Sexy hot zoey agrees to a clitoral release with lena pornstars and fingering

Sexy hot zoey agrees to a clitoral release with lena pornstars and fingering
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In my spare time, I often cruise the Internet and watch porn. I'm especially drawn to oral videos of mature men with hard cock sucking and cumming together in the 69 position. I want to be face to face with that cock. I want to suck it. I do not want to get fucked although I have fucked a man. I was never attracted to men, neither their faces nor their bodies. There is just something about a cock that makes me want to feel it in every way. It has become a secret obsession of mine. This is a story about Art, my next door neighbor and myself, Earl.

One afternoon about a week ago, we were undressed and sitting next to each other on Arts couch drinking beer and watching a BI porn movie. I started to get very horny so I drew his naked body against me. The feel of Art's heated skin against my own was almost too much for me and I pulled away slightly, trying to calm my raging body. He spread his legs wide and I slipped my hand down to his beautiful cock that was emerging from a thick mat of pubic hair.

Art took a sharp intake of breath as I circled the head with the tip of my middle finger and lightly pinched the head between my thumb and index finger. I formed a C with my palm and slid my hand up and down the length of him.

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I was struck by how alive it felt as it grew hard in my hand. As I tight redhead first timer pornphy debut to stroke him, his moans became more audible. I cupped the sack and began kneading the balls inside. He slid a little further down in his seat and started sucking my hard nipple.

I moaned and squirmed beneath the touch of his moist lips and tongue. Art reached for my cock and stroked it lightly. My cock expanded and started leaking juice from the tip. He lowered his head down licked the tip. I placed my hands on either side of his head as he took my entire cock into his mouth soaking it with saliva. His hot mouth felt like velvet massaging my cock and a heat wave of bliss spread to every nerve and every fiber of my being.

"Please.please.stop.please, your driving me insane! I said. I will not last much longer with all of the oral pleasure you are giving me. It's time to go to the bedroom." I was shaking as we went in the bedroom. Our breathing was heavy as we stroked and fondled each other with our hands. I pulled Art down to the bed on top of me between my spread legs. We hugged and our warm hard pre-cum wet cocks pressed into each other leaving a wet trail. Our hands roamed freely, rubbing each other's flesh.

His fingers felt like butterfly wings fluttering against my hot skin.

I lay there as he kissed his video amador com safada peituda e moreno dotado down from my ear and along my neck with little pecks.

It felt good; I mean great, good, you know what I mean. Then he came up my neck to meet my lips. By the time he had gotten to my lips my eyes were closed and it wasn't a surprise to feel his tongue slipping passed my lips.

I responded in kind as his wet tongue delved in to my mouth. I heard my own heartbeat rapping against my ribs and blood rushing in my ears. His warm body felt so good against my naked skin and I wanted to suck his cock right then. We rolled over and I took Art's nipple into my mouth, licking, nibbling, and sucking it.

I ran my tongue in circles over the tip. I moved over to the other nipple and sucked and licked it making him moan and squirm as he did me. I knew what he needed and wanted when his cock twitched and spasmed as I held it in my hand and jerked it slowly. Feeling Arts cock drove the want in me more. I slowly licked my way down to his stomach to the valley between his sensitive inner thighs and balls.

I kissed and blew warm air all over his shaft and little pecks just to tease him with the touch of my lips. His eyes clenched, he bite down on his lip and whimpered as I flatted my tongue against him and licked to his head.

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I moved his cock to the side and licked up the left, then down the right, up and down, up and down. I lowered my head and watching husband fuck my associate farm girls his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around the shaft, just below the acorn-like head. I explored the glands with my tongue, feeling the outer softness, the firmness under the skin. It tasted and felt so good sucking on Art's cock.

His legs were shaking, and his moaning was pleading in nature. Wanting more, I wiggled the point of my tongue against the hole, tasting more. The taste of pre-cum was sensational as he slowly moved his hips up and down, as I swirled my tongue all around and over his swollen purple cock head. After a while, we rolled over with me on my back and he took me in the same fashion. He lowered his warm wet mouth down and slowly took my cock inside as far as possible.

"Oh my Godahhhhhhh that feels so good" I said. My cock had never before felt so big and hard as he stroked me with his hand and mouth with just the right amount of pressure. My spinning head went back and my eyes closed. I was consumed with the feelings that were flying through me.

Later, I turned around and laid on my side between his legs and we faced each others cock in the 69 position.

I reach for and grasped Art's shaft and opened my mouth wide. In one motion I slid the head and part of his shaft into my mouth.

I paused and tasted his skin, feeling the heat, and the throbbing of his cock. I felt my own arousal reach a new height as he moaned new clone stepdaughter teen smashed by a insane stepdad ran his fingers up and down my body.

I ran my tongue all over his cock head. The pre-seminal fluid was profusely leaking from the deep slit on the swollen crown and I greedily sucked it into my mouth extracting all of its flavorful essence. My hand slid up and down his cock as my mouth went wild on his knob. Now we were two bodies in one, moving together, encouraging the other, thanking the other, giving all the pleasure we could as we sucked each other.

We lay there for what seemed a couple of hours and slowly and deliberately sucked, and rubbed and kissed each other all over. I could tell we were getting close as our cocks were jerking back and forth in a shallow rhythm. I grabbed his ass and slowed down. I sucked hard but in slow, long pulses. Art's throbbing cock was tightening stiffly and he gasped out loudly as I patiently draw the orgasm out of him with an agonizing slowness. He was grunting like a wild man, thrusting hot cum into my mouth.

At the same time he was sucking me hard. All I could feel was the endless waves of pleasure as I jerked forward with series of involuntary contractions of the muscles and the genitals and cum ejaculated out of me and into his mouth.

We moaned and groaned at the sensations of pleasure coming from each spasm of our sensitive cocks as we swallowed each other's cum. Not wanting to pull out, we held the sensitive cocks in our mouths as they started softening. I enjoyed the taste of his cum in my mouth and the feeling of power when I made him cum. I let Art's cock slide from my mouth and took a deep breath of air. We laid there enjoying the afterglow of making each other feel soooooo good. I now know that the enjoyment of another mans cock is the natural extension of sexual play.

There is no emotion attached to this and we enjoyed something that is hard to top. This is slow and enjoyable sex between two mature men who know exactly what they want, and are in no hurry to get there.

We will enjoy our video.