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Rich teens share and blow their hung driver
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Sister Monica Sister Monica had been out of the Convent that her parents had put her in for only two months when she went to her first job interview. She had been working on her Aunt's farm learning more about the world that she had left for three long years. Now, she was no longer "Sister Monica", but just Monica and back in the big city, ready to start over. Her parents had sent her to the convent since they were very religious and were considered a prominent family in the small town that Monica grew up in that was 15 miles outside the major city in the county.

Monica had brought shame to her family's good name thanks to an addiction to alcohol and late-night romps with the men around town. Once Monica had graduated High School, however, these fun activates came to a screeching halt as her parents tricked her into admitting herself into a strict Convent instead of a Private College as she thought that she was going to.

While at the Convent, she learned a re-newed self-respect for herself as well as a new-found piety that she never had before. Still, some nights, when a hot wind blew and the humidity was high, she would lie awake in her room and touch herself like she used to, if only to cool the desire between her thighs until she could regain control of her senses. Now she was applying for a job as a secretary in a major Firm and was extremely nervous. Even though she had done secretarial work before, she wasn't sure that her qualifications were quite up to snuff.

To offset this, she decided to wear her best outfit, a blue blouse, black blazer with a white skirt. Her hair was teased over to her right shoulder and she were 4" black heels accessorized with a gold Flower lapel pin. She pure xxx films busty jordanna was caught red handed definitely dressed to the 9's!

"Monica? Mr. Davis will see you now" said a receptionist. Monica walked briskly to the office door and was met with a cool draft of air and such a sight that she took a sharp breath of surprise. The office was the size of a large living room and just as lavish. the back wall was made of 12' high glass windows that gave a spectacular view from the 25th floor and the mahogany desk was large and well-carved.

There were two leather chairs the size of small recliners in front of the desk and a small wet bar on the right. She walked down the two small steps to the office floor toward the desk and took a seat. There was no one else in the office besides her. Then, a creak sounded off to her left and she saw a panel of books swing toward her and from the passage emerged a man in his late 20's dressed in an impeccable suit of grey.

He smiled and said, "Hi! You must be Monica!" "Chris Davis, V. P. of Research and Procurement".

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With that he offered her his hand, which she took, and gave it a small shake. Monica was so startled by his sudden entrance that she blurted out "What's back there?" before she had a chance to think of how rude that sounded. "What that? That's my Escape Route! It leads to the hall and is helpful for when I want to get out of the office without the rest of the Board knowing where I am. Sometimes, I just need a break, know what I mean?" he said with a wink.

"Now then, so your applying for my new secretary, eh? You met Roberta, outside, I assume?" Monica nodded. "Well, she's a great work, Roberta, so good in fact that she's heading up a new division at one of our branch offices in the East. So, that means that I need someone to replace her. Shall we get started?" With that he gestured to the seat in front of his desk and it was then that Monica realized that miss pooja huge sex tv fucking download story clip was still standing.

She quickly sat down. Chris was 6'5" and well-built, she guessed around 245 lbs.

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and could tell that he worked out. She tried to organize her muddled thoughts in order to present herself in some positive light, but before she could say anything, Chris spoke first. "I 've read your resume and I must say that your quite different from most of the applicants that I've had so far. Most of ''em have lots of experience, but only at office work or they have degrees and awards and accreditations, but haven't used what they've learned to any practical degree. But you, on the other hand, don't have either problem.

No, you have both experience in a office and you've worked in the real environment of Agriculture, where there aren't any books to give you right answer." Monica gulped nervously as she pondered what all this meant.

"In short," Chris continued, "I think that your the best candidate that I've had for this job. There's only one problem." "What's that?" said Monica "Well, I've read what you wrote about your time spent in the Convent and there are certain.extra-curricular activities that I engage in that require the assistance of my secretary and I don't want to offend you.

To be frank, I write erotic raven haired broad gets her wet cunt slammed for one of the more lewd men's magazines after-hours and I need my secretary to take dictation for me. I don't know how you would feel about that. You would be paid overtime, double-time and a half to be exact.

But, apart from that, I have no reservations about hiring you." Monica's nipples were hardening as her nights of debauchery flooded through her. Oh, the stories she could tell! Then, her mind cleared and she thought about this rationally. It wasn't like she had to sleep with him or anything after all, it was just words, right? "I don't think I'll have any problems with meeting your needs, Mr.

Davis." said Monica. "Great!

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Then can you start Monday?" . Monday Morning was a whirlwind of activity, what with learning the computer system and her way around the office building. Roberta was leaving for her new position that afternoon so that apart from the essential questions about the Job, Monica never got to ask about what it was like to work for her new boss. After lunch, however, things slowed to a crawl and she took the time to practice using the computer by writing her Aunt a letter about her new-found success.

As the day winded down, Mr. Davis came out of his office to see how she was getting along. He said that he had a business dinner that evening and told her that she could knock off earlier if she wanted to. She thanked him and just as he was leaving he said "Oh, I almost forgot, here's the office handbook on employee conduct and policy." With that, he reached into his jacket pocket and took out a small book and placed it on her desk.

"See you tomorrow at Nine!" he waved. "Bye! Have a good meeting!" she said as she went back to her daily planner. When she was finished plotting out their schedules for the next two weeks, she turned to pick up the Employee Handbook and froze. She sat there transfixed and stared at the little book that laid on her desk.

It wasn't an Employee Handbook, instead it was a pocket-sized issue of "Hot Whores in Heat". Emblazoned on the cover was a picture of a woman's face wearing glasses next to a globe of the earth and behind a chalkboard, she gave the camera a look of lust as she held two penises on either side japanese lesbian forced orgasm rape her as they ejaculated.

Underneath was written: "Tawdry Tamara the Teacher takes on Two Track Star Titans! Pg. 20" Monica blushed as she thought that she had better hide this vile thing before someone came to her desk and saw it and so she slipped it into her purse.

She then finished up her work and promptly forgot about the book as she went home to her modest-midtown apartment.

However, when she threw her purse down apoun arrival, the contents of her purse, including the book, spilled out on the floor. Mom teach her son friend sex bent to pick them up and put them back when she reached the book and stopped. It had fell open and now a new picture greeted her eyes, that of Naughty Nun Nancy who was stratlling one man while orally receiving another and holding a third.

The men were dressed in laughable "Demonic" garb of fake horns and little else and were painted red, while Nancy herself was wearing a Nun's Habit and a skimpy robe that was pulled up to her waist (to show the penetration) and a top that was torn and exposed her full d-cup breasts. The caption read "Naughty Nancy relishes in sex, sperm, and SIN!". Monica stayed in a crouch long enough realize that she had been staring, her open legs letting the cool air of the nearby vent to grace her vagina with subtle caressing.

She grabbed the book, stuffed it into her purse and stood up, pushing the sinful thoughts to the back of her mind as he carried on with her evening.

Later that night, however, she had the most vivid erotic dream.

She was standing in a smoky room wearing her old Sister's uniform when it began to shrink! Soon it was nothing more than a black mini-skirt and a white, sleeve-less tank-top and her habit. The room was very hot and the heat moved over her body like a thousand different hands. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were barely covered by the top, which seemed to be slightly wet and clingy.

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She also found that she was rooted to the spot and either couldn't or wouldn't move for whatever reason, she didn't know which. She was also thirsty and her lips were dry, even when she would wet them, they would be dry again almost instantly. Then she heard a soft voice in her ear, it said: "Ssssiiiittteerrrr.Sssissterr Mon.ica." "Yes?" she whispered.

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"Whattt doo youu Wantt, Sssiter Mmmonicaaa?"said the Voice breathlessly. "Want?"asked Monica, her mind in a fog. "Yyyeeesssss, do you wanttt Ttthhhhisssss?" with that, an image of a man's silhouette appeared a few feet in front of her.

"Orrr do you want THHHHISSSSS!" Suddenly, the silhouette diapered, replaced by a huge picture of an erect penis. Her vagina betrayed her by positively flowing at the sight, still Monica closed her eyes shut and "NO! I mustn't!" She opened her eyes and saw to her relief that the picture was gone, but the heat in the room seemed to increase slightly.

"Youuu Want Thissss then?" said the Voice. She then felt as if she were being given a slight, friendly hug the kind that good relatives and friends give each other. "Toooo beee lovvvved, like the Blessseddd?" "Yes!" said Monica, trying to believe the lie as best she could. "IIII Thhhinkkk Notttt, IIII Thinkkk you wanttt the Lusssttt of the Dammnnnedddd!" With that Monica's young college student just wants to do porn body was engulfed in rapture.

It was as if every sexually pleasurable part her body was being attended to simultaneously. "YESSSS!" Screamed Monica. "Ssssiter Monica the Slutttt! Ssssiter Monica the Cum-squirting Cock Sucker!!!" laughed the Voice.

The ecstasy ended and she was left quivering. "More!.Oh, Please.More!" She whispered. "Say it!" said the Voice.

"I Want It" said Monica, her eyes closed. "What Do you Want?" asked the Voice. " I .I want."she stuttered "Yessss?" insisted the Voice. "I. Want.SEX!!! I Want SEX!!!"Screamed Monica. She knew then, that she couldn't lie to herself any longer, that she couldn't hide behind prayer or righteousness any longer. She was a Slut. A Wanton, Lust-filled, Cock-Craving Whore who would do ANYTHING to be pleasured by men. To be used as their amusement as long as she got off as well.

The more the better! With that, the smoke cleared and see saw that the wall ahead of her was full of holes and out of each hole was a man's penis, long and hard, ready to cum! She found that she could move and leapt to sate her desire. She fucked and sucked and stroked each dick to fruition, reveling in the Lust! When she had finished and she began to stir from the afterglow, she heard the Voice again."You enjoyed that.Yesss?" "Yes" admitted Monica. "Yet, there is still the One, isn't there?

The One you must have to complete your Journey" said the Voice. Monica thought of her special someone and the fire re-kindled between her legs "Yes.I want him." she moaned as the fire intensified. "You to touch him?.To Feel .Him?.To.FUCK HIM?!" Yelled the Voice. "YES!" Monica yelled back, her yearning reaching new heights. "Then bring out his Lust and he will be yours" said the Voice as it began to fade. Monica awoke to the sound of the alarm clock bathed in sweat with no inkling as to where she was or what had just happened.

Slowly, she comprehended that she was awake in her bed and swept the cobwebs out of her brain enough to turn off the alarm clock and get out of bed. As she did, she became aware that her vagina was the must aroused that it had been in a long time! Just moving her legs seemed to send waves of pleasure through her. She took a shower and got ready for the day. As she arrived at the office, she caught her stocking in the filing cabinet and got a massive run in it.

She skipped lunch to work on scheduling a meeting for her boss that to take place in a different time-zone and she was waiting for the other party to call back to confirm. She was hungry, however and reached into her purse to get the cookie she had sneaked from the coffee break room earlier when her hand brushed the book.

The brief second that she touched the book, heat flooded her pussy and then was gone as her hand left the magazine. She grabbed the cookie and began to pull it out when the back of her hand again touched the book. Monica dropped the cookie and held her hand in contact with the book as a wave of pleasure flooded her, she closed her eyes and scenes of debauchery flashed in her mind.A snippet of her giving head.a shot of her on her back being cum on.the images flashed by faster and faster as the orgasm built until it exploded!

"Ahh!!! Yess!" she exclaimed loudly as her pussy sent shockwaves of pleasure through the rest of her. "Monica! Are you okay?" said Chris as he opened the door to his office. "Yes, sir! I'm fine! I just.noticed this run in my stocking.Brand new pair." she smiled weakly and then she noticed that the Magazine was still in her hand and was open to a page! As soon as he saw the book, Mr.

Davis, reddened noticeably and said "Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about that.Here's the right Employee Hand-book." He then handed her the leather bound book entitled "Company Policy: a review" and held his had there in silent solicitation for the Magazine. "Um.I'll take that back now."he said hurriedly, his voice full of embarrassment.

Breathlessly, she replied, "But I'm not finished with it yet.You DID give it to me, didn't you?" "Uh.Sure! It's yours, if you want it! Why aren't at lunch?" asked Mr. Davis to cover his embarrassment. "OH! Well, I was waiting to take it in order to hear back from the Hong Kong People. That's okay, isn't it?" she said, once again becoming the efficient secretary.

"Yeah, I mean, thats.that's fine! Okay.I'll.go back to work now. Okay? okay."he stammered and turned to leave."Mr. Davis?" Monica cooed "Yes, Monica?" Chris replied. "If you need anything," Monica then took a deep breath and swelled her ample bosom," Anything at all, just let me know." "Okay, ah.I.I will!"said Chris.

As he again turned to leave, he suddenly stopped and turned back and said "Actually, I WAS going to ask you something." "What is it?"said Monica, turning away from the story on Sultry Shawna the Stewardess she jessy jones big cock pounds katt garcia side ways reading.

"I was going to ask if you would be able to stay a couple hours tonight.I .um.I got a new assignment from my Publisher."said Chris. "Of course I can! I'd love to in fact. I've never been with anyone creative before."she smiled "Anything else?" "No, that's.that's, okay, I'll see you then, then! .And don't forget to take a lunch!" he said as he stumbled back into his office.

Was it him or was this a Completely different person than the Virginal Farm girl that had left here yesterday? Shrugging it off, he went back to his desk to pour over reports about the stagnation of the use of non-electric mowers. About an hour before the end of the day, there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" said Chris. Monica opened the door and said, I'm going to take my lunch that alright?" "Sure! See you in an hour!" said Chris. "Okay" replied Monica.

As she left, Chris wondered if he was going crazy or was it that his secretary wasn't wearing a bra anymore. It was 5:16 p.m. and Chris stretched and stood up and turned around to look out side the windows. On the Street below, he saw the hustle and bustle of Rush Hour in full swing as everyone tried to get home before dark. He had taken off his jacket and fixed himself a drink and returned to the window when he heard a soft sound behind.

He turned and there next to the secret passageway was Monica. Or who he assumed was Monica. Gone was the conservative blouse and skirt that she had worn earlier that day. Instead she was wearing a whole new outfit that consisted of a short leather mini-skirt, black pumps instead of the white flats that she had had on earlier, black stockings with the words, written in red, FUCK ME and interspersed between the words were red penises, a white, sheer button-up, sleeve-less that was both tight and loose at the same time by being un-buttoned past the fourth button and showed massive amounts of her cleavage, stuck in the blouse, over her heart was a golden lapel pin, reminiscent of the one that she had worn for the interview, only this one wasn't a flower, it was a penis, ejaculating a stream of silver sperm, finally, she wore a black velvet choker that had written in silver sequins, SEX-RETARY.

Her hair had been put up and her bangs had been swept back by a couple silver hair pins. "Shall we begin?" intoned Monica as she went to the right-most leather chair. Chris said "Alright" and sat behind his desk, all the while trying to hide the erection he quickly forming. As he sat down, he noticed that Monica had a pad of paper in her left hand and a No. 2 pencil behind her left ear. She sat down and crossed her legs, right over left and drew her right hand across to get dr phoenix marie sucks her patients thick cock pencil, turning her head and exposing her neck with her eyes closed before slowly brining the pencil down and returning her seductive stare back fully to him.

Chris took out the letter from his publisher and read the assignment aloud in order to keep from looking at Monica, but the few glances he did sneak showed that she was regarding him intently, all the while periodically licking her lips or biting her lower lip or narrowing her eyes or turning her head to one side coyly. He also heard her gasp and moan slightly when he told her about the story parameters: A College Co-Ed named Crystal and her Classmate Harrison are forced to have sex by their Biology Professor, Dr.

Shawna Grey. "Okay, I'm going to start fleshing out the characters now, so I need to start writing, ready?" said Chris as he put the letter down and steepled his fingers, leaning back into his chair. "Uh Huh!" replied Monica, putting pencil to paper. Chris began to Dictate the story, starting with a quick character sketch, followed by a brief synopsis before huge squirt by busty chubby chick squirtsquirtingorgasmdpbjdouble penetrationblowjobtits fuckchubbyb stated into the meat of the story itself.

As soon as he started to Speak, the Secretary that he had hired was back and seemed to be following his every word, but when he stopped to collect his thoughts, there she was, breathing heavy, swirling her raised leg and occasionally, using her arms to press even more of her breasts out of her blouse! But that was nothing what started when the Story began to be told. Monica placed her pad on her leg and moved her left hand to her mouth and began to suck her index finger before running it over her bottom lip and sliding it down her chin to her neck slowly to her cleavage, all the while writing feverously.

Chris tried to think of a way to webcam blonde showering and masturbating dreadlocks butthole this Story in order to have some excuse to call it a night.

His cock was harder then he could sweet hotty is banged well girlfriend and hardcore remember and throbbed almost painfully. Finally, in the middle of the story white-hot threesome, I conjured up Dr.

Backlashius, the Department Head who would walk in on them and end the story. As he said this, however, Monica interjected: "But, doesn't he want to join in? After all, I sure he's been watching Dr. Grey for some time.A hot, horney Red-head with a slutty mouth and big, suck able 38 D tits?

His cock's got to be rock-hard at the sight of her on her knees, wanton, cock-hungry for more? I'll bet his dick is just aching to be relieved, isn't it? He wants to free that Hard-on of his and pull her hair back and make her beg for it, doesn't he?

He wants to use her as his own personal Fuck-Toy, doesn't he? To pound her as she begs for more? Huh? Doesn't he?" As she said this, Monica had gotten up from the chair and was walking slowly toward until she leaning across his desk and holding him by the tie. "This is what I want" she said and dropped the pad of paper and pencil on the desk.

Instead of the story and character sketches that he had dictated her over the last hour and a half, there were lewd sketches and words, repeated over and over again.

All over the page, doodles of penis ejaculating, penis between breasts and inserted in mouths and vaginas, words like Fuck, Screw, Ball MY Brains Out, DO ME, I (heart) cum, Spermies, Cock Lover, Gimmie Sex! "Do you like my stockings?" She asked placed her left leg on the desk, running her hand up her leg. " I found in the quaint little Fuck Shop and I had to have them!

They just seemed to fit my mood perfectly, don't they?" Chris stepped away from the desk, vainly trying to cover up the tent in his slacks.

"Don't tell me your still trying to hide that hard cock of yours? C'mon, baby, you KNOW what I want and I know that you want it too.Don't make me force you, Baby, unless your one of those Sissy Boys! " Monica said with surprise. "Of, Course Not!" said Chris, taken aback by the notion. "Then what are you waiting for? I thought that you wanted me! You gave me that Hot Book, told me dirty stories.What are you afraid that I'm going to sue you for Sexual Malpractice?" quipped Monica "Hadn't thought of that, actually, now that you mention it.Yeah!"said Chris alarmingly.

"If your really afraid, we could always video tape it, baby, us, together, on you desk, one moment frozen in time!" said Monica soothingly.

Chris slumped into his chair, his hard-on plain for all to see. Monica had now moved around the desk and was stalking closer, unbuttoning her blouse with every step. "C'mon, Baby, Don't you want to give you little Secretary the Dictation you really want to give her?" Chris stood up, all 6' 5", 245 of him, all thought of doubt gone, ready to give this Tawdry little Slut the Fucking of her life!

"Okay, Fuck-Toy," said Chris, sliding his hand over her cheek bone, down her jaw to her neck to her cleavage"but, remember, You asked for it!" ******************************** "And that when I always wake up, Doctor.

What should I do? I can't sleep soundly anymore!" "Well, I'll tell you what, I'm going to prescribe a mild sedative to help you sleep without dreams, in order to relax your sub-conscious, but, we will also need to continue our sessions here, twice a week. Okay?" "Okay. I'll see you on Thursday, then, Doctor." "See you, then!" Dr. Harrison got up from his desk to stretch his legs. 'Wow!' he thought, 'I haven't seen anyone this sexually screwed-up since my field work with Shawna back in College!

I wonder if Hustler would be willing to pay for these notes.' The End