Yoga class xxx story sex stories

Yoga class xxx story sex stories
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Deep and Lovely Dark - Chapter 3 Rachel awoke in a dark room lit by candles on a four poster bed.

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Her head was banging, she took a moment to look around. Suddenly she recognised the room. It was the room where she had the most pleasurable and terrifying experience of her life.

This was Vlad's bedroom. She was wearing a red silk gown that was almost see through. She wondered why she was wearing this and then remembered her clothes being torn off by a rapists. Then she remembered seeing what Vilas had done too him. Rachel became very scared but before she could think, Vlad appeared behind her as if out of thin air. She stumbled away from him not saying anything. What could she say? What could she do? "Rachel please, don't be afraid.

I swore to protect you, I'm not going to hurt you". Rachel realised if he was going to hurt her he would've already. "Sit down, we have much to discuss" said Vlad.

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He sat in a chair near the fire place and motioned Rachel to sit in the chair opposite him which she did never breaking eye contact. "I imagine you have many questions! Where do you want to start?" said Vlad. Rachel thought to herself for a moment. She had a hundred questions but no idea where to begin.

"Are you really a Vampire?" she said in a mumble. "Yes!" Vlad replied with a stern facial expression. "How old are you?" Rachel asked curiously.

"I've lived for over 300 years". Rachel's jaw dropped slightly even though she had heard of vampires living for hundreds of years. "Why did you bring me back here?" This is the Quest in she wanted to ask most. "I'm doomed to walk this earth for an eternity, but it doesn't have to be a curse when you have someone to share it with.

From the moment I saw you I felt a connection to you hat could not be ignored". Rachel looked slightly confused and yet relieved. She felt the same connection with Vlad from the moment she layed eyes on him. "I knew that you were the one and was determined to do whatever it took to have you and keep you safe". "What exactly do you want from me?" asked Rachel. "I am the most powerful being to walk this earth since the Christ. The man with power is king, what does a king need most?

A queen. In exchange for my love, protection and riches I want your unconditional devotion to me. Be my bride. Rachel was overwhelmed she hardly knew this man and yet he was asking her to marry him on their first date!?!? "What will my role in your life be?" she asked. "You are welcome to leave the house anytime you want. For work, for friends, for shopping. I will always know where you are, I can sense your presence.

That's how I was able to find you tonight". As time went on Rachel's fear subsided and was russian milf fuck first time family love triangle being replaced with excitement. "Rachel I beg your forgiveness!" Said Vlad falling to his knees and clutching her hands."i didn't want to scare you, I only wanted to show you what I really am.

I am a good man" he exclaimed. "how do I know I can trust you?" she finally asked. Vlad looked at her puzzled for a moment.

After a moments silence Vlad got up out of his chair and walked over to a safe hidden behind an ancestral portrait. He recovered a box from within and returned to Rachel.

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He handed her the box and sat back in the chair. Rachel opened the box to reveal a solid silver chain with a crucifix. As she removed the chain from the box, Glad went pale.

He struggled to breathe and he nearly fell out of his chair. Rachel realised that she had been given the key to Vlad's weakness.

The silver worked like kryptonite against superman. From this realisation Rachel suddenly trusted Vlad completely. She put the silver back in the box and sealed it. Vlad regained his strength and composure. "I have given you my only weakness, because I trust you Rachel please do not leave it in the open unless you plan to use it. I swear to protect you, but I can't protect you from horny dykes in costume pleasure each other pornstars and fingering. That is why I give you the silver." Rachel by now had processed everything and was considering Vlad's offer.

"i'll stay with you Vlad. But I have some conditions". "Name them" said Vlad. "First I will not be your slave out side the bedroom". "Of course" Vlad replied. "Second I hd passion hd big ass jynx maze fucked hard not selling you my soul, I want the freedom to walk away if I choose". "Done" said Vlad.

"and thirdly no killing, control your thirst. I will not be associated with a monster". "Rachel I have long since contained my evil. It is true that I drink blood but I steal blood from the blood banks, I will never take the life of an innocent". Rachel felt reassured at this point. Vlad promised to follow her conditions and finally she was ready to settle down. Vlad stood and reached for Rachel's hand.

Rachel stood and knew exactly what she wanted. To be Blade's dirty little slut. To be fucked raw and treated like the whore she really was. Rachel raised her head towards vlad's and their lips met. Vlad's tounge poked through Rachel's lips exploring her mouth. His lust was growing fast, he couldn't hold back much longer. Rachel wrapped her arms around Vlad's and pulled him tighter whilst sharing the most passionate kiss she'd had in years. Vlad gave in to his desires and grabbed Rachel by the hips, lifting her off the ground he threw her across the room and on to the bed.

In the blink of an eye Vlad appeared by her side and was ripping the robe from Rachel's body his speed was phenomenal. Each rip caused a moan from Rachel. In another flash Glad appeared the other side of the bed and was tying Rachel's hands to the top of the bed. FLASH!! Vlad was between Rachel's legs eating Rachel's Pussy like a starving man in the dessert.

"OOOOOooooh shit yes! Oh god duck". Rachel began thrashing on the bed as an orgasm hit her. Her body began to shake and she was panting hard. She was already beginning to sweat. Vlad withdrew from Rachel's legs and stepped over so that Rachel was facing his crotch.

Vlad unzipped his pants and his 10 inch beast was released. Rachel's mouth began to water, she wanted his cock in her mouth, she needed his cock in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and began to suck it. Vlad began rocking his hips back and forth fucking his new brides mouth. Rachel began two hentai cuties tasting a dick lesbians hardcore gag, drooling on her chin.

Tears began to form in her eyes. She was lost in pleasure and pain, she was in ecstasy. This is all she ever wanted from her lovers but they just didn't have the courage to cause her any kind of pain. Regardless of how much she asked for it. Vlad pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood beside her untying on of her hands.

"rub your Pussy for me slave, don't cum until I tell you to". Rachel began to rub her Pussy ferociously in a circular motion. After a few seconds, she was screaming at Glad. "OH OH OH GOD MASTER I'M SO CLOSE NOW.". "STOP!" said Vlad in a booming voice.

"You wanna com don't you slave?" "Yes master Yes I wanna cum, please let me com". Vilas kneeled down beside her taking her left tit in his mouth sucking with vigor. "mmhhmmmm oh yh master please let me com please!" Vilas inserted a finger into Rachel's pussy thrusting in and out before inserting another and then a third. "Cum for me slave" Rachel's orgasm went off like a bomb squirting across the room. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT YES OOOOOOOOH FUCK".

Vlad grabbed a handful of Rachel's hair and pulled her head up. "what do you say slave" asked Vlad. "Thank you for making me cum master, your slut is ready to be fucked now". Vlad untied her other hand and lied down on the bed. Rachel straddled his lap and placed Vlad's cock on the entrance of her hole. In one thrust Vlad's entire length was pressed into her making her scream as she reached the peak of pleasure.

Already Rachel felt another orgasm building. She began to ride up and down on Vlad's cock. "mmmmhmmmm oh god yes yes". Vlad's orgasm was beginning to build as well, he sat up and began to suck Rachel's tots greedily. When Vlad felt himself getting close he threw Rachel off him and rolled her onto her hands and knees. Rachel began to stroke her Pussy as Babe gets ass fucked black cock entered her from behind.

He began fucking her hard with one hand on Rachel's shoulder and the other pulling her hair. He started to grunt and moan as he pounded her faster. They were both so close now. Finally Vlad erupted inside Rachel's pussy triggering her orgasm. The pair fell back onto the bed and just held each other. Right now Rachel had never felt safer then she did right now. Vlad was equally happy. After 300 years he finally found his true soulmate. Maybe now he would have peace. They held each other tightly and fell asleep.

Chapter 4 coming soon.