Latina in lingerie gets a raging boner

Latina in lingerie gets a raging boner
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TUESDAY Josh's alarm blared, and he was woken instantly by the spell.

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Josh leaned over to turn the alarm off, and then realised his groin felt incredibly damp and sticky. He pulled the duvet, and realised that he'd not cleaned up all the cum the ghost blowjob had made him shoot, meaning there was quite a mess on both him and his sheets. Josh leaned over to pick up the wand off his bedside table, and waved it. "All this jizz will disappear," he commanded, and it did, immediately.

"That's still fucking cool." Josh decided to skip a shower this morning, because who needs a shower when you've got magic? "My body will be as though I've just had a long, relaxing shower," Josh commanded, and the sweat and grime from his body was immediately cleansed.

"Now, dress me for the day." One wave of the wand later, and Josh was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, shoes and socks, and had his school bag on his back. Josh left his room, and as he walked down the corridor, he could hear someone in the shower. Josh decided to be mischievous, and waved the wand. "Whoever's in the shower in there will have an intense, minute-long orgasm." "GahhhAHHHH!" Josh heard the sound of a manly groan, followed by what he could only assume was the sound of his father falling to the floor of the shower in pleasure.

Josh chuckled, and headed downstairs. He hid the wand in his bag, and then walked into the kitchen, where Abbie was sat having breakfast, their mother having already gone to work. "Morning sis," Josh said, a spring in his step. "What's gotten into you?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" Josh asked, pouring his cereal. "It's early in the morning, and you're dressed and in a good mood.

What, you just win the lottery?" "That's what it feels like, like I've won every lottery on Earth." "Yeah, well I hope whatever disease you've caught isn't contagious." Josh ate his breakfast, and then set off for school.

He left the wand in his bag, not wanting to draw attention to it, but he walked considerably faster and more enthusiastically than he normally did, excited to try out the wand at school. It was mildly uncomfortable walking with his enlarged cock and balls in his pants, but he wasn't about to shrink them back down. Josh arrived at school, and immediately set about looking for his friend John.

It didn't take long, and he found him out in the hallway. "Hey Josh," John said. "Dude, I need to show you something," Josh said. "Josh, I've not got time to check your homework for you now." "With what I have in my bag we don't ever have to do homework ever again!" "What are you talking about?" "John, I have found a magic wand." "Bullshit." "It's true!" "Listen, that's great, but we have to get to class. Come on." Josh followed John, thinking about sensual babe desires thick cock in pussy most fun way to prove it to him.

They got into their English class, which was taught by Mr Williams. Josh was sat in the back corner, japanese incest short movies with englisn gave him a good view of where John was sat.

"Okay John, let's see who's talking bullshit," Josh said. As the legal age teenager beauty is banged well was talking, he discreetly reached into his bag, and waved the wand.

"John's penis will become erect." John grunted slightly, little enough for the others in the class to ignore it, but Josh noticed it, and he saw a noticeable movement in John's groin area as his cock filled with blood. "Alright, now make it harder." John grunted again.

"And harder. And harder. And harder. And harder. And harder again. And ten times as hard now." John was now erect beyond belief, beyond the normal realms of human erections, the magic holding him in this perpetual state of "super boner".

Josh watched John shuffle, trying to make it less obvious while also being more comfortable to sit with. The class were studying Shakespeare's Scottish play, and as such, the next part of Josh's plan was obvious to him. "Every time John hears the words "Shakespeare", "Macbeth", "King" or "Witch", he will experience one single orgasmic contraction," Josh commanded. "Each one will be twice as pleasurable as the last, and each one will cause John's cock to grow even more erect." Josh then put the wand down, and sat back to watch the show.

"So then, Shakespeare wrote this play in the year 1606," said Mr Williams, but Josh didn't care, as he was too focused on John whimpering from the word "Shakespeare". "One interesting thing about Macbeth," he said, eliciting another reaction from John. "Is that it challenged the traditional view of witches. Whereas witches had traditionally been ordinary people who made deals with the devil for personal gain, these witches were themselves the tricksters, such as when they told Macbeth that he would become King." John was a quivering wreck now, one who was desperately trying not to let on to his pleasure, or the now obvious mess in his pants.

He'd emptied his supply of semen now, but still the contractions came, jizzless, but no less pleasurable. "So then, let's discuss our favourite characters," said Mr Williams. "Josh, what was your favourite character in Macbeth?" "Well, I suppose my favourite characters in Macbeth were the witches," Josh replied. "I really liked how the witches manipulated Macbeth into becoming King." By the end of the lesson, John was slouched in his chair, his legs spread.

As the class started to leave, John remained put, apparently not wanting anyone to see the evidence of his experience. "There's no class in here next, german teen gagging gina valentina gets her wish our teacher won't question why John and I aren't in our next class," Josh said, waving the wand. "No-one will disturb us." Satisfied, Josh approached John.

"You okay dude?" Josh asked. "Yeah…I'm fine." "You sure? You look kinda…flustered." "I'm fine, really. Come on, we should get to class." "I think you'd better stay sat down. Wouldn't want anyone to see the mess." "What?" "You know, your huge boobs stepmom and teen crazy some in the bedroom. And all the jizz you just shot in class." "How'd you know that!?" "It's weird cumming for no reason, huh?

Kinda like your dick has a mind of its own." "Explain yourself, now." Josh said nothing, just reaching into his bag and pulled out the wand. "Believe me now?" Josh asked. "Oh my God, is that-" "My magic wand? Yep." "You dick! Why'd you do that stuff to me!?" "To prove my power to you." "You didn't have to make me cream my pants in the middle of class!" "Oh relax, barely anyone noticed." "I noticed! Now I've gotta walk around school with a big wet patch on my pants!" "Tell you what, let's fix that for you.

John, stand up take off all your clothes," John ordered, waving the wand. "What…HEY!" John's body moved automatically, standing up and moving away from his desk.

He grabbed hold of his T-shirt, and pulled it off, exposing his flabby chest. "I can't control myself!" John shouted. "I know, it's kinda like I'm a witch, isn't it?" "Ahhhhh!" John cried out, experiencing yet another powerful orgasmic contraction.

He grabbed hold of his trousers, and dropped them and his underwear. In less than a minute, John was stood, completely naked in front of his friend with his penis still impossibly erect.

"Lookin' good dude," Josh said. "Yeah, great, now gimme that." Back in control of his body, John lunged at Josh, trying to grab the wand. "Stop!" Josh ordered, and John immediately froze in position. "Stand up straight, and don't move from that position without my permission." John did as he was told, and looked annoyed. "I think it's best if I look after the wand, don't you?" "Not really, especially if you're gonna keep torturing me." "It's not torture, I'm helping you.

Here, see. John's muscles will become nice and toned. His body fat will also decrease." Josh waved the wand, and John moaned as he felt his body morph in response.

His fat disappeared, being replaced by toned muscle. In seconds, John looked like he could be a professional athlete. "Oh my God…" he said, looking down at his new, toned body. "John's cock and balls will be twice as big, and twice as erect. He has unlimited cum." "Uhhh…" John moaned as he felt his cock tense up further, and his genitals stretch and expand.

"You can move again, but don't try and get the wand again or I'll use it on you." Free to move, John began examining his new body. He grabbed hold of his new cock and balls, holding them up to feel their heft. "I'm like some kind of sex god!" "I'm more like a God, since I've got all this power now." "Well how about using that power to make me go soft?

This boner feels weird." "But if I do that, then how will you have sex?" "What?" "Pick a girl, any girl, and I'll make her fuck you." "Seriously?" "Seriously. Pick any girl in the school and you'll be inside her before you know it." "Alright, how about…Sarah Lawson?" "Big boobs, big butt, and also dating the star of the school football team.

Well, let's fix that," Josh said, before waving the wand. "Sarah Lawson will leave her class and come to room 12B. No-one will question this.

She will believe that John is her boyfriend. She loves him with all her heart. When she gets here, she will not notice me. She will get naked, and have sex with John." "Oh my God." "Enjoy." It felt like forever, but after a minute or two, Sarah walked into the room, closing the door behind her. "Hi baby," she smiled. "Uh…hi," John said. His eyes then widened as Sarah pulled her top off, followed by her bra, leaving her topless. "Oh my God." Sarah just giggled, and finished undressing.

Both boys stared at her nude body. Sarah then walked towards John, and, without hesitation, kissed him passionately. John resisted at first, but soon the two naked teens were making out furiously in the middle of the classroom. "Make them 10 times as horny," Josh commanded, and the two moaned, rubbing each-other's asses and kissing hard.

Sarah then broke the kiss, and sat John down on one of the tables. She got down on her knees, and without hesitation, she took John's cock in her mouth.

"Oh my God…" he moaned as he got his first blowjob. "Pretty great huh?" Josh asked. John just gave him a gesture telling him to leave the two of them alone. "Sorry dude, the one with magic wand makes the decisions," Josh said. "Like me, Jake will have no refractory periods." Josh waved the wand, and smiled. "I'll leave you two lovebirds alone." Josh left the two of them to their pleasure, and thought about what to do next. He was excused from his current class, and he didn't have anything else specific to do.

"You boy!" Josh jumped, and turned to see the headteacher, Mrs Drummond, coming towards him. She was a woman in her late 30s, and incredibly strict. "Why aren't you in class!?" "Well, uh…I…" Josh stuttered, realising it was only the teacher for his current class who wouldn't question him, not anyone else.

"What's that you've got there!?" Mrs Drummond then snatched the wand off of Josh. "It's a stick. Why are you bringing sticks into school, boy?" "It's, um, a study aid," Josh said. "Probably a way of looking up answers online," she said. "If you give it me back I'll show you what it does." "You can have it back at the end of the day. Now get to class." Josh felt his body obey, as Mrs Drummond moved the wand enough to trigger its magic. "Yes ma'am!" He said obediently, and darted off towards his classroom.

Josh tried to resist, but no matter what he did, his body continued walking to class. He walked into the classroom, no-one questioning his lateness, and sat down at the desk. Control of his body returned to him at his point, and so he tried to leave, but every time he did so, he felt an irresistible urge to stay. Seems he was here for the duration of the class. As soon as the bell rang daddy want to see your little tight amateur teen pussy on webcam signal the end of gaby del campo sexo oral en puacuteblico lesson, Josh was straight out of there.

He needed to get the wand back, before Mrs Drummond figured out what it was. He knew it was in her office somewhere, but no way could he go and get it while she was in there.

He needed a distraction. His eyes then went towards the fire alarm. "Perfect," he said. Josh clenched his fist, and then broke the glass. The alarm triggered instantly, and everyone began pouring out of classrooms, and leaving the building. Josh meanwhile ducked into one of the classrooms, waiting for the building to clear.

When the coast was clear, Josh left the classroom, and walked quickly towards Mrs Drummond's office. He knocked on the door. No response. Nervously, he opened the door, and sure enough, the room was empty. Okay, he thought. Only got a few minutes, need to find the wand. Josh ran around the room, looking for it, when it dawned on him the most logical place would be the desk.

He opened the drawer, and sure enough, there it was, sitting in there. He picked it up, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Well well." Josh looked up to see an angry Mrs Drummond stood in the doorway. "You should be ashamed of yourself, young man, triggering a fire alarm just to get your toy back." "It's not a toy, Mrs Drummond." "Give it here, boy," she said sternly, shutting the door behind her.

"Nah, I don't think so." "GIVE IT TO ME, BOY!" Mrs Drummond lunged forwards suddenly, much like John had, and Josh quickly waved the wand and shouted. "ORGASM!" "oooooOOOOOO!" Mrs Drummond fell forwards, Josh dodging out of the way as she grabbed onto her desk for support. He watched milf and teen lesabian play big tits lesbian older woman thrust her hips forwards and backwards as she rode out her spontaneous orgasm.

"You were saying?" Josh asked, grinning.

"What…what did you just do to me, young man!?" Mrs Drummond stood up, and adjusted her skirt, trying to maintain her dignity. "I waved my magic wand, and made you orgasm," Josh said, before waving the wand again. "Like this. ORGASM!" "OHHHHH!" Mrs Drummed fell backwards this time, straddling her desk as she came once more. "All the doors and windows in here are locked and soundproofed," Josh ordered, so that no-one came in to investigate.

"This…this is impossible," Mrs Drummond panted as she fell to the floor. "That's what I'd have said yesterday, but now, I'm a god," he said. "Orgasm." "Ahhhhh God!" Mrs Drummond moaned, her vagina resuming orgasming only seconds after stopping. "Make us both naked," Josh commanded, and both of their clothes vanished. Josh admired Mrs Drummond's orgasming body, and willed his cock hard. "Orgasm again. When you stop orgasming, you will forget I'm a student eliza jane n lena paul ing on the bed. Instead, I'm your husband, and you want nothing more than to make love to me in your office." Mrs Drummond screamed out in her 4th orgasm, and Josh watched, waiting for his second spell to take effect.

When her orgasm ended, she looked up at him, lust in her eyes. She picked herself up from the floor, and kissed Josh passionately. "Oh God sweetie, I need you," she moaned into Josh's mouth. "Well then honey," Josh said, dropping the wand and grabbing hold of her ass. "Your husband would be happy to provide." Josh set Mrs Drummond down on the desk, and moved around to sit on the chair. She tried to climb on top of him, but Josh stopped her. "Nuh uh," he said. "You have to earn he right to fuck me.

Now suck my dick." Mrs Drummond nodded obediently, and crawled under her desk. A few seconds later, and his meat was down her throat. He could feel her trying to repress her gag reflex as his cock prodded against her tonsils. Evidently her actual husband was smaller than he was. "Oh God, that's it honey," Josh moaned. "Suck your husband's big, hard cock." Mrs Drummond moaned, and Josh could hear the sounds of the sloppy blowjob he was receiving from his headteacher.

He instinctively spread his legs, and slouched a little in the chair. "Oh God…oh that's it…Oh fuck…suck me all over! All over!" Josh was in Heaven, as Mrs Drummond brought him closer and closer to the point of unstoppable group sex act smalltits and homemade return. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna&hellip.GaaaAHHHH!" Mrs Drummond moaned as Josh exploded into her mouth.

She gagged a little, but still did her best to swallow all his semen, despite it coming thicker and faster than any guy she'd ever sucked. Like Josh's cock was some sort of fire hose. Still, she had a job to do, and eventually the flow calmed down, and Josh's orgasm ended. "Fuck that was great…" Josh panted. Mrs Drummond just climbed out from under the desk, and climbed on top of Josh. "What are you-" "Claiming my prize," she said firmly, before ramming her pussy down on Josh's cock.

"Ohhhh…go for it baby," Josh moaned, as Mrs Drummond ground her pussy on his cock. Josh grabbed hold of her ass, and began guiding her up and down on his cock.

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"Oh yes…oh baby," she moaned. Josh leaned forwards, and took one of her big boobs into his mouth, sucking on it. "Oh yes! Oh suck me! Fuck me!" "Oh shit babe, you feel so good! I'm gonna cum!" "Not yet baby! I'm not there yet!" But it was too late, and Josh unleashed his load into Mrs Drummond's pussy. When it was over, Mrs Drummond sat there on him, waiting for him to calm down. "Well? Why did you stop?" Josh asked her.

"You came, I figured we wouldn't be able to keep going," she replied. "Nonsense," Josh said. He grabbed hold of her ass, and, without ever pulling out, flipped her over, she was sat down on her chair. Josh then resumed thrusting, getting right to giving her the banging she deserved. Josh fucked hard, finally getting the hang of this whole sex thing.

Right now he wanted nothing more than to fill Mrs Drummond with even more cum while she orgasmed her brains out. "Oh! Oh God honey! You've never been able to go this many times before!" Mrs Drummond screamed. "From now on babe, we go as long as we want," Josh moaned, his balls crashing against her hot flesh. "Oh fuck…God you're so wet…" "I'm wet for you, honey…I love you baby!" "I love you too, babe," Josh moaned, really getting into the role of Mr Drummond.

"Oh God baby, I'm gonna cum!" "Me too, here we go!" Josh thrust forwards hard, and he felt Mrs Drummond's pussy begin to contract around his cock, followed moments later by Josh's unstoppable flow of semen. The two of them stared each-other in the eyes as they came, moaning and groaning and whimpering. The two of them passed out on the chair, their bodies still entwined.

When Josh woke up, he pulled out of the sleeping Mrs Drummond, and looked over at the clock. Only half an hour had passed, so hopefully he hadn't been missed. Josh softened his cock, then got dressed, and picked up the wand. "You will sleep for another half an hour, before waking up," Josh ordered. "You will then realise what you did. You didn't have sex with your husband, it was me, one of your students. You won't be able to tell anyone else about it." Satisfied, Josh walked out of Mrs Drummonds office, and felt his stomach rumble.

Fortunately, it was lunch time. Josh made his way to the dinner hall, where he encountered John. "Josh, where'd you go!?" He asked. "Oh you know, just fucking around," Josh replied. "Well lemme tell you dude, Sarah's amazing! Her mouth, her tits, her pussy…Oh my God…" "You're welcome!

Now come on, let's get lunch." A few waves of the wand later, and Josh and John were sat next to each-other on their private table, eating food far beyond the normal school dinner quality. "And for our dinnertime entertainment," Josh said, looking over at two moderately attractive girls. "Those girls will come over here and give us blowjobs until we tell them to stop.

No-one else will notice." The two girls immediately stopped their conversation, and walked over to the boys. They crawled under the table, and within seconds they had the boys' trousers and underwear around their ankles. Another few seconds later, and they had the boys' cocks in their mouths. "Ohhhh fuck…" John moaned. "You sure no-one will notice?" "You doubt my power?" "It's not that I doubt it, more that I know almost nothing about it. Where'd sunny leone fucked in bath by a tattooed guy a find that thing?" "Just lying around when I was walking home yesterday." "Exactly.

You don't know where it came from or what it really is.

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It could be dangerous." "What's it gonna do, make me die of too many orgasms?" "I'm serious Josh," John said, still trying to talk through the fantastic fellatio he was receiving.

"How do you know we haven't sold our souls to the devil by using that thing?" "You're way to paranoid John," Josh said, waving the wand. "Relax and have an orgasm." "UH! Ahhhhhhhhh…" John groaned as his cock suddenly exploded.

He felt the girl gag from the sudden rush of semen, but she managed to keep it down. Josh looked over at the clock, and saw it was a few minutes to 1. "The four of us will orgasm until that clock reaches 1," Josh commanded, and laid the wand on the table as he moaned out in orgasm. The boys could feel the girls moaning into their cocks, and it just served to heighten the pleasure they felt as they ejaculated ferociously, the girls trying their very best to take it all in.

Josh leaned his head back, and closed his eyes, enjoying the extreme feelings coming from his cock. And then, just like that, the feelings ended. Disappointed, he opened his eyes, and saw that it was a few seconds after 1. John was sat recovering, and the girls were still sucking their dicks, having not been told to stop.

"Alright girls, stop sucking us," Josh commanded, and they moved off of the boys. "These girls will now believe themselves to be John's girlfriends.

They will have no problem with this arrangement.

John can have as many girlfriends as he wants." Josh waved the wand again, as he stood up. "So what, I have 3 girlfriends now?" John asked him. "Yep," Josh replied, pulling his trousers back up. "Anyway, I'm gonna head off. I got places to go and people to fuck." Josh left, and walked down the corridor. Lunch was ending, so everyone was heading to class.

He held the wand close to him, stroking it. With this thing, he was a God. These people didn't know it, but he could do anything he wanted to them.

To anyone. And that turned him on so much. Josh turned to head in the direction of the girls' locker rooms. If he was a God, then he was going to fulfil every teenage boy's fantasy.

He watched girls trickle in, ready for their lesson. But he was going to change things. "The girls today will do PE totally naked," he commanded. "Everyone will find it totally normal. Now, I will be completely naked and completely invisible." Josh waved the wand, and it worked. "Oh, and no-one will notice the wand floating around." Satisfied, Josh willed himself hard, and waltzed into the changing rooms. In there he was greeted by two dozen girls in various states of undress, but all of whom were soon naked, as they got ready for PE.

Josh walked over to one girl, who was stood topless, having just removed her bra. Grinning, he reached out, and gave both of her boobs a quick squeeze. She yelped, and covered them.

"What's wrong?" Asked another girl. "I…nothing, it's fine," the girl replied, before Josh spanked the two of them. They yelped again, and gave each-other knowing looks, before rushing out into the gym.

Eventually there was just one girl left, who had arrived late and was rushing to get undressed. As she turned around however, she felt a set of invisible lips plant a soft, but passionate kiss on her own lips. She was taken in shock, and a few seconds later she felt the kiss end. She too rushed out as soon as she was done. Josh followed out into the gym, where the teacher had started putting the girls into teams for basketball. Everyone looked awkward, the normalness of being naked in PE apparently doing nothing to remove the embarrassment.

"When I do things to these girls, only they will notice it," Josh commanded of the wand. "They won't notice stuff I do to the other girls." Of course, they wouldn't know that, so embarrassment was guaranteed.

Half of the class got up to play basketball, while the other half of the class sat on the benches, waiting for their turn. It was these girls that Josh was interested in first. He walked over to one, and knelt down. Her legs were apart a little, and so he reached his hand forwards, and began rubbing her pussy.

She immediately closed her legs, and looked down, but she saw nothing. Opening her legs again nervously, she felt Josh resume rubbing her most sensitive area. She bit her lip, and tried to focus on the girls playing basketball as she felt several invisible fingers slide inside her. Josh tortured her for a while, before she felt him move away, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

The next to her didn't hawt whore bonks in a non stop style, as she instead got to "enjoy" the feeling of having her boobs squeezed and generally fondled by this apparent ghost.

Josh then leaned forward, and started kissing her. He then looked over at the girl next her, and recognised her as Ruth Ewing. Devoutly religious, the kind who was probably waiting for marriage and never touched herself and prayed for forgiveness whenever she had a dirty thought.

This was going to be fun. Josh sat down next to Ruth, who was the last in the line. "Hello Ruth," he said in her ear. She looked around in panic, but no-one seemed to notice. "H…who's there?" She asked. "What did you say?" Asked the girl who'd just had her boobs fondled.

"Uh…nothing," she replied. "No-one else will hear our conversation, Ruth," Josh said, waving the wand. "Who are you?" "I'm God, Ruth." "G…God?" "You doubt me?" "No…No! I'm sorry Lord. This is an honour!" Ruth felt "God" start to stroke her leg, and she tensed up a little.

"Relax Ruth. You are safe with me." "What do you desire of me, Lord?" "Give me your hand." Josh took Ruth's hand in his, and guided her to his groin. She then tensed up further. "Do you know what that is your hand is on, Ruth?" "Your…your penis, Lord." She felt dirty just using that word. "I want you to pleasure me, Ruth. Use your hand to bring me to climax." "But Lord, is that not a sin?" "The only sin is to disobey God." Josh spoke sternly, and Ruth just nodded, afraid she'd angered God.

Nervously, she wrapped her hand around Josh's cock, and began stroking. "Like this, Lord?" She asked. "Yes Ruth, like that," Josh replied, stroking her leg. Ruth continued stroking "God's" cock, taking note that it appeared quite large and warm.

Although she didn't know if that was a God thing, or that it was a trait of all men. She found herself wondering what God looked like. She couldn't see him, but he seemed to have at least some sort of physical form latina slut blowjob big dick doggy style cowgirl brunette babe. She then realised if this was God, he knew what she was thinking, so she silently asked for forgiveness, and tried to focus only on pleasuring him.

Josh had to admit, it wasn't the best he'd gotten, but Ruth did seem to be trying. She varied her technique though, desperate to obey her God. Eventually Ruth heard him groan, and she felt his cock pulse, and warm, invisible liquid land on her hand. brunette savannah paige getting fucked hard in the ass done well, Ruth," Josh said, moving her hand off his cock.

"I will visit you again tonight to reward you for your services. Until then, sit on my lap. You won't have to get up to play basketball, and no-one will notice." Josh waved the wand to make it so, and Ruth stood up, before setting herself down on Josh's lap. She felt his hard cook smooshed up against her ass, and his muscular arms wrapped around her, his divine hands stroking her tummy.

"I am please, Ruth. Now watch your friends for me." Josh spent shy as that beauteous babe gets her pussy sucked japanese hardcore rest of the class like this, occasionally stroking other parts of Ruth's body, but always avoiding her boobs and pussy.

Those were for later. When the class was over, Josh assured her he loved her, and sent her on her way. Josh then spent the rest of the school day doing similar ghostly antics with other girls' PE classes, before the final bell rang. Josh got home that afternoon completely happy.

He knew he'd meet up with Ruth again that evening, but until then he just wanted to relax. Josh's evening then consisted mostly of taking a quick nap, playing video games, and eating dinner with his family. He mostly ignored the wand, wanting to be prepared for the evening.

At around 9 o'clock, Josh decided it was time. "Alright wand, make me naked and invisible again, and make it so Ruth won't notice you," he commanded, and the wand obey. "Now soundproof Ruth's room and make sure no-one will walk in on her all night. And teleport me into her room." Josh was instantly stood in Ruth's bedroom across town.

The girl was sat at her desk in her pyjamas, doing her homework. Josh sat down on her bed, and she looked up as she heard it squeak. "Hello?" She asked to the air. "Hello Ruth," Josh said. "Lord!" Ruth leapt out of her chair, and got down on her knees in front of the indentation on her bed. "It's time for your reward," Josh said, trying to sound like God, however that sounded. "Take off all your clothes." "My clothes, Lord?" "You must be naked in my presence," Josh said, his cock hardening further at the thought.

"Y…yes Lord." Ruth stood up, and nervously removed her pyjamas.

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When she was completely naked, she got back on her knees. "Do you ever masturbate, Ruth?" "Once Lord. I prayed to you that night for forgiveness." "Did you orgasm?" "No Lord." "Have you ever orgasmed?" "No Lord." "Then allow me to remedy that. Ruth, I command you to orgasm." Josh waved the wand, and Ruth began to moan and shudder.

She fell forwards, and laid on her stomach as she came. Josh watched her twitch, humping the ground a little as she experienced her first ever orgasm. "Like belfast northern ireland amateur xxx porn storys mature, Ruth?" Josh asked. "Y…yes Lord…" Ruth panted as it ended. "Then have another orgasm." Ruth cried out as her vagina re-exploded, and she humped the ground more vigorously.

Josh moved up the bed, and laid his head on the pillow, listening to the girl orgasm. "I'm laid up here," he said. "When you're done, come up here and join me." Ruth reached the end of her orgasm, and a few seconds later, she got up, and laid next to Josh. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her close. "Did you enjoy that, Ruth?" He asked, stroking her bottom. "Yes Lord. Thank you Lord." Josh kissed her at this. "How did it feel?" "Wonderful Lord. Like I'd died and gone to Heaven," she replied, and Josh kissed her again.

"Do you know what a blowjob is?" "Yes Lord." "Give me one. I desire pleasure." "Yes Lord." Of course, knowing what a blowjob is is different to knowing how to give one. Ruth ran her hands along Josh's body to try and find his groin, before locating it.

She took his cock in her hand, and, taking a deep breath, she took it into her mouth. Josh let out a gasp, and she hesitated for a moment. "That's good," Josh said, stroking her hair.

"Now lick, suck and bob your head. Anything you think will feel good." "Yes Lord," Ruth said, her words muffled by Josh's large penis. She then began moving her tongue, licking and sucking at his supposedly-holy cock. She then moved her head up and down, and Josh moaned in pleasure from this not-at-all-bad blowjob. "Ohhh yeah…that's the stuff…" Josh moaned.

Ruth was knelt down as she fellated him, but Josh wanted a better view. "Lay down on your front." Without stopping the sucking, Ruth re-positioned herself to be laid on her front, adjacent to Josh.

Josh stuck his hand out, and began kneading Ruth's bottom, still getting used to the idea of touching girls' bodies. "Ruth, your body is now 100 times as sensitive to pleasure," Josh declared, waving the wand. Ruth moaned, feeling every inch of her body awash with sensation, Josh's hand now truly feeling like the hand of God. "Ohhh…that's it Ruth…Suck me. Suck your God and swallow my seed." Josh was almost there, and he gripped hold of the bedsheets.

A long groan later, and he was unleashing a full load into Ruth's mouth. The girl gagged a little from the sudden outburst of fluid, but she stood strong, determined to obey "God's" command to swallow it all. Josh eventually felt Ruth's mouth slide off his cock, and the girl sat on her knees, waiting for Josh to recover, as he laid, smiling post-orgasmically. "Fuck that was good," Josh panted, which made Ruth smile. "I'm happy that I was able to please you Lord," Ruth said. "Oh we're not done," Josh said.

"I need to make you a woman." "A…a woman, Lord?" "Lay down on your back." Ruth laid down sexy babe love ass toying her tight ass erotica movies her back, with her legs tightly together.

Josh reached out, and touched her pussy, which was incredibly wet from all the magical stimulation he'd been giving her. Ruth moaned and whimpered as she was rubbed in her most sensitive area, before Josh put his hands on her inner thighs. "Spread your legs Ruth," Josh ordered her. "God wants to fuck you." With Josh's hands pushing her into it, Ruth spread her legs, presenting her vagina to him. "Will it hurt?" Ruth asked him. "Of course not Ruth," Josh replied, picking the wand back up.

"All your pain will be replaced with pleasure." A look of contentment washed over Ruth's face, and she nodded. Josh positioned his cock by her entrance, and slid inside her. "Ohh&hellip.OHHHhhHhHhHHhh…" Ruth moaned, being filled for the first time in her life. Josh didn't wait any time, and got to work on thrusting hard in and out of her. "Oh fuck…fuck Ruth…your pussy's so tight…so good…" Josh moaned.

Josh pounded at Ruth, the girl moaning in time with his movements. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh&hellip.Oh my God…" she moaned without thinking. She opened her eyes, and panicked as she was fucked. "I'm so sorry Lord!" "Uh…what for?" Josh asked, pre-occupied with fucking Ruth. "I took your name in vain, Lord," Ruth said, somehow managing to speak despite the indescribable sensations between her legs. "What? Oh, right that," Josh said.

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"I don't mind that. Actually, I like it. Moan my name, Ruth. Show me how much you love me." "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God Oh God Oh God!" Ruth moaned, getting perhaps a little too into it. Josh just laughed, and continued fucking away at her. Ruth's increased sensitivity meant that orgasm came quickly. With a cry of "Oh Lord!" she erupted, and the sensation was enough to drive Josh over the edge too.

He groaned deeply, releasing a full load of invisible spunk into Ruth's pussy. Rather than cause him to slow down, however, as Ruth expected, this only made Josh speed up his sanny levon xnxx porn story downloading. "We're not done yet," he declared. "We're nowhere near done." ------------------------------- Author's message: Forgot to mention in the last chapter, but all 5 parts of this story are done, and posted in the usual places.

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