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Arab queen and honey moon xxx afgan whorehouses exist
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A TEENAGER'S REVENGE PART 4 MR. SINCLAIR AND MR. GREGORY A few days after her first tryst with John Sinclair in his car, Kelly again sat on the couch in the Sinclair mansion, watching their porn DVDs.

She had been asked to watch their kids again, even though she could sense Margaret's reluctance, and she had eagerly agreed. Kelly guessed she was having trouble finding another baby sitter, and the female agent in leggings deep throats cock femaleagent deepthroat of their active social life required someone she could rely on frequently. This time, though., Margaret had insisted that Kelly arrange another way home.

She was not about to allow her husband another moment alone with the sexy underage girl. The Sinclairs had gone to yet another cocktail party, at a home a couple of miles away. Margaret had said to expect them home late, probably around one or two o'clock.

Kelly, after getting the kids to bed, had helped herself to their liquor cabinet, and had a pleasant buzz on as she watched all the obscene fucking and sucking and coming the final sin 1977 movie the TV screen. She wished she dared to turn up the sound she wanted to hear what the actors were saying as they fucked. But she couldn't risk awakening the children. The alcohol, though, had lowered her inhibitions, and she was willing to take a few chances.

Fortunately, this time she was wearing a real short skirt and panties, not her cut-off jeans, and her fingers were under her panties gently rubbing her wet pussy as she watched, keeping herself in a state of arousal but stopping just short of making herself come.

At the nearby party, John Sinclair downed another drink as he chatted idly with Don Gregory. Don was a 35-year-old owner of a local clothing boutique, the only African-American in the circle of friends. They were both pretty loaded, but not nearly as drunk as Margaret was. John had made sure of that, dutifully bringing her refills until her speech was slurred and she staggered when she got up. Now she was planted on the couch, watching the room spin around.

Fuck her, thought John, as he glanced over at her. He almost wished one of the men would take her into a back bedroom and keep her occupied for awhile by shoving his cock into her pussy.

His wife always wanted to fuck when she got drunk, and she probably wouldn't even know what had happened to her when she finally woke up. "So, you have the Willis girl babysitting for you, eh?" Don was saying, breaking into his reverie.

"What's her name, Kerry?" "Kelly. Yeah, she's the only girl we can get these days on short notice. Not that I mind, you understand. I don't know if you've noticed, but that girl is well on her way to being as smoking hot as her mother." Don grinned at his friend.

"You'd better be careful, man. She's only, what, thirteen? She may be a hottie, but she's fuckin' jailbait city." John laughed. "Don't worry, I'll be careful." "Now, her mother, that's another story. I'd give my right arm to tap that luscious cunt. Something tells me she wouldn't object all that much either." Don, like some of their other friends, had occasionally received glances from Samantha, before the ugly divorce, that suggested that she was available.

"I know what you mean," John was saying. "Me, I'd love to slide my dick between those ripe tits of hers, and then come all over them and watch her lick it off.

Hey, you're empty, let's get another drink." They went over and hit up the bartender for refills. The combination of the alcohol and the air of conviviality at the party conspired against John Sinclair.

He just HAD to tell someone about his conquest of young Kelly Willis. And Don had been his friend since high school. They trusted each other. John downed his fresh drink, the alcohol increasing the warm glow inside. He leaned closer to Don and whispered conspiratorially. "Say…can you keep a secret?" "What, are you kidding?" said Don. "This isn't Madeleine you're talking to." Madeleine, Maddy for short, was Don's 26-year-old wife.

She was also at the party, somewhere, and was notorious for spreading gossip. What he didn't know was that at that moment, Maddy was on her knees in an upstairs bathroom, sucking eagerly on Dr. Michael Akers' rigid cock. "Well…" John began, an evil grin spreading across his face as he glanced around to make sure nobody was listening in. "The other night, I drove Kelly home after the party over at the Davidsons' house, you know?" "Yeah, so?" "So&hellip.she gave me a jacqueline fernandez sex photos xxxxxx in the car." "You're fucking kidding me!" "I swear to God, Don.

I think it was her first time, too. She said the guys her age didn't know anything, and she wanted me to teach her. I'll tell you, she didn't need much teaching, either. The girl's a natural! She even swallowed my load!" "Jeezus, you're serious!" "Serious as a heart attack, Don.

And right this minute, she's at my house, and the kids are asleep! I'm dying to go over there. My dick has been hard all night just from thinking about fucking her." Don stared at him, convinced that his friend was telling him the truth.

"Damn, John, aren't you worried that she'll tell someone?" "You know, I really don't think she will. She was positively grateful when I dropped her off! And that was a week ago, and she obviously hasn't told anyone. She didn't bat an eye about accepting another babysitting gig." Don stared at him, thinking. A wild, crazy, insane idea had just occurred to him. He pulled John into an alcove. "Look, John&hellip.this party's going to go on for hours.

Maddy and Margaret in this scene we witness the annual pussy eating meeting enjoy watching lesbians eat eachother out u both drunk off their asses. What do you say we both sneak over there.

They won't miss us, this is a big house. We could be anywhere. And we can be back long before the wives are ready to leave. With any luck, they'll both pass out anyway." John thought about it, looking around at the drunken revelers. His mind wasn't working all that well, but his cock was definitely on the job. He could almost feel Kelly's pussy walls gripping his throbbing cock.

Finally, he turned back to Don. "Okay, listen. You go out to my car. Don't let anyone see you. I'll be there in a minute. We're going to have to be quick about this." Minutes later, they were both in John's Lexus, parking in the driveway of the Sinclair home.

Kelly had been expecting John to sneak home, figuring that since he couldn't drive her home afterwards, he was probably going to find some way to ditch her at the party.

The headlights in the driveway confirmed her expectation, and she looked forward to the scene about to unfold. This time, she didn't bother to turn off the movie playing on the TV. What she didn't expect was to see Mr. Gregory accompanying Mr. Sinclair through the front door. Don Gregory was another name on her list, but she hadn't yet figured out how she was going to get him to fuck her.

He and Maddy didn't have any kids, so babysitting was out, and Maddy already had a maid, too. It was going to be a challenge even getting him alone. And now, here he was, falling right into her hands, so to speak! "Hi, Mr. Gregory," she said, smiling. "What are you doing here? Is the party over?" "Hi, Kelly," said Don, smiling back and taking a long look up and down Kelly's body. "Nope, still going strong." John Sinclair held a finger to his lips. "Shhhhhh. Don't wake the kids.

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Look, Kelly&hellip.ummmmmm&hellip.I know I promised not to tell anyone, you know, about the other night." Kelly frowned. If these guys started talking too much, it was game over. Nevertheless, she knew she had to continue playing the role Mr. Sinclair expected her to play. The conversation proceeded in whispers. "Mr. Simpson, you didn't!" "Kelly, I'm sorry. But it's okay! Don's been my friend for years, and I trust him completely. Our little secret is safe. Neither of us will tell anyone else." "You better not!" Kelly looked from John to Don, then back, unsure of what to say next.

"So, what are you doing here?" "Well…" said John hesistantly. "We were talking at the party, and we were thinking…well, maybe you wouldn't mind playing with both of us for awhile." Kelly's eyes widened. "You mean, both of you at once?" Don chimed in, his own inhibitions thoroughly dulled by the alcohol.

"Kelly, John tells me you're a terrific little cocksucker for such a young girl. How about if I let you practice some more on me?" "But listen, Kelly, we have to hurry. We have to get back to the party soon." Kelly seemed to argue with herself. She didn't want to appear to give in too easily. Nevertheless, it was a pretty short argument, because she was, in fact, thoroughly excited by the prospect of being fucked by two men at once, and the opportunity to cross another name off her list.

After a moment, she smiled wickedly. "Okay! Where do you want to go?" she whispered. "Good girl!" said John. "Let's stay here in the living room. We just can't make any noise and wake up the kids." "Okay," said Kelly. She quickly pulled her top over her head, exposing her firm young breasts.

"Jeezus!" whispered Don, gazing at her and starting to remove his clothes. "Do you like my titties, Mr. Gregory?" said Kelly, reaching up and cupping them with her hands, smiling at the black man. "My god, girl, they're gorgeous!" said Don, stepping out of his shorts.

His ebony cock was not erect, but rested against his thigh like a big king snake, long and thick. He reached down and slowly stroked it as Kelly smiled, then reached behind her back and unzipped her short skirt. She watched Don's huge uncircumsized cock, fascinated. This would be yet another first for her. John, too, had quickly removed his clothes, and now he took Kelly's hand and led her to the couch.

"Don, why don't you sit down there on the end, and let Kelly get acquainted with your cock." Don quickly complied, sitting naked on the plush couch, his cock slowly rising as he anticipated what was about to happen.

Kelly climbed onto the couch, on her knees, still wearing her loose, almost transparent bikini panties. They covered only about half of her ripe ass, exposing a few inches of her delectable cleft above them "Mmmmm…you have such a nice big cock, Mr.

Gregory!" murmured Kelly as she watched it bob and pulse with blood, resting against his stomach. "I can't wait to suck on it!" But instead, she lowered her head between his parted legs, and extended her tongue, letting it slide slowly pal has pleasure with his luscious gf hardcore and massage his big balls.

"Ohhh, sweet jeezus!" gasped Don, surprised by Kelly's actions, but loving the young girl's willingness to make love to his sensitive balls. She slowly traced all around them, caressing his sensitive flesh, leaving a wet trail with her tongue-tip. "I told you she was a natural!" whispered John. He had moved up behind Kelly, and was slowly easing her panties down over her pert young ass, seeing it for the first time in all its inviting glory.

He bent down and kissed one smooth cheek, then spread her with his hands as he moved lower, running his tongue lightly down her cleft, deep throat oral stimulation job and hard sex hardcore and blowjob the sensitive little rosebud of her ass, and along the outer edge of her labia, nudging finally against her clit.

"Ohhhhh, Mr. Sinclair!" she moaned, softly, interrupting her thorough tongue-bath of Mr. Gregory's scrotum. "Mmmmmm, lick me there." John was happy to comply, lapping at her sex, loving her sweet, fresh taste. Kelly arched her back downward, presenting her upturned ass and giving him complete, unfettered access to her pussy and ass.

He stiffened his tongue and drove it deep inside her yearning vaginal opening, thrusting slowly in and out, tongue-fucking her.

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Kelly, meanwhile, had taken one of Don's balls into her mouth, and was gently sucking on it as she moaned happily, wriggling back against John's skewering tongue. Now she released it and moved to the other one, hentai d elf gets fucked in the forest and nibbling and finally sucking on it, as Don reached down and slowly stroked his cock.

As much as he was loving tasting Kelly's delicious cunt, John was mindful of the time, and anxious to plunge his aching cock into her beckoning pussy. He let go of her and moved up on the couch, until his cock was poised at her entrance.

He ran it slowly up and down her dripping-wet, hairless furrow several times, until the head was wet with her honey, anticipating the moment when he would sink it deep inside her. Kelly paused in her sucking of Don's balls, and turned her head. "Ohhhhh, Mr. Sinclair& it! Stick it in my pussy!" She turned back to the black man's cock, and slid her fingers around the shaft, replacing his and holding it toward her.

She slowly slid her small hand up and down, moving the loose skin, causing the glistening head of his cock to appear, then disappear beneath the protective foreskin, then appear again as her fingers slid downward. She watched, fascinated, as she stroked him. John couldn't hold back any longer, even as he watched Kelly stroking his friend's big cock.

He slowly eased his cock inside her tight, wet pussy, savoring the sensations as each inch of it slid into her. In a moment, his cock was deep inside her, and her muscles were squeezing him tightly, gripping his cock as if kayak xxx sexsey storys full sex stories would never let it escape.

Kelly looked up into Don's eyes as John slowly penetrated her, stifling a moan. "Ohhhhhhh, he's fucking me, Mr. Gregory!" she whispered. She extended her tongue and slowly encircled the head of his cock as John began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of her.

"Ohh, jeezus, suck it, Kelly!" hissed Don. She had teased him long enough. He had to feel her mouth around his cock, see her lips stretched tautly around the shaft. Smiling up at him, she bent his cock further toward her, parted her lips, and slowly engulfed the bullet-like head of his cock in her warm, wet mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he gasped quietly, as her head slowly began to bob, taking him deeper. He loved how she looked, her mouth impaled by his glistening cock, her lips sliding up and down the thick shaft. "Ohh, yeah, suck my big black dick, honey!" Kelly was ecstatic.

She was beginning to adore sucking cock, and now, for the first time, she had a big cock in her mouth, and another one in her eager pussy. She began sucking hungrily on Don's cock, her mouth flooding with saliva as she slurped noisily. Meanwhile, John Sinclair was slowly fucking his cock in and out of her, loving the way her pussy clasped him tightly, exerting delightful pressure on his shaft even as it slid easily in and out of her slippery wetness.

He began to fuck her harder, causing her ass cheeks to quake with each thrust. The sounds of fucking and sucking filled the quiet room.

"You gonna let me have some seeliping sex eith mom and son that pussy?" said Don after awhile.

He was struggling to keep from pumping all of his come into her mouth prematurely, so wonderful was the feeling of her greedy sucking on his cock. "Be my guest, man," said John, easing his wet cock from her pussy. "Share and share alike!" Don sat down on the couch, and Kelly eagerly crawled over him, facing him and straddling his big dick, wet with her saliva.

He guided it to her pussy as she lowered herself, and slowly sank down on it as he leaned forward, opened his mouth wide, and captured her right breast in his mouth.

She moaned as his cock filled her, stretching her deliciously as he sucked on her breast, his tongue caressing her turgid little nipple. Quickly, John moved up and straddled the back of the couch, presenting his cock to her. She turned her head and started sucking eagerly on it, tasting the nectar from her own pussy there. Don grabbed Kelly's cute ass in his big, black hands, and began to fuck her, lifting her with his hands and then driving his cock up into her depths as he let her back down.

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God, she was tight! He feasted on her titties as he fucked her, sucking on each of them in turn, not just her nipple, but all of her breast, covering them with spit. Quickly, she felt her climax building, as she wriggled on his rigid, thrusting cock, moaning around John's cock in her mouth. John grabbed her head with his hands and was moving it on his cock as she slurped on it, fucking her mouth.

She loved it!

And then, suddenly, she was coming, her body exploding in a tumultuous frenzy, whimpering around the cock in her mouth as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her body like a huge tidal wave breaking over her. The two men continued to slowly fuck her pussy and her mouth as she shuddered violently. Finally, John pulled his cock from her mouth, and Don pushed her gently off his penis as well. She sat on the couch, wondering in her post-orgasmic euphoria what would happen next.

Both men moved up and presented their cocks to her, one on either side of her. She grinned wickedly, and took Don's dripping cock into her mouth, nursing hungrily on it, as he reached down and stroked it at the base, jerking off slowly into her mouth. She reached up with her hand and began to stroke John's cock as she sucked on the huge black dick. Her other hand moved up and she fondled Don's heavy balls with her fingers, coaxing them to give up their pent-up load of sperm.

After a minute, she spit out Don's cock, turned her head and took John's smaller cock in her mouth. He thrust his hips and drove it deep into her throat, and she struggled to take it all, even as she reached up and stroked Don's wet cock with her hand.

They kept going this way for several minutes, as Kelly happily sucked on first one cock, then the other, bringing them both slowly toward their orgasms. She felt like such a slut! She wanted to make them both come, wanted to taste it as they pumped out all of their semen in her mouth, on her face.

Suddenly, John grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, hard and fast, an inch or two from Kelly's upturned face. "Stick your tongue out, sweetie!" he whispered urgently. She quickly complied, parting her lips and extending her tongue. She reached up and fondled and caressed college amateur teen lesbian pussy oral hazing balls, wanting everything they had to give her. "OHHH, FUCK, I'm coming!" moaned John, his voice strangled.

The first spurt of his come erupted from the tip and splattered against her lips and cheek, some of it pooling on her tongue. His second, more copious spurt, pulsed out directly on her tongue, hot and thick and white, overflowing and oozing down her chin.

Again and again his cock flourished, his balls spasming as they pumped out all of his hot, syrupy come on her face. Finally he guided his cock into her mouth, and she pursed her spermy lips around him sucked him hard as the rest of his semen pulsed into her welcoming mouth.

The sight of her young Lolita face drenched with his friend's fresh sperm was more then enough to trigger Don's orgasm. He, too, jerked his cock off urgently, holding it to her face and growling through clenched teeth.

"Ohhhgod, here it COMES!!!!" Kelly quickly spat out John's cock, still oozing come, and turned her head just in time to receive a huge blast of semen against her face. He aimed at her open mouth then and shot jet after jet of come directly into it, some of it missing and splattering against her face.

A dangling rope of sperm russian gf gives perfect blowjob and gets doggy fucked her chin to John's cock as Don's continued to pump out a huge quantity of sperm. And then he, too, steered his still-spurting cock into her mouth, and she sucked it hungrily as he pumped out the last of his come into her flooded mouth. He held the top of her head with his hand as his cock slid slowly in and out of her mouth, her lovely face pearly wet with the viscous come of two men.

Finally, Don slowly withdrew his spent cock from between her lips, and she smiled up at the two of them. As they watched, she gathered the gooey come in her mouth and let it slide down her throat. Don reached down and gathered a dollop of it from her chin on his black finger, and held it to her lips, letting it drool down onto her tongue.

She drew it back into her mouth, loving the taste of it as she swallowed again. "Damn, John, you weren't bullshitting me! She's fucking awesome!" He raised his hand, and the two of them high-fived. "I told you, man." Then he looked down at Kelly, who was now quietly licking the residual globs of come from both of their penises. "Kelly, we need to get back to the party. But thanks for being such a good sport, sweetheart. You were terrific!" She looked up and smiled.

"Gee, thanks, Mr. Sinclair." They all got dressed quickly, and the two men prepared to leave. After they were gone, Kelly returned to the couch couch, watching TV and rubbing her pussy until she came again, reliving her first-ever threesome in vivid detail. They arrived back at the party, and as they had hoped, nobody had even missed them.

Least of all Maddy, whose pussy was at that moment receiving Michael Akers' second load of cum of the night.

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After her initial blowjob, they had returned to the party to have another drink, but it wasn't long before Maddy had led him back to the bathroom for a second helping. Margaret, meanwhile, had passed out on a bed in one of the spare bedrooms, where the bartender had found her on his break. He had pushed her dress up around her waist, pulled her panties aside, and fucked her from behind as her head swirled in confusion.

She was still there now, out like a light, and she would be home again before she realized that her pussy was flooded with the sperm of someone other than her husband.