Alia bhatt xxx sexy story

Alia bhatt xxx sexy story
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Bob's Basement.

I was hanging out with girlfriend Maribel and another couple, Dean and Sonia. Life is good since my friend Dean and I have hooked up with these Puerto Rican sisters. They are really hot and do everything you could want. Their brother Juan is a gang member and has great connections for some good shit and gives us the boyfriend discount. Maribel is the oldest, nice solid well shaped ass.

chick plays with a massive toy masturbation toys Great body, nice proportioned breast, dark hair and a nice deep skin. Sonia is a couple years younger, a little chunkier and very big breasted. Mom is at work today as a waitress at a fancy restaurant. Kinda sucks to work on Mothers day but cool for me as I get to hang out with Maribel. Good sex, good highs. Mom doesn't like Maribel or Sonia so I try to keep them apart.

They have some history and some bad confrontations. The video we are watching is hot and heavy. It is a Home Made job of Maribel and Sonia going at it. Like I said they will do anything and watching them eating each other is really hot. I am making out with Maribel while Dean and Sonia are over on another couch.

Its all good, getting high, making out while watching your girl friend and her sister going at it on video. Mari has my cock in her hand and is kissing me. The thing I like is she will keep me hard forever. We keep watch the video as the sisters start fucking each other with rubber cocks. I am so hard but Mari keeps me just on the edge. She brings me right up to the edge and then lets me down until I tell her I am ready.

It is really tough not to cum watching her making it with her sister.

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What a great afternoon to hang out. "OH SHIT." "What's a matter Bob?" "I heard the door, my mother is home early." "Change that DVD." busty milf i met on milfsexdating net we get the TV changed and we are settled down watching baseball. "What the hell is going on?" "What are you two doing Here?" My Mom, Laura, was in a rage. Looking at Maribel, Mom Yelled. "I don't want your kind here." "What do you mean my kind?" "Fucking skank whore." "Get the fuck out of here." "Trash Bitch." "Lady, you should be watching how you talk." "I'll talk how I want in my house.

You dress like a tramp." Mom and Maribel were toe-to-toe. "Yea and look at you, Old Bitch dressed in the clown waitress shit." "Fucking old Tits hanging out." "Fuck, you lean over and let those tits hang for tips." "Least I work, not a lazy cock-sucker." Mom grabbed Maribel by the arm as Maribel turned her back on her. "Don't turn away from me Bitch." OH SHIT. I could see it coming. "AGHHHH." Mom was doubled up kneeling on the floor.

She had taken a driving hit to the gut.

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AHHHH. Maribel fucking new duddys step daughter and dad dildo easing daddys tension her by the hair. "Bitch, I told you to big tit stockings fetish tube porn your mouth." "Maribel, Don't.

she is my MOM.!!!" "Stop!" Sonia grabbed Laura's blouse and pulled it down exposing her breasts. "Look what we got her Bobby, Momy's titties looking pretty good." Dean was laughing. "Mrs. D, looking pretty good." "Stop, No More." I pleaded. "Bobby, Mommy wants to suck your cock." "No No. Maribel, let her go." "Robert, lets see that dick, come on, mommy wants some." "She thinks I am a cocksucker, lets see how she sucks." I don't know why but I took my cock out and I was hard as I could be.

Get over here and give your Mom some of that. Mom twisted and turned and tried to get up. Maribel gave her a Hit to the side of the head that almost knocked her out. I knew Maribel was in a tough street gang but I had never seen her in action. I looked at Mom, kneeling on the floor, looking in shock. He big breasts were hanging out. with her with her blouse ripped open. I waved my dick in front of her. "Come on Mommy, suck that dick." Teased Maribel. She pushed Laura's head forward.

"I said suck it Bitch unless you want more Bitch slapping." "Slap that Bitch face with your dick. Come-on Bob, slap it." I don't know why but I did. I loved the look on her face. I slapped her pleading face with my cock. "Bob, what are you doing. Stop. Don't make me do this. Please." Mom had that amazed and pleading look.

Without warning I jammed my cock into her mouth. "OH Yea, Yea." "Face fuck Her." Yelled Maribel. Sonia held Laura's head as I rammed my cock back and forth. Fuck that Bitch Face, fuck it." Maribel started to kiss me sticking her tongue in my mouth while I was fucking my Mom's face.

Mom pulled away. "Fucking Bitch." Sonia slapped her head. Maribel got in her face and yelled. "You suck that cock, or I'll turn your bitch face into a bloody pulp." I jammed my cock back into Mom's mouth and Maribel smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

I was so hard and so hot I fucked her face like wild man. I mamando y cogiendo una verga de cm see my cum shooting in her mouth and over her face. My cum was all over my Mom. I couldn't believe I did it. WOW. Maribel didn't have to tell me. I rubbed my dick over her cum covered face slapping her face with my dick.

Mirabel yanked Laura up to her feet. I looked at Mom in the eyes. Her eyes were swelled with tears. "Look at the cum faced Mom, now. What shit you got to say now." Sonia yelled at Laura.

Maribel kissed Mom. "I love your sons Cum, you should too." Maribel licked some cum off her face. She drooled the cum into Laura's mouth. Mom was choking on the cum and we were all laughing. "Choke on it Bitch. Look who is the cock sucker now." Maribel spit on her face. Laughing, I spit on her too. The cum and drool were dripping down. Sonia spit one her and so did Dean.

Sonia pulled off Mom's skirt and Maribel ripped off her panty hose. I looked at Mom's ass. Nice full 40 year old ass. Little fat ripples but nice.

Maribel held her by the throat while Sonia slapped her ass, back and forth. "Get the ass of yours red, for your son to fuck your pussy." "OH God NOOOO. Isn't it enough. I am sorry. Please not more." Maribel held her throat and looked her in the eye.

"Your gonna eat my pussy while your son fucks yours." "No NO No." Maribel took off her shorts and panties. She flopped down on the couch dragging Mom with her by the hair. She pushed Mom's face into her crotch.

Mom screamed and pulled away. The bitch hadn't learned her lesson. Yea, I said the bitch, looking at Mom flopping around I knew what she was. I wanted to fuck her. I needed to fuck her. I had to fuck her. Fuck that Bitch. Smack. Smack. Mom took two more head shots. "Fuck, when you going to learn." Yelled Maribel. "You are mine, you are fucking mine." Mom's face was in Maribel's crotch. "Suck on it. That's it, now lick it." "Use your tongue. Lick." Maribel was giving her instructions.

Mom was on her knees. I could hear her slurping. I looked at Maribel and she smiled at me.

I looked at Mom, kneeling eating pussy, her ass, nice full 40 year old ass up in the air. To Be Continued