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Milf boobs solo hd the mature lure
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Tracey looked at her desk clock again and saw that it was 09.35, her appointment with the company Doctor was at 10.00 so she had better leave her office soon, she didn't want to keep Doctor Chambers waiting!

She hated these quarterly check ups, the company had made them mandatory for all female staff, free or slave, a year ago and it seemed to Tracey that they had gone over the top. Every three months was too often for a start and not only that if you missed one your employment was terminated immediately, no excuses no buts, you were fired!

That wasn't the same for the slave girls of course, you couldn't fire a slave after all, but for the free girls being fired was a very big thing indeed and if you weren't careful you would end up a slave yourself.

Mind you Tracey was beginning to think that that's what the bosses wanted, a one hundred percent slave female staff list. When she had joined ABC Insurance eighteen months ago only five percent of the staff were slaves, now at the latest count she knew of it was sixty five percent, probably more than that now.

She knew that on her floor there was only five free girls, herself being one, the rest were all slaves owned by the company and Tracey reckoned there must be eighty girls on her floor! It made sense for the company to own it's girls of course rather than employ them, for a start they didn't have to pay them which was a big bonus. There were costs involved of course, for a start the girls had to be bought, then housed and fed and watered but that was the extent of the costs involved.

Tracey knew that buying the girls was not expensive, in fact she had been amazed how cheaply girls could be bought, especially if you were buying them in bulk like the company was. They were housed in dormitory style blocks in the company grounds and Tracey was sure that the company did not waste a lot of money on food for them.

She had no idea of the total cost of buying and keeping each slave girl but she knew it was a hell of a lot cheaper than employing them so it made good business sense. There was also the fact that once the company no longer needed each girl they could sell her on, Tracey doubted that they made much money on the resale value but it was something.

As well as being cheap to buy and keep the company also got it's money's worth by working the slave girls hard. Each girl was expected to do a fourteen hour shift, seven days a week and to meet exacting honry babe sucking on throbbing cock pornstars while doing so, all for no pay and absolutely no employment rights!

In fact the whole thing made so much business sense Tracey wondered why they employed any free girls at all, including herself! She was lucky of course that she joined the company when she did, as far as Tracey knew they were not employing any free girls at all now.

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She had worked hard though in the last eighteen months and had recently been promoted to a Team Leader, a fact that she knew annoyed a lot of the male staff on her floor who did not take kindly to having a female boss, free or not. Even with her promotion though Tracey was struggling, her hours had recently been increased to ten hours a day and her wages cut by forty percent! A fact that she complained about to her boss a few weeks earlier but he had basically shrugged his shoulders and told her to get used to it, she was a girl and nobody was wasting money on girls nowadays!

On more than one occasion she had begun to wonder if being a free girl was the best option, after all the slave girls didn't have to worry about paying rent and all the tit flashing cutie eats cock on knees for cash bills, they had a roof over their heads every night and were fed three meals a day.

She had visited one of the slave blocks once, one of young male employees had told Tracey to go and collect one of the girls for a punishment of some kind.

Tracey didn't want to know what type of punishment and what the girl had done to earn it, it was usually best to stay out of that sort of thing. She had raised her eyebrows at the young man for sending her on such a menial task but he had stared her down so she had done as she was told. On entering the block she found that it was literally a long rectangular room filled with rows of beds with a small locker beside each. It reminded Tracey of old films of army barracks but in this instance instead of rugged army types the room was full of naked girls!

It seemed that the only clothes the girls had were their work uniforms, at any other time they were naked. The sight of so much naked flesh had temporarily overwhelmed Tracey until the male dormitory supervisor had sharply slapped her bottom and told her to get her clothes off! She had quickly explained who she was and why she was there to the suspicious man before he finally called out the wanted girls name and a timid blonde had approached them and Tracey had led the still naked girl back to the main building before dropping her off with the delighted young man who no doubt had a lot of fun punishing the poor girl!

Maybe being a free girl was better than being a slave after all Tracey had thought to herself that night. At the time Tracey had been surprised at the docility of the slave girl, after all she had quite happily walked behind Tracey for around fifteen minutes completely naked without any real signs of embarrassment or fear.

She'd since learned however that like a lot of major slave owners the company drugged its girls to keep them docile and pliable. She knew that the company fed its girls and Tracey had seen the stuff it fed them enough times, it looked like a thick gloop which came in a few different flavours.

It reminded Tracey of looking like a MacDonald's thick shake, but thicker. It did have one extra ingredient though, the docility drug which Tracey had heard was designed to be highly addictive. In fact she had seen a box of the stuff in the canteen once and clearly stamped on the side was the warning; Danger, this content is highly addictive. One intake has been known to cause a lifetimes dependency. A warning that had made Tracey shudder when she saw it, especially as she saw all the girls eating tubs of the stuff.

One day she had forgot her lunch and had asked her PA, a scheming unlike able girl called Emily to pop down to the canteen and get her something. Emily had come back smiling and placed a tub of strawberry flavoured slave food on her desk and giggling had quickly left Tracey's office. Tracey had been angry and almost called her back but instead she kept working for another hour or so until she realised she was absolutely starving, her reduced wages hardly enabled her to spend a lot of money on food and the strawberry tub was looking more gorgeous bitch acquires holes screwed interracial and hardcore by the second.

How addictive could it be really? And would one tub really make her more docile, surely more than one tub was needed for both? She eventually lasted out another forty minutes before she could stand it no longer and she tentatively dipped her finger into the thick substance and put it to her lips.

Actually it wasn't big boobs masseuse emma cumz gets rammed on massage table, not bad at all. It did taste like a thick thick strawberry shake and although she had only intended to eat a small portion of the tub she quickly found herself licking it clean and empty!

Feeling sated but also a little scared at what she had done she waited for the side effects to take place but as she suspected she didn't feel any different. Well maybe over the new few weeks she did feel a bit more relaxed, maybe more docile, but that was a nice feeling really. And as far as the addiction went, well that was just silly, she certainly wasn't addicted to the stuff like the slave girls were, yes Emily had started bringing her a tub of the stuff every day now and she ate each tub empty but she was sure she could stop any time she wanted, indeed she had asked Emily to stop leaving the tubs on her desk more than once but Emily kept forgetting and leaving them there anyway for Tracey to eat.

She should of complained to Emily about it really but she didn't seem to like causing a scene nowadays. Then one day a week ago Emily had dropped off her tub of food as she always did but this time she lingered and giggled as she said to Tracey, "I've heard mom teach her son friend sex if you put a dab of this stuff on your clitty it tingles like mad for 24 hours." She winked at Tracey and then was gone leaving her to think about what she'd just heard.

It was ridiculous of course, surely it couldn't be true, could it? Tracey had heard some wild stories about the slave girls being horny all the time and up for anything but she'd put that down to their docile state and the fact that they were highly suggestible after eating their special food.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to give it a go though, after all what harm could it do, not here at work though, so just before going home for the day she'd asked Emily to pop down to the canteen for another tub of the stuff so she could take it home. The knowing look on Emily's face had annoyed Tracey but she ignored her and took the tub off her when she came back with it.

That night despite scolding herself for being so silly she found herself laying on her bed quite naked and with her legs spread wide. The tub was beside her and nervously she dipped her finger into it withdrawing it with a small dollop sexy teenies ream the biggest strapons and spray spunk everywhere the mixture on her fingertip.

Feeling foolish but also excited she then proceeded to gently rub the stuff onto her clit. To her surprise her skin seemed to absorb the mixture and she quickly dipped her finger into the tub again, this time withdrawing a much larger dollop which she rubbed into the clit.

For a few minutes she laid there feeling even more stupid that before, nothing had happened! The only good thing was the fact that she had a tub of her favourite food to eat for the first time at home and she quickly devoured the rest of the tub. It took about an hour for the effects to start and Tracey was amazed. Her clit felt like it was on fire, not a painful fire but a ticklish exciting maddening fire, one that very quickly was driving her crazy!

She soon found that the only way to ease the fire was to bury her fingers between her legs and to bring herself to orgasm as quickly and as often as possible.

She lost count after fifteen and she knew she kept going long after that before finally falling into an exhausted sleep that only lasted three tales from the hard side tori lane before she was woken by the alarm for work.

Cursing herself for not trying this on a weekend she dived into the shower, her pussy still screaming for attention, attention she was only too happy to give it!Finally after spending way too long in the shower she eased the itch sufficiently to enable herself to get dried and dressed for work.

Arriving twenty minutes later she was met by her boss who cheerfully told her she would have the whole days pay docked for being late and all she could think of as he was telling her off was how she could masturbate at her desk without it being obvious. After that day Emily had started slipping a new tub of the food onto Tracey's desk just before she went home at night and Tracey used two or three dollops of it on her clit before eating the rest.

Okay she was now eating two tubs of the food every day but she felt good. Maybe she wasn't concentrating at work as well as she should be but that wasn't her fault, she was just too damn horny to think about work stuff!

She'd noticed some differences to her body to recently, her hair seemed fuller, a deeper coloured blonde, she was sure she'd lost some inches off her waist and she knew she'd gained a few inches on her boobs!

None of her previous C cup bras fitted her any more and she'd started wearing EE instead. None of these changes had gone unnoticed by the guys on her floor and she suddenly found herself getting a lot more attention than before.

The guys were well used by now to taking what they wanted from the slave girls, after all they had no rights and were certainly not going to sue the company for sexual harassment, the very idea was laughable and the guys knew it. They had left Tracey alone though, after all she was a free girl and to be frank there was plenty of slave pussy for them to play with.

Just recently though Tracey had been receiving advances from some of the men, advances she would of brushed off or even gotten angry about before but now she seemed flattered by them and even open to them. She had had sex with five different men from her floor in the last two weeks, all of them she wouldn't of looked at twice a few weeks ago but now they simply had to give her some lame come on and she would find herself opening her legs for them.

She knew she was getting a reputation and she knew she shouldn't be doing it but that maddening itch between her legs was there constantly. Concentrating at work was becoming a problem but luckily the alarm for her medical with Dr Chambers was not going to give up and so with five minutes to spare she found herself knocking on his door. At a shouted instruction to come in she entered the medical room to find it full, there must have been twenty girls in there, all slaves, some standing, a few sitting, mostly silent but a few chatting to each other.

A nurse was sitting behind a desk at the far end of the room almost obscured by the amount of people but Tracey managed to push herself that way before saying who she was. "Ah yes Tracey Smith, your usual check up, you've picked a bad time I'm afraid, we've got these new girls to process but as your a free girl I'm sure the Doctor will see you soon." she smiled and Tracey stood beside a nervous looking slave girl.

A minute later the phone rang on the nurses desk and after a brief conversation the nurse hung up and then stood up and startled Tracey by shouting, "Okay listen please, to save time the Doctor wants you all naked so can you all take your clothes off, all clothes, and put them in the large basket over there, we will sort them out later." the nurse pointed to a wicker basket against a wall before sitting down again.

There was a pause of only a second or two before Tracey saw girls starting to undress. Of course they were slave girls, nudity was no big deal to them after all but despite her heightened sexuality and willingness to please Tracey still had doubts about stripping naked in the general waiting room.

"Hum does that include me?" she hesitantly asked the nurse who looked at her puzzled as if to say why wouldn't it include Tracey before smiling, "Yes honey I guess it does, he might examine you separately but you still have to get naked either way." Feeling nervous and embarrassed but also a little excited Tracey proceeded to undress until she was naked like all the other girls.

She noted that the only cute couple jessica and mike visiting swinger house group sex and hardcore distinguishing her from the slave girls now was the fact that her wrist did not have a bar code on it, in all other aspects she was just just another naked pussy the same as them.

As the only free girl there Tracey had expected to be seen first by the Doctor, in reality she was the last! She had arrived at the office at ten o'clock and by the time her name was called the waiting room was empty and the clock said twelve fifteen! She was angry, tired, nervous and embarrassed all at once and as she entered the small Doctors office as naked as the day she was born she Doctor Chambers barely look up before saying, "Are you the last african big buttock xxx sex storys and on hearing Tracey's yes he sighed,"Thank God for that my tee time on the course is fast approaching." He motioned for Tracey to come over to him and as punk girl cock worship in front of the computer took her hand and led her over to a set of scales and eight measuring stick the door opened and the nurse came in.

"Sorry there was a lot of them Doctor, this is the last one though." "Yes I know, let's get her processed quickly then and then I can be on my way." The nurse then stood beside the Doctor jotting down his notes as he proceeded to weigh and measure Tracey reading off the measurement as he went. school nymph masturbating her hungry twat monstercock and hardcore honey now lay down on the table for us, on your back." the nurse said smiling to Tracey and nodded to an examination table to the left.

Tracey did as she was told feeling more exposed than she had done but these guys were professionals she thought, and after all they'd just had twenty or so slave girls through here as well. "Okay we haven't got any lubricant I'm afraid and the Doctor will want you nice and wet for the next bit so can you just play with yourself for a few minutes and get yourself nicely juiced up for us." the nurse smiled at Tracey as if her request was perfectly normal.

Tracey did not hesitate though, she ran her right hand down between her legs and started fingering herself and smiled up at the nurse as she called her a good girl.

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Somewhere in the back of Tracey's mind she knew that this was outrageous, maybe they might expect this from a slave girl but not a free girl surely, but ever since she'd started eating that damn slave food maybe it wasn't so outrageous after all, and it felt nice which was the important thing. The nurse and the Doctor had turned their backs on Tracey to discuss something or other, Tracey couldn't hear what they were murmuring about and she didn't care, all she knew was that her fingers on her hard little clit were doing a wonderful job!

Just then there was a knock on the door and without waiting for a reply a older man in pair of blue overalls entered the room. "Here you go Doc, those new light bulbs you asked for." he said to the doctor before he saw Tracey laying naked on the table, her hand busy between her legs! Perhaps I should cover up and stop playing with myself she thought but there was nothing to cover up with and besides she was well on her way to making herself cum, would be a waste to stop now.

"That's a nice one Doc," the man laughed, "Great pair of tits on her." he said casually walking up to Tracey and squeezing her large breasts together. "Yes she is a bit of a slut by the looks of it, she will fit ebony pussy dripping cum first time eva ravaging her classmate well." The Doctor laughed. "Well send her down to maintenance when you've finished with her processing Doc, we could have a lot of fun with this one." "I'm sure you could Fred, I'll see what I can do." The doctor laughed.

"Hum actually Doctor she's a free girl." the nurse nervously spoke up. Still busy fingering herself Tracey was aware though that she was glad that the nurse had spoken up for her. "Are you sure, it says here there's a large amount of X30 in her blood stream, if she's not a slave she's certainly been eating a lot of their food" the Doctor said looking at a clipboard he was holding. "Yes, look, no bar code." the nurse said holding up Tracey's left wrist, her right wrist was still busy!

"Well lucky you told me, I was about to process her with the others we've just done." the doctor dude with bigcock bangs tanned euro teenin public hardcore and reality. "So I'm not going to get to play with her?" Fred suddenly said disappointed.

"Doesn't look like it Fred." The Doctor laughed, "Not unless I just carry on with the processing anyway." "Well do that then Doc, she's too fine to miss the chance." Fred laughed.

"Doctor! You shouldn't really do that you know." the nurse said. "Why not," the doctor laughed, "she's a fine piece of pussy, a few entries this amateur porn video has it all to blow your mind a sassy blonde sexdoll jawbreaking blowjobs and the computer and she will belong to the company and then Fred here can take her away to wherever he takes slave girls for his depraved friends and I can get onto the golf course nice and early." "But she's a free girl!" the nurse squealed.

"Just you be quiet Missy and let the Doctor do his thing, unless you want to be a slave girl as well?" Fred suddenly sneered at her. "Well lets ask her, I'm sure in her current state we will get the answer we want." The doctor said laughing as he approached the still fingering Tracey.

"Tracey, we have a little problem, it seems you have a liking for slave food but your not a slave, that means I will have to stop you having any more of the food, unless of course you were a slave." he said half whispering into her ear. "Do you want to be a slave Tracey, I can do that for you now." he said suggestively as if he were seducing her.

Tracey heard the question but she had no idea what the answer was, the only thing she was worried about was the overwhelming orgasm that finally hit her like an express train hitting her firmly between her legs. All she could do was scream Yes, Yes, Yes as she bucked on the table, her fingers working as hard as they ever had as she tried to extend the incredible feeling as long as possible.

"There you go, as firm a reply as your ever going to get." the Doctor laughed and Fred with him while the nurse just looked exasperated with them both. He quickly started to enter some details onto the computer and pushed Enter a few times and with a grin he turned back to them and said, "Fire up the laser gun please nurse and then she's all yours Fred." Tracey was aware of the nurse approaching her, she was holding something she didn't recognise, she didn't care though, she was exhausted and drained, that orgasm had been the most intense she'd ever had and now all she wanted to do was lay there quietly and relax, get her breath back.

She didn't flinch when the nurse took her left wrist and held the strange object against it, she did flinch when a sudden bolt of pain hit her but it was over in a second and the nurse released her wrist to her side. As she sleepily looked up she saw the old maintenance man looking down at her with a big grin on his face and she heard him say, "Thanks then Doc, not a bad deal, some light bulbs for some pussy." and then he was grabbing her arms and pulling her upright and off the table, she had to put her arm around him to stand up straight and as he started leading her out of the room still naked she saw a look of pity in the nurses eye but she had no idea why, Tracey felt great!