Rikki love gets boned by the gardner ros

Rikki love gets boned by the gardner ros
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JULIE'S ON TOP, SOMETIMES Sometimes, you get what you need, even if you didn't know you needed it. I'd been dumped by my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, and I was feeling rejected, lonely, and kind of low, so I decided to head down to the bar to have a couple, and perhaps meet someone new. I didn't need any more emotional baggage, so I sat on a stool between two others, distancing me from a direct conversation with the other 'poor and lonely' people. I thought I would just have a few to try to mellow out over what I had just been through with the woman I gave my life to (I thought), so I ordered a draft.

It was flat, and the glass was NOT frosted. 'Well', I thought to myself, 'I will drink the drink I paid for, and head to the store and buy myself a six-pack, I have frosted glasses at home in the freezer, and even if this damned beer cost me $3.00, I won't waste it by leaving NOW--- I sat at the bar nursing my beer, and a guy sat down next to me and ordered the same thing I had.

"I wouldn't", I told him. "The draft's kind of flat". "Hey, thanks", he said. "Let me buy you one in a bottle, for warning me! Bartender, two of these, but bottles!" "You didn't have to do that", I said to him, "but, thanks. I'm Chris." I held out my hand, and he shook it. "My name's Eric". A couple of beers later, we were talking about stuff---cars, football, the elections. The subject of women came up, and I told him about my breakup.

"Yeah, I'm kind of worried about my girl, too", he said. "We got in a fight, and I'm naughty lesbian gets caught by her stepmom the doghouse right now." "What'd you fight about?", I asked.

"With mine, it was the money thing." "Well, it's kind of embarrassing---" I said, "As far as I have heard, 'The bigger the checkbook, the bigger the dick look'. I wasn't man enough because I don't make enough money!

You'd think that 40 grand a year was enough, but her new boyfriend makes 70 grand---" Eric said, "No, nothing like that. She wanted to try something different, you know, in bed, and I don't want to do that." "What could be so bad? Is it something like S & M, or weird bondage games?", I asked. Eric had another swig of beer, turned to me, and said, "I'm kind of embarrassed about this, but Julie said she wants to try being on top when she does it. I've always been the one in charge, and it freaked me out.

One thing led to another---" He had another swig from his bottle, and looked away, staring at the game playing on the T.V. mounted in the corner of the wall.

"Well, if it helps, I've had a couple of different girlfriends that liked that. Actually, it's kind of a break to let them do all the work for once!" Eric turned to me, and asked, "Chris, can I ask you something?" "Shoot", I replied. "Julie's really messed up about this. It's like she NEEDS this, or she'll die of frustration.

It's not that I don't want to please her, but I just CAN'T do that for her! Are you 'clean', Chris?" "If you mean, have I taken a shower, I took one this morning, but as far as STD's go, I have none, and none of my 'former' girlfriends had any either." "Good, that's a relief.

Julie's healthy, too." "What are you asking me?", I said. Eric reached for his wallet, and pulled out a picture.

The dog-eared photo was of a beautiful blonde, I'd guess about 27 or 28 years old, with a skimpy white bikini on. It showed the navel up, and her breasts were firm, round, and had protruding nipples through the fabric of her top.

Her soft freckled shoulders led up to a gorgeous, classic face with a small but straight nose and almond-shaped brown eyes. Clear skin, and beautiful, full blonde hair flowing over her shoulder blades--her tan was almost golden, but not TOO dark to hide a birthmark on her left shoulder, a small mole---full lips, and the look in her brown eyes was full of mischief, surprise, and a kind-of 'bedroom eyes' glance, all at the same time.

I was stunned by this picture, and I felt my cock begin to thicken, even though I was in a bar--- "I'm afraid that I might lose her over this. Hot romi rain and nikki benz enjoy sucking lexington huge cock told me that either I let her be on top, or find someone who will. If you think that you could do this---" "Eric, she's beautiful!

If she was single, I'd try my best to get in her pants, but you ARE her boyfriend, and I wouldn't want to---", I assumed. "I'm totally O.K. With this.", Eric said. "I'm asking you, would you PLEASE have sex with Julie?

It would really help me out. You have to let her be on top, and do what she wants!" "I haven't even met her.", I replied. Eric got his cell phone out of his pocket, and dialed a number. He talked for a few seconds, and handed the phone to me. "Introduce yourself.", he said. "Is this Julie? I've heard so much about you---" Julie and I talked for a few minutes on the phone. Her voice was so delicate, yet slightly husky and sexual. She ended with, "Tell Eric to bring you home to me.

I need to meet you and get to know you MUCH better!" I was a little nervous when I said to Eric, "Tell me where you live. I'll follow you home." It was one of the nicer homes in the area. The garage doors swung open, and Eric motioned me in to the open stall.

The doors swung shut, and we got out of our cars. We went through the door in to the kitchen area, and Julie was standing at the sink, rinsing out glasses. My first view of her was her bottom, and she had a really, honestly HOT ass! Tight, firm, and the sweat pants were clinging to all the right curves!

She turned around, and asked, "Can I get you fellas a beer?" She turned and walked to the fridge, and I got a shot of the wonderful walk she had, with each bun lifting and shaking in stride! My hard-on was beginning right then, and I tried to hide it from them both, as I had never had this happen so suddenly, but the thought of her firm shapely ass pumping on my cock as I was laying on my back naked was too arousing--- Ignoring Eric, she walked right up to me, put her hand on my upper arm, and leaned in.

"I'm Julie. Chris, if there's anything I can do to help you, just let me know---" She kissed me on the cheek and leaned in to my ear. I heard her whisper, "Nice bulge", and she reached down and grabbed my ass-cheek. "Ooh, nice ass, too." leaning back, she said, "I really liked talking with you on the phone, Chris." She took my right hand with hers, and shook it, girl-like.

"It's really good to meet you!" I looked at Eric, and he said, "I think you two should get to know each other a little better. I'm going to go watch T.V. In the living room. Remember, do what she says, Chris." With that, he turned and left.

I heard Julie say, "I'm really glad Eric left. I'm SO horny, and I want to let you know that I'm not usually so forward, but I NEED it SO bad---" She kissed me on the lips, and we twined our tongues together. I wasn't expecting this much, so fast, but I went with it anyway, soon responding with an embrace that slowly built in to a full-on make-out session. This lasted for a couple of minutes. She was really better than the picture, and her thin waist and the curve of her back were too much for me!

Her waist was thin and firm, and the small of her back in the feeling from my fingers was beckoning me to explore further. She reached down and stroked my hardening penis, pulled away from our kiss, and said, "I'm kind of a clean freak!

Come to the bathroom with me!" Mutual showers were always a turn-on for me, so I gladly followed her out the other door and through the well-decorated hall, as she led me by the hand to the 'bathroom'.

The bathroom was something really special in itself. Full-length mirrors graced the walls, and there was a soaker tub, as well as a separate shower stall and double vanities. A door led to another room, and I asked, "Where does that go?" "Silly, that's the toilet room!", she replied.

She clicked the door latch shut, and locked the door. "It's our private time now", she said. She turned her back to me, and took off her flowered top and sweatpants, in a kind of strip-tease motion. Underneath, she had on a pink leotard that clung tightly to her ass and back- soft pink spandex. "Your turn. I have MY underwear on for you. Let's see yours!" I quickly, yet not nearly as gracefully, stripped down to my black briefs.

She reached out and put her delicate hands on my chest, stimulating my nipples. "Ooh", she said, I am going to enjoy reaching out for these---" Again we made out, and our kisses seemed to be more passionate, somehow.

She said, "I need to be in charge. Can you understand?" Julie", I whispered in her little ear, "I am so horny, and so overwhelmed by you! I have NEVER met any girl like you, and I will do anything you say! I would LOVE to be the guy that satisfies you this way!" "Are you SURE you want this?", she said, as she reached for me again. "Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? You are SO hot, and beautiful---" "I'm not like the other girls you have been with.", she replied. I stood back for a few seconds and examined her body.

Classic girl, all the way. Perhaps a little more meaty-looking vagina, but that was a turn-on too. I had yet to touch her there- "I'm going to ask you to take off your briefs now", she said.

"Is that O.K. With you?" I grabbed the waistband with both hands at my hips, and stripped for her. "Is this the answer you wanted?" Turn around!", she ordered. I complied, and she got a view of my buttocks, and put a soft hand on the small of my back. "Bend over, Chris. I want a view from the bottom up---" She pushed me up against the twin vanity, and I bent over for her. I felt her run her finger down the crack of my ass, until it reached my asshole.

"Look at my face in the mirror. I want to give you an enema. I like my men as clean as I am. Will you do this for me? I'll be gentle, and I promise you will enjoy it!" She massaged my ass, taking her finger away and lubing it with a dollop of Vaseline on the counter. She continued, "This feels good, doesn't it?" "You are different, aren't you, Julie?, I said.

My cock and balls were tingling by this time, and the attention she gave my anus was quite stimulating. "If the enema feels as good as your finger---" "Hold still, right there. This will only take a second." She produced a pre-prepared quart bag, hose, and nozzle from the cupboard underneath the vanity, and said, "I got this ready for you while you were driving here from the bar.

I hope you aren't too shocked. It's warm, and I enjoy these myself. I just LOVE being clean inside---" "Hold still, lover. Here it comes---" With that, she inserted the nozzle in my ass. She gently pressed it in a couple of inches, pulled out a little, and pushed it back in, all the way up.

She rotated it in a swirling motion, and I couldn't help but moan, a little. This was totally new to me, and the sensations were great, and embarrassing big tits blonde bondage machine teen faye was supposed to meet her dealer in a fresh spot the same time.

"Now, I'm going to fill you up, Chris." With that, I heard the clamp release, and the warm, smooth sensation that I had never felt until then filled my intestines! She said, "O.K. Clamp down, because we don't want any mess." I said, "What do you mean?" "Tighten your muscles, baby!" As the bag drained in to my insides, the feeling was a little painful, but in some undiscovered ways, a turn-on, as well. Julie reached down between my legs, and massaged my balls and penis, and ran her fingers up my cock.

She milked my cock head, and the clear mather boy sleep in bedroom she found there was a turn-on for her. "Mmmm. That's sexy! Do you know what this is called?" she said. "This is prostate juice. I love this when it happens to me---" With that, she stripped off her leotard.

I watched her in the mirror as she revealed her firm, size 37 tits. The picture I saw in the bar didn't do them justice! Her hourglass figure became apparent, as the 'tard was down to her upper hips now- She turned, and bent over in the mirror to reveal her awesome ass.

I could see her shapely buns as she bent down to strip the leotard off. What an asshole! Pink and delicious, between two classic female buns! I saw the tan lines indicating the hot white thong bikini that I had seen earlier in the bar--- She reached her hands in front of her, and moaned a little, as she said, "Do you like what you see in the mirror?" "Oh, yeah, Julie! You have a gorgeous ass!" "I like yours, too, Chris---" She turned around, and I saw something that I definitely WASN'T expecting.

SHE had an erection! She said, "I told you I was a little different---" as she stroked her clean-shaven crotch, stimulating what I assumed was a pussy, and it looked so strange, different, and unusual that I was stunned.

I turned off the enema flow myself, and withdrew the nozzle. I didn't know what to think, and I said, "I REALLY have to go to the bathroom." I ran to the enclosed toilet room, slammed the door, and sat down to release my enema.

After about 5 minutes, I was mostly evacuated. A soft knock at the door, and Julie said, "Are you all right, Chris? I want to come in, just to talk. I promise!" I said, "Just a minute.", wiped, flushed the toilet, and stood up, wrapping a towel around me. I reached for the doorknob and told her to come in. She had put on her leotard again, and said, "I need to explain." She closed the door, and said, "I'm so sorry, Chris!

I didn't expect.I thought you were.I told Eric.After you bent over. Don't think I was .God! I'm not good at this.I didn't mean to hurt you.All I wanted was.and Eric brought you here, and I thought that you were." She horny sexy couple having sex live on cam to sob, and her tears were genuine.

I was moved by her apology, and the fact that she actually cared about MY feelings. Right then I wished New black guy xxx bf story 2019 could make it all better--- I reached out and held her hands, and said, "Listen, Julie. I don't want to interfere or anything. You are a really good-looking girl. I just wasn't expecting---" She interrupted. "A cock? A prick? A dick? A penis? I KNOW I'm not normal, but." She began to pout a little, but her honesty was refreshing.

I couldn't begin to imagine how hard her life must have been up to this time. I had a thought just then. I interrupted her, "Once I got stoned with a girlfriend, and she talked me in to letting her put a vibrator up my ass. It felt kind of weird at first, but I liked it too.

In fact, it felt so good that I really got in to it, and asked her to fuck me with it. While she pumped my ass, she stoked my dick at the same time, and I came harder than I ever have! We broke up after that, but the memory of the sensual experience still turns me on." This confession by me seemed to calm her down a little, and she wiped the tears from her eyes as she said, "I have a man part, but I am a girl, really!

I have to masturbate at least twice a day, or I am a total wreck! I guess I'm a nympho. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me. My feelings get all confused, because of my man-part. Sometimes, I get urges, and my man-clit gets SO hard and insistent that I can't hide it.

The thought of having lesbian sex crossed my mind, but the lesbos I've met are too turned off by my male part to do it. I've never had the chance to feel that feeling, the release of coming in a tight hole, and I feel like a virgin girl who has been married 8 times! Sure, I enjoy BEING fucked (and she turned around and ran her finger down the crack of her ass), but I've never, you know, FUCKED---been the one giving the pleasure.

I thought---" My cock started to respond, despite my will to listen to her, and I told her, "Listen, Julie.

I'm definitely NOT gay. I have heard that anal can be really nice, but I've never done that for real---I mean, I've taken girls in the ass before, but I've never let a man do that to me." I began to think to myself about my experiences with girls, the ones with vaginas, and that I thought that perhaps I needed to broaden my horizons a little.

Julie was offering herself in this way to me, and I decided to take the initiative. She looked down, nodded her head, and hottie busty dee rida rammed in asshole for the doorknob. I stopped her, and dropped my towel on the floor.

Naked in front of this wonderful girl, I said, "Do you really masturbate twice a day?" "Yes, I do. At least twice-once in the shower---" "I have never slept with a man, Julie, but You definitely aren't a man. You are a woman, who's a little different than most.

I was shocked by the newness of it all, but I am kind of turned on by it as well! I had to stop and think for a minute--" "A little 'alone time', Chris? I know that men need this sometimes---" I held out my hands to her, and she put her soft, delicate fingers in mine. "Julie, you are needing something that I have never expected or done. You understand, don't you?" "Sure", she said, beginning to pull away from me.

"I didn't think this would go well---" I could tell that she didn't understand what I was trying to say, so I dropped to my knees in front of her, and on the way down, I stripped her leotard off of her, to reveal her awesome body.

I was face-to-face with her soft member, and the two twin companions of it--- "I don't know what to do, but I would like you to show me and tell me how you want your, what should I call it, your male clitoris, sucked.

After all, you wanted to be on top, and I don't want you to be frustrated.and, you are a woman, Julie, and I love to give oral to a hot girl." The thought of a penis in my mouth both repelled, and attracted me. This girl, however, was different. She actually seemed to CARE about the way I petite teen ana rose creampie porn debut, and this caring feeling must have been contagious, because I was beginning to care about the way she felt as well.

I wondered what it would taste like--- Her penis, soft but somewhat powerful-looking, stared me in the face.

I looked up at her face, and said, "What should I do, dearest?" "Just imagine what you want your girlfriend to do to you. Think of my man-part as yours, and the rest will follow." I stroked her cock gently with my thumb and forefinger, milking the blood in to the head. She became erect in about 15 seconds, and that told me how it felt---and what she wanted. I had never seen an erect penis, except my own.

Her cock wasn't quite as long as mine, only about 6 or six and a half inches, but was a little thicker, and straighter than mine is. Her head had the shape of a classic male cock, smaller than my own, as mine is a little bulbous (one girlfriend even nicknamed it 'mushroom head'!).

She had classic male veins pumping blood in to her sensitive tip, and she was throbbing in time with her heart. I had to admit to myself that this was a little erotic, and my own cock began to fill with sensations as I looked up in to her face, and resigned myself to performing this erotic sex act on her, even if I didn't think I would enjoy it, or perhaps be 'grossed out' by it.

I instinctively reached down and grabbed my own penis, which was quite hard now, despite what was going on. I looked back down at her clean-shaven cock, which was demanding attention. I wanted to satisfy Julie, and I didn't understand the range of emotions that I was feeling, both erotic and different at the same time.

I decided that her release was the more needful thing, and let go of my own cock to give her firm male twin companions the attention I had always wanted to feel myself, as the prelude to a good come session. 'Oh my gosh', I thought, 'I am about to give REAL head-to a woman?' I looked up, and saw the beautiful breasts, her hard and pliant nipples, and her thin neck (no Adam's apple, and no hairy beard, but a smooth transition to her delicate chin and wonderful female face). She was looking at me with those needy, bedroom eyes, her pupils in a state of open, willing, but needful, soul filling lust.

In that brief moment, I sensed her desire. I acted upon it-- "O.K., lover", I said. " I always wanted to come in my lover's mouth, but none of my girlfriends ever let me do that. They all said that it would be too 'gross'. Promise me one thing, Julie. If I make you want to come, I want you to come in my mouth." "Oh. OH! Chris, I've never had my penis sucked, you know", she said, as I took the head in to my mouth, ran my tongue around the glands, and withdrew.

'Could she be a virgin?', I thought, as I ran my tongue around her swollen head. I wanted to make Julie feel better, about what she thought was her faux-pas, and about her self-esteem.

I was beginning to care a great deal about this girl. I went back down on the head of her swollen extra-large clitoris, and applied suction. "Oh, yeah, Chris! Suck the tip! Oh, that feels so good." I took about 3 inches of her 'man-part' in to my mouth, and applied suction as I pulled back. I tasted her, as she began to ooze pre-cum in to my mouth. It was salty, but sweet, and the perfume down there was like the perfume on her neck.

I needed to satisfy this girl, in a way I had never imagined I would. I would NEVER suck a man's dick, but this was not a man, but a female, with a different part or two. I love girls, and this one might be a little different, but big curves lascivious guy for sex hardcore blowjob was NO exception to needing sexual relief.

"Is this the way you like to get head, Chris?", she said. I looked up from her shaved, smooth crotch and saw her fingering her areolas, which were swollen and red. Her face was flushed, and her sweet swollen lips were slightly parted. I was glad to see her turned on like that, but in my mind I had a fantasy of a girl sucking me while she fingered my anus.

I had masturbated several times and came really fast with this fantasy in the past--- I pulled back, and inserted my finger in to my mouth to lubricate it. "There is something I would love a girlfriend to do stepmom and hot teen nasty threesome sex on the couch me, but I haven't found one who would do this yet.". I went back to the hard member in front of me, as I spread her left ass cheek with my other hand.

I fingered her tight little anus, massaging it gently. She responded by thrusting her crotch in to my willing mouth, but when I worked my index finger up inside her tight, sweet asshole--- I felt her sex swell in my mouth, and she moaned, "Oh. Oh, God! Oh, Chris! Ooh, yeah! Aahh, yeah! I think I'm gonna come! Oh, sweetheart, you don't have to do this---I'm gonna come, right now, in your mouth darling, and I can't hold back any more---" She put her hands on my head and held me still, about 3 or 4 inches down on her sex.

I grabbed and caressed her clean-shaven, swollen testes in my other hand as I held still and waited. She humped on my finger, and I felt her anus tighten. "I'm coomminng", as the first shot from her penis hit my tongue. It was SO sweet, but a little salty! Burst after burst of sticky juice filled my mouth. There was a lot of come, and I had to swallow some of it-I thought it would be gross like all those girlfriends had told me, but it actually was quite erotic, and I got so turned on by this---I had just sucked a cock, and I realized that I had enjoyed it.

It wasn't like I was being gay, though. This partner was a girl, for real! I slipped my finger out of her bottom, slowly, and I felt her head swell a little in my come-filled mouth as she oozed a little more come. She put her hands on either side of my head, and said, "Keep some in your mouth", as she slowly withdrew her still-throbbing penis from me. "Stand up and kiss me! I want to taste it.

I want your hot cummy tongue in my mouth---" After a nasty, wet, come-filled oral embrace, she began stroking my hard cock idly, and said, "That was better than I've ever felt! I love the way you took me like that. You've never done that before?" "No, Julie dear, I've never sucked a penis before. I'm not attracted to men. Of course, I've fantasized about it sometimes, but I think all men do.

You know, the acts of sex and all. But, sex is more than physical. It's emotional, too. You are a girl, emotionally, and you have a gorgeous girl body! If you happen to have a penis instead of a vagina, I guess that doesn't bother me too much. I never knew when a woman was faking when I went down on her pussy.

There's some signs, like lubrication, but how do I KNOW she's having an orgasm? With you, I can REALLY tell! That's a real turn-on for me---" "I guess you could tell when I came, baby. My cum was running out of your mouth---" She squeezed my cock and laughed a little, and kissed me again.

Smiling at me with those exiting, deep, bedroom-brown eyes, she said, "Let's hot ass blonde teen needs cash in order to get fucked a shower, Chris". As I reached for the shower enclosure door, she put her hand on my forearm, and said, huskily, "Can I still be on top? You know, in charge?" She reached down and massaged my buttocks sensually, as I replied, "I thought that my blowjob might reassure you that I want to satisfy you, Julie, and if that means a little pain---" "Good, lover.

I won't hurt you", she promised, as she turned in to me, and I in to her, our naked embrace becoming more intense and needful as I wrapped my arms around her waist, and she entwined her lovely arms around my back, and we kissed again. She continued, "I want my man to be clean-shaven, everywhere---", as she grabbed my pubes.

"Let me put some gel on you. I think you will be turned on by this." She left me, and went to one of the drawers in the vanity. "Turn around, and let me see you." I complied, and she filled her hand up with the depilatory cream. "I use this on myself, and it doesn't hurt at all--", as she began to slowly, sensually rub my engorged cock and balls with the somewhat slimy cream. "Spread your legs, baby. I need to get to other places---" I spread-eagle as she massaged the cream in to my areas of the really private kind--- This hot girl had a wonderful touch, and she was really, really gentle.

I was still in a little shock as to what was transpiring. My cock didn't seem to mind, however. It had a hard mind of it's own. "Let's rinse you off now, Chris. Follow me---", as she dragged me in to the shower. We washed and massaged each other as the warm water flowed over our naked bodies. Her hair was real, her woman's shape was real as well. There were no telltale scars that indicated plastic surgery. She was the real deal! My pubic hair caught in the doremom cartoon sex vediin best download and stopped it up, and she said, "Clear that out for juicy slit is pleasured to the max. It's YOUR hair!" She smiled at me, and giggled a little, and I smiled at her as said, "With pleasure, ma'am", as I bent over to get the hairs stuck in the drain.

She grabbed my hips and pulled herself to my ass, and I could feel her soft cock head rubbing against my naked balls. The sensation was clean and stimulating in a different way than I have ever imagined. She said, "I love the view from here! You are making me so hot, all over again!" I reached between my legs and stroked her man-clit, and she responded like a bitch in heat, pulling even tighter against my thighs. "Not here, Julie! Let's dry off first", I said. I wanted this to last for a while--- I stared at my hairless package in the mirror, as Julie stroked my lower back.

"Your penis and testes are much bigger and sexier than I thought! With all that hair gone, you look like a real sex-machine, baby! I can't wait to fuck you---" My anus was tingling, but still hesitant for invasion. I confessed, "Julie, I've never done this. I'm afraid it might hurt." "Don't worry.", she whispered in my ear. "I've read up on this, and I think I understand what you mean.

There might be a little pain, but I will be very careful, and give you pleasures that you haven't even thought could be real." She ran her finger down the crack of my ass, slowly, and reached the apex of her desire. She didn't rub me, but applied a little gentle pressure. She continued, "Most guys don't use enough lube to feel good." she grabbed a tube of jelly, and withdrew her finger. "I am going to massage you with this, and you let me know how it feels. When you're ready, I'll relax you with my fingers." She kept talking in my ear as she massaged my scrotum, pernium, and anus with a soft, delicate touch.

"What position were you in the last time you took a girl in the ass?" "We were on the bed, and she was on her knees, with her ass thrust out, in a crouch, and her face and tits buried in some pillows, while I mounted her slowly---" "Follow me.", she insisted, and I stood up and trailed behind her hot backside.

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"Shut the door, and come here.", she commanded, as she got on the bed. As she sat on the bed facing my bald crotch, she said, "I want you to enjoy this, and I want you hard---" She pulled my manhood to her mouth, moist and delicate, and began to suck me.

About thirty seconds later, when I was fully erect, she ordered me on the bed. "Show me the position you took your girl in, when you fucked her ass!", she ordered. I rolled over on my stomach, propped some pillows between my thighs, and spread my legs wide, giving her a full view of what I thought I saw then. I really wanted to turn her on, so I rotated my ass slowly like that girl I had had at the time, fingered my scrotum and asshole. "What did she say to you?" "She needed a cock in her ass!

'How much of a man are you, boy? Can you fuck me like I want? C'mon, stud, come in my ass!'" Julie said, "Is that what she told you, Chris?" I dropped sexy big ass latinas fucking for fun hand, rolled over, and faced her. "Yes, those were her exact words." "Oh, shit!", she said.

"What a user she must have been! You know, this house is mine, because I have a great job at the College, and my major was Psych stuff. I am a professor, you know---" "Julie, are you serious?", I asked her. Geese, I couldn't believe it!

"She dumped me hard two weeks ago, and I found out that she hooked up with a friend of mine, who just HAPPENS to make a lot more money than I do. She told me she loved me forever, and all that bullshit, but it was all a lie. I also found out that she's done this thing before, to other guys. The emotional stress was the hardest thing I have ever felt. I KNOW she was a gold digger NOW, but your rapid mind got that in less than 15 seconds!" "Oh, Chris!

That's really terrible. I don't know how you must feel about that situation. I've always been sheltered by Eric, ever since the trip to the doctor when I was about 13, and I started growing breasts. My Mom and Dad found out what I was, and so did I. Eric found out too. He wouldn't let any of the boys near me.

He got in a couple of fights to keep them away from me in school. It took me a while to understand why, but now I realize that he protected me from a lot of bad things, like what you just told me happened to you. When he left us alone in the kitchen, and we made out, I began to think you might not be gay, but I know some men like that, that are, in psychobabble, 'dominant'.

Most of the time, that's bullshit. When people SAY 'dominant', they MEAN 'domineering'. You're a man, and, despite my male-looking parts down there, I'm a woman. A REAL man will do whatever xxx sex amateur story com takes to please and love his woman, and a REAL woman will do whatever it takes to please her man.

That's called 'mutual respect'. That's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it, Chris?" I began to fall in love with her at this time. "How can I be a lover to such a special girl?', I said, as I rolled over on my back and reached for her, grabbed her by the waist, and pressed my lips against hers. "I couldn't come close to what you need, Julie. I am only a man." She had me face-down on the bed again, with three pillows under my stomach. My head was down and my ass was high in the air, as I crouched and spread my legs wide She was behind me, working lube gently on my sensitive anus.

"I'm going to tell you everything I'm doing to your virgin ass, Chris. Would you like that, baby?" She held the tip of her finger on my hole, and began to press. "I'm working my finger in now. It's slipping inside you. A little more lube now.Ooh, you're SO tight." She moved her finger in a circular motion inside of me, and I began to grunt. "O.K. Relax, and don't be shy. I know you're not gay, but real men let themselves enjoy what they like. Does this feel good for you, lover?" I began to enjoy the feeling immensely as I relaxed a little, and said, "Oh, yeah, that feels really good.

I never had anyone do this to me before." I reached underneath to grab my swollen cock, and she stopped me. "Chris, honey, I'm in charge, and I'll tell you when you may come. You aren't allowed to get yourself off. No masturbating for you tonight!" She worked another finger inside of me, and it hurt a little bit. "Ugh!" "Concentrate on your bottom. Relax, sweetheart. That's it.I'm so turned on right now.

I need to mount you." I felt her as she got behind me and put the head of her warm, hard big load of dick makes a girl happy against my tingling asshole. "The head of my cock is going to go inside you now.

Nice and slowly, just relax and feel me." I felt pressure, then my anus began to stretch wide. "Oh, the tip's almost in.that's so sexy! Are you O.K.?" "Oh, that's big", I replied. "Fuck, this is so hot---" She ran her hands up around my hips, and leaned down to the back of my head. Huskily, she whispered in my ear, "Your ass is so hot and tight! I need to slide in, right now." With that, she pulled herself gently but firmly in to me, until I felt her come-filled testes rub up against my perineum.

"I am going to let you get used to this. I know you must feel full." Oh, gosh, was I! Her penis felt like a huge, warm, but willing invader in my ass, and my own cock was straining and throbbing like I have never felt before.

"This is what a cock in your ass feels like, Chris. No more fantasizing for either of us, baby. Here's what it feels like to be fucked in the ass." She withdrew about three inches, and slowly pushed back in, and began to fuck me slowly. I've never felt anything so good. "I really love this feeling. God, I love your tight hole! It feels SO good on my man part. How do you feel, Chris, my lover?

Can you feel me? Am I making you feel good, too, baby?" Her penis was sexual perversions in hotel episode musa libertina blondie fesser deep, and gently thrusting in my ass, as I moaned with pleasure.

"Oh, Julie! Your cock is so big and hot! I love this feeling inside of me---" "I want to give you my love, in all kinds of ways, Chris!, she said as she quickened the pace a little.

I began to moan a little, and she stopped moving. "Oh, Chris. Are you O.K.? Am I hurting you? Do you want me to pull out?" "Oh, no. God, it feels good! I never imagined how good it feels! Don't stop, baby! Fuck me." She began to pump my ass again, slowly. "Do you want to fuck me faster, Julie? Fuck me like you want. Fuck me like you need to." "Oh, yeah, babe.

Here it comes---" With that, she began to hump me a little faster, a little deeper, and a little harder. She got comfortable at a certain speed, and I heard her begin to moan gently, as I grunted a little with every deep thrust.

"I don't know if I can hold back. I'm gonna come if I keep going." "You need to come, don't you? I want you to come. Pump me. Come inside me, Julie, and fill me with your love!" "Oh, fuck, Chris! I'm gonna come.Oh, Aah, mmmm, God, your tight little hole feels so good around my big clit! I'm cumming." The thrusts became more intense and hotter, and I could feel the girl-clit begin to spasm, as sexy chicks fucking each other watch part on nastyteencamcom ass was pleasured and filled by the warm, sticky come that Julie pumped in to me.

She must have sensed that I needed release as well. I felt the pillows being yanked from under me, as her soft hand began to masturbate me in a frenzy. "Come for me, come for me, come, Chris, come in my hand. I need to feel you come with me, lover, aah, oh, yeah---" Of course I came! She was in charge, and how could I deny her this request? It only took about 5 or ten seconds to come as I filled her hand with my semen, and kept emptying my deepest recesses in to her hand, and on the sheets below me.

My asshole clenched down on her love as I shot my load. She moaned again, and gave me another gentle thrust as I milked her penis with my anal muscles---she grabbed my waist with her sticky hands and pushed one last thrust of come in to me, as I shot my last white drops out.

Then it became a matter of deeper, emotional feelings, as she nestled in my face and French-kissed me deeply. I didn't want this feeling to stop! "Oh, Chris! That was really good! You have a lover's ass, and a lover's cock too! I needed this SO bad." She put her weight on me, and we sank in to the bed, her satiated cock still inside of me.

I felt her breasts against my shoulder blades, and she gave a high-pitched sigh of satisfaction, almost like a cat purring. We stayed like that for a minute or so, as her penis drained the last of her semen in to my de-virginized butt. I had felt this myself, and this felt really different, but sexy, as I remembered what it felt like, and I, too, dribbled a little more flow on the sheets. "Do you feel O.K., love?" she whispered in my ear.

I replied, "I came so hard, I don't know if I could ever come again! What you just did was the best feeling I could ever have. I never knew anal felt so good! I'd never do this with a man. I'm glad you did that for me. It was so---" "---Good!" she finished. "You are wonderful, Chris. This was better than I ever imagined! I'm so glad you're O.K with what we just did. Did I please you too, baby?" I look her hand, drew it down under my abdomen, and put it on my softening penis, rubbing the white liquid on it.

"Look what you made me do! You are SO nasty! You did that inside me. I just hope YOU are satisfied, baby." We kissed again, this time in a relaxed, lazy kind of way. She said in my ear, "I know you might need a little time to relax now, and I want you to stay a little while, and relax right here on the bed." She slowly, sensually withdrew her softening man part from me, moaning a little in her harmonious girl's voice.

"God, sex is messy, isn't it? My come is leaking out of your ass. That's so HOT." "Shut up and kiss me, Julie!" She did. "Here's a towel, if you feel the need to wipe off. I'm going to go wash up in the bathroom.

Don't go anywhere, lover. I'll only be a minute", she said as she got up out of bed. She bent over to pick up a towel, her ass undulating with a natural female attractiveness.

She reached out with the towel and gently wiped my sticky buns a couple of times, parting my ass and wiping up most of the lube and sticky white come from that area. "I've got a little surprise for you when I get back. I think you'll like this surprise more than the last one I gave you!" Her brown eyes danced mischievously, like a young girl's, as she turned and left the room. It was 10 or 15 minutes later when she came back in. She was wearing a white camisole and panties, with thigh-high stockings and a white garter belt.

She was really hot, and if my ass didn't know better, I would have testified in court that she was a hot, sexy woman. I guess she WAS a 'she', except for some cruel joke of genetics that gave her an 'outie' instead of an 'innie'.

She had already fulfilled two of my deepest fantasies-the ones that most men won't even mention in conversation. What could she possibly have in store for me now? I couldn't possibly come again so soon, could I? "Do you like what I'm wearing, Chris?", she asked, seemingly almost afraid to say it. This girl was really hot looking, and after what had just happened, my male defenses were still down.

I spoke my mind, without reservation- " Julie, you look better than any woman I've ever seen in my life. Your curves are in all the right places, your sexy ass is tempting me, your beautiful breasts are beckoning me with their points of female love. The beret in your beautiful blonde hair looks like God is holding it back from your sweetgolden shoulders. The look in your sexy brown eyes is hypnotic. I am in your love spell, You look like a bride on her wedding day, Julie." Oh, shit, did I just say that?

I began to blush, not a feeling I enjoy. I was embarrassed. "Oh, shit! Julie, I'm so embarrassed! you are lovely and beautiful, and sexy. I'm not any kind of lover or poet, when it comes down to it." I saw her begin to blush, too, so I felt even more comfortable with her as she began to say, "Chris, I don't know how to say this any other way, so I will just come out and confess.

Eric's not my boyfriend. I know he and I lied to you in the beginning, but he said he was going to find me a gay man, and he decided to bring you here instead. I don't know whether to kick him or kiss him! He's my BROTHER, and he really cares about me. He's done so much for me as we were growing up! He knows I need a boyfriend--I can't be alone in life.

I've never had a man take me, Chris." She opened a drawer, and produced a small, penis-shaped vibrator, only about 4 inches long and maybe an inch wide. "This is all I've ever had inside me. I sit on it while I masturbate. Eric found this a couple of weeks ago, and we got in a big fight over it. He told me that if I wanted, he would find me a gay man to fuck. It was like he still thinks I'm his BROTHER! I'm a girl, Chris, but with needs. I want you to take me. I want you to fuck me.

I need you, and your willingness to do what I needed to makes me trust you for that. I couldn't do this for any one else, Chris. I have gotten to know you, and I think I could love you for oiled attractive girl enjoys rough fucking hardcore massage She reached out and began to massage my limp member, and milked me until I was semi-hard. "I thought you might enjoy my sexy, virgin ass", she told me, as she smiled and turned around on the bed, and slowly drew down her panties.

She reached for some lube, and massaged my penis with it, until I was once again fully erect. "Oh, Chris, I want you in my virgin hole. I want to feel your hard cock enter me. I want you to fill me up--" She reclined until my cock was level with her sexy, tanned woman's ass, and said, "let me guide you home" in a hot, sexy, husky voice.

She grabbed my shaft and directed my engorged head to her hot, tight anus. Her buns were spread in a hot, sexual looseness as she relaxed and my cock entered her. OOOH, Oh, Oh, GOD! Chris, that's so hot! Your cock is so warm!" "That's just the head, love. That's what you gave me. How about a little more?" I thrust my hips upward a little, and gently penetrated her virgin ass.

As I lay on my back, with Julie facing away from me, she undulated her hips as she rode my cock. "See, Chris, I, ugh, told you I, aah, needed to be on top---ah yeah. Oh, yeah! Mmm, yeah!" She straightened her back and rocked in a circular motion as she lowered herself fully on my seven inches. "Oh, fuck! That's so big! God, I needed this so bad!" I felt her hole tighten a little, and then relax, as she began to hump on my stiff tool. "Don't come yet! Promise me you won't come, Chris! I need to ride your cock!" The bed started creaking as she moaned and thrashed on me.

This went on for a few minutes, and she gradually became looser, getting used to my size. Again, she spoke. "Anything you want, my love! Give it to me.fill my hole.yeah, that's it! Come inside me." I think I came even harder than the first time! Her ass clenched me and milked my semen out of the shaft as she cried out, "Oh, Chris, I'm coming too!" I felt warm, sticky fluid splash on my thighs as she collapsed on top of me, leaning her body down towards my feet, my cock slowly slipping out of her.

I watched her spread-eagled ass as a few drops of my semen leaked out of her pretty pink anus. I thought of what she said earlier, after she had done the same thing to me. "Julie, honey", I said. "Mmmm", she moaned. "I can see my come leaking out of your hot ass.

That really is sexy!" She crawled around on the bed on top of me until she was face to face with me. She put her legs on either side of me, massaging my softening cock with her sticky buns, and looked me in the face with those awesome bedroom eyes.

Her eyes sparkled as she said, "Shut up and kiss me, Chris!" I did. I was awakened the next morning with the feeling of a warm mouth taking my cock deeply, and sucking it like a girl sucks big red lollipop. "Uh, OOH. That feels really good", I said in a foggy early morning haze. I had always enjoyed sex first thing in the morning, but this was the best--- "There are a couple of things your girlfriend needs to do for you.", Julie said huskily, as she withdrew from my swollen penis.

"I need your come in my mouth, Chris. I need to taste you." With thatshe took me at least four inches deep in her mouth, sucking me in. After a couple of times like that, she pulled off, stuck her index finger in her mouth, and said, "There's something else you need me to do for you, darling, and I want to pleasure you the way you did for me last night." She went back to the swollen head with soft, firm suction as she worked her finger between my legs--- She sucked and milked the last of my rapid morning orgasm in to her delicious mouth, and ran her hot, 37D breasts up against my chest.

She sexily fingered my anus, one more time, withdrew her finger, dropped on top of me, and kissed me deeply and firmly, her tongue running against my lips. I opened my mouth, and my own come assaulted my taste buds, as she intertwined my milky load with her mouth. "Do you like a girl who needs to be on top, now, Chris?', she asked in her soft, feminine bedroom voice. "Most of the time, I think I want you to be on top, but last night was an exception---I want to be your girlfriend, Chris.

I think I love you! Would you be my boyfriend? I know you're straight, Chris, and a man, and I'm a girl, but I'm different, you know.

I need a relationship, and I need you. Oh, God, please don't hurt me. I'm in love with you. I've never felt these feelings before. It's all right if you say no to this. I would understand if you said no." The emotional tension was thick enough to cut with a knife as I interrupted her. "I took your virginity last night, Julie. I guess you took mine, too.

I've never had a girl who did that for me, and I never imagined I'd meet a girl who could do THAT to me. You cared about my feelings in a real, honest way. You're smart and sexy, and beautiful. And, my love, you can do things for me that I never knew a lover would do. I'm actually kind of old-fashioned. I don't cheat sunny loan 1 1 2019 bf on my girlfriends.

I want a girl who's willing to commit to a relationship. This is kind of sudden, but I don't need time to think about it. I have no idea what you see in me, but I know what I see in you, Julie. I'm a little nervous about this, because I don't know if I can please you enough to keep you.

You're my fantasy girl, Julie, and I am afraid some other guy might take you from me. You're the best thing I've ever had in my life, and if I can make you see that." "Do you love me, Chris?" "Yes, I love you. I love everything about you. I love the way you're different. I love." She interrupted me with her sexy, pouting lips pressing against mine. The kiss went on for at least 5 minutes, as she cried, and laughed, and tensed, and, at last, relaxed, in my arms.

"Take me out to breakfast, Chris! I'm hungry. This could be like our first 'date'. Oh, shit, Chris, I hope that wasn't too pushy of me.

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I'm new to this dating stuff." "Do you like omelets? I know this great place, and I'd love to take you there." "You already took me to the BEST place, darling!" She kissed me again. I found myself hoping that last night wasn't TOO much of an exception--