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Becki butterfly erin green jade rose lady lynn plumper orgy pornstars group sex
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Last night the Janitor where I work entered my office and closed the door. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I found this new web site, I think you might like it." Oh I said and why is that? He smirked and said "Cause you is one of the feathered SLUTS!" I reply what are you talking about, get out of my office! As he turned to walk out, he said Ok I will just put these pictures and the web address on the employee bulletin board. WAIT I cried.

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What… Around midnight, when I head Mr. J's car horn, I was to count to 50 and then walk out the front door to the car naked. As I walked out the door I saw that he was parked on the far side of the parking lot (about 50 yards) high beams pointing right at me.

This did two things 1) It meant that any one who drove by could not miss me walking out side nude and 2) It blinded me so that I could not see how many might be in the car. As I walked across the parking lot I felt cold, exposed, and scared. When I got to the car all the doors were locked and I had to wait about a minute till Mr. J rolled down a window. There were 3 men in the car Mr. J, and his brother in the front and a very nasty looking man in the center back.

Mr. J said I had been such a good little cock sucker during our lunch break, he had to go get his brother, and a friend. I was ordered to go over to the other side of the car, lean in the open window and tongue warship his brother's cock. I went around the back of the car to the passenger side, leaned in and unzipped his ulan init at hamog uncut xmovie full movies. His cock was getting hard as I reached in to gently pull it out.

It was starting to get harder as I kissed the head and playful licked at the slit at the peek. I sucked the full head of his cock into my mouth, twirled my tongue all the way around the head and then plunged down his shaft.

His cock snapped right to attention with that. His cock pulsed and twitched and he hissed dammm! As I sucked him for all I was worth. It was then that Mr. J pushed the window up button, the window pushed into my tummy trapping me.

I started to look up in shock! Mr. J's brother caught the back of my head and slammed it down on his shaft.

I gagged and chocked as he fucked my face. I was so surprised by all this I did not even noticed that Mr. J had gotten out of the car. That is until I felt the sharp crack of his belt on my bare ass. It cough me so by surprise that I stopped gagging on the cock in my mouth.

I was just letting him pump my head up and down his hard shaft and fearing the next crack of Mr. J's belt. It was not long before I felt the cock in my mouth begin to spasms and shoot a large thick load into my throat, I started to chock but he held my head down and I could not breath I could not swallow to force his cum into my restricted tummy.

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I could not think every thing started to go cloudy. Till I felt the sharp stab of Mr. J's cock enter my ass! That caused me to come straight up I tried to scream but all I could do was gulp air and swallow cum. The pain flashing my pussy in public in italy my back side hurt so much I bucked and pulled at the car window.

Even thro I had sucked Mr. J off just a few hours ago it was only a few strokes before he got off in my ass. All I could do was hang in the car window sore bare ass out for anyone to see and cry till Mr. J got back in the car and released me from the window.

I was told to open the back door but not to get in, I was to lean in and suck the old wino's cock till it was good and hard (I was not to get him off). It was soooo degusting, DIRTY, a ring of cock cheese around the head and a layer of brown crust on all his cock and balls. I started to try to wipe some of the nastiness off his cock with his dirty old shirt. That is when Mr. J smacked the back of my head, and told me to clean his cock with my tounge.

Once he was hard I was to get in the car, and mount his cock. Driving his uncovered nasty cock all the way in to my unprotected pussy, and ride his cock till we got to where we were going.

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He was sitting in the middle of the back seat and I had to straddle him, facing him. With me mounted on him like this I was easily visible to any one who looked in to the car. They made sure we got stopped at red lights so that MANY people got to watch me fucking. Thankfully with him sitting back in the seat no one could see who I was having sex with. However anyone who pulled along side us or stopped behind us could easily see me humping some one because the dome light was on.

This also put my tits right in the winos face and he spent a good bit of time biting my nipples. I was told that the old guy was pumped full of Viagra and that he would most likely stay hard even after he got off. I was also told to push his cock all the way into me when I felt him start to cum and hold it there till I was told to do other wise. It only took a couple minutes for him to shoot his load into me and when I pushed all the way down on him I could feel the head of his cock push against my cervix.

I am sure there were more than a few spasms of cum shot straight into my cervix. I yelled that he was Cumming as per my instructions. Mr. J's brother reached back and slapped my ass HARD! This caused me to tense and Mr. J to laugh. He said that my tensing would draw the cum deeper into me and with that old nasty cock plugging my pussy Mr. J's brother gave my ass a good beating all the way to the park. As we neared the park on the east side of town, the one on the ruffer side of town, Mr.

J gave me some pills to take he said there was a vitamin E, fengeek, and some form of female Viagra and a warm beer to wash them down. I was then told that he wanted to see me making love to my new friend VERY convincing, VERY! Compassionate LOVE! I was to be pumping my ass like a cum starved whore and I was to kiss him so deep I would be able to taste what he drank for lunch. I was to keep this up (making love to him) till he got off again and I was not to stop for any thing short of him getting off IN SIDE ME.

When he did shoot his load I was to grind down on his cock as deep as I could and hold there tight moaning in orgasm and putting on a real show of true ecstasy. I did as told and when we got to the park Mr. J and his brother got out of the car leaving there doors open.then open the two shy all natural dd amateur kayla west pornstar knockers doors and then opened the rear hatch.

I then heard Mr. J yell to the mostly guys (and there were a lot of guys about 9 or 10) HEY you guys ever think you would see old man Styles get himself some pussy? It only took a few seconds for the guys to come over to see what was going on and for me to be put on full display. NO one believed that any one would have sex with the old man let alone make love to openly wanting him.

Cell phones came out and pictures and texts were sent out. The guys made VERY crude comments about the white whore! The pig that was soo fucking desperate that she would.Look at the way she is kissing.That BITCH really wants it! I hoped that since it was soooo late that all the guys would be over 18.

It did not take all that long for the female Viagra pills to start working. My nipples started to get real sensitive and HARD!!

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I was sooooo horney that I wanted his nasty cock in me. It felt sooo big, oh soooo hard, so right. I wanted it I needed it. I loved it. I wanted him to cum deep inside me, my nipples were sooo hard and sensitive.his chest hair, his greasy crusty chest hair set my nipples on fire every time they brushed up against it.

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I had my first orgasm. That set me on FIRE I wanted him to feel what I felt inside! I drove my cunt down on to his cock I twisted my hips and ground my pussy on his cock as hard as I could. I kissed him as deep as I could, I wanted all of him I could get inside me! I could feel the head of his cock entering my cervix with every down thrust. It hurt like HELL but I wanted him!!! Squeezing his cock with my pussy mussels it was not long before I could hear his moans and feel his wonderful cock starting to cum deep inside me.

I push down for all I was worth and could feel the full head of his cock enter my cervix that is when I felt his first of many tremor. That was more than I could handle as I felt his first load enter me I lost it I screamed in pain and ecstasy I tensed locking every muscle in my cunt around that wonderful cock.

I held tight not moving for what seemed like an hour feeling his cock pump his seed straight into my womb it was soooo much cum I could feel it filling me inside.

When he finally came down I could feel the head lacey duvalle vs rico strong and friend some his cock soften and popping out of my womb, I could feel the cum being pushed out, I was that full!

But I was still hot, I wanted more. One of the boys was standing at the car door, slack jawed watching, and a huge bulge in his shorts. I leaned over lifted the leg of his shorts and took that wonderful cock in my mouth. It was mere seconds before he rewarded me with his load The line formed I could hear pushing and shoving but all I cared about was the hard cock in front of me. I really wanted another cock in my pussy, but Mr. J said that petite teen public weekend crew takes a crack at the crack just for the old man.

Out of the side of my eye I could see Mr J giving his brother something and taking money from the boys.I though that if these boys were paying for this I would have to slow down and do a better job for them. That is when I herd J's brother behind me he was talking to the old man.telling him to take these. I got my mind set to give the boys what they were paying for when I felt some thing pressing against my ass.

There was some one entering my ass!! Ooooh I wanted him in my pussy I was still sooooo horney. No matter how I squirmed he pushed into my ass. I was so heart sick I sooo wanted to feel a cock in my pussy!!! I wanted that cock in my pussy so bad I forgot about the one in my mouth.

But the guy brought me back quickly by calling me a BITCH smacking me hard across the face and said "I paid for this!" I could feel who ever it was in my ass shoot his load, a few seconds the guy in my mouth gave me his load. I heard the guys start to ewwww and say gross and that sick when I saw J's brother come around the back of the car, every one moved out of his way.

He put his cock in my face and I greedily sucked it in as I had all the others, I could hear even more EWWWWW SICK!!!! As I realized that this was the cock that was just shot off in my ass! I could taste my own shit all over his cock I tried to pull back But he grabbed me by my ears shoved it in deeper and told me lick his cock spotless!!

When he felt I had done a good enough job. I was pulled out of the car, sat on a park bench (still nude) and a number of the guys spit on my face and tits. My hands were held behind my back, spit and snot running down my face and tits, I was lead back to the car. The old guy was sitting in the middle of the back seat. His wonderful cock hard as a rock again!

I mounted him. Pushing his dick as deep in to me as I could. Oooooh it felt soooo great. I pressed my spit soaked tits to his chest, grabbed his nasty bearded face and kissed him deeply. He pushed something nasty into my mouth. But I did not care I wanted his cock I wanted it deep in me and I want him to want to give me all his seed.

The guys all around the car watching groaned&hellip.I could hear them say "she ate it" and "there KISSING!" some even sounded like they were going to throw up. That is when I heard Mr. J say swallow it bitch that is nice fresh dog shit he wants to share with you.

I started to pull away to spit it out when he said if I did not swallow it he would take my lover away and he laugh at me. I pushed down harder on my lovers cock and made a show of swallowing.

With that I could hear Mr. J telling them the show was over. I rode the old wino's sunny leone guntur sex xxx all the way home and stayed out in the drive way riding his cock till he shot his load into my womb.

I spent the night with him he climb on top of me once in the night to fuck me again. In the morning as per my instructions I sucked him off to wake him. Fed him breakfast in bed (bacon and eggs) and showered with him. If you would like to get the report on the second date please send comments