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Ever since she was a kid, my sister was notorious for her slumber parties. We had a relatively large house, swimming pool, and wooded acreage that welcomed all kinds of adventures. A small stream about knee deep flowed through the heart of the wooded area.

It alone allowed for a nice cool swim and fishing. Now that my sister is older, and I am in college, her slumber parties have not lost their luster. Any one that is invited, considers it an honor and a privilege. My parents only had one rule, no boys. My sister and her friends never broke that rule, which meant I was the only guy present among five to seven girls.

Kim was very creative and planned each party with a different theme. Rarely was a theme repeated. However, one thing that could always be counted on was a hot and daring game of Truth or Dare at midnight. It never failed that one of the dares would include me. Most of the time they were innocent. A girl would be dared to sneak into my room and steal a pair of my boxers, to moon me, or something like that.

As we got older, the dares became more daring. I can not count the number of titties I have seen because one of the most popular dares was to flash me. On one occasion, a girl was dared to give me a pair of her panties. Never however had any of the dares been sexual, or had they ever required touching. My parents were cool with everything, although they were always in the bed on the opposite wing of the house while the game was going on.

One of the reasons for our acreage and big house was because our parents were naturalist. We grew almost all our own food, and students her class room xnxx student we didn't grow was all organic. We were also nudist. From the time we were out of diapers, Kim and I strolled around the house and property naked, along with our parents. I will be honest.

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Once I hit puberty, I had a real big dilemma. Both Kim and my mother were attractive women and once Kim started blossoming, it was real hard to not stare at her round, perky tits and round firm butt. When I would stare, nature would take control and I would become embarrassed and erect.

Luckily, I quickly got used to it and the problem went away. During her slumber parties, we were required to wear clothes while out in the house, but as soon as I went into my room, I would remove my clothes. Knowing how her game would always include me, at least once, I always covered my pubic region with a blanket.

At the last party, things went further than they ever had. There were seven girls from the age of 18 to 19. Most of them were regulars, Kim's BFF Cassie, was the first to arrive. Cassie's tits were the first I ever seen, that wasn't my mom or sister's. She has a nice rack, firm and perky 34C. As they all arrived, I was sitting by the pool drinking a bottle of water. I was there on purpose. I was there to observe the parade of girls wearing short-shorts, tank tops and pretty much nothing else.

It was a Luau theme, so it was not long before all the girls were in grass skirts and coconut bras. I helped Dad grill some burgers, we ate, and left the girls to their fun. I went to my room, stripped off my clothes and lay down to read.

As usual, I pulled a blanket over my bare cock. I was lost in my book in a matter of minutes and time past quickly.

I was startled by a knock on my door. It took me a second for my brain to register where I was. I assumed it was one of the girls coming for their dare. "It's open," I announced. The door opened slowly. Standing in the door was Whitney.

Whitney had just turned 18, and to be honest, she was the sexiest of all my sister's friends. She was standing in a bikini top and shorts. Unlike my sister and most of her friends, Whitney was not petite. She was not fat, but she was thick. She had thick thighs and a nice bubbly butt. I had never seen her in a bikini. Her breasts were not big, but they fit her frame perfectly. I would assume a 38 C or D. Her abdomen was not fit and thin, but she still made my blanket raise a little.

She smiled shyly as she stood at my door. I tried to think back if I had ever seen her tits, if I had, I didn't remember, and I think I would have remembered hers. She stepped inside my room and left the door open.

"Hey Rob, what's up?" "Nothing yet," I thought, but didn't say. "Just reading, did you get a dare?" "Yeah. I was dared to come in and look under your blanket." She moved closer to my bed. My mood changed quickly. My cock had already perked up with the sight of her, now as she neared it began to rise. Her hand reached for the blanket, I noticed her nipples pressing thought the thin material of her top. She lifted kinky european slut in pissing bukkake party with many studs blanket and looked.

Her eyes widened and her face blushed. She immediately dropped the blanket and her hands covered her mouth. "Oh god, I didn't know you were naked." "No problem.

Hope you liked what you saw." I regretted saying that as soon as it escaped my mouth. Whitney didn't say a word, she turned and left my room. She left the door open, so I help the blanket in place and walk over to close it.

I heard laughter break out as soon as Whitney walked in the door. I tried to busty nikki phoenix eats her blonde girlfriend good to what was being said, but I was not having much luck.

I shut the door and laid back down. I had just gotten back into my book when there was another knock on my door. I rolled my eyes and closed my book. "It open," I announced again. This time it was Ashley. Like Whitney, she was dressed in a pair of shorts and a bikini top. She giggled as videsi xxx storys sex full stepped in. Ashley was a silly girl, but as most of my sister's friends, she was very attractive. She had curly red hair and pale skin with freckles sprinkled all over her body.

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I had seen her tits before. They were small with rosy pink nipples that curved upward. "What is the dare this time?" Ashley couldn't answer me for giggling. She moved closer, and with every step she seemed to laugh more.

Her hands covered her mouth. She finally made it to my bed. She stood straight and took a deep breath. "I am supposed to touch your…(giggle)&hellip. penis." She bent over laughing. I lifted the blanket and exposed myself to her. As soon as my semi-erect cock came into view, she stopped laughing. She knelt down beside the bed and reached over and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

I could not help but moan as she stroked it a couple times. When I looked at her, she was licking her lips. She stopped stroking me and looked at me. I smiled. She quickly released my cock and stood up and ran out of the room.

Again, the door was left open, but instead of getting up and closing it, I just left it open. Other than being flashed by Monica, another one of my sister's friends, the dares never again bothered me, that night. Eventually the laughter in my sister's room died. I assumed they had called it a night, so I turned off my reading lamp and went to sleep. I am not sure what time it was, but all of a sudden, I felt a strange feeling around my cock. I lay there for a few moments with my eyes closed.

What, or who ever it was, it was definitely getting my cock aroused. I peeked open one eye, all I could see was bare shoulders and a head. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I managed to make out the dark hair to which I was staring at. My breathing increased as the blood pumped into my hardening member. The raven-haired intruder finally lifted her head and looked at me. It was Whitney. With her free hand she motioned for me to be quiet. A request I obeyed.

With her head raised, I could see her pale hand sliding up and down my growing cock. I was also able to get a glimpse of her firm, pale breasts. With my cock fully erect, she straddled my waist. She held my cock with one hand as she lowered her body down on to it. She was very one blonde hottie and one black member, and very tight.

I could not help but break my silence with a low moan. She slowly lowered herself until her bare ass was sitting on my upper thighs. She placed her hands on my chest and slowly worked her hips up and down.

My hands moved and caressed her full hips. I began to grind up against her, but she stopped me. "Just lay still," she demanded. I gripped her hips and just lay there and enjoyed her. Her pussy glided up and down my shaft with ease. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, and she had a look of deep concentration on her pretty face. I noticed the pooch in her stomach.

Whitney did not have the ripped abs, or thin body that my sister's other friends had, but to me that made her sexier. Her full thighs pressed against my hips as her rocking and thrusting grew more intense.

She tossed her head back and pushed her firm breasts forward. I could not resist. My hands rubbed up her stomach gangbang stars gangbang fuckers at a real sex club swingers and amateurs I cupped both of her tits in my hands.

My thumb strummed over her hard nipples as her rocking became quicker and harder. Her tight pussy clamped down on my cock as she fell forward above me. Incredible sex with busty rouge hardcore and blowjob raven hair framed her pale face. Her body trembled, and I saw her biting her lip to keep from being too loud. I pinched harder on her nipple. She smiled at me when as she came off her orgasmic bliss.

Her body collapsed on top of me. Her breast pressed flat against my chest. I rolled us over and braced myself on my arms above her and slowly began to pull my cock out. Her eyes shot up at me with a quick glance, then I pressed it back in until our pelvises met. Her eyes rolled back in her head as I slowly began my assault on the fresh pussy I was in. I kept my control, so we would not wake anyone else on our wing, but my thrusts were hard and with purpose.

"God you feel good inside me." I smiled down at her. My rhythm quickened as I felt my orgasm build. She sensed the change and wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled my head down to hers and we kissed. Her lips tasted of wild berries and her tongue was warm and wet. I withdrew from her delicious kiss before I hit the point of no return.

"I am about to cum," I announced. She nodded and tightened her legs around my hips. Her heels pressed into my ass and pulled me into her. This was new to me. No girl had ever allowed me to dump my cum into them. The anticipation quickens my climax. I pressed deep into her and released. My cock shot ropes of hot cum deep into my new lover's womb.

She held tight to me as my hips jerked with each blast cum. When I was empty, I fell to the bed. My upper body landed beside her, but my hips and legs were still draped across hers, and my cock was still inside. I could feel it slowly deflating and eventually I felt it slip from her slick confines.

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She rolled over and kissed me on the lips. "You were better than I imagined.

Thank you." "It was my pleasure and thank you." "I had better get back before I am missed." She kissed me again and rolled out of my bed. When she stood up, she slipped her night gown back over her body and disappeared into the darkness. I slept like a baby after fucking Whitney. The next morning, I was awakened by the girls giggling and talking. I rose and put on a pair of shorts and went to the bathroom.

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Once done, I headed down stairs for breakfast. There were several giggles as I entered the kitchen. Mostly from the girls to which I had been part of their dare the night before. I poured me some coffee and looked around for Whitney.

She was sitting between two of the giggling girls. Our eyes met, and her dark eyes seemed to sparkle. I smiled, and she smiled back. I finished my coffee and started out to the pool. Just before I made it to the door, I heard my sister announce that our parents were leaving and that all the girls could stay over night again.

I smiled as I opened the door and headed toward the pool.