British teen hotel and pussy licking worship compilation your pleasure is my world

British teen hotel and pussy licking worship compilation your pleasure is my world
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The drive was long and once inside, I headed straight for a quick shower. It was already late in the night and figured he would be asleep. The hot shower was refreshing, but I felt the creep of sleep taking over. It was out of the shower into his bedroom.

The moonlight filtered in revealing the welcomed sight asleep under the sheets. I slipped off my robe and crawled into bed. My boyfriend's scent made me smile; it stirred in me a lust that I had suppressed the entire week. For a moment I starred at his physique resting next to me. My mind wandered, evoking images of us together.

My sexual urge was easily pushing aside my ideas of sleep. I touched his shoulders and ran my fingers down the ridges on his arm. My next move was critical, nothing too abrupt, as I wanted to respect his sleep. I was not in the mood for a hard fuck and decided to go with the subtle approach. My fingers traced the muscles of his bicep; to his back, down to his thigh. I searched for the hot spots that would turn hot blonde in lingerie loves to bang on.

Oddly, they are not always in the same place, none-the-less easy to find. I could sense the shallow moans, but he was in a deep slumber, or was he simply playing with me and wanted more attention? I continued to explore his body waiting for a sign to let me go further. He rolled onto his back releasing a guttural moan.

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I had my sign. My touch traced across his abs up to his nipples; hard as rock. I knew mine were already there, but always amazed at how even men's tiny bumps could get so rigid. Taking one in my mouth, between my teeth, not hard, just a soft nibble before using my tongue, provoked him, forcing him into a more lucid state. Secretly he loved it and this time was no different.

He squirmed and gasped with every lick. Without wasting any more time, my hands moved on to other areas, down his now flexed belly, over the soft patch of hair, to his throbbing cock. Wait, did he trim? I moved back up to feel the close cut of his hair, a bit prickly, but much like the feel after a fresh haircut. To my surprise he was completely naked. I stopped for a moment. Was he expecting me?

Was this some sort of seduction gone wrong because I came over too late? Without sight, it was all about texture, a nice change of pace. The subtlety of the veins, little bumps I had not noticed before, the underlying unevenness of his shaft, all so intriguing. Tracing around and up, I found the ridge of his circumcision just before reaching the crest of his mushroom shaped head. He moaned in approval of my exploration. Still no words, but I did not expect any.

His other nipple waited patiently for my attention while my hand worked down his shaft to his soft sac at the base. I never took notice of how soft it actually was and how large it felt.

It moved, his testicles flinched against my touch. Fascinating. Next nipple and now it was time to see how deft I could be. I needed to get myself ready. Not like I wasn't already wet, but I wanted to be closer to my own orgasm.

I did not have the advantage of my first one with his tongue or fingers. I was on my own. His hips rose and fell against my attentive hand. My mouth remained on his nipple while my other hand dipped inside my pussy, rubbing my clit in the process. Enough of this, I moved over his legs, so muscular and toned, something I definitely loved about him. The moonlight accented his features, but did not give me any real definition, just highlights that let me know where everything was.

Good enough. His cock jumped leaking pre-cum down the penny flames expert guide to hand jobs film.

It was impatient and eager. My fingers twisted and turned as they retracted from my pussy, gathering my wetness. Perfect for coating his cock.

Once slippery and wet, I posted up, pushed the length of his shaft into my sensitive lips. Sliding, using only my hips, I pressed my clit against him. Back and forth, I wanted to cum, so close, just a bit more. The wetness from my pussy trailed over his cock, so slick reminiscent of a slip and slide back when I was a kid.

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There, the mushroom head bumped, teasing my clit, just the nudge I needed. I came in silence, mostly anyways, just a soft drawn out moan as my orgasm tapered. I was now ready and positioned him for entry, nestling the head just inside. Something about the first moments before penetration really got my heart racing.

I tried to focus on the pulsing mushroom resting between my lips. Nothing visual, I just knew I was ready. Nudging forward, I felt him enter me ever so slightly. I gasped. Was he more excited than usual? Was this the so-called morning wood? Whatever it was, he felt bigger which in turn made me feel tighter.

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Instinct kicked in. His cock slid into me, parting my insides. I enjoyed the slow deliberate penetration. Slow and long, this was not a frenzied fuck.

He was the anxious type and taking my time was sure to drive him crazy. I expected his hips to start bucking and his hands to grab my waist, holding me to him. I was not let down completely, his hands did move to my legs, but rather than grab my hips, they lightly massaged up my thighs around to my ass and back. It felt so nice. Without his encouragement to go faster, I kept my movement sultry and smooth, all hips: A change that allowed sex kuhne xxx story downlod on myself.

Moaning with pleasure, another orgasm washed over me, not a jolting one, more of an embrace. For the life of me I could not remember cumming like that before. Definitely a nice surprise. We continued to move together in rhythm. Subtle little orgasms ebbed and flowed. But I was not the only one enjoying our encounter. I teased his nipples with my fingers and noticed his moans becoming more consistent and louder.

I reflected on the last time and wondered if it had really been that long since our last encounter. His moans started to worry me wondering if it would wake his roommates. Not something I usually concerned myself with, but not something I usually had to worry about either.

He was not holding back and getting lost in the heat of it all. Another orgasm, I lost count and not even sure if they were separate ones or just one really long one. But I could feel the sensation deep inside of me. The flexing of my muscles, the uncontrolled gasps and silence that took over.

It was exhilarating and tiring. Time was measured in climaxes, sunny deol 18 sexy full sex stories punjabi who was counting. As another crested, I could not help but notice he was still as stiff as ever and going strong, lasting longer than my expectations.

I actually wondered if he had taken a sample Viagra pill. I brushed it off without complaint.

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The energy between us was growing, sweat dripped from me. Our bodies were becoming slick with our efforts. No matter how many times it had happened, no matter how quick or slow, I could sense his impending orgasm.

Some times it was his breadth, other times it was his urgency as he thrust into me, often I could feel his cock swell as it prepared itself, and sometimes he even announced it. This time, he never hastened, kept his moans in check, no words, but even this time he could not prevent the swell of his cock.

Everything changed as an explosion deep inside of me erupted. His body jerked, his hands gripped and pulled me into him, his moans turned to grunts. "Oh god yes!" He spoke. Involuntary movements: another burst. It was my turn; I used his climax to my benefit and joined the ride.

The need to move waned, my inner muscles took over, milking the cum out of his cock. Surge after surge, I was impressed with how much he had to give. With each spasm, it filled me, staying deep inside. I watched his body arch up into the air, pause and violently shake. For a moment he relaxed before it happened again.

My mind tried to focus on the perfect display of my boyfriend underneath me, but failing to completely capture it all as my own body fell shy as that beauteous babe gets her pussy sucked japanese hardcore the control of ecstasy. Only after I had nothing left did I begin to notice the glisten of his sweat-covered body.

He was breathing hard, his chest heaving in exhaustion, a memorable sight indeed, inviting me to use it as pillow.

I rested my head against him keeping him inside of me, twitching ever so slightly. My hands made on last pass over his body before relaxing, letting him drift back into a slumber. My body had come to the end of its exhaustion. With the same finesse that I started with, I pulled away, letting him slip gently out.

One last look at him before I maneuvered myself back onto my side and pulled the covers over us. The next morning I awoke to an empty bed. He had gone. No morning session for me, and no kiss to start the day. I missed him already. The scent of his body lingered in the sheets; not much, but enough to inhale. It was a good night and with that thought I decided to head for a shower. The hot water massaged my body, heating me up from the outside as my memories warmed me from the inside.

I was getting wet again. "Honey?" Ah, his voice tickled a nerve. "Hey!" I poked my head out for a kiss. He was already dressed. "Hmm, where you off to?" "Don't be busty horny grace harper hitchikes and blows a cock until she fucks it He smirked.

"I just got home." "Oh yeah right." I pulled back into the shower. The memory of our conversation flashed.

He had gone out with his friends. "Hope my dad didn't give you hard time about you sleeping over here." "Um, yeah about that." "Oh shit, sorry, I forgot to tell you he was coming over didn't I?

Sorry, did he give you crap? Said he was going to guilt you into sleeping on the couch so he could sleep in my bed if you stopped by. I told him to be nice. . ." His voice trailed as he left. "I guess you won that one though, he's crashed on the couch. Good work honey."