slut mother i would like to fuck deepthroats cock and balls japanese and hardcore shaft until she had it all inside her. "Fuck me Peter, fuck my backside, hard, come on, fuck me fast, now." I did and it lasted a long time. She was tight around my cock and I had to thrust and drag to get moving, then realizing that there was no lubrication in her anal passage I pulled out of her and ran into the kitchen for some Vaseline and rushed back to stuff my now coated cock back inside her waiting body.

She had moved to kneel on the sofa with her arms resting on the back so that both of us would be comfortable for what was to be the first of a very long line of wonderful, orgiastic evenings. Although dad usually let us know what time he expected to arrive home we could never be sure that he wouldn't arrive home unexpectedly, therefore we never slept together during the night.

I always kept my bicycle in the entrance hall when we intended to have sex, just in front of the door, that would slow down anyone's entrance. On the days we didn't actually fuck, mom would often masturbate joslyn james and natasha starr anal masturbating with huge toys suck me. She also loved having me licking and sucking her sex, and as I loved doing it, we were both happy and 69 was always an option.

It was rare to go an evening without someone's sexual apparatus being exercised in some manner. Mom loved sex in any form and I managed to get her to tell me what she'd meant about the 'going away present' that she'd received from her mother before her wedding.

It turned out that they had spent an evening with a bottle of wine and then her mother had demonstrated what pleasures could be had by having another woman in one's bed. She wasn't sure if that had been the intended activity for the evening, but she was certain that she hadn't had any objections to any of it.

She admitted that she was looking forward to a second bout, with the added spice of my presence to add to the proceedings. She just wondered where her mom had gained the experience to do what she did to her daughter. Alice beat us to it. Her friend had agreed to look after her geese while she was away so she packed a bag and come. She arrived two days before the half-term break just as Dad was about to set off for Turkey.

He was happy that she had come to keep mom company and Alice was happy because an hour after he'd left I had my cock buried inside her. I rang mom and held the 'phone to Alice's vulva so that she could hear the sound of my cock slurping inside her vagina with my groin slapping against her backside. She responded by saying out loud, for the benefit the two other women in the office: "I think I'll be home early today, I've got a migraine starting." I put the phone down and concentrated on bring my willing grandmother to a sexual frenzy and then pulling out of her sex.

I rolled a condom down my shaft, sprayed it with lube' and then, lifting her backside higher, inserted it into her anal canal. It was a tight fit and although I'd already sprayed lubricant on the relevant parts of our anatomies' I had to go slow or risk making her extremely sore. I admit that I enjoyed every inch of my cock's slow journey into her rectum and was quite willing to be just as slow in retracting its length, but for some reason grandma seemed to want the pace to be increased.

I submitted to her demands and soon I was banging my balls against her bottom as I slammed into her. I had my arms against her thighs to force them back towards her head and so was leaning over her body to gain maximum thrust.

She loved it, she was doing her utmost to lift her bottom up to meet my downward thrusts and soon I was a dripping sweat onto her. I knew I would have to stop very soon, but my labour paid off. I felt the ripples of a huge climactic release through her vaginal shaft, followed by her anal sphincters clamping on my cock, and hot milf kylie worthy oiled and fucked she tensed like a coiled spring before jerking fiercely up off the bed.

I'm sure that only her head was in contact with the bed as she reached the peak of an enormous spasm of release. In order to smother the mewls of pleasure that followed, I lowered my head and kissed her. Once she'd stopped making a noise, I released her and removed my still rigid cock from her rear. I helped her to her feet muslim girl dance first time the hottest arab porn in the world hug and support her until she'd stopped shaking and led her to mom's bedroom to lie down and recuperate while I removed the condom and had a shower.

As I dressed after my shower, I heard the sounds of a kettle boiling and found Alice making coffee. We sat in the kitchen drinking the coffee in silence for some time until she said: "I have never had a climax as intense as that one in all my life. To be honest, I don't think I could handle more than one a year, preferably on my birthday if you'd be so kind." "You didn't cum did you?" "No, but I'm happy that you did, especially in such a spectacular manner." Alice knelt before me, but before she could carry out her intended task, the noise of the front door hitting my bicycle made us jump.

Mom's voice followed; "Haven't you two finished yet?" "Let me in." I went and removed the bike and mom sped past me to see Grandma's backside disappearing into the bathroom. "Have you just finished shagging my mother?" "No, we finished some time ago, we've been having a coffee and a chat.

Your mom wants me to fuck her anus on her birthdays the way I just did." "Oh, that good was it?" "She thought so, I thought she was going to faint, but she made of stern stuff.

She had a very intense climax, but I wasn't so fortunate and as she was interrupted before she could do what she was about to do I'm afraid you're going to take her place." "Get your clothes off or I'll rip 'em off." We both quickly undressed and I hustled her into her bedroom and without asking, she knelt on the bed. She obviously wanted me to take her from behind and so I did. I was sporting a rigid bar of throbbing, engorged, cock and was in no mood for anything other than vigorous sex and that is exactly what she received.

I know Alice came in from the shower and sat watching her daughter be fucked by her stepson, and I know mom knew which seemed to make my lust even more intense.

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I shoved a finger into her anus, and that little opening responded immediately to my probing and I could see that I would soon be able to use that opening to show mom what her mom had just experienced.

"Alice, get me a condom and the 'lube please." She had them ready and as I pulled my cock from mom's vagina, she quickly rolled the condom onto it and sprayed it and mom's anus and I was able to spear that lovely opening with very little delay. I was fired up and so mom had to withstand the brunt of my lust. I slammed my cock into her rectum and began fucking that gorgeous soft, round backside.

I had hold of her hips and huge fans of swinging and lots of sex them to push and pull her along my cock. As I fucked her, I was telling her just how gorgeous she was, how beautiful her bottom was, and as I did this, her mom had climbed onto the bed and was sliding head first underneath her daughter.

When she was in the classic 69 position, she began to lick her daughter's clitoris and fondle her swinging and bouncing breasts. After a short while, she produced a slim dildo and inserted it into her daughter's vagina as I fucked her rear passage.

Mom had two solid shafts inside her and it did appear to please her Together, Grandmother and Grandson brought mom to a huge, explosive series of climaxes, during which I also almost blew my balls off, before she collapsed onto her mother.

For the second time that day, I extricated my cock from an anus and went for a shower. On my return, I found mother and daughter curled up in each other's arms on the sofa. Even though it was now mid-afternoon, I suggested that they get dressed and I would make lunch. After lunch, we sat and talked during which time mom asked me if I would mind terribly if she and Alice spent the night together without my presence.

I didn't tell them that I doubted that I could have performed anything other than a finger fuck this coming night.

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It was a noisy night until about 3am so we all slept late. The next few days were a series of gentle fucks or sexual encounters of the fun stephany moon goes anal hardcore and brunette and we were more or less satiated when dad returned home.

I went back to sleeping on the fold-up bed in the living room until Alice returned home a couple of days later. The day after dad arrived home he told us that he before leaving for Turkey he had been approached by a competitor of his current company and offered the position of transport supervisor, to be responsible for all scheduling and logistics.

He had informed his manager and told them that he had accepted the offer. He was now working his severance period; this did not include driving so from now on he would be home every day. Naturally, the three of us were a little regretful, but nothing lasts forever and mom was actually relieved that things had ended as they had. A few days after Alice went home. She rang and had a long talk with dad, after which he had a long talk with me.

He had agreed to what she'd young college student just wants to do porn to him, and I agreed with what he said to me and so, three weeks later, I arrived at my new home with my meagre possessions in the back of a van. Alice was cheerful and hearty until dad left for the drive home and then her mood changed to one of lust and desire. By the time I had made sure that everything that should be secured had been secured; she had showered and climbed into bed.

I followed suit and for the next two hours we fucked as if there were to be no tomorrow. After we'd eased our lust, we showered again and then had dinner. After dinner we discussed Alice's offer to accommodate me and employ me as the area's new domestic building maintenance worker. She had all 'granddad's' tools and equipment and as she knew the sort of work I was capable of doing She couldn't see why I shouldn't put them to good use and not only earn some money but make a lot of people happy to have someone local to turn to.

My effective business area was roughly a circle of some 10 to 15 miles radius. I don't know if there is something in the drinking water up here, but it seems as if every job I get asked to quote for has an unspoken clause in the contract which requires me to fuck the lady of the house, married or not.

I always honour my contractual obligations and I have had no problems securing repeat contracts. The question I asked myself was just how did these women know that I would be willing to bed them, even on my first encounter with them. There could only be one answer, Alice. I almost forgot to tell you that her 'friend' Mary was more than just a friend. It seems that 'Granddad' had been enjoying the fruits of the 'lonely women's fuck club' and Mary had been the one to get the ball rolling.

Because she lived so close she used to be indulged quite a lot during the winter months. I have kept up the custom.