Tricky old teacher perv teacher sticks his cock into young chicks pussy

Tricky old teacher perv teacher sticks his cock into young chicks pussy
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I woke up the next morning, groggy and confused, wondering if last night was a dream or not. My watch said it was 10:04AM, and I was alone in my kendall blonde very sexy nice tits ass hard fingers. It seemed like Meg had never even been in my room, let alone fucked in my bed. I through on a shirt and some gym shorts and headed downstairs. My Mom and Dad were sat at the table, drinking juice and exchanging stories.

Sure enough, Meg was home, she was sitting on the couch watching TV and eating a bagel. I sat next to her and began to watch the TV as well. "Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed last night." Meg turned to say to me.

She said it like that was all that happened. No sexual undertones, or anything of the like. "No problem." I said somewhat confused, but she didn't notice and continued eating her bagel. "I'll be fixing Meg's window after I go to Home Depot Scott, you'll have your bed to yourself tonight." My Dad said to me. "Um, Ok, cool." I said still very confused.

Was it possible I had dreamed it all up? That all my sister and I had done was sleep in the same bed? I HAD gone to a party last night, and came home somewhat drunk. But drunk enough to completely imagine what happened? I continued my day somewhat normally, but I couldn't get my "dream" about my sister out of my mind. There was a knock at my door. "Come in." I said. It was my Dad, "Hey Bud, your Mom surprised me with tickets to the game tonight.

You mind if I put off fixing your sister's window until tomorrow morning? I'll move her bed in here for the night so you two won't have to share." "Um, um, sure, that sounds, uh, fine." I stuttered. "Thanks Bud, I owe you one!" my Dad said exiting my room. My mind was now working overtime, hoping that last night was not a dream. I had to do something, I had to talk to Meg.

I walked down the hall and knocked on her door. "Come in." She called. I opened the door and saw that her window was taped up with cardboard, but it was still horny babe melissa moore wants a cock in her holes hardcore and brunette drafty in her room. "Hey Meg. Um, this may sound a little weird but, did I say or do anything weird last night?

I was a little drunk, ha." My sister looked a little nervous. "Uh, no, you woke up a little when I first got in your bed, but other than that, you were asleep the whole time." I could tell she was a little put off by the weirdness of the question.

"Ok, thanks, sorry for bothering you." I said and closed her door. I walked down the hall, in utter shock. I had dreamed it up, but now I had another problem, I couldn't stop thinking about my sister sexually, and I was upset that it never happened. And I can't tell which problem is worse.

________________________________ Meg sat in her room, thinking to herself. "Oh god, does he know? Was he awake? Is he upset?" she thought silently.

"He was passed out, drunk, I thought he was out." She said in her mind, getting closer and closer to a panic attack. Meg's window had broken last night, so she went to share her brother Scott's bed. It wasn't her fault her brother's hard-on was poking into her all night, it's his fault she was having these feelings and did what she did.

Meg was really tired that night, but she could not for the life of her get to sleep with her brother's hard dick rubbing against her ass.

At first it was just annoying, but every now and then it would slightly rub against her pussy, exciting her. The thin fabric did nothing to stop his hard cock from rubbing her just slightly enough to torture her.

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His swollen dick had managed to find it's way out of his boxers, and Meg found herself wanting more and more to touch it.

She began to convince herself, "It'd only be so I can get some sleep, so it'll stop poking me, not because I want to." she said to herself, as she was finally convinced that she would stroke him until he came, JUST so his arousal would die down.

She began to stroke him, and found herself liking it. Her brother would moan in his sleep, but Meg knew ever since he started going to his friend's parties and would drink when he went to said parties, that when he was drunk, nothing would wake him. He grunted and moaned, and Meg began to mutter dirty things to herself and sleeping brother. "You like your big sister stroking your cock don't you?" she said, knowing he was asleep and couldn't hear her (or so she thought), but doing it for herself girls satisfied by dudes hardcore and blowjob it really turned her on.

She plunged two fingers in her sopping wet pussy, just as her brother began to cum all over her covered ass. Scott grunted and Meg moaned very quietly as she also reached her climax. He awoke briefly and muttered something incoherently, before going right back to sleep.

Shortly after Meg went to the bathroom, changed her cum covered underwear, and went back to sleep. Meg couldn't believe how turned on she had been. But she was also scared that she had opened a "Pandora's Box" inside herself, the she wasn't sure she could close. Little did Meg know her brother's somewhat conscious mind (and dick) had felt enough to dream up an erotic sex dream about her. Meg had awoken something in herself, but also something in her brother, and now, after his weird question and behavior, she was terrified he knew.

She now had three big problems, 1.

She was attracted to her brother; 2. He might know what she did; 3. She had to share a room with him again tonight, and she isn't sure if she can control herself. _______________________________________________________ Sorry for the delay on the second chapter everyone. For some reason it took an extremely long time to publish here on the site.

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Also, sorry for the shorter chapter and not much sexual activity. I'm trying to take into consideration everyone's constructive criticism and do some character development. But the next installation of the story this chapter is building up to will surely make up for the lack of sex in this chapter ;) Thanks for reading everyone.

The next chapter will be up soon.