Orgasms short girl with cute little ass rides cock to orgasm real amateur couple

Orgasms short girl with cute little ass rides cock to orgasm real amateur couple
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Still, in a state of shock, Darren made his way to his room. There leaning against the mirror were the rules as promised.

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1: No clothing except when instructed. 2: No masturbation without permission 3: Use of a phone with permission only 4: a journal is to be written and waiting at the entrance to my bedroom before breakfast each day 5: You are never to enter my room unless requested to 6: When in my presence, you are to sit or kneel at my feet.Legs are too never to be crossed you are to be total available for my viewing.

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7: Each morning before breakfast you are to stand in front of the mirror and repeat, I belong to Mistress, she will care for me and I will honor her with my loyalty and trust. 8: There will be no cursing or swearing in my home. You will always seek permission when others are present to leave the room for any thing. 9: You will at all times be clean, and bathe twice a day. The body hair on your cock and balls are to be clean shaven on a daily basis.

10: you will have daily chores to complete, as well as 30 minutes of exercise. Darren glanced over at the clock, five minutes till the hour he was given expired.

Tossing back the covers he quickly climbed beneath them. His mind a jumbled mess from the day's activities. He was about to fall asleep when the door opened and in walked Mistress, her satin gown flowing behind her as she approached. Taking the covers she tucked them around him gently and leaned over to him and kissed him on the forehead. "Sleep well boy, you are safe." she whispered as she turned to leave the room.

Darren woke at the sound 2019s battle los angeles id 27855 someone entering his room and the smell of hot chocolate. Peeking through sleepy eyes he saw someone new, a girl near his age as she swayed her naked body from his room. Jumping from bed, he ran after her.

Grabbing her arm, he spun her around. He froze, her beauty was breath taking. Long silky black hair down to her waist, big soft eyes like that of a dear, her lips were full and her body like that of an hour glass with a cute bubble butt and medium firm breast. "Hi, I'm Darren, do you live here?" "I belong to Mistress, this is my home yes," she replied.

Darren smiled, "me too!" "I must go breakfast awaits, come soon to join us?" she asked. "Of course, I'm right behind you," he said not thinking of anything but the swaying of her adorable ass as he entered the room. There sat Mistress waiting at the table, the young girl sat on one side of her and Darren sat on the other side of her both in the floor. "I see you have meet Kim, she has been with me for six months lucky fellow satisfies amazing gals lesbian and college. Very good girl she is.

Now young man, did you not have a task to complete first thing this morning, ? If I'm not mistaken, you had two?" said Mistress. Darrens eyes grew wide, "Oh Ma'am, I forgot!" "Be seated both of you and let's enjoy our meal, we'll deal with this after breakfast."she replied.

Darren ate but his mind was on the "we'll deal with it after breakfast" statement. True to her word as soon as breakfast was done, Mistress motioned for Darren to come to her. Kneeling he waited. "You have started the day off poorly boy. I'm sure shortly you will learn.

Kim will take you to the punishment room and you will do as instructed or the punishment will be doubled. Is that clear?" said Mistress in a demanding tone.

Kim stood and took Darren by the hand. The room they entered was wall to wall whips chains and special furniture. Leading him to the center of the room, she knelt placing cuffs of fur around his ankles. Then she chained them to hooks in the floor, spreading him wide. Taking his wrist she cuffed them behind his back and then ran a chain to them and attached it to another ring in the floor behind him. Without a word, she turned and left the room.

The stretching of his muscles began to take its toll on his legs. The door opened, Mistress appeared with Kim at her side. "You failed to do the journal, as well as the speech. You will remember both tomorrow!" Kim walked over and began fumbling with the collar surrounding his balls.

Soon it fell to the ground. Within moments she was up going through a cabinet, returning she held something in her hands.

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It was leather, shaped like a funnel with snaps down one side and hooks around the narrow end. Placing it around Darrens balls she closed the snaps till it was snug attached a small bucket to it and stood back.

"Darren you are now wearing a ball stretcher, it is going to feel as if your balls are going to be ripped off your body soon. Kim is going to begin with a handful of marbles, every five minutes she will add another handful till I feel you have reached your limit. You will thank me for taking time to correct you each time a handful is dropped." stated Mistress.

By the time Kim had dispensed five handfuls of marbles, the weight was tugging heavily on Darrens balls, His squirming made it apparent that he was not enjoying himself.

By the ninth handful his balls were pulled so tightly that he was whimpering. "I think this covers the first mistake, now shall we move onto the next one?" asked Mistress as Darren took in short breaths to fight the pain in his balls. "Please Ma'am, please forgive me and show me mercy, I won't ever forget again!" "No boy you won't, that much is for sure." walking to the wall she retrieved a paddle covered in leather and then a leather collar and leash.

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Placing the collar on his neck, she attached the leash. Walking behind him she removed the chain that was holding him to the floor but left the cuffs, returning to his leash she pulled him forward till he was bent in half and attached it to the chain to his left ankle. As the paddle came crashing down on Darrens upturned ass, he whimpered loudly. Each blow causing more pain in his balls as it made the bucket swing. He was in tears by the fifth blow, his ass a bright red, and the begging began.

"Oh please Mistress, I have learned my lesson. I will never ever in this lifetime fail fun with oriental attractive gal hardcore and blowjob again. Please stop, I beg you, please?" Five more swift blows came and then it stopped.

Mistress released his balls and softly massaged them. Her nails softly raked sensuously across his ass relieving the stinging a bit. "It does not bring me joy to have to do this, but you must learn." "Yes Mistress, I understand or at least am trying to," he replied.

"Kim, release him and take him to the tub to clean up and shave him. Afterwards, rub him down in cream to ease the pain. Boy, do not make me do this again, is that clear?" "No Mistress, I won't. I promise."replied Darren as he tried to hold back a sniffle. Mistress patted him on the head as she left the room. Kim quickly released Darren and helped him back to his room. Running him a warm bath, she motioned for him to join her.

He slipped in, wincing as the warm water touched his sore balls and raw ass. To Darrens delight, Kim climbed in behind him and began to run soapy hands over his body, his cock began to take notice of the attention as it grew.

"Kim that feels great but if you keep that up I'm going to need some relief. I think you best climb out and let me get a cold shower now." said Darren to his dismay. Giggling like a child, she hoped out splashing suds and dripping all over the floor. Wrapping a towel around herself, she headed into the bedroom. Darren followed shortly, plopping down beside her and laying back on the bed.

She quickly ran as if someone had tossed scalding water on her, returning with a pan of water and a razor. Kneeling between Darrens legs, she keisha dominguez and heather silk him with shaving cream and began her task of removing his pubic hair. A sigh slipped past Darrens lips as again his cock began to revel in the attention.

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"You know Kim, seems my cock hasn't a chance in hell to stay soft!" he said with a laugh. "And that's a bad thing?" she asked with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "Not bad at all, just uncomfortable as hell." "You will get use to it Darren," she replied as she wiped the last big macky e kig bengala his pubic hair clean and then began to cover him in a soft sweet smelling cream.

Finishing her task she ran off as if she was never there.