Mia khalifa vs lex steel

Mia khalifa vs lex steel
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Self Served a Webcam Adventure She turns on her computer and brings up her live web site. Typing rapidly she opens the site and scans to see how many are logged in and waiting.

A record crowd tonight! Well, well her satisfied customers are telling their friends and her fame is spreading. Not your average webcam babe, she is a thirty something redhead with waist length curly hair and a lush woman's body with ample curves. She has a stunning smile and bright shining blue eyes a light complexion with flawless skin that glows in the soft light. No skinny bag of bones she is a BBW and proud of it! She smiles into the camera and welcomes all her visitors telling them in a breathless whiskey voice that she hopes they enjoy the show.

As she gets ready she is humming an old love song to herself, We Should Be Dancing tiny teen babe plowed smalltits and hardcore the Sheets by Lionel Richey.

It sure sets the mood. Turning on the soft bedside lights she sprays the sheets with her favorite perfume "Morning Dew" by Anne Oakley.

It smells like a fresh summer morning, of lilies and lilacs. As she sprays the sheets she describes the scent and tells her unseen audience how it makes her feel, hot and horney wanting to be fucked but since she is alone she must satisfy herself as best she can.

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Playing to the webcam, she begins to remover her short black lace nightgown, sliding it down her right shoulder until just the tip of a breast comes into view.

She turns her back to the camera and pulls up the bottom of the black lace until her hips can be seen. She slides the strap over her left shoulder smiling toward the camera and pulling it all the way off, twirls it around like the ladies in the old burlesque shows did with a bump and grind, leaving on only her thong. She runs her hands up and down her body savoring the feel of her soft skin. Twirling around slowly her full lush body can be viewed from all angles. Smiling shyly into the camera she licks her lips and moans with another bump and grind toward the camera.

As she continues to rub and caress her own body she lies down on the bed and slowing begins to tease her audience with her fingers sliding under her thong, spreading her legs wide then pulling them back together again giving just a glimpse of her pussy. Turning so her butt is high in the air she slides her fingers into the straps of her thong and slowly wiggles out of it. With her ass high in the air she looks over her shoulder smiling and bringing the thong to her nose and inhaling deep she licks her lips, leaving them wet and glistening.

Still on her knees her wet open cunt and tight asshole are pointed right at the camera. She smiles a sly smile over her shoulder and flipping over opens her legs wide. She rubs her clit with her fingers, licking them and sucking them deep into her mouth. Hefting the considerable weight of her tit in her hand, she gently pinches and pulls on her nipples. Making sure she is angled toward the camera she slides her hands over her shaved mound and slips a finger over her erect clit into her dripping cunt and moans deep in her throat.

Pulling her fingers out she licks them slowly savoring the sweet honey they are coated with. She then sucks them with a loud slurping sound. Her audience on the other side of the camera gets a clear view of her honey slicked cunt and erect clit. Sighing, she opens her night stand drawer and withdraws her favorite toy.

Holding it up toward the webcam she describes the soft flesh like covering. It is a dildo 9" long and about 1 ½ "around with a butterfly at the base. Once inside her it will spin and rotate. She brings the great lesbians got an anal sex on threesome of blonde beauties lips print on gazoo striptease hardcore dildo to her lips and licks it.

Ummm she moans. She slides it into her mouth and turns it on to a low vibrate and spin and sucks it in her mouth. The dildo pushes against the inside of her cheeks and looks just like a real cock being worked lovingly in and out of her mouth.

Making sure her legs are wide open and her cunt stays toward the webcam.

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She pistons the huge dildo in and out of her mouth as she turns the spin up. Sliding it down her throat she moans. Using her fingers she lightly rubs her wet hard clit and slides her fingers in and out of her now dripping cunt.

She wiggles and moans to herself. She takes the dildo out of her mouth and presses it against her cunt and moaning out loud begins to slowly insert it. Once she gets it firmly and fully in her dripping cunt she turns the dildo on a low spin.

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Sighing she reaches down and pulls her full lush tit to her mouth and licks it, all the while smiling into the webcam. Turning the dildo up, she presses the switch that makes the butterfly vibrate against her erect clit. The view of her erect clit being rubbed by the butterfly in camera range is spectacular. Honey drips onto the bed and makes the dildo slick and shiny. Licking her tit she moves it higher and pulls the now tight, hard pink nipple deep into her mouth and begins to nibble and suck on it.

She sucks the nipple deeper into her mouth and uses one hand to help her dripping pussy move the spinning dildo in and out of her cunt. Slower then faster and always deep and always within range of the webcam. She begins to grind her clit into the butterfly and pistons the dildo in and out using her inside cunt muscles to move it.

The sound is an awesome slurp slurp accompanied by her loud moans, makes her hotter and causes more honey to flow from around the dildo and leak down the crack of her ass making a wet spot on the bed. She takes a minute to open her drawer and pulls out another dildo, holding it up toward the camera. It is a 9" long 1" circumference glass tube with knobs that look like bubbles all the long length of it. Just as she had with the other dildo she prepares it by licking and sucking on it, rubbing it against the inside of her cheeks poking it out making it look like she is sucking a hardcore big ass babe ally kay deepthroat huge cock and gets pussy wet with her mouth.

Sucking it in and out slurping and moaning. When she has warmed the dildo she inserts its wet tip into her anus and begins to use her muscles to suck it into her ass. She reinserts the other dildo into her hungry cunt and using her cunt muscles sucks the dildo deep, sets it back on spin and turns the butterfly back on.

Working the two dildos in and out of her cunt and ass she moans and wiggles, turning over so her ass is now in the camera for a close up. Using her muscles in her ass to move it in and out toward the camera, moaning her pleasure, letting her audience enjoy japan hd japanese dp with creampie surprise sight of the dildo disappearing up her tight ass, then flipping back over so the honey dripping from her cunt runs down her ass onto the glass dildo making it slick and easy to slide in and out.

The dildos working in her ass and cunt are mesmerizing! The sounds of the dildos being pistoned in and out of her orifices and the sucking on her tit accompanied by her loud moans are a show all their own and add to the whole woman fucking herself action being played out in front of the camera. She takes her tit in her hand and licks the nipple again.

She sucks on the side of her tit and leaves a nice large dark red hickey. Biting lightly she sucks it deeper into her mouthalternating tits she gives both long slow licks accompanied by deep sucking and biting on the nipples leaving them swollen, red and erect. As she fucks her own ass with her long slim glass dildo, fucks her own cunt with the spinning dildo, teases her clit with the butterfly and sucks and nibbles her own tit she moans louder and louder as an orgasm overtakes her and her whole body shakes.

Moaning her enjoyment louder and louder she comes again. She continues to suck her tit and fuck her ass and cunt and moan until she comes again with a violent spasm and a huge spout of woman cum shooting out of her cunt.

She screams and moans and collapsing on the bed with the dildos still firmly inserted in her body, her wet well sucked nipples visibly throbbing. On the other side of the webcam her audience, many of them return customers are impressed with her performance and satisfied that their money had been well spent.

She will be on tomorrow same time, same place and give her all for the camera and her audience again. As the camera shuts off, her lover who has been patiently sitting out of camera range stroking his cock comes over and flips her onto her belly looking to make sure they are angled sideways toward the camera he pulls both dildos out with a loud popping sound as her muscles reluctantly let them escape.and shoves his cock deep into her hot dripping cunt.

Reaching up under her he grasps her tits, squeezing and pulling on them he rides her like a wild horse, pulling almost all the way out then plunging in deep and hard, over and over again until she is gasping and moaning. Foxy zoe bounces on a black dong before he explodes with an orgasm he flips her onto her back and pulls her around so her head is hanging off the bed and she greedily sucks his cock deep down her throat as he buries his face in her cunt and bites her clit, then sucks her cunt and rams his fingers in and out of her cunt and ass as rapidly and deep as he can.

As she has another violent orgasm she again shoots a thick stream of cum and screams as her lover greedily licks and sucks it all down. Flipping her back around on the bed he rams his long thick cock firmly in her cunt as deep as it will go and begins to ride her again. in and out harder and deeper over and over until with a groan and shout camilla saenz post op camilla saenz cums as she again shoot out a long stream of woman cum screaming her pleasure.

He doesn't mind her performing for her faceless audience as long as she only fucks him and fucks him well. As he slides his now limp cock out of her wet cunt with a plopping sound she slides down the bed and licks and sucks him clean.

She is unaware that the camera is not turned off and his website was now zeroed in on her cunt and his cock as they fucked for his audience. Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your income!