Summer gets her pussy licked by london

Summer gets her pussy licked by london
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James *still* couldn't believe the events that transpired in the last 30 days or so. Did this whirlwind start with his birthday, or was it well before that…? The xxx full sex stories bf 15 thing to do was to start at the beginning. James started in the "nice" section of Jamaica Plain low crime, great restaurants, and plenty of young, college-aged women to wave hello to. He was growing up to be a regular kid…until, at age 2, he lost his mother and father in a skiing accident.

After weaving in and out of Social Services for a few months, he was fostered to a newly divorced mother with a six-month old baby girl. Having been left by her husband, Patricia (Patty to her friends, or Patsy as they called her when she had a few to drink) wanted her daughter Angie to have at least an older brother to look out for her.

Patty had a good job, working as an executive admin at a mid-sized regional bank. She performed at her job well enough, and her clear blue eyes, perfectly-pouty lips and ample chest did the rest&hellip.until the recession hit.

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Being that the company no longer had salary space for beautiful well-paid secretaries, Patty found herself standing outside her boss' office with an apology and a modest severance package. James remembered some of those times.

There was money for a while, and even after the money was gone, they had unemployment benefits. But when the job market didn't improve and the benefits ran out, they found themselves hungry more and more often. There was even a period where the only consistent food the Patty could provide for her young children was milk from her ample breasts.

James remembered his mother coming home after a day full of job searching, sitting in a reclining chair in the front room, pulling her shirt up and off and un-strapping her bra to allow her hungry children to latch onto her breasts. Patty would lean back in her chair with eyes closed, moaning softly as her children nursed for 15 or 20 minutes at a time.

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The economy finally improved but ever since that time, Patty took a more liberal approach with her children. There was no modesty between them, and it was a regular sight to see them near or fully naked wandering through the house. Patty felt it brought them all closer together after all, there were no secrets when one was naked.

Angie and James had an understanding with Patty that other people probably wouldn't understand, and they never discussed home habits with friends or even other family members. This arrangement worked out well for Patty and her family until James was about to have his 16th birthday.

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For a few years, the family had decided to wear undergarments on a regular basis (to make it easier to have guests). However, even through his boxers Patty could tell that James had developed a long and firm cock longer than anything she had experienced in months.

And over the past few weeks, James rock hard cock was constantly bulging against his boxers or slipping through the front hole and tapping against his abdomen.

Changes were becoming evident on Angie as well at the rate that her breasts were riding on a meaty weenie without stop, she would out-tit her mother by the time she reached 20. As it was, she was constantly pulling at her bra, adjusting them to be as comfortable as possible. Patty caught James staring at Angie's jiggling chest more than one time, and sent up a little prayer thanking goodness that Angie's hormones hadn't caught up with her tits yet.

On top of that, more and more of James' laundry was soiled in the wash-hamper. The first time Patty detected it, she took a whiff and knew what it was jizz - and a LOT of it.

"I wonder what his girlfriend feels like, getting covered in all this " Patty stopped and chastised herself for having such thoughts…but she felt her snatch start to moisten. James started spending less and less time at the dinner table and with his family and more time in his room alone. At first, Patty was unconcerned after all, James was going to be 16 and probably didn't want to spend tons of time with his step-mom and younger step-sister. But as he continued to isolate himself, Patty's maternal instinct kicked in, and she decided to have a talk with her son.

As she approached his room, she heard his radio blaring some rock song with the bass loud enough to vibrate the floor slightly.

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"Typical," Patty thought as she knocked at the door. The door was slightly ajar, and Patty's light taps caused it to open slightly, giving Patty a peek into his room. What she saw shocked her.

James was lying naked on his bed with eyes closed. He had his steel-hard cock in his hands, stroking it furiously as if he were trying to pull it from his body. Patty could see his ragged breathing as his whole body started to tense up.

Suddenly, there was silence cuddly chick spreads soft twat and gets deflorated the rock song abruptly ended. In that moment, Patty heard her son whisper something fiercely; grabbing his rigid member with both hands, James exclaimed, "Fuck&hellip.oh my g…&hellip.fuck me, Patsy&hellip.Shit!" James' cock erupted.

Shot after shot flew from his bright red knob and landed all over this stomach and legs (one shot making it as far as his chin) until there was white, sticky mess covering James and his bed. A full minute and a half later, as the last shot hit his leg, James' hands fell to his side as he lay limp in a post orgasmic haze.

Patty stood there for a full minute, in complete shock at what she had just witnessed. Suddenly, Patty found herself breathing heavier. Her pussy, which had not been given proper attention in a while, felt like a furnace she knew her juices were in full flow. Patty was incredibly horny knowing that her step-son shot a massive load all over himself while thinking about her.

Quietly, Patty rushed back to her room, ripping open the drawer that contained her vibrator. Usually when Patty played with herself, she started off with a low vibrator setting, playing around her button and pussy lips until she was nice and hot. As she grabbed the vibrator and locked her door, Patty put it on the highest setting, feeling the fierce buzzing in her hand.

She threw herself onto her bed and instantly started stabbing her pussy with the bright pink toy. With her other hand, she flicked her fingers back and forth over her swollen clit. It only took two minutes before Patty was twitching and writhing on her bed, her pussy squeezing hard on the vibrator.

In all, it took 2 more explosive orgasms before Patty wore herself out and crawled under her sheets. -------- The next day, James imagined that he could feel heat emanating from his mother whenever he passed her in the hallway. As his mom was preparing lunch, she called him over for a hug. James felt Patty's nipples pressing into his chest as his mom pressed her massive tits into her son. James cock instantly grew rock hard and poked from the top of his shorts.

After lingering there for a few moments, they let each other go and after a long moment looking at each other, James turned to return to his room. Patty called out to him, "James, I know teenage boys tend to be messy…but I need to wash your clothes twice before they are clean these days.

Try not to sweat so much, ok honey?" James turned bright red and stood mortified for a moment before retreating to his room. Patty turned away so that James wouldn't see her shaking with laughter. A week later, Patty noticed that James looked pale and in pain at the dinner table. "Are you ok, baby? You look pale," Patty remarked, moving next to him and putting her hand on his forehead. James couldn't help but gaze at his mother's melons pressing against her top. Stammering slightly, James answered, "I…um- I-I think I just need to lay down, mom." Rising from the table (and brushing his step-mom's tit in the process), James walked up to his room.

An hour later, Patty went to check on her step-son. As she walked into the room, the saw James lying on the bed in the fetal position, moaning softly. Patty, full of concern, rushed over to her son's side. "What the matter, sweetheart? Tell me." James looked up at his mother, visibly embarrassed. "I&hellip.I can't& It's so…&hellip.I&hellip." James started breathing harder looking up at his mother's massive chest.

"You can tell me ANYthing, James. I love you," replied Patty as she rubbed his arm. "Well…" James started, "remember how you said my clothes were dirty? It's cause&hellip." James paused, unsure of how to continue. Patty started to feel hot, seeing her step-son struggle with telling his mother that he was jerking off into his socks and underwear.

"I know honey& don't have to say it. Please continue." James felt relieved that he didn't have to actually say the words. He 24 age girls xxxx story up briefly at his mother before continuing. "You…and now sis& both look so good! I get a tent in my underwear anytime I'm near you guys&hellip.I can't help it sometimes. I need to…get it out." He turned bright red as he turned away from his mother.

"And then when you noticed&hellip.I squirted so much when I was thinking about you two…I was so embarrassed. So for the last week, I haven't touched myself at all…but my balls hurt so much&hellip.they are SO full!" Patty stood for a moment in shock blue balls! Ever since her little comment about his soiled clothes, James has been walking around with blue balls and a hard cock. No wonder he looked pale.

Patty's heart suddenly started beating faster. She felt her face flush with heat. "Of course," Patty said to herself, "I'm his mom. I know how to make him feel better." Standing erect, Patty spoke to her son, "James, I want you to stand up and pull down your shorts." James looked like he was in a daze as he stood up and shook off his boxers. His cock, now free of its restraints, hot ass blonde teen needs cash in order to get fucked up and tapped against his lower stomach.

Patty dropped to her knees and lightly grasped James swollen balls. James shuddered for a moment, feeling his mother's soft hands massage his over-full testicles. "Mom! B-b-be careful…" James cautioned with ragged breaths. Patty took her other hand and pointed his pulsing cock directly at her mouth.

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"I'm sorry you don't feel well baby, but mama's gonna make it better," cooed Patsy. She knew that she was in danger of being blinded by his twitching rod any second, but she was going to enjoy every second. Patty brought her lips within inches of James' cock, breathing hot breaths over his head.

James stiffened and thrusted his hips forward trying to shove his rock-hard cock into his mother's warm mouth. Patty backed away and waited until James stopped thrusting. Patty pushed James back onto the bed, and then mounted him again grabbing his stiff rod and cupping his aching balls. Again and again Patty would breathe hot breaths on his cock, and then back away as James lost control of his thrusting hips.

A low moan escaped from James' lips he was in heaven, but it was a torturous heaven. "Show pawg oiled bikini babe blows fat cock what you want, baby& mama what you want." Patty knew what she wanted this fat cock erupting down her throat. She knew how much he could spurt from his rod, and she wanted to see if she could take it all. James was frantic with lust.

The only think he could think about was his step-mom's hot and wet lips and sending a huge load down her throat. James couldn't resist any longer he grabbed his mother head and shoved his throbbing cock into his mother's mouth, not stopping until her chin was rubbing his balls. Patty was ready for him, opening her throat and letting his long cock slide in.

She began licking the underside of his cock with her tongue when something strange happened. James' cock, which was already as hard as a steel pipe, seemed to grow harder and fatter in her mouth as it prepared to foxy teens share big throbbing cock of jock a torrent of sperm. Patty gagged a little as his pole grew in her mouth and down her throat, but she kept licking and sucking. A fountain of hot cum rushed up from James' balls and shot down his mother's throat.

Patty massaged his cock with her tongue and lips, squeezing hard and swallowing as he shot load after load. "Oh my fucking G-" cried James as he clenched his hands on his mother's head, emptying his balls into her.

After about thirty seconds, Patty came up for air while James' cock kept spewing sticky hotness everywhere. After a few moments, Patty enveloped his spewing cock in her mouth again, rubbing her tongue all over his head and letting the cum drip on her lips and chin. Finally, as James' orgasm started to subside Patty sucked down his entire cock, and then came up slowly, sucking and licking the entire length of his shaft before finally popping her son's cock free from her mouth.

"Do you feel better now baby?" asked Patty as she looked up at her stepson, her face and perfect lips coated with white. James sat on the bed, exhausted and completely satisfied&hellip.for the moment.