Oil sex story full sex stories amazing

Oil sex story full sex stories amazing
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You lead me into a bedroom, where we both sit on the edge of a high bed, horny as hell and wanting to fuck eachother badly. However, you can see I'm a bit nervous and shy. You put your hand on my knee, and start caressing my upper thigh lightly, slightly pushing up my skirt.

I blush a lil, spreading my legs and bending my lesbea hd teen oral on puffy nippled gf back while you rub my pussy through my panties with your knuckle.

My juices start flowing and you begin to feel a lil wet spot on my thong:) I get up and take off my shirt and skirt, with just a thong and bra on. I lay on top of you, and begin to kiss you and lightly suck on your tongue. You take your shirt off as i unbutton your pants, leaving your briefs on. I press my hips and my bellie against yours. I straddle you, and lightly grind against your briefs with my pussy while your cock becomes achingly hard.

I start to suck lightly on your neck while you release my tits from my bra and slide my thong off. I remove your briefs, and lightly stroke your biiig cock while a little dot of precum forms on the tip:-P I push you back on the bed with your legs over the edge and slowly stroke your dick, tracing the outlines and running my fingers down your length.

Starting at the top of the underside of your shaft, I move down to the base of your cock, giving you little open mouthed kisses until i reach your balls. I softly run my tongue around them, and take each one into my mouthsucking and humming to give you a small vibration :-P I feel your cock, hard and erect, waiting to be sucked. I run it over my lips and my cheeks, and start by slowly sliding my tongue up and down your shaft, flicking my tongue against the underside of your cock head.

I move up and take the head into my lips, running circles around it and sucking hard. i go down and take all of you into my mouth, lightly blowing on you and sliding my tongue up and down. You force your cock to the back of my mouth, where i begin to suck you hard and deepthroat you.

As i pull up, i run my teeth over ur shaft and swirl my tongue around, especially trying to stimulate your sensitive underside:). We alternate between sucking and stroking until i notice more precum forming at the tip:-P I wildly lick your balls until you begin to cum, and move up to catch it on my tongue.

:-P Just as I did to you, you lay me down and spread my legs. I moan a lil while u start to kiss and lick my belly.

You move down to my inner thighs and gently bite and lick my skin:-P. Slowly stroking my pussy lips with the tip of your tongue, you wait until they slightly separate and my juice starts to drip.

With two of your fingers, you spread my pussy wider and rest your tongue flat on my lil bud, feeling it grow and pulsate. Your fingertips lightly brush across my slit, and you finger me while u place your lip and tongue over my clit, lightly sucking and gently biting until i moan your name.

You replace your fingers with ur tongue and slide it up my pussy, moving it around and caressing my walls. With one hand, you tease the rim of my asshole and rub it in circles, slowly popping your fingertip in and out. With your other hand, you push ur thumb against my clit, still licking my pussy walls and the juice flowing:) i start to shaaake a lil and u decide to be a lil rough and make me cum :-D you slap my pussy a lil with the palm of your hand and put three fingers in my slit, rubbing in and out very fast and hard.

All of the sudden I start to cum and shake harder. with your lips you grab ahold of my clit while i cum, making sure u flick it and play with it, and suck it as hard and as rough as u can. i start to scream, growing sensitive. You very lightly lick from my asshole to the top of my clit, catching asian masseuse loves jerking off cocksucking and hardcore juices and calming my pussy, and plant a lil kiss on my bud :-P You watch me pant and moan, my legs still spread and cum running down my legs.

Your cock is still hard as a rock, and you begin to squeeze my nipples between your thumb and forefinger. I reach down and take your cock into my hands, and gently rub it between my pussy lips to get it nice and moist. I line it up with my hole as u bring ur hips forward and force the tip in. I gasp, and you pull back and push in more, slowly letting yourself adjust to my tightness. My pussy muscles grip at your cock as you move in and out, speeding it up and you begin to rail me.

You pick me up and I hold on to your neck so that with each thrust, your shaft meets my clit.

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mmmm:-P I close my eyes and feel your hardness rubbing against my g spot. You shoot ur cum inside me and let our juices drip down together. With your cock still in my pussy, you lay down and let me gently squeeze my pussy around your cock until you become hard again.

With your hands on my waistI push down and my pussy lips meet your hips:-P riding and bounce bounce bouncing ;-) haaaaaard. i bite my lip and look at you, arching my back, moaning, while pinching my nipples and squeezing the tips between my fingers. You pull your cock out of my pussy and have me get on all fours, pumping me from behind. You smack my ass with your hand as your balls slap against my pussy, reaching under and pulling at my clit.

my pussy is on fire and you continue to slam your cock into me. i start to whimper and buck and you give oooone last thrust. you pull ur cock out and cum on my tits and on my lips, moaning lightly and watching me rub it with circular motions on my nipples. I gently suck each one clean, look at you and lick my lips, and giggle:-P i slide my fingertips across my pussy and rub my cum on your nipples. asian handjob masseuse tugging guy until cum cumshots reality

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Bending down, i kiss your chest and slowwwly gather the cum on the tip of my tongue, nibbling and licking around your nipples:-P We collapse on the bed together, my head on ur chest and my leg over your leg. and fall asleep, covered in cum and pussy juice:-P