Brunette cutie gets surprised with a long dong

Brunette cutie gets surprised with a long dong
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It was the second to last game of the football season, of my sophomore year. I was running the ball up the field towards my first ever touch down. A japanese helping not her parent jumped at me from my blind spot on my side and plowed me over.

I landed on my arm the wrong way and it snapped. The crack was so loud that even some people in stands could hear it. The pain was instant and unbearable.

I woke up in the hospital, after they had knocked me out and reset my arm. It still hurt like hell and was throbbing in the cast they put on me.

"Oh, Jason, Your up." I heard my Mom say. I looked over to see her standing next to my bed with moist eyes. "How do you feel?" She asked on the verge of more tears. "It's fine Mom. It hurts, but it's nothing to cry about." I gave her a smile. "You shut up; I can cry if I want to." I looked over at my dad standing on the other side of the bed. Lisa ann cannot wait for anal brazzers stood there smiling and looking almost proud that I had broken my first bone.

"Almost made it to the end zone, champ. That was a good run." He said with a beaming smile. "I know right, until that Cock Sucker hit me." I stopped myself, and looked at my Mom. "Sorry." I said. My Mom frowned and my dad laughed. "Don't worry Champ. You're drugged up; we'll let that one slide." We got home later that night and I went straight to bed without showering. I didn't care how dirty I was, I was so tired; I think I fell asleep two seconds before my head hit the pillow.

I woke up late the next morning, and walked down stairs in just my boxers.

I found my Dad sitting at the kitchen table in his boxers, also. "How's it feel?" He asked. "Not too bad, actually." I tried to make myself some breakfast but I'm not used to using my left hand. "Where's Mom at?" I asked. "It's Saturday, She's at work. You need some help?" Dad got up to help me.

"Thanks." I said. "Why couldn't it be my left arm." My dad laughed. "You'll get used to using your left arm, for things." He made me some toast. And I sat at the table and realized for the first time just how badly I stank. I sniffed myself, "damn, I need a shower." Dad sat back down at the table. "I was thinking about that.

We can cut up a trash bag and tape it over your cast." That's what we did. After breakfast, He wrapped a bag around cast and taped it up. I walked into the bathroom and Dad poked his head in. "If you need help mature bitch teaches teen how its done anything just holler." I said 'Ok', and closed the door.

I pulled my boxers off and checked out my three inch uncut cock in the mirror, and for the first time I realized how impossible it was going to be to jerk off. At this point I only did it about three times a day. This sucks. Our bathroom was huge and had a big shower block about eight foot by four foot that had two shower heads on either side.

I turned the water on pretty hot and let it flow over my aching body. I grabbed the shampoo and realized I didn't have another hand to squirt it in. Shit. I was going to need Dad's help after all. I yelled his name, and he came to the door. "What do you need champ." He asked through the door. "Help." I said. He opened the door and came in.

It was kinda weird because my dad hadn't seen me naked since before I hit puberty. He had never seen me with pubic hair or a dick that would get hard at the drop of a hat.

That was a scary thought. He poked his head in the shower. "What's the trouble?" I held up the shampoo bottle. "I only have one hand, and it's the retarded one." He laughed and said hold on. He glanced at my cock as he stepped back. He pulled down his boxers, and for the first time I realized that he would have to be naked too. I don't know why that hadn't dawned on me earlier.

I mean it's not that big of a deal. I've been showering with other guys in the locker room for a few years now, but they were all my own age and around the same size, if you know what I mean. But lately I'd fallen into a habit of checking them out. At first just for size and to see if they had hair or if marveling beautys moist cunt hardcore and blowjob were cut.

Most guys were cut so I felt kinda special being uncut. The other guys in the locker room would stare at mine more, I guess it was kinda alien to them. But lately I started enjoying them staring at me, and I didn't know why.

I lost my train of thought when my dad stepped into the shower naked. He looked pretty good. He was only 35, 6ft tall and about 170lbs. Not buff by any means, but somewhat fit. He had a rather thick five inch cut cock, with a rather large ball sack hanging behind it. I had forgotten he was cut.

I'd seen him naked a few time's growing up but was too young to be comparing my cock to others. Why does my dad look so good to me now? I was getting a bit nervous. He caught me checking him out. "What you've never seen a cut cock before?" He said with a chuckle. I shy girlfriend samantha shoves sex toy inside pierced pussy red and looked away. "Sorry. I just forgot you were cut, and so big." I looked down at my own cock.

"Don't worry about it Son," He said "It's not that big, you can check it out if you want." I looked back towards him, and he was smiling at me. "When I was 16 I was checking out every guy I could to compare them with my own equipment." He grabbed his cock and balls and gave them a good shake. We both laughed. But I could feel the blood flowing to my cock. What the fuck was going on, am I really getting turned on by my Dad.

Dad took the shampoo bottle from me. "Put your head under the water." I turned around and put my head under the water. Dad turned on the other shower and wet himself down. He put some shampoo in his hand and walked back over to me. His cock just waged in front of him. In some way it felt good to be naked with him. My cock was getting a little chubby, but I was still in the safe zone.

"Turn around Jason." He said. He put the shampoo in my hair and used both hands too rub it in. "This is silly." I said. "Just relax, everybody needs help sometimes." "I guess." I said. I tilted my head down and looked at fantasyhd tiny blonde sammie daniels fucks thick dick business man Dad's thick-cut cock. It was bigger flaccid then mine was hard. It looked so good hanging right next to mine almost touching it.

"Dad?" I said softly. Dad continued scrubbing my hair. "Jason?" "Why are you circumcised and I'm not?" He stopped scrubbing, and told me to rinse my hair.

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"Because I was raised by crazy religious people who mutilate little boy's penises. And you were raised by normal people who don't cut off pieces of their children's body's." Dad laughed and splashed me with water. He washed his own hair, and rinsed it under the other shower. While he washed his hair, I noticed he had kind of a tight ass. He soaped down his body.

I watched him the whole time without even realizing it. "Does it mean my penis will be bigger than yours?" I asked. He laughed again and turned around, as he was rinsing off, He looked at my dick.

"From the looks of it you will. I don't know if your foreskin has anything to do with it, but you're welcome." He smiled at me. "Really, just the amount it's grown since I saw it last shows it's going to be big.

Remember when I showed you how to pull your foreskin back to clean it right?" "Oh shit, I didn't even think about that. How am I supposed to clean it with one retarded hand?" He looked my cock over "Don't worry champ, were both guys I can help." He grabbed the soap and told me to turn around.

He lathered the soap in his hands and started on my shoulders and moved down to my back. With his soppy hands moving over my naked body I really had to concentrate on not popping a boner. "Turn around" he said. My dad put more soap on his hands and rubbed down my shoulders and chest. He gave me a look then moved down to my dick. He rubbed soap on my nut sack, then laughed and told me to "Turn your head and cough". "Dad" I said, as my face turned red.

He soaped up my dick and pulled back my foreskin and rubbed soap on my sensitive glands. A small moan escaped my mouth and my dick grew in my Dad's hand to its full four and a half inches. I was so horny and embarrassed. My dad looked me in the red face. "Don't worry about it" He said softly, "When I was your age I popped boners all the time. It's just because somebody else is touching it." He smiled at me, and I tried to smile back. "I'm sorry." I said. "Don't be." He said.

"You've got nothing to be ashamed of, it would happen to me my sexy female friend teasing me to fuck her part i you were washing my cock, I bet." "Really?" I asked. He moved his hand down my cock and I moaned again. He finished washing my shaft and I was a little disappointed when he moved his hands down to my legs. He had to bend down, and his head was right next to my hard cock.

I looked down at him. "Can I wash yours, Dad? You know just so we're even?" He finished my legs and stood up. "Jason, that wouldn't be right." He said, looking me in the eyes. "Sorry," I said. "It's just I'm really embarrassed and wanted to see if it would happen to you, too." My dad looked at Me.

"Ok, rinse off first, and against my better judgment I'll let you do this. But you can't tell anybody." I smiled "I won't." I rinsed the soap off my body, and my Dad squirted some soap in my hand.

I looked him in the eyes, then down at his cock. I moved my hand towards his crotch and rubbed the soap into his pubic hair to get it lathered up. I moved my soapy hand down to his ball sack like he did to me and started rubbing his huge balls. They were about three times bigger than mine and they felt nice in my hand. I moved my hand up to his shaft and slid my hand up and down it.

My Dad's cock felt so hot and thick in my hand. A small moan escaped from him. I smiled up ebony pawnshop amateur screwed in pov hiddencam and reality him. His dick seemed to be getting thicker in my hand, and within a few seconds it grew to a thick six and a half inches. "Jesus," I said. I kept moving my hand up and down his shaft just fasnated with it, not realizing I was pretty much jerking him off.

My Dad started breathing heavy and moaned, then he grabbed my hand, to stop me. "See I told you it would happen to me too." He said. "Sorry" I said, "I guess I got carried away. It's just so big." My dad laughed. "It's not really that big. But it's ok, it's normal to be curious and experiment at your age." "Really?" I said with some relief, "Did you ever experiment when you were my age?" Dad smiled, "Ya, Me and your uncle Ray did some experimenting when we were teenagers." That sounded so hot, my dick just kept throbbing out in the open.

"What did you guys do?" I ask shyly.

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Dad soaped up his hands, "I'll tell you about it some other time, but now we've got to finish getting you cleaned up. Turn around." I turned around and my dad squatted down and rubbed his soapy hands on the back of my legs, moving up towards my ass. "I'm never going to get rid of this boner," I said.

"You jerk off don't you?" He asked from behind me. "Do you?" I asked. He laughed, "Every chance I get." I laughed too.

"No it's hard for me to do it with my left hand." I said. "You were doing fine with me a second ago." He moved his hands to my ass cheeks and massaged the soap into them, His thumbs moved into my crack rubbing my ass hole. My cock got even harder if that was even possible. "That's different," I said, "That was your cock, not mine. It seemed easier to do it to you." He moved his thumbs even deeper in my ass and massaged my hole.

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I spread my legs wider and bent over a little and put my hand on the shower wall. I moaned loud. "That feels so good Dad, Please don't stop." I felt like I was going to cum at any moment. "So you've never done anything with your friends?" He asked, as He massaged his thumbs deeper into my ass. "No." I said with a moan, " But please don't stop. I won't tell anybody." My breathing was getting heavy. "Jason I don't know? It wouldn't be right." He said in a tone that almost betrayed him.

Hornieness had taken Me over, "I don't care about right, it feels so good. I feel like I'm going to explode." I said. He took his hands off my ass and stood up. My heart sank, and I thought we were done. He turned the shower head so the water ran down my back and over my ass. I could feel the soap being washed away. I froze with my legs spread and my hand on the shower wall, not knowing what to do next. He moved the shower head away then I felt his hands back on my ass. "I guess I can relate so, just relax, Kido." He said in a soft lusty voice.

He squatted down again, and spread my ass cheeks apart. "Thanks Dad." It sounded so weird when I said that. Then the most wonderful feeling hit me. My dad spread my ass cheeks apart and drove his tongue into my ass hole and started licking in a gentle but vigorous way.

I moaned so loud it echoed in the shower. I thought I was going to shoot my load all over the wall. I spread my legs even further apart, as He ran his tongue in and out of my ass hole. I moaned "Oh, Dad that feels so fucking good." He moved his tongue lower, in-between my legs and tongued my taint and the back of my ball sack.

I wanted to jerk my cock, so bad. And as if my Dad could read my mind, I heard him put more soap in his hands. He removed his tongue from my ass and replaced it with his soapy hand, and gave my hole a deep massage. He reached his other hand around a grabbed my eager cock, and slid his soapy hand up and down my shaft.

I moaned so loud. "How's latina tan skinned moka mora auditions and fucks lexingtons bbc feel, Son?" My Dad asked from behind me. "Oh, god Dad.

Don't stop!" I gasped. He stood behind me rubbing my asshole and taint while he jerked me off. He got close to me a few times and I felt his hard cock brush up against my hip. I threw my head back and moaned. I was so close to cumming. Then my Dad stopped and told me to rinse off. I did what he said a little disappointed thinking my Dad was chickening out.

But once I rinsed off my Dad squatted down again and started licking my ass hole again. His tongue felt so great. He grabbed my hips and turned me around. 'Oh god' I thought, 'I'm going to get my first blow job, and it's from my Dad', But at that point I didn't care. When I turned around He smiled up at me. "Have you ever had a blow job, Son?" He asked. "No." I said, with pleading eyes. "Sit down on the floor." He instructed. I slid down the wall and spread my legs wide. My cock laid on my stomach.

Dad moved towards me and got on his knees. He moved his head towards my crotch. The anticipation was killing me. He took my cock in his hand and stroked it up and down a few times moving the foreskin over the head of my cock.

It felt so good to have somebody touching me in that way. He licked my ball sack and I threw my head back and hit the wall hard, with a loud thud. My dad laughed and looked up at me. "You ok, Champ?" I looked down at him and smiled. "Never better." He laughed again, and then looked back at my cock. He stuck his tongue out and slid it in-between my cockhead and my foreskin and moved it in a circular motion.

I twitched and moaned. I was leaking pre cum like crazy and it was glistening on my dad's tongue. He slowly pulled my foreskin back and took my cock head in his mouth.

It felt so good; I had to fight the urge to cum in his mouth right then. He moved his mouth all the way down my cock. I threw my head against the wall again and moaned. I put my left hand on the back of his head and ran my fingers through his wet hair. "Dad jonny e depth gang bang feels so good, I'm about to cum." He started sucking me faster.

My hips involuntarily started humping his face. I felt so dizzy with lust and want. I looked down and saw that Dad's cock was still hard as a rock.

I wanted it in my mouth so bad, but I couldn't do anything but feel my cock slide in and out of his warm mouth. It's not bombshell lena paul has oral sex outdoors same as jerking off and my orgasm snuck up on me, by the time I yelled "I'm cumming" I had already let off a massive shot of cum in my Dad's mouth.

I moaned "OH, DAD" He moaned too when he felt me cumming in his mouth. This is so fucking hot. He kept sucking me as I unloaded in his mouth. My orgasm subsided and my dick got really sensitive and I started twitching. Dad pulled his mouth off of my cock and spit a huge load of cum onto the shower floor.

"Sorry, I came in your mouth." I said. "Don't be" He said. "It was my plan all along; I wasn't going to ruin your first blow job." He got off his knees and sat back on the floor, breathing heavy. His massive hard-on flopped against his stomach. "So what do you think?" He asked. "That was the best thing I've ever felt." I said. "Can I help you out with that?" I asked looking at his hard cock.

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He got up and rinsed his mouth out under the shower head. He looked down at me. "I don't know Jason. I've already done things I shouldn't have. I'll take care of this myself." He held out his hand and helped me up.

"Can I at least watch?" I asked. He shook his head and laughed. "You need to get some friends for this." He grabbed the soap and started jerking his cock. He moaned as he jerked.

He closed his eyes and really got into it. I moved behind him and bent down and stuck my tongue in his ass as he jerked himself off. "Jason, what are you doing?" He said with a harsh tone. I pulled my mouth off his ass and said, "Just keeping it even Dad." In a more lust full tone he said, "Go deeper." He put his hand on the wall and spread his legs apart. I buried my face in his ass again and jammed my tongue into his hole. He yelled out in ecstasy as he jerked his thick cock.

Within minutes, he shot a massive load all over the wall. He was breathing heavy as he slowly jerked the last of his juices out of his shaft.

"Jesus" he panted. I stood up behind him. "Do sunny xxxx story xxx sex storiescom always shoot that quick Dad?" I asked. He looked back at me and smiled. "No, But I don't usually have a tongue in my ass either." After that we finished our shower and he helped me dry off, my cock was hard again. I looked at it then at him as he dried it off. He smiled at me. "You'll have to take care of that one yourself son.

You'll have that cast on for a while so you'll have to learn some time." I frowned and looked down. He laughed and said, "But I'm sure you'll need help showering." I smiled at him and said. "You bet."