Wwq xx story gals 18

Wwq xx story gals 18
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This is a work of total fiction. The story and any characters within it belong to Vyper269. If you like it let me know and I'll write more. If you don't, I don't really care. If you want to read, share, and comment on it, Cool! But it is mine. If you want to do anything with the characters, please write me with your ideas and ask, the worst that happens is I say no. This is part II, for good or ill.

Again, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it! 1/3/2013. Family Affairs (Aunt Sarah) I woke up to the beeping from the security panel by the bedroom door.

Rachel was still asleep, so I slid out of the bed and went to the panel. I couldn't think who the hell would be coming to the house at 5:30 in the morning, so I backed the recording up enough to see the car coming in through the front gate. I didn't recognize the car, and I was about to go wake Rachel when I heard her say, "Oh, that's your aunt Sarah!

I gave am i in is my hot sis fucking me my access code to get in if we weren't here." She had gotten out of bed and quietly padded up behind me wearing only my sleep shirt. I pulled her in front of me and wrapped my arms around her, she was seriously sexy. "She's early." I looked at the time on the display. "Shit Rachel, she had to leave home at 2:30 this morning." "Yeah, she's really been looking forward to being here.

You know that home isn't that much of a refuge for her, right?" "I know. Uncle Paul really should be dragged behind a blondes magical handjob amp mouth full of cum boat to China." Rachel laughed a little, "Well put.

He's too much like our dad. Too eager to reach out and smack her when a simple word will do. He's such an asshole!" "She hasn't knocked on the door yet, where do you think she went?" "She's probably sleeping on the pool deck, most likely on one of the big lounge chairs." "Should we go get her?" "Let's start breakfast first, let her get a little rest after her drive." We both got our night clothes back on, and headed down stairs, we moved to the back patio doors just as motion sensor lights shut off.

We moved into the kitchen and Rachel got out a skillet to start a Spanish omelet. We talked about Aunt Sarah while we prepped breakfast. Rachel put her knife down and said, "I don't want to freak you out anymore than last night already has, but you do know that your Aunt Sarah is in love with you, right?" "Of course she loves me, she's my aunt." "No silly boy, she's in love with you.

About the time you graduated, she came to me really upset and wanted to talk, so we did. I was a little creeped out at the time, but once I looked closely, I could see what she meant. Besides, I knew that she would never act on it, partly because you were still very young, and partly because she's your Aunt Sarah, she's never been one to act on her desires. The only reason she married your Uncle Douche-bag is to get out of our grandmother's house once and for all." "Wow, I never knew that." "Of course you didn't.

There was no way I was going to drop that in your lap as a teenager." "So now that I do know, what should we do about Aunt Sarah's desires? I mean if she won't act on them, should we sort of nudge her in that direction?" Rachel turned to me, I thought she was going to be pissed at my question, but she reached up and took my face in her hands and kissed me long and deep.

She pulled away from me and looked into my eyes. "That's why I love you. Your empathy and loyalty toward the people you love." "You love me? Really love me the way Sarah does?" "Of course I do. Why else do you think I'd risk the all of the legal and emotional backlash that could come from last night?" "Good point. I've loved you too, you know, ever since the first time I saw you. I didn't know what it was then, I was obviously too young, but ever since you came to live here I've tried to look at you, be near you, and be around you.

Now that I know what these feelings are, I've tried to suppress them, but now they're out and I'm fucking ecstatic that you feel the same way." "Then I think we should 'invite' your Aunt Sarah to be a permanent part of our little family, don't you?" "Great, but…, do you think she'll accept such an invitation, and second, would she even consider staying? I mean I don't want her going back to the douche-bag, it's not healthy." "I don't know if she'll stay or not, but publice fun talk ep 566 interview suddenly won't know if we don't ask her, will we.

She'll have to decide for herself what she wants to do, I mean we can offer but we can't force her to do what we think is right for her can we?" "No, you're right. You got the rest of this?" I asked pointing to breakfast.

"Yep, eggs are all that's left, so you should go wake her and bring her in. Be gentle, she scares easily." "I know, I'll do my damnedest." I went to the back patio, and turned the motion sensor to the lights off and opened the sliders as quietly as I could. I walked out to the pool, and sure enough, Rachel was right, there was Sarah on one of the two person lounge chairs curled in the fetal position to fend off the cool night air, sound asleep. I went over to the lounge and looked down at her, she was just bbw whore likes to take it outside pretty as Rachel, the only significant differences in their appearance, was that Aunt Sarah had glasses (slightly near-sighted), and she had slightly smaller tits, a healthy "D" cup, but definitely a little smaller than Mom's.

I moved around and climbed onto the lounge chair behind Sarah and as gently as I could, spooned up behind her.

She stirred and rolled over to face me and I put one arm under her as she did. Somewhere through her sleep, her mind registered what was going on, and she woke up and pulled back a little to see who was holding her. When her eyes focused, and recognized me, she relaxed and snuggled in to put her head on my chest. "Davey, you're nice and warm." She said sleepily. "That's because I've been indoors all night.

It's kind of cold out here this morning, why didn't you just knock on the door?" "I didn't want to wake anybody." "Well Rachel and I sort of pulled an all nighter, dealing with a bunch of old crap and some new baggage that dad put into play, so we were up pretty late." I looked down at her and thought I could see a new bruise on the side of her face. I reached down and touched it as gently as I could, and she looked up at me. "Sarah, I'm so sorry." Then I kissed her forehead and let her snuggle back down.

"Davey, why can't I ever meet a guy like you?" "You have met a guy like me, Aunt Sarah." She either let that go, or missed dayna vendetta crying fuck storys altogether, I doubt she missed it.

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"Yeah, but not one that notices me." "You'd be surprised at who notices you, Aunt Sarah." I kissed the top of her head. She turned her face up to look at me, "Davey, I…" I took that opportunity to kiss her full on the lips, long and deep. To my surprise, she melted into my kiss and parted her lips just enough to let her tongue slip out and slide gently into my mouth. As the kiss went on, her tongue grew more daring and adventurous without too much more encouragement.

God she tasted good. She moved up and adjusted herself so she was sitting on my lap, and letting a lot of passion out through this one kiss. I let my hands roam all over her body as she moaned into my mouth and laced her fingers in and out of my hair and all over my head and face. I let my own hands roam all over her body until they landed on her breasts.

That did it! "Davey oh my God!…I'm so sorry, she pulled away with a terrified look on her face. "I shouldn't have done that! I don't know what I was thinking!" I wrapped both arms around her waist and kept her from pulling away from me and bolting. "Well I hope you were thinking it felt good.

I know that's pretty much all that was going through my mind." "You don't understand…" "Oh I understand better than you think I do." "I'm…" "You're what, in love with me?" She looked down like a child that's be chastised by her parents. "Yes," she whispered. Then all the pieces clicked together in her mind, "Your mom told you didn't she?" "Yeah she did, but only because she's been worried about you.

She thought if you didn't have to keep worrying about this, you could actually relax and really enjoy your stay here." "Exactly!" I hadn't heard Rachel come up beside us.

"You two really should come and eat, because if breakfast has to wait until you're done fucking each other's brains out, I may as well toss it right now." She was standing next to us with her hands on her hips trying her best to look like a scolding mother. "RACHEL!!!" Sarah got really nervous and looked like she wanted to disappear into the Earth at that moment.

Mom and I both started laughing, not so much at Aunt Sarah, as at her reaction. I know this is just what mom was looking for: Some way of making Sarah relax and let go of some of her anxiety. "C'mon, let's go eat." Aunt Sarah was the color of a fire truck, but when mom turned and headed into the house, Sarah got this devilish little look on her face, bent back down and kissed me again before she got off the chair, this time she reached down and stroked my cock while she licked the back of my tonsils with her tongue.

If this woman finally cuts loose, she may one piece hentai nami fickt robin fuck us to death. We ate breakfast while it was still warm, and the three of us talked openly and frankly while we had the privacy, knowing that once Aunt Crissy got there, all attention would be focused on her.

That's just the way it is, we all know it, and we all accept it as being a part of the world that is 'Crissy'. "So Rachel, does this mean that you have finally told David about how you feel?" "You could say that. We pretty much spent the whole night fucking and exploring each another's bodies." "I thought you said you talked about 'a bunch of old crap and some new baggage', David?" She sounded like a school teacher reprimanding one of her students.

I almost felt like I needed to justify my statements, almost. "We did, but there was other stuff too." "So…you guys are 'together', where does that leave me? I'm confused." "That leaves 'us' all together, Sarah, if you can handle the three of us together when this vacation is all over." "You mean that?

I can be with both of you?" She got really excited by this. "Davey, do you want me to be with you and Rachel too?" "Yes Aunt Sarah, if you decide that's what you want. What we all want, we all have to agree on it in the end." "Well…?" asked Rachel. "I'm in. Fuck yes I'm in!" She jumped up and ran over to mom and planted a huge sexy kiss on her lips with lots of tongue, then came to me and dropped down in front of me and scrabbled at my pants trying to get them open.

Once she did, she pulled them down and freed my cock. She inhaled and looked at both Rachel and me. "Oh my God, it's beautiful." She looked back at Rachel again, "Are you sure you want to share?" "God yes, Sarah, I can't think of anyone else I'd be willing to share him with!" "You know I can hear you, right?" I said. "I love the attention, but…" "Sorry Davey," Sarah said.

"I just never had anyone…you know." "I know Aunt Sarah, but we are a little limited on time. Crissy won't be happy if we leave her waiting at the airport." "Fuck her!

She can wait a little while; the selfish bitch always gets in the middle of everything. I want this!" "Wow Sarah, don't hold back! How do you really feel?" Rachel had a huge grin on her face. Sarah just smiled with that devious smile that she had before she kissed me out at the pool.

She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth without touching it with her hands, and started sucking. Considering all the exercise he got last night, my cock stood at attention with only a little coaxing. While Sarah sucked me to full erection, Rachel moved up behind her and took her glasses off and started reaching around and taking her clothes off. Sarah didn't want to take her mouth off my dick when Rachel tried to pull her tee shirt off, so Rachel reached up and pulled her backwards by a handful of her hair.

Sarah's mouth came off my cock with a loud 'pop' from the suction she had on it. "Ungh…Delicious," was all she said as she helped Rachel finish taking the rest of her clothes off.

When she was naked, she stood up and kissed Rachel like they'd been lovers for years. While they were kissing, Rachel reached down and rubbed Sarah's pussy, getting her hot and wet. She didn't have to work too hard at it. Sarah broke the kiss and hugged Rachel.

She turned her head toward me with that wicked little smile and said, "Our time will come dear Rachel, but I really want to be a little selfish this first time, is that okay?" "Of course baby girl. Enjoy." Sarah walked over to me, straddled my lap and lowered herself onto my shaft.

She let out a low sigh and a moan as she slid the whole shaft up inside her wet pussy. I noticed she had a nicely trimmed and short trimmed bush as she settled down on my cock. "Ungh… Davey, I've wished for, desired, and lusted for this moment for a very long time. Ever since I was here for your high school graduation." She said as she looked me in the eye. "Well, I hope that you're not too disappointed." "Are you kidding me?" She started a slow and steady rise and fall on my dick, and her words were hesitant and broken as she moved up and down the length of my cock.

"This…is…so much…better…to…anything…that…I…could…have…dreamt…up… on my…own! Oh my fucking God!!!" "Good, I'm glad you like my cock, Aunt Sarah." Then I sucked her breasts into my mouth one after the other and squeezed them lovingly but firmly as I went. Her moans and gasps under my flicking tongue and suction on her nipples told me she was having a good time and she pulled my head into her and tried to shove her whole breast in my mouth as I kept at kinky old spunker loves to get get her asshole rimmed. "Shit…talking like that while we're fucking is hot!

More; please give me more!" Mom stepped in at this point. Redhead euro lady princess gets her pussy fucked hard from behind pulled Sarah's head back by her hair again and kissed her deeply. "Do you have any idea how hot it is watching my baby sister ride up and down on my son's long hard cock? To see you on the same cock that fucked me to near exhaustion just last night. Does it feel good Sarah?

Does it feel as good as you hoped?" "Christ yes, and David is so very talented with his tongue. You're girlfriends must love the hell out of you, Davey!" "Fuck her Davey, fuck your Aunt Sarah!

Give it to her the way you gave it to me in the shower! Fuck her like she's a whore and begging for it!" "Is that what you want, Sarah? You want me to fuck your brains out?" "Oh.My…God…I'm cumming!!!" And so she did. She came all over my cock and coated it with her juices and left it slick and shiny. I picked her up and pulled my still hard cock out of her and had her kneel on the chair I had been sitting on.

I lined up and slid my cock easily back into her wet pussy, not stopping until my balls slapped her clit. Rachel had pulled up her shirt exposing her huge tits in front of her baby sister's hungry, waiting mouth.

Sarah didn't need to be told or asked; she leaned up and started sucking on Rachel's nipples. Rachel started moaning and reached down into her sleep pants and started rubbing her own pussy. I grabbed Sarah by the hips and started pounding her as hard as I could without knocking her off the chair. "Ungh…that is so good. Fuck me Davey! Fuck me like you hate me!" I spread Sarah's cheeks and dropped a big gob of spit conquering a lusty twat doggystyle hardcore and cumshot her rosebud and smeared it around with my thumb then pushed gently into the opening.

"Ungh…that…feels…" I kept pushing and finally slid my thumb into the second knuckle. Sarah started wiggling her hips around and pushing back against the intruder in her ass. "Ooof… that's…I'm cumming again!!! God yes, fuck your me like a red-headed whore!!!" That was all I needed to push me over the edge. "I'm going to cum!" Rachel came around Sarah and pushed me away from Sarah, my thumb and my cock popping out of her. Then she pulled Sarah off the chair, forced her to her knees and stood behind her, holding her head by handfuls of her hair.

"Suck him dry, Sarah." She was a little hesitant, "I've never sucked my juices off of someone's dick before." But Rachel pushed her toward my cock. "Suck him dry and taste your own cunt! You asked to be fucked like a whore, this is your chance. Suck him!" Sarah looked me in the eye, and that devilish look crept back into her eyes as she leaned in and took my twitching cock in her mouth and swallowed down the shaft as far as she could.

She kept sucking back and forth, and then Rachel started pushing her all the way down the shaft. "Relax the back of your throat and breathe through your nose. I want to see that cock disappear down your throat the way it disappeared down mine last night!" That was all I had. I started shooting my load down Sarah's throat.

"Now…I'm cumming now!" Sarah did very well. She got almost all of my spunk down her throat, what she didn't swallow dribbled down her chin. Rachel let go of her and Sarah pulled back and gasped for air.

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Then she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked it dry like a hungry calf on a teat. When she was done, she leaned back on her heels and looked up at me and Rachel with what can only be described as pure animal lust.

Rachel reached down and helped her up. "We need to get you cleaned up and go get Crissy." All Sarah could say as she wiped off her chin and licked her fingers dry was, "Uh-huh." I picked up my busty bitch rides a massive meat pole and said, "I'll get cleaned up and meet you guys back her when you're done." Sarah leaned up and kissed me on the lips. "I love you!" "I love you too, Sarah." Rachel stopped as they headed toward her bedroom.

When Sarah was a little further out of ear shot she looked lovingly into my eyes and said, "I love you too, you know." "I do." "And thank you for helping her. She has had me worried for a long time. You do really love her too, don't you?" "Yes. I love you both, very, very much. I never knew how much until right now." I looked at the time and realized that we were still in good shape to get to the airport in plenty of time.

"I'm going to get started on the yr old carrie playing with dd boobs that dad left. Plan on leaving in about an hour or so?" "Cool," Rachel said. "I'm going to put Sarah in the tub and let her soak for a while." "Okay." I went to my room, took a quick shower and got dressed, then sat down in front of my computer with the discs that dad's lawyer gave me. The first one was sort of a re-telling of the will, it was a little strange watching the old man in front of his laptop talking to me like I was sitting in front of him.

He used the video to let me know about where everything was, that all of the passwords for his, now my, accounts were listed in a file on one of the other discs, and a reminder that when I got done watching them, I had to call the attorney and tell him I had gone through them and to tell him: "Antwerp." That was the code word to let the attorney know that I had indeed seen the contents of the discs. Dad was such a paranoid security freak. I could have stopped right there and fulfilled my requirements to the lawyers, but I wanted to know what the old man had to say.

The last section of the video was dad looking seriously into the camera and admonishing me to take care of Rachel.

"She doesn't do real well being left on her own; she needs some guidance, and needs and wants to have a job of some sort to keep both her mind and body busy. Don't just throw money at the problem; she'll need more from you now than ever before." (Truer words were never spoken!) "You'll get a feel for what you need to do; she'll flounder if she doesn't have structure.

You should try and find some way to help your Aunts too, especially Sarah. You're the favorite and she really cares a lot for you. (Was I the only dense one in the group?). "And she could use a strong support structure to help her get away from her dickhead of a husband. "The last disc in this group might give you pause, but look through it and understand that there is a lot of power in knowledge in any form. Do with it what you will; I will leave that up to you.

"I love you son, and I'm very proud of the man you've become. Always stay true to your heart and behave the way you always have; steadfast. Semper Fi!" Then he was gone for good. "Goodbye, Dad. Semper Fi." I put each of the other discs in and looked at the contents. One after another they listed the accounts that dad had both here and in off-shore accounts. (Off-shore accounts? What the fuck?!?) After I got through the last of the account information I realized one thing: Christ, the old man left me a lot of money.

3 or 4 times what he left Rachel, at least. I've never seen so many zeros on the left side of the decimal point in all my life.

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These numbers start with a capital "B". I put little step sister hides in the attic lolpunzel family therapy last disc in the computer and called up the directory window. There were 3 folders on the disc labeled: 'R': 'C': and 'S'. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the letters stood for I opened the 'R' folder and found half a dozen video files.

I opened the first one and waited for it to load. There was Rachel, strapped to a St. Andrews Cross with nipple clamps and labia clamps, and a mechanical vibrator pumping in and out of her pussy. She looked like she was enjoying the hell out of it when another person stepped in and pulled the vibrator out. Rachel wailed and cried and begged for it back.

The camera focus pulled back to a wider view as the other person came back into the frame. It was a woman with a strap on dildo; she moved up to Rachel and slid the dildo in with a lot of anger and force, enough to lift Rachel slightly in her bindings.

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Rachel kept shaking her head back and forth and screaming "NO!" As the fucking continued, a man stepped in behind the woman with the strap on and spread her cheeks. When the woman turned around to look at him, I had to stop the disc and back it up and play it again to be sure I saw who I think I saw. Holy shit: That's Aunt Christina, and she's fucking my mom with a strap on! Two days ago, this would have probably freaked me out beyond belief, but now…well…here we are.

I let the recording play a while longer, then I nearly crapped myself. I backed up again and hit play until I saw the frame I needed then hit pause. There it was; the man in the porno was wearing a mask, but the tattoo on his arm as he reached up to grab Crissy's tits was unmistakable. The Corps doesn't let just anybody get Force Recon tattoos.

My old man was fucking my mom's sister in the ass while she fucked Rachel. This was a sex video with my Aunt Christina and my parents. Knowledge truly is Power. I just scanned some of the other files in mom's folder mostly just her and the old man fucking each other around the house. There were a couple of videos of Rachel and Christina fucking each other in different rooms in the house. I have to admit it, they were HOT together. I did find one though that was just Rachel lying on her bed jamming a dildo in and out of rall dad sexy beautiful girl cunt.

This went on for a while then she rolled over face down on the bed and slid the dildo back into her twat. Jesus she had a butt plug in with a tail on it. Wow, she was into some cool shit!!

I closed Rachel's folder and moved on to Christina's. Many of the files here were duplicates of the one's in the Rachel folder. A few that looked like they were taken by Crissy herself with a different partner; different places and positions around the house and the property.

Wait, that's not Crissy making the recordings, these were from the security cameras that the old man installed around the property. One of them was in the garage with a dark skinned woman that I didn't recognize hanging handcuffed and chained to one of dad's engine lifts. She fucked and punished the woman for almost an hour until they both came all over themselves.

There was indeed a lot of power here. The last folder was Sarah's. There were only a couple of files in the folder, but there was one labeled 'David's Graduation', so I opened it.

The video was of Aunt Sarah, by herself in the kitchen, really drunk talking to dad on camera. She talked about her husband and how many times she'd called the cops on him in the previous year, hairy dick makes a hot girl moan glad she was that Rachel had dad and me.

And finally how if she thought she could get away with it, she'd love to fuck little Davey's brains out. What?!? Dad just laughed, and moved the camera away. Dad panned and scanned the party then came back to Aunt Sarah, but she was gone. He moved slowly around the party with the camera, and I realized that this was my high school graduation party.

I remember where I was, because I had puked my guts out into the pool, then passed out on the patio. It was clear, because dad had video of me puking into the shallow end. He used it to get me to clean the pool with a huge hangover. Dad had let me get my drink on to celebrate my graduating high school at 16. I've never been that drunk again, ever!

He moved around the house with the camera and out onto the patio. He moved slowly and quietly around the patio furniture and there was Sarah pulling my dick and sliping mode jabardasti xxx vid of my pants and starting to suck on it. Dad backed up and used the zoom to get closer, and let her work her do her thing. I came in my sleep then she cleaned me up, put me away and got up to go back into the party.

She didn't seem to notice dad with the camera; did I mention that she was really drunk? That was the end of the video, so I closed the window and ejected the DVD.

I sat back and thought father and daughter unacceptable sex story chat graduation night.

I remember dreaming about Aunt Sarah blowing me that night, but I just chalked it up to being really drunk, and being a sick fuck for wanting to have sex with my Mom's sister. But it wasn't the first or last time that I dreamt about or thought of having sex with one of Rachel's sisters. Clearly Aunt Sarah didn't remember any of it either, since she acted like she tasted my cock for the first time today.

My life, it is a-changing. I was putting the discs back in the envelope and noticed a small slip of paper in the bottom of it. I reached in and pulled it out. It read: "They don't know". Wow, this is powerful shit. I put the envelope in my high school stash spot; the one that every teenage kid has to keep their private shit away from their parent's prying eyes, then went to get mom and Sarah. When I got to the Master Bathroom, I heard moaning and splashing. I stuck my head in the door and saw Sarah facing the wrong way with her legs spread and hanging down on either side of the tub, and her arms behind her on the tub's edge to keep her supported upright.

Mom was sitting in the tub facing Sarah's crotch shaving her pussy. She had shoved a dildo into Sarah's cunt to keep her on the edge of cumming while she shaved her. "Hi guys!" "Hi Davey!" Aunt Sarah twitched a little, but calmed down and rolled with it after her initial reaction.

"Your mom was telling me about her shaved pussy, so I asked her to help me clean mine up…smooth as a newborn's ass." Her voice was more than a little breathy. "Cool, but mom, you need to finish shaving her and finish her off so we can go." "Done with the razor, Davey will you put this on the sink, please?" I took the razor and put it on the sink. When I turned around, Rachel had her face buried in Sarah's cunt and a finger shoved up her ass.

Combined with the dildo, I knew it wouldn't take long, but I couldn't resist, especially after the video, so I went over and took one of Sarah's breasts in my mouth and sucked on it sleeping girl vidsex stories rap hard as I could while I reached over to the other one and pinched and rolled the nipple.

Sarah reached up and wrapped her arms around me and screamed out her orgasm. "Fuuuuuck!!!" was all that came out. She pulled her legs back into the tub and I let her down slowly into the water. She let go of me and grabbed the sides of the tub for support. I went to the other end of the tub and reached down and took the soap and started covering Rachel's tits with it. She was masturbating with both hands shoving the dildo she'd had up inside Sarah in and out of her pussy, so I soaped up my hands and grabbed her breasts rubbing and squeezing while she brought herself off.

It didn't' take long before she moaned and pushed back on the tub and rode her orgasm, looking Sarah in the eyes while she finished herself off. I looked up and Aunt Sarah was watching with a serious lust in her eyes.

"We need to get moving, you two, so get dressed and we'll revisit this later this evening, what say?" "Fine. You're a party pooper you know that?!" Rachel wasn't really mad, but it sounded good. Sarah just started giggling, as she and mom got out of the bath and headed to the shower. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Sarah and held her enveloped in my arms far enough from the shower that Rachel couldn't really hear us while she rinsed the bubble bath off her beautiful body.

"You just don't want us getting distracted!" "I've got no problem with distractions, Aunt Sarah. In fact, I wanted to check on your clean shave." I reached down and slipped my hand inside the towel and cupped her now bare pussy with my hand. I let my middle finger slide down her slit and into her warm, wet pussy.

She leaned back into me and moaned as she grew close to another orgasm. "The other reason I stopped you was xxxx sunny lione fust fucks story I also want you to just watch her. See her the way that I see her. She's beautiful isn't she?" "Ungh…Yes, she is." She closed her eyes and leaned her head back onto my chest, as I slid another finger into her pussy and increased my pace.

"Ohhh…God that feels amazing! I'm close, Davey!" "Hold on Sarah, I don't want you to cum yet." "Ungh…ungh!!!" I moved around beside her as I slipped a third finger into Sarah's pussy and kept pumping. "She loves you Sarah, and seeing you two together, you play well off each other's strengths. You complement each other very well. The ways that close sisters should. The times you two are together are the only times that I've seen you actually relax, Sarah." "It's…easy… to…do…with…her.

Davey can I cum now "Yes Sarah, you can cum now." "Oh…my…God!!!" Sarah spasmed and leaned into me for support as her knees started to buckle. When she had recovered some of her leg stability I moved behind her again and hugged her as she said, "Do you know that I've always ava taylor and janice pussy pleasuring on the couch Rachel was beautiful?

I thought she was my mom until I was about 7, it seemed like mom was always healing up and dad, well you know about him. Then after they died, I really wanted her to be my mom, she was so cool." "In a way, she was your mom.

She took care of you, tried to protect you, and did her best to look out for you wherever she could. She worries about you, and wants you to be safe and contented with your life. She wants you to be here with us every bit as much as I do. You'll have a loving, safe place here; a sanctuary with us whenever you want it, and for as long as you want to be here with us.

You know that right?" Sarah leaned back into me, closed her eyes and let the tears flow quietly down her face. "I'm sorry Aunt Sarah; I didn't mean to make you cry!" "It's okay David, I've just never could have dared hope that you felt that way about me.

I thought I was a freak and a pervert for thinking about my sister's kid the way I do. I know that Rachel loves me, but I was always terrified that she would turn me away because of my feelings. I've always wanted to be around her since I was little, and she took care of me and Crissy.

I've had countless wet dreams and fantasies about her and you for a long time. These are tears for finally finding a home that will be filled with love and safety. I want that for a change. Want it with all my being." "That's what we both want, dear Sarah." Rachel said coming out of the shower and kissing Sarah.

"For you to be with us here, free to be yourself and not be afraid anymore." She said after she pulled back. I let turned Sarah to me. "We've talked about this, Sarah, we want you to be here with us for as long as you want to stay." With that I bent down and kissed her long and deep through her tears. She kept weeping through the kiss, then broke away and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me for all she was worth.

She broke the hug and looked from me to Rachel, we all started to laugh and let a little more tension go. "Get rinsed and dressed; we need to get to the airport to get Aunt Cristina. While you finish up, I'll get the car and meet you out front." "Are we taking the Range Rover?" "Unless you've got a better idea.

That has the most room for luggage." "That's great; it has tinted windows in the back." She looked lustfully at Sarah in the shower. "You two better behave yourselves. We don't want unnecessary attention." "Fine, we'll behave."