Mother and cronys daughter white man first time the graduate

Mother and cronys daughter white man first time the graduate
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Part 4 "After he was finished, Derek stayed inside me, rather than immediately rolling gorgeous brunette milf teacher relaxes with her student. His cock was still hard and he continued a slow, easy in and out motion. He was not fucking toward another orgasm, he was merely enjoying the slippery friction of his cock in my vagina, and I'll admit, it felt good to me, too. It struck me during these few moments that Derek was treating me differently than Matt had.

Once Matt had dumped his sperm into me, he became cold and callous in his treatment of me. Derek was being gentle and loving in the sense that he was caressing me with his hands; brushing my ears and forehead with his lips; and whispering compliments they were crude, but they were compliments in my ears.

The difference was Derek was treating me like woman a lover, not a piece of fuck meat, and Matt never demonstrated any compassion at all. Matt was totally focused on shoving his cock into my body so he could discharge his sperm. Derek was at least showing some concern for me as a person." Laura interjected, "You said Derek was complimenting you. What did he say to you?" "He said a lot of the usual stuff about what a great pussy I had; what a wonder fuck I was; how could I be so good and yet be so inexperienced.

He also told me that even though he had fucked me and planned to do it again, he didn't think I really belonged in 'this world.'" "What do you suppose he meant by that," asked Laura? "I asked him the same question. Did he mean I should be dead, or what?

He told me that he only meant that his world, Matt's world, was a tough, cold place where people had little respect for each other. He told me that Matt brought girls to the apartment on a relatively regular basis.

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It was a deal they had worked out. Derek provided Matt with drugs and Matt supplied women. He also told me that it was not unusual for a woman to spend a whole weekend in the apartment and that she would be used by many different men during her stay. The only reason I was not facing the same ordeal is because Derek realized I was too young. "As you might imagine, I had a completely different view of my 'dream lover' now, for a number of reasons, but my view of Derek was changing, too.

I had initially been frightened of him, particularly when I first saw the size of his penis and realized he was going to put it inside me.

But remember, I didn't know him at all before Matt took me to his apartment. And now, I felt like I knew him more as a person I was still frightened, but I sensed that I might be able to go to him for help if circumstances warranted. And as it turned out, I did need his help." "Why did you need his help?" asked Laura.

"What happened?" "Derek got out of bed to go take a shower, and I rolled to a dry spot on the sheets, flipped over on my stomach, and dozed off. I was exhausted after having sex with two men, and I went right to sleep. Some time after I had dropped off, Matt came back into the bedroom. I woke up when I felt someone probing my, my. . ." Sarah faltered, embarrassed. "Was he penetrating you ass with his finger?" Laura questioned.

"Yes," Sarah replied. "Matt was trying to push his finger into my. . ass. He was on his knees between my legs and in the process wild bukkake party gives this nympho chance to show how depraved she i applying lube to my anus. I was a little groggy from being awakened, but when I asked him was he was doing, he told me to shut up and lie still.

He maneuvered into position, placing one oiled busty pickedup euro beauty rides cock on my back to hold me in place, and began to push his cock into my ass. The lubrication, and my relaxed state, allowed him to push his cockhead past my sphincter muscle, but the pain was incredible.

I yelled out for him to stop and tired to move out from under him. He ignored my pleas and continued to force his way into my rectum. There was no finesse involved; he was relying on brute force.

I continued to plead with him to stop, but his response was to begin thrusting in and out, tearing tissues with each stroke. "My protests were loud enough that Derek stepped out of the bathroom to see what was happening. When he saw Matt raping my ass, he lunged across the room and pushed Matt off me.

I felt some warm liquid splash on my lower back, and at first I thought it was blood and that I had been hurt. It turned out, Derek had pushed Matt from me just as Matt was cumming, and some of his sperm had shot across my butt and lower back.

"Derek grabbed Matt by one arm and lifted him from the floor, pushing him toward the bedroom door. I don't remember his exact words because I was still traumatized by Matt's attack on me, but Derek threw him out of the apartment and told him that if he so much as thought about hurting me again, Matt would regret the day he ever saw Derek. "With Matt gone, I began to sob.

Derek came over, took me in his arms. His tenderness was comforting and my tears stopped in a few minutes. He asked if I thought a shower would help, and since I had not yet cleaned up after my earlier sexual experiences, I told him I definitely needed a shower.

He led me to the bathroom, started the shower, and told me to take a long soak. "I must have been in the shower for more than 30 minutes and the only reason I came out then was that I had exhausted the hot water supply.

I wrapped myself in a towel and walked into the bedroom, only to discover that Derek had changed the sheets and made an attempt to straighten up the room. It wasn't clean, but he had picked up the dirty clothes. He had even laid out a robe on the bed and from the kitchen I heard him tell me put on the robe and come have something to eat. "The robe was apparently his because it covered me from head to toe.

I used the tie to cinch it closed and went into the kitchen. He said he didn't have much food in the place but he had made some scrambled eggs and toast that I consumed almost as fast as he put them on my plate. After finishing the eggs, he told me to go sit on the couch while he stacked the dishes in the sink.

"I asked what time it fucking cying porn videos search watch and download fucking cying free sex and told him I had to be home by 10:00. He said it was just 8:30, and that he would take me home. I asked him what I should do about Matt. He told me to forget Matt, he was white trash. I replied that it would be hard to ignore him because he was my uncle.

Derek almost dropped the dishes he was carrying when I told him that. He had no idea and even expressed shock that Matt would shop for his ladies so close to home. I explained that while we were legally related, we were not blood relatives. He pondered that for a moment, but then shook his head and animating oral job for hunks striptease hardcore it bad business to be screwing family, blood or no blood.

"As he finished up in the kitchen, I asked if I could turn on the TV. He laughed and told me he had some special videos I might like to watch.

When I asked what they were, he backpedaled and said he was only joking. I insisted, but he didn't think I would be interested. I badgered him and I persisted until he finally told me they were porn videos, and if I really wanted to watch them, he'd put one on.

"By being such a nag, I had backed myself into a corner. It would have been embarrassing to say I didn't really want to watch them, so I told him to sit down and watch it with me. "I don't remember the title of the video, as if that would even be important, but the premise was that a young white woman, who did not seem to be much older than me, ended up in a deserted cabin with four black men who had just escaped from prison.

The woman was a very pretty blond, who was small in stature, but well proportioned. I remember her legs were very athletic and her butt was firm and nicely shaped. Her breasts were like mine, small but they seemed teen stimulated dick orally hardcore and blowjob fit her.

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"I had heard about porn films from my friends, but this was the very first one I had ever seen. I was surprised that people would have sex on camera and I made that remark to Derek. He laughed and said they do it for the money. He also said it is much harder than it looks.

When I asked how he knew, he said that I should take a close look at the 'actor' wearing the white shirt it was Derek. I was curious about why having sex was so hard on camera and he explained that there were lots of distractions, numerous people on the set, and the actually filming took much longer than what eventually makes it to the screen; it was difficult for the men to maintain their erections for so long; and it was difficult for the women to remain lubricated during all the fucking they do.

Then he looked at me and smiled, saying that despite the difficulties, a good porn film is a real turn-on, and he thought this was a good film. "We settled in to watch the film and at first I was sitting at the end of the couch, tucked away in the corner. Derek patted on the cushion next to him and invited me to move closer. As I slid over, the robe parted at my knee, exposing my legs to mid-thigh.

I started to cover up when Derek stopped me, telling me he wanted to see my legs. His hand rested on my shin and began gently tracing a path from my shin to my knee. I put my arm across the back of the couch, resting my hand on his shoulder.

The woman in the video was lying on a bed. One man was having sex with her while another had just placed his penis in her mouth. "The movie progressed through the usual porno scenes culminating with the four men shooting their sperm into her mouth and on her face.

I didn't say too much to Foxy teens share big throbbing cock of jock during the movie and he was quiet, too. As the scene ended, he stood and took my hand, drawing me off the couch.

As I stood in front of him, I could see the bulge of his crotch.

He led me back into the bedroom. He turned to face me, and as he did, he moved his hands to the front of the robe and untied it. He slipped his hands inside the robe and moved them up and down my rib cage from my hips to the base of my breasts. I did not attempt to stop him or remove his hands. "He drew me to him and taking his hands out from under the robe, encircled me with his arms.

He lowered his face toward mine. I reached my arms up and wrapped them around his neck.

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I rose up on my tip toes, lifted my face, and opened my mouth to accept his kiss. His lips covered mine and his tongue wrestled mine like mating serpents. His hands cupped my butt through the robe and I ground my hips against his swollen member. He broke the kiss to open the robe and push it off my shoulders. It fell three hot lesbian milfs lick each others pussy p the floor in a clump at my feet.

I was nude. "Without any word from Derek, I reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his chest. He finished drawing it up over his head, and tossed it aside. As he was removing the shirt, I began to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans. I fumbled with the button for a moment until he covered my hands with his and together we opened his pants. He was not wearing underwear so his member was immediately freed as I pushed his jeans down over his hips and legs.

"He stepped out of his jeans and stood before me, his large, black shaft jutting stiffly in the air. I grasped his cock in my hand, but could not encircle it with my fingers. He felt warm and heavy in my hand. I remember feeling his pulse as the blood throbbed through his member. I dropped to my knees in front of him as I had seen the woman in the film do.

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This action placed my face directly in line with his groin. He placed his hands on either side of my head and gently pulled me to his cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and felt the ridge of his glans move smoothly past my stretched lips. He pushed a bit more of his shaft into my mouth, but I could not take too much. He understood my limitations and slowly withdrew all but the cockhead.

I could tell he was excited because he moaned on each stroke and the fluid I had tasted before was seeping on to my tongue again. "I bobbed my head up and down on his cock for several seconds and it seemed as if his cock got harder each time I took it into my mouth. I enjoyed how he felt in my mouth, and I liked his taste. I even wondered what it might be like to take his sperm in my mouth like the woman in the film. I had started to increase the rate at which I sucked him and I even tried to force more of him into my mouth.

He grunted and stepped back, removing his cock from my mouth. 'No more right now,' he said. 'Come to the bed.' "I moved to the bed and lay on my back. I spread my legs and raised my arms in invitation. He fell on top of me, but did mom and dad sex with daughter enter me.

He kissed my face, brushing my lips with his. 'Now,' he said, 'I'm going to show you how a man loves a woman.' With that, he began to slide slowly down my body, licking and kissing neck. He gently massaged my breasts, tweaking my nipples to their full excited state. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, biting softly with his teeth. Once again, my pussy began to moisten in anticipation.

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He moved further down my body, spending several seconds searching my navel with his tongue. He kissed my hips and slowly licked from my navel down to the first few pubic hairs on my mound. "His fingers moved to my labia and gently parted them, exposing my inner lips to his hot breath.

His tongue slid wetly up and down my slit further lubricating the already wet entrance to my pussy. Indian guy fucking tight indian pussy outdoorindianindian tube porn inserted one finger, brushing my clitoris as it slid in to me. My womb contracted and my cum coated his finger. He smiled and rotated his finger in my pussy.

I was dripping by this time so when he inserted a second finger, I was able to accommodate him with ease. With two fingers in place, he began to fuck me with his hand.

It didn't take long before I had another orgasm. My pussy clenched at his fingers and I grabbed his arm to prevent him from withdrawing before I was finished. "'I think you are ready,' he said.

'Watch me as I put my big cock in your little pussy,' he commanded. I stared at his marvelous erection, the slit of his cockhead stared straight at me, a small drop of fluid in the slit serving as an eye. He appeared to be even longer and thicker than the first time and once again, I wondered how he could fit his whole cock inside me.

"Using his hand, he guided the head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy, pushing easily past my lips. I moaned as the glans moved past the entrance and began to fill my channel. Despite his size, there was no pain this time. Derek was slow and deliberate, inserting an inch or two of his swollen member and then pausing to allow me to adjust. This approach increased my sensitivity and each inch of his cock pushed me that much closer to another orgasm.

With a xmxxsex stories fucks moms boyfriends bbc, short thrust, he was completely inside me. I was so full, I felt as if he had penetrated beyond my stomach. "Derek settled his full weight on me and enjoyed the grip of my pussy around his cock.

I might even have been able to experience an orgasm if he had not started to move in and out of me, but once he began, I lost all control.

I yelled out that I was cumming, I grabbed his shoulders to keep him inside me and pumped my hips up and down to maximize his penetration. My response was so intense; he told me later that I actually lifted him off the bed with my hips.

"As he waited for my breathing to return to normal, Derek maintained his full length in me, but his thrusts were short and gentle. Once he felt I was under control again, he told me he wanted to fuck me from behind. His cock made a wet popping sound as he withdrew, and he moved off the bed.

"I asked him what he wanted me to do and he instructed me get on my hands and knees turn my ass toward him and to move over to the edge of the bed. He gently pushed my head and shoulders down to the sheets and used his strong hands to sunny leone hot sax sex stories storys my ass high into the air and position my hips in the most favorable position; my shins were dangling off the bed.

He stepped between my ankles and began to rub his thick cockhead up and down my slit, between my wet, slick labia. The sensation was incredible and I nearly collapsed but he lifted me back into position and began to push his cock into me. His thrusts were more forceful this time, but I was ready and eager for him. I pushed back against him, trying to meet each of his thrusts with one of my own. He began long deep strokes into my womb and I swear he went deeper with each stroke, until his cockhead was banging against my cervix.

"Suddenly he pulled completely out of my pussy and told me to take his cock in my mouth. I slid rapidly off the bed and kneeled in front of his magnificent penis. It was slick with my secretions and I could smell my musky odor on him. It was intoxicating for someone of my inexperience. "I talk dirty to me juliet anderson sharon kane pornstars and vintage basically how to suck a cock from our previous encounters and from watching the video, but I told him I was nervous about doing it right.

He told me all I had to do was use my mouth to make love to his cock and nature would take care of the rest. "I could tell he was already very close to orgasm so I opened my mouth and tasted the glans.

I moved up and down his shaft as best as I could, always trying to keep his cockhead completely in my mouth. After a very few strokes, I felt his hands go to my head. He told me to hold still and he began to thrust in and out of my lips. "I looked up at his face and saw him close his eyes and throw his head back.

His hips bucked strongly pushing nearly half of his cock into my throat. He grunted and cum began to jet from his cock, coating my tongue, splashing against the roof of my mouth, and filling my cheeks.

As he predicted, nature did take over and I began to swallow his hot, thick cum as fast as I could. Laura placed a hand on Sarah's knee to interrupt her story, "Did you like the taste of his sperm? How did you feel about allowing a stranger shoot his semen into your mouth?" "It is funny, but by this time, he did not seem like a stranger to me.

He had treated me differently than Matt, and I may have begun to look at him as my protector. I am no psychologist, but there is a syndrome some captives exhibit in that they begin to look on their captors as decent people. I was not really his captive, but that mindset may have come into play for me.

As far as the sensation of swallowing sperm is nasty and kinky brunette asian playing with a hard cock, I did not find it disagreeable. I was too young then to realize how much power women can wield with oral sex, but at the time I remember thinking that I liked the taste and texture.

Sarah glanced hat her watch, "I have been talking for a long time, and there really isn't much more to tell. After that last sexual experience, I cleaned up again, and Derek took me home. I even made it in the house before 10:00."