Brunette milf riding hd i will catch any perp with a phat black dick and suck it

Brunette milf riding hd i will catch any perp with a phat black dick and suck it
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My parents have always been divorced. My dad married my stepmom who had 2 kids. My stepmom Jami had curly blonde hair, a big butt and a nice body. She was about 50 so her body wasnt as nice as it used to be, but she was the definition of a milf. Her daughter Mandi, was tall and also had blonde hair and a big butt. Mandi is 20 now and goes to college. Im 17 years old now and Mandi and I have developed a strange relationship. About a year ago I convinced Mandi to fuck me, and ever since then we have been fucking.

We try not to do it that often because we know its wrong and we couldn't tell anyone but were in love with each other. Mandi was home from college for summer and I was on summer break. Our family was going on a trip to the beach for a week. Intensive and untamed some momsandteens and threesome were all pretty excited about going and it was going to be alot of fun.

The night before we left we were all packing. I had just finished around 8pm and we were supposed to leave around midnight. I went downstairs to check how mandi was doing and she had about half of her suitcase packed and alot of clothes on her bed. She saw me come in and since we were alone in her room she asked, "can you tell me how this bikini looks on me?" "Sure" I replied.

Mandi stripped down to nothing and she looked great. She had big hips and she must've just shaved her pussy because I couldn't see a single hair. It wasn't awkward for us since we had sex a few times before.

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"Alright, I have 2 bikinis to try on. We'll do the blue one first." She started with the bottom. It was a blue string bikini bottom. She pulled it up and tied the sides. Jokingly, i untied the side and she looked at me and said "Stop, we dont have time for this right now." She tied it back up.

The bikini fit pretty well around her big ass and it looked great. Now she put on the top. She put the top over her shoulders and asked me to tie the Back for her. I tied it up and her nipples must've been hard because i could see them clearly through the top.

She looked really hot in it. "Alright time for the second." The second bikini was all white and didnt have string so she could pull it on herself. This bikini was a little tight and it would barely fit over her ass. She had to jump and wiggle into it. It looked really hot though because her buttcheeks were popping out. "It looks hot but its a little small on you" "yeah i know i have others i electra angels rough bdsm threesome anal fuck nasty girls pussy fuck wear" she replied.

About an hour later we were loading up the car and getting seated. We had a large SUV so we could all fit. My 2 brothers sat in the middle row and me and mandi sat in the back row while my dad and jami, my stepmom sat in the front.

It was really dark out and I plugged in my headphones and tried to get some sleep. I fell asleep against the window and mandi fell asleep with her head in my lap.

At about 2 am I woke up to a tingling in my pants. Mandi had her hands in my pants stroking my cock. Nobody saw us since we were in the back of the car and my dad had the radio on softly so he couldnt hear us. I said quietly "What're you doing?" "Shh" mandi replied. She pulled down my shorts a little and started licking my balls. It felt great.

I couldnt believe we bethany benz ebony babes anal vacation le doing this in the car with our family right in front of us! She started deepthroating me and she could barely breath. She held it for about 30 seconds and came up and there was strands of cum from my dick to her mouth.

"I wanna fuck you" Mandi said. "If nobody knows then lets do it". Mandi slowly pulled her pants off and I laid down flat. Mandi laid flat against my chest and i felt my cock slide into her tight wet pussy. The row of seats in front of us made a sort of wall so nobody could see us. Mandi and I made out while she bounced her ass on and down on me. The only position she cod really do was ride meor else we wouldve been caught. I could feel my cum starting to move into my dick. I knew i wouldnt last much longer.

"Im gonna cum soon" I told her. Since we were in the car i couldnt cum on her face so she would have to swallow it. She got off my cock and started sucking again. I started to cum and so i grabbed her head and pushed it down hard on me while i was thrusting farther into her mouth. She took in my whole 8" cock and every bit of cum went down her throat.

"Mmm it tastes soo good" Mandi licked her lips and We both put our pants back on and went to bed. We fell asleep laying in each others arms. At 9 am we arrived at the hotel.

There was 20 floors and our room was on the 17th. We had a great view of the beach and ocean. Everyone unpacked their luggage and we decided to go down to the pool. We all got changed and headed down. When we were all in the elevator my stepmom asked "So how did everyone sleep on the ride?" We all said okay or not so great.

Mandi looked at me with a grin on her face like "Nobody knew!" We got down to the pool area and there was about 5 different pools. 3 normal ones, 1 swim-up-bar, and 1 lazy river.

There was also about 5 hot tubs scattered across the area. There was a path leading to the beach. The beach was a pretty private area. We all went swimming first and had a good time.

Mandi looked hot in her blue bikini. We were swimming until about 7 and then we went out to eat. Afterwards we went for a nightswim and the sun was setting. The pool closed at 10:30 so we had an hour. Mandi and I went to the beach. amateur blow job playoffs round captain willy beautiful" she said.

"Yeah its great here" I replied. We were walking along the coast until 10:30 and then decided to head back in. A few days passed and nothing happened. We went swimming, or went to the beach and then went out the a nice seafood restaurant. Mandi and I were in one of the bedrooms together when she asked "dont you think it would be fun to sneak into the hot tub and fuck tonight?" "Yeah that would be amazing" I replied.

"Alright, at one we will go down the stairs, not the elevators and go to the pool." "Alright, i said sounds good. " At 1 am mandi and I got up and snuck out. "I cant believe were actually doing this" she said. "Yeah im kinda nervous. But it will be great. And if something is wrong we will just head back up to the room." "Okay," mandi replied.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and found our way to the pools. There were no guards but we snuck over to the hot tubs anyway.

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This hot tub was surrounded by tropical plants so we had a little privacy. The hot tub was off but it was still warm. We both put out feet in and slowly sat down. Mandi untied her bikini revealing her nice C cup breasts. Her nipples were hard and so was my dick. I pulled my shorts off and I yanked off her bottoms. We were now both fully nude in the hot tub. I was sitting on the bench and mandi walked into the middle of the tub and bent over so her ass and pussy were right in my face.

I wrapped my arms around her legs and stuck my face straight in her ass.

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I motorboated her wet buttcheeks and it felt great. Mandi giggled a little as I began to lick her pussy and asshole. Then Mandi surprised me and started sucking my cock. So I was sitting down and my body was underwater up to my shoulders and Mandi was upside down underwater sucking my dick with her legs wrapped tight around my face.

It was probably the darla crane and riley reid nasty threesome session in bed young old pornstars feeling ive ever experienced. Mandi actually held her breath for about a minute down there choking on my long dick while i sucked her clit. Finally she had to come up for air.

"Did you like that?" She asked. "That was the best thing ive ever felt" I said. We both laughed a little and then she got on top to ride me. I slid my cock into her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. Her ass was bouncing on my cock making little waves and plopping noises everytime it splashed the water. She went faster and the water started splashing everywhere. I sucked on her tit and she started moaning really loud. She hopped off my cock and i was about to cum.

We both stood up on the seat and i bent her over the side. I stuck my dick in between her buttcheeks like a hotdog and squezzed them together. Her cheeks engulfed my cock and I started to slide it in between her butt. "Mmm thats really hot" she said. After a few minutes of the assjob i had to cum. I decided to cum on her ass. The cum went flying all over her ass and slid down into her crack and all the way down into her juicy pussy lips.

Mandi wanted to taste my cum so i let her suck the rest of my juice out of me. "That was great" she said with a smile on her face. She had a little cum on her lip and so she licked it off. I put my shirt back on and mandi tied her bikini back on.

We walked back up the stairs and of course I let her go first. I watched her booty bounce every step up the 17 flights of stairs. We returned to the room quietly and said goodnight. But the vacation was far from over.

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Stay tuned for part 3