Kendra spade asian ass and crazy black cock

Kendra spade asian ass and crazy black cock
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My wife and I have a great life and have been together dating and married for over 20 + years. I am 42 and my sexy wife is 41. She is tall 5'9" with long soft brown hair past her shoulders. I love it when she is on top of me and her hair tickles my face and chest with the ends. She has a great body and the nicest round ass! It is so round I could spend all day just rubbing and playing with it!

Anyway she is very pretty and sexy. She is one of the few girls that don't have to wear makeup just a super cutie! She is always looking younger than she is! Hell she could have any man she wanted. She gets looks from them all the time! I love it because I love to show her off to others. I Love showing off how hot she is and that she is with me! I'm not a jealous guy. I like for other guys to look at what I have.

I am not scared that they other men talk to her or that she talks with them. I feel if your that scared or losing her you better start treating her better then! If you treat a woman right then there is no reason for her to leave you right? She is with me and she loves me! What more could you ask for?? She is just awesome! Well Anyway we like to have fun every now and then. And this is one of the fun, No wait it was an AWSOME time we had together!

So anyway we have an old high school friend. We were both friends with him but my wife did date him some in high school and stayed friends ever since. Well somehow they kept in touch and now talk every now and then but lately they have done that more than ever.

He lived out of state when this started. He now even lives in our rent house in Florida. And just about an hour away from us now. well like I said they talk and text a lot over the years and every now and then they get in to sexting and such, more playing and teasing and such. Well one time we were driving to my friend's house and they were texting and it started to get dirty and dirtier and more teasing and then he sent a picture of his dick saying (you would enjoy this!) and she gasped and giggled that got my attention and I asked what's up?

She paused for a second and then told me what was going on and then showed me the picture. lol we laughed about it not his size well he wasn't to shabby but the fact that he did it. Then I told her what to say back and then we had about 30 min of both of us teasing him with him saying things and her saying things back and me telling her what to say sometimes he didn't know I knew by the way.

any body know her name perfect tits and beautiful did this for about an hour and then we both had to go he had to get back to dani woodward makes my wood hard3 and we made it to my friends house.

Well a few days later we were driving back home and it started again she played along with him telling me what she put and what he was saying and we had some good fun about it but it started to get to the talking of really hooking up !We teased back like" ya sure you will" and "o ya"?

and "what would you do to me? ??" and so on. And him saying how she would love it! and what he would do to her and so on and so on. It was good fun and what was strange it was kind of turning me on some!

I couldn't wait to get home and fix that problem! But my sweet wife fixed it on the way with a nice BJ while I was driving So awesome! Well about a week later me and my wife were talking and she told me he is getting little more pushy about really meeting up !We kind of laughed it off and this went on for months well one day he started sexting hard right off the bat and she was with me again and we were on a trip again for work so we just played along and got him all riled up.

Because we both know it wont happen and hell germanic french house maid force tsex bose hot webcam girl huge natural tits part a long way away.

Well we got to talking because it kind of got me horny again and I noticed she was to! We were just talking about it and I didn't catch it at first but we were both kind of beating around the bush talking about it So I just bluntly asked so do you? Julie said do I what? I said so do you want to fuck him?? She said WHAT?? had that wired look on her face as O shit what should I say look ???

As if it was a test to get her in trouble or something ! I could see it in here thinking o crap what should I say? So I said well? She said well It kind of crossed my mind but not really! why? I then told her it kind of turned me on thinking about it and then we talked about it some more. Well we finely decided if we did we could do it on our high school reunion night! We all will be in the same town and time!

So she asked frank if he was serious next time he started it up again. and he took a long pause to text back and said YES! He then said Well your husband won't let you anyway! She popped off and typed O YA! I just have to say I want to and he will let me!

He loves me and will let me if I want to! He then said ok then it's on! With a lol and a wink behind it. He kept Teasing her probably thinking she would back down at a hard statement like that. But she didn't back down! Old young cleaning lady gets fucked by wrinkled grandpa and swallows cum then they got back to sexting again and kept it going for a bit.

Then a few days later we talked again she said he is asking are they really going to hook up? But she didn't answer him so I said SO ARE YOU?

Do you think you can go through with it ? or want to do it with him? she said yes and no she kind of interested but not for sure.

The hole time she was looking at me looking for approval from me I told her if you want to go for it! See if he's into a 3 some maybe we all could have some fun? Well a few days later she said That's nope on the 3 some!

She them told me that He was kind of a scared of me lol. well I said so I can't even watch??? She said no way! I went dam I really wanted to see you fucking someone or join in! well a few months went by talking and texting now and then about hooking up.

it was coming down to the time and we had the place set .Our rent house was empty at this point. and he was coming in from out of state so we set the date of our class reunion. We made it so that we will go back to our house and "talk and catch up save money on hotel rooms and all " and a few drinks with our class mates then come home and drink some more and talk.

I would then get tired and go to bed early (wink wink ) and hide out for a bit and they would stay up and talk since they were friends and so on and then let it happen in the living room! Well where our room is at I can see most of the living room and they can't see me due to the lighting. So after a bit I would sneak back and watch my wife having sex with another man!

This plan was getting me riled up and horny as hell thinking about it lot and couldn't wait for that time to come. Well all went as planed had great night at the reunion we went and ate with others and had a few drinks we talked about old times and what we are doing now and so on. ( in my mind was noting but what time is it let go home!! Lol They had a band outside so we drank some moredanced and listen to the music till close 2am.

Time flew by but not fast enough. We had it all planed out and set it up to meet up back at our rent house! Well so far so good! we came back to our house and a few min xvediies real sex with mom he showed up BUT he brought a girl friend(a babysitter his wife sent) DAMMM it!

and I told my wife in her ear. It is not going to happen he brought a fucking babysitter for himself lol. She said I know I can't believe it. But ill try to get him to stay or take her to hotel and come back. Wow I couldn't believe it after the talk he threw down and the dirty texts and pictures and so on WOW he backed out!! Such a chicken lol! Well she tried to get him to stay and get her to leave and he said he had to go and or she would tell his wife ( o ya he is married well kind of there not getting along very well he's been living with her off an on for a few months).

My wife said so I thought you were leaving her anyway? He said ya but they batter not to stop a worse fight sorry. and they left. Wow what a shocker! but me and my sexy and horny wife sure still made a night of it!! She came to bed after waling him out and just crawled right up on me and started kissing me and grinding her pussy in to my dick I could fell her heat through my under ware and her panties wow we got undressed and she lade down beside me an wrapped here leg over me and we kissed an I fingered her for a min she was so wet I then guided my dick in to her and started out slow kissing and rubbing her back and her head with my left hand and my right hand was on her ass !

after a few min making love this way I reached down with my right hand between her but checks and rubbed her supper wet pussy lips around my dick I could fell it going in and our felling her slippery lips going in and out with my thrust I then move back about an inch and felt of her ass hole so soft and tight not wanting me in there but I just rubbed it more and more and then I slipped intense foursome action starring two luscious lassies interracial brunette a little bit of my finger man fells so good I can fell m y dick through the thin skin moving in and out I push little father about up to my second knuckle I pushed on my dick and wow it started to get me off so fast right before I came I felt her ass tighten up so tight like trying to hold me in or push me out I then started to cum right then I herd her gasp for air I then knew we were getting off together wow that was awesome I said to her she said yes it was!

We both laughed and said man he sure missed out! She said ooo yes he did I was so horny I would of fucked his brains out!! We cleaned up and went to sleep. Anyway full sex stories hard xx story 6 months go by now and they still talking but not dirty so much at first but then started talking dirty and send a pic of him now and then.

But a lot less. And he pushes hooking up again now and then. But she usually says well you had your chance! and you will never know how great I am and so on! You just don't know what you missed! We then talked ( she don't like to take pics or herself even for me but will now and then) And It just drives him nuts! Sunny leone xxx mp4 download she loves it! But he keep asking for pics so she would send of the dog or the house or of her face and so on He then said no a dirty on you know!

so she sent one of the dirt on our garden! Lol He keeps saying not of that your pussy! so she sent of our cat lol . It was driving him nuts, he then started to g and so we decided to send on of just her tits. Don't know what happen because it took a long time for him to responded to it says supper nice don't know if he jacked off to them or got busy or what but we had our ideas lol a few weeks later we sent one of her shaved pussy!

I LOVED THAT ONE STILL HAVE IT ON MY PHONE ALSO!! Well he stared talking more and more and harder and harder about hooking up again she usually blows him off now. (Since he fucked it up before!). but she told me that's he's getting pushy again ! I said well do you still want to?? She said ya kind of but to l just to shut him up! lol but she won't if I don't want her to. I said go for it if you want to I am all for it!

So we made out the plans AGAIN! and it when like this.

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Well he now lives in our rent house. 35 miles away. So we would go out on our date night and big tit blonde mom fucks friend crony first time weekend crew takes a crack at the crack a hotel room for one night and then next morning he would stop by on his way to a job or out of town or whatever he wants to come up with.

To get away and pay us our rent( he lives now in our rent house) I would have to leave the room and go shopping or something while he was there and then when there done fucking ill come back. He was still scared I might do something to him. I still made him nerves. I don't know why I approved it and help set it up but wow whatever lol. I tried like hell to get to watch or at least take video it but my wife said no way in hell lol. Well sometime has passed and he liked the plan and we kept telling him he would back out again he said he wouldn't this time.

We will see I guess! Well its finely our date night and me and my wife went out to a awesome dinner then the movies. It was awesome we set up top and we were the only ones in there. Well we started kissing and then she started rubbing my leg and then higher to my very fast growing dick. I think this set up was turning her on more than she thought!

I know I was turned on! She then put her jacket over my lap and unzipped my paints and started jacking me off right there in the movies! WOW She has never done this before I guess she was more in to this night than she let on. it made her so hot I loved it! She then said she wanted to blow me so watch out for people and I said O YA noooo prob!

And she started to go down and was about an inch from my throbbing head of my dick and someone came in the fucking theater dammit!!

They started walking up to us then turned around and went about halfway down and sit down. She kept playing with me and again she got the guts up to just go down and suck on me again for a min or 2 and again she started to move down and down and DAMM it if someone else fucking comes in and she sets back up! and what the fuck they sits on our row now fucking dam fools! The place is empty but us 2 and the other 2 people and they want to sit by us on the top row!

what the hell if they knew what they were ruining! MAN this sucked! At least she did keep playing with me for most of the movie I was sooooo Horney it wasn't even funny. Well movies were over! We texted frank again and asked him are u still Cumming in the morning?

to pay rent ?? He said yes! So we said ok getting hotel room now and we did we told him where and what room # and got a time he should be there fucking in every room in the house we got to the room and sexy fuck special for pretty babe with melons our self at home. We started talking about what was going to happen and how to do it.

and we got kind of worked up and we started fooling around kissing and playing. I said in her ear just think some other guys dick will be in you in. In just a few hours! and she said ya there will be another guys dick fucking me! Cumming in your pussy! Her saying that turned me on so much I nearly shot a load right then!

We started kissing and I took her shirt and paints off and then kissed down to her nice soft tits and keep going down to her belly and started playing with the edge of her panty's. I started taking them off of her and she laid on her back and doing so she had to raise her ass and then her legs up so I could take them off she playfully raised her legs straight up!

and I saw her pussy and ass all at once I just dropped my head down and started sucking on her clit. And pussy she was soooo wet I haven't seen her this wet in a long time! after a few min I stuck a finger in and it wasn't a few sec later she got off holding my head tight in to her as I sucked really hard and steady on her pussy flicking her clit with my tong! After she calmed down some I kissed my way back up and started with the tip of my dick barley teasing her now sensitive pussy just rubbing it up to her clit and down to her ass hole and back up again and I then lined it up to her pussy and I just rammed my dick all the way in so hard and fast she took the deepest breath saying O O O M Y G O D !

as she inhaled! Still trying to get her breath she said you are so big and hard wow! I was so horny and she was sooo wet and hot I fucked away so fast I was thinking someone else will be fuckin this in just a few hours! I got off pretty dam quick much faster than I wanted to it felt sooo good and I don't think I shot that much cum in in my life!!

She got up and went to the bathroom to cleaned up and I remade the bed as she came back and got back in bed necked with me wow! she always has a night gown on but this time she just snuggled up to me! I was on my back and she laid on her side with a leg up over my belly I can feel her hot and still very wet pussy on my leg.

It fells so good ! Well we went to sleep because he will be here in about 5 hours and we dosed off still horny! well about 2 hours before he showed up. We woke up and I was still hard as hell so. I turned over and snuggled up behind her she had a night shirt on but no panty's I just love her ass so much it is so sweet nice and round the kind you just can't get enough of I just love to hold it, rub it kiss it, and well you know.

Let's just say I just love it! Anyway I was hard again as soon as I noticed her bare ass! I started to rub my dick up between her butt cheeks and was rubbing her belly she turned over and got on top of me and started fucking me she was still super wet I love it sooo much when she is on top! her hair tickling my face her huge sweet boobs rubbing my chest and face and her taking control making herself feel good.

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man it don't get any better! I thought well she got off just about the same time I did and she laid on me for a bit and she had to get up and cleanup again she said. She came back and texted frank you on your way yet ? He said yes. then the oo shit hit her that he is really coming so no backing out now look! It was so cute! We talked for a bit and decide on what to do and 18 age old girls xxx story on I tried for the video again but no success.

I even played with the idea of setting it up without her knowing but the fight later if she found out may not be good so I just teased her hell it's been a bit since he has had sex so he says. He will probably be super quick. As good as you feel! Lol she said hell nooo way! He batter not be quick! He keeps saying how good he was and how much I will love it !! I said well tell him he better be good and to get you off! And the deal is if he gets off first before you! He has to do down and eat you out to climax!!

She said ooo he won't do that! Well may make him try harder! lol we laughed about it for a bit. I told her she batter go take a shower and shave so she is super clean for him!

She said o crap I don't have a razor! I went down stairs and they didn't have one either dam it I just wanted her to shave most of it off. Hell I want it the way bald I love it! I love it bare! I could just eat her all day when she shaves it all off! Anyway so I took up some food and I kissed her a few more times and asked if we could video it one last time and it wasn't a no but a hell no!

again lol I went dam again but Pregnant girl with beautiful tits does everything imaginable really would love to see this! I then got the evil eye. well I then left to run to the store to get her a tea and for a razor for me I mean for her or him whatever its for ME lol. For her to shave with so she waited to get into the shower till I got almost back and I ran up the supplies and handed it to her in the shower and looked her over all wet and necked in the warm water dripping off her I wanted to jump in and make love again in the shower and she said he was like 20 min away so I said dam it ok.

I cleanup up some made the bed up a little and she got out. I helped dry her off and she said she was nerves. Hell my belly was in my throat also! And hers was too. Well I ask so what are you going to ware and she said well he thinks I was asleep so she put her night cloths back on should I have panties on or off??

I said I would love them off but he may like the on you knows so she put them on also. So now she has on a super sexy panties and a night shirt is all she has on.

She is so cute!! So he knows what room im in so you could just leave the door open and let him come in and wake me up? I went cool! he just texted he was like german free blond outdoor raped min away and I said we batter be safe and not leave the door open you know and I saw him drive up and park so I kissed her and said let me know how it goes wink wink!

I Love you so much and have fun!! She said ok I will I WILL! I took off and went down the hall the other way from the front desk where he would come up from I got out side and saw him still in his truck? What the fuck hurry up dude! Lol he got out and went in to the hotel. He was wearing a tee shirt and cut off jean shorts. I was to leave and go shopping or driving or something but I for some reason couldn't leave the hotel!

I just want to see watch or to hear something anything I was soo horny!! I was so nervous and horny at the same time ! I went back in and when I got up to our floor I heard a door shut it had to be ours. Man my heart was racing 2000 mph now ! I went down to our door and tried to listen I could here them talking. I could only make out just a few words now and then they were just talking like nothing was happing just friends and then I heard someone moaning what the fuck ?

it was out of the blue and fast wow. There fucking already I could here moaning and grunts and a bed banging the wall what the hell! was it hey how are you just going to jump on and start fucking?? Or hell was my wife that horny she just undress and laid there with legs opened when he walked in dam!!

Ooo then I figured out it wasn't from where I though it should be coming from. it wasn't nereliasex fairy tales com en el rio them at all ! hell it was from the room across the hall from our room. Some girl was getting pounded in there! They were getting after it she was moaning with every thrust. I thought WOW this is awesome! Double treat ! YES! Then I herd a kid start to cry like a baby and they stopped I herd her talk to the baby and then it stopped and it wasn't a few sec later they were at it again!

you could here the bed banging the wall and her moaning and him grunting now and then wow! Well I didn't want to get caught out in the hall and I could still here my wife talking to him couldn't make out what. so I walked down to the lobby and out the door. went to my car and looked up at our window.

wondering what was going on are they still talking or if my wife was getting necked or kissing him or there making out or what ? MAN my mind was racing was she blowing him or him eating her freshly shaved pussy out or they just started fucking?

or what??? then I saw someone walk by and bush then Curtin's so I guess they weren't at it yet. My mind was racing so much I couldn't think straight! I'm so Horney and hard as hell wow didn't think I would be this turned on. And this sick felling But I was!

I just couldn't sit there or leave so I tucked my super hard Bonner up under my belt and I went back up passed the room to try and hear anything but nope I stuck my ear to the door nothing but I could still them across the hall going at it dam its been like 10 min now!

love to see who they were well I didn't want to look strange so I went to the lobby got an apple and started eating it watching the news well trying to I had no idea what they were saying all I could think about was here making love to someone else!

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So I got up and went up to the room again still couldn't hear them now but I could hear little movement's I place ear to the door trying to hear more again but the reason I couldn't hear them was because of superman across the hall what the fuck they were still banging away what the hell did this guy take!

Its been link 20 min or longer now! No way I could go that long specially as horny as I was! Well I waked off again walked around the hotel looked at the pool and then back up by the room I had my ear to the door again trying like hell to hear her getting banged!

But then a neighbor came out down the hall he was leaving the hotel I just nodded and walked off like I was leaving also when he left the floor I went back and then the fucking neighbor across the hall were getting louder!

Dude is a jack hammer! I was hoping they would get done and leave I wanted to see what they looked like where they hot or some old people or was it a pretty alexa grace gets nasty with a bigcock in the couch hook up like we were doing?? Or what So many questions? Well I listen to our door some more and could hear something I would say they were doing it but I couldn't make it out for sure IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS!!

Well about 30 min after he went in with my wife I heard someone go to the bathroom. So I walked off so he didn't see me in case he came out or looked out the spyglass. When I got down stairs I got a text they were done and cleaning up and I need to go so he could leave or hide out he's scared and don't want to see me the husband of the girl he just fucked!!

I thought it was funny he was worried about me when I help set it up gave the idea and approved and pushed it a few time now and he was worried id be mad?? lol o well I hid out around the corner and I saw him walk out of the hotel get in his car and drive off! I I got another text saying he left come back as he was getting in his car. So I did . I walked in and she was black babe big ass missionary fucking shaved pussy her night gown fixing a drink I gave her a big kiss and grabbed her ass no panty's on still man I love that felling!

Well with me grinning ear to ear I went so how was it ????? she laughed and said fast! And giggled. I went to the bed and sit down and said sorry but did it go well?? She said you really want to know ?

I said hell ya! Well i'm not going to tell you! I was upset as hell kind of pissed so I pouted like a little kid like you just crushed my dreams! or took my candy away!

Then she said how about I show you a play by play! I went o ya sounds great! Game on!!! Happy again! She told me to sit on the bed back on the wall and she sat on my right side and snuggled up close she said he was real nervous and took a bit to get him to just get in the bed and he did and they just talked for about 10 to 15 min nothing big just BS talk and while we were talking she was rubbing my leg well ( his leg )I had paints on and he had shorts on but anyway you get the idea we were still clothed she said.

she rubbed my upper thigh and inner thigh she said we did this for some time and then all of a sudden she said he rolled over and laid her on her back and started kissing her little pecks on the lips check and neck no deep kissing I said like this she said yes He was rubbing his hand up and down her side and then he raised up her night shirt and took her panty's off.

and threw them in the floor and pulled his shorts off he already had a Hard on I asked so how did he look down there? she said he was bigger around than me but about the same length. But then he laid back down on her she still had her night gown on and she raised her legs up and spread them for him to lay between her legs on her. His dick was now touching her very wet pussy that I was just fucking less than an hour ago. anyway she said and made me do what he did so she grabbed my dick like she did his and put it up against her hole and rubbed the head of it up and down her wet pussy lips it was soo hot four hard black cocks on one pussy wet from him fucking her just a bit ago.

She was so wet from her probably being Horney. and probably from his cum that may still be in her she cleaned up some and used the bathroom and let it drip out but she did not shower or wash or anything special.

then she said he just rammed it in so I did and she said he just started going at it gorgeous bitch acquires holes screwed interracial and hardcore I did to I was soo horny and I came a few times in the last few hours so I held out for a bit this time for once. she said he was really fast and he came in her filling her pussy up with his cum. When He was done she said really ??? he said ya with a sad face and said sorry!

He then looked like a beaten puppy. but when she told me that he came in her pussy and for some reason I started to go in to rabbit speed! And was done in a few seconds shooting another load of cum in to her and she also got off at the same time.

it was such a great filling her up with more cum again for the 4th time in just a few hours and at least 2 times in 20 minutes by 2 different guys! I think it really helped get her off! We laid there for a few minutes with my throbbing dick in her till it drained all guy gets lucky with two latinas by the beach cum I could give I could but it didn't feel like I came much in her this time and then I rolled over.

She got on top of me with her supper wet pussy setting on my belly and dick touching her ass. She then put it back in her and just sat down on me She told me that he then got dressed and they said there good byes and he left. she said I was like really? Im In shock! She said I figured he would of done more to me and I said ya me to!

Then for some reason I didn't go soft after the last shot of cum. But she is still sitting on me with my supper still hard dick in her and she asked me so what you want to do now .

and moved her ass some grinding her pussy in to me! Looks like your still Horney I said I know and for some reason I really really want to eat you out! She said you know he just came in me and you cum is in there to! now we have talked a few time about me doing this I seen a lot of videos of it and read lots of stories of it and it don't sound to bad but every time I bust a nut in her I can't go down there.

Just not that Horney after I guess. But I do love to bitch porn videos search watch and download bitch free sex her out and I was still supper Horney.

Now I have went down one time before and just sucked on the clit but no lower! So I never tasted my cum I just could never go through with it. but anyway she said you know he just came in me and you did to!!

I said I know! but dam I am so Horney baby and I will probably never want to do this again so batter do it now before I change my mind! I just want to eat you out super bad! So she moved and my dick was in her and it came out and it slapped my belly with her juices and my cum all over it! and she moved up quick and stuck her supper hot wet pussy on my face and moved it around and I started to just suck her clit again but she moved and made me go in deep to her love tunnel so what the hell I stuck out my tongue and licked deep in to her from ass hole to clit I sucked and licked it all I just couldn't get enough of here pussy !

the softness of her pussy that just been fucked many times last 5 hours and the smell of sex and the taste well not really much of a taste to it I was surprised. But it was different but it was supper hot and wet and sticky!! I ate her out till she got off on my face I could fell her pussy tighten up on my tongue and her movements her ass was tight I was holding on an could feel it tense up . Wow best pussy eaten in some time! and she moved off me and laid down next to me and we kissed and snuggled with me.

it was awesome! We both Still couldn't believe I did that! well still to this day can't believe I did that. And haven't done it again but kind of want to. Anyway we went to sleep for about an hour and ill be dam her necked body next to mine got me up and hard again I started playing with her side rubbing it from her ass to her shoulder and rubbing her back, rubbing her belly, I love her belly by the way.

I keep playing and getting lower and lower each time to her ass hole and pussy and up brushing het nice big tits and getting her nipples harder. then she get up on me again and started riding me man this was my favorite position and many times in just a few hours man I love her and the weight of her body agents mine taking control moving her pussy with my dick in it and pulling it in and out of her moving the way it makes her feel good! and then she sat up and got off me and got on all fours we did it doggie stile for a fem min me just ramming my dick in and out mast xxc story slipping majedar he pussy and her sweet round ass on my belly me looking at her ass hole now and then man what a sight!

man what a day ! if I haven't gotten off so many time in the last few hours I would of shot my load looking at her ass hole and my dick going in and out or her pussy lips grabbing it rubbing my dick then she said we had to change positions and what do I want to do? I said I don't know and pulled out and I laid back down and she just crawled over me again but with her back to me now reverse cowgirl and she was sitting up and slid my dick in to her again man this was different we never done it this way before and it feels great!!

then my mind was blown! she bent over forward away from me and got on her elbows I was now watching close up as my dick was sliding in and out of her pussy I could see her lips grabbing my dick and going in to her then when my dick comes out I can see her bright red pussy lips pull out and rub down my cock like saying don't go! But that was not the best part it was looking at sweet ass hole of hers!! And it looking right at me I put my hand there felling here pussy lips as my dick slides through her lips and then I placed a finger on here ass hole I move my thumb up to her little butt hole and just place it on their rubbing it she don't usually like me to play with it but she was letting me again this time.

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