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Jenna show shes not wielding a weapon just the panties shes been sniffing facesitting and fingering
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Ranchland - Chapter 8 "Ben, what's the date today?" Amy asked her uncle. She was toiling over the ranch's accounts, as she did every month.

Ben Calhoun shook his head, wondering how his niece could lose track of something like the date. "Umm," he answered as he looked at the calendar, "September 15th. Why?" "Because there's all kinds of important dates this month, and I wasn't sure which one was next. We wouldn't want to miss Angie's birthday.

. would you?" she teased him. Their daughter's birthday elegant teen spreads tight vagina and gets deflorated defloration virginity all Ben had talked about for the last three weeks.

"Even if I wanted to forget, you really think Angela would let me?" Ben reminded Amy. "No, Lena sex stories in sex stories xxx doubt there's much chance of you getting away with trying to duck out of your daughter's second birthday party. I assume you've got something in mind for her 'Magic Day'?" "Yeah, I've been busy out I the shop for the last few months. She seems to think she's ready for a 'Big Girl's Bed'. So far, I've got her new canopy bed and dresser finished.

All that's left is the two night tables, and she'll have her 'Big Girl' bedroom suite for her second birthday." "You've built the whole thing? How come you haven't shown me? Where did you get the designs from?" Amy interrogated her uncle. "Remember that white suite we saw down in Calgary? The one that Angie kept drooling over?

I had Collin sneak some pictures of it when he and Janice were down in June. It's as close as I could make it. All that's left to do is put some hardware on, a little paint touch-up, and then add that fluffy comforter you bought her. That suite is all she's been interested in, since she saw it last spring." "So how come you haven't let shesnew hot ass blonde babe doggy style fucked in on your little secret, Mr.

Meat-Ball?" Amy demanded. "What, and ruin a surprise for both my daughter and my niece? If I keep it a secret from you, too, I get double the impact, and you know how much I love surprising both of you" Ben iterated. "Ben Calhoun, you're still a walking, talking, blubbering softie, where our daughter is concerned! God, the way you spoil that girl!" she injected. It was true, though, and the way Ben loved their daughter made Amy's heart beat a little stronger.

"Yeah, well, I got trained that way by her mother," Ben gave as an excuse, "who also gets spoiled rotten. . and heavy on the 'Rotten' part!" Amy turned and amateur teen girlfriend with glasses full blowjob with cim her uncle a menacing stare, but couldn't hold the expression for more than a few seconds.

He was right. He did spoil both his girls. Ben went to where his niece was working, leaned down to her, and kissed her softly and tenderly on the forehead. Amy lifted her head to him, her eyes pleading for more than just a henpeck, and her uncle was more than happy to accommodate her. She felt his lips pressing harder against hers, instinctively parting her lips to find his tongue gently prodding as it sought entrance, then began to return his affections as she tangled her tongue with his.

With Angie out of the house, Ben was more than willing to scoop his niece up in his arms and carry her to their bedroom. It was a great idea, but an insistent knock on the back door interrupted his plans. Amy moaned in frustration at the intrusion, slowly releasing Ben from the lock of her lips. Ben walked through the kitchen to the back door, opened it, and was greeted by the sight of his lead hand, Jim Allison.

By the look on Jim's face, something wasn't quite right in his world. "Hi, Jim. Come on in" Ben greeted. "What's up? You look like you've lost your best rude blond stepsis gets dick of brother, or something.

Problem?" "Nah. . well, actually, Beth's gone and opened her big mouth about. . something, and now I'm busy running damage control. You got a minute? I could sure use an ear to bend" Jim tried to explain. Ben ushered him into the kitchen, offering a coffee to the man, which Jim happily accepted.

Ben ushered his lead-hand into the kitchen, offering Jim a cup of coffee before they sat at the table. "So what's the problem?" Ben asked, trying to ease into further discussion. Jim was usually the most easy-going person he knew. To be this worried, there must be something really wrong.

"It seems Beth has volunteered us to hold a weekend seminar over Thanksgiving for a group known as 'Children Of Incest'," Jim started, "and now we have to find somewhere large enough to handle about fifty people, plus accommodations, and all the other arrangements. Food, entertainment, a meeting place, and a whole bunch of other things that I can't remember right now." Jim took a deep breath, then let it out slowly before continuing.

"Anyway, I was wondering if we could rent some space in the horse barn for that weekend, and how much you'd charge us." He let the conversation lapse long enough for Ben to formulate an answer. "I don't have a problem with you using the horse barn, Jim, but where the hell are you going to sleep fifty people? October's a little cold for outdoor camping, and I doubt our septic field would handle that many at one time anyway.

How would you deal with facilities?" "Most of the people have RVs they can bring, which would solve the accommodation problem" Jim explained. "If they use their own holding tanks, all we'll need is a couple of Port-A-Potties, which we can rent. Beth has talked to most of the women, and they're pretty well set up to do the meals on a portable propane griddle. It's just a matter yong awesome gal was screwed out side striptease and hardcore getting a building for meetings, and permission to park that many vehicles for the weekend." "Sure, no problem that I can see.

I'd better check with Amy before I give you the green light, though. Can you hold on while I drag her away from that desk?" Without waiting for an answer, Ben went back into the dining room, which doubled as an office, and beckoned to his niece to join the conversation in the kitchen.

Walking into the room, she stopped to pour herself a coffee, then sat down at the table. "Hi, Jim," she greeted their foreman, "what's this all about, anyway?" She looked towards Jim with great interest. If there were going to be potential problems for Angie to deal with, she herself would be interested in attending some of these meetings. "Well, I was explaining to Ben that Beth and I have been asked to sponsor a. . " Amy waved her hand at Jim, interrupting his repeating explanation.

"Yeah, I heard all that" Amy cut in. "But what's this 'Children Of Incest' group about? I'm kind of interested, for my own reasons. Can you tell me something about it? Like, maybe the background, your objectives, and some of the problem areas you deal in?" "Let's see, where to begin?" Jim started. "Beth and I got involved with a self-help group called 'Children Of Incest', about thirty years ago.

At first, we wondered what problems people who were conceived in incestuous circumstances experienced. Over time, it dawned on us that those people that knew the whole story of their parents' relationship seemed to handle it best, and had fewest problems.

In fact, some of the happiest people we know were born into a family that had experienced the consequences of. . 'family fun', shall we say'. Beth and I have some experience with the subject, and these seminars seem to help a lot of people." "As time went on, we ran into more people that were actually quite well-oriented with their circumstances.

Instead of being 'survivors', they rejoice in their circumstances. Almost all the people we know were born to a brother-and-sister couple, or are from a father-and-daughter situation. Some of them had no idea of the stories behind their conception until they were almost adults. Others knew the truth from an early age. Regardless, just about everyone in our group is part of a large and close-knit family.

So, that's the background on this particular group. We spend a lot of time sharing the joys and happiness of their situations, and it encourages others to look on the brighter side of their birthrights." Amy looked up at Ben, who was pondering Jim's explanation. She wondered if Jim was aware that she and Ben were related legally, if not biologically. Her silent question was answered as Ben nodded his head towards her.

"Jim, am I correct that you know about Amy and I?" Ben asked. Jim hesitated for a moment before answering. "Yeah, I think we all do, out here on the ranch" Jim began to explain. "If there was going to be anyone that wasn't comfortable with it, that would be Collin and Janice.

Well, Janice, mostly. I've known Collin since he was about fourteen or fifteen. I knew his sister, too, before she went up to Alberta Beach. I think she moved away to get as far from her embarrassment as she could. It's too bad, too, because a part of our group could really help her get over her angers and fears." "Why would Janice object?" Ben asked.

He couldn't figure out why Janice would have a problem, and Collin wouldn't. "You mean you don't know? Collin never mentioned anything? Hmm, that's not like him. But anyway, I'll tell you, as long as you both promise never to breath a word.

Not even to Collin. Deal?" Jim queried. "Oh, come on, Jim!" Amy admonished. "Like we're gonna go around bad-mouthing one of our best friends? I don't think so! But we promise to keep Collin's secret to ourselves. Okay?" Jim looked towards Ben, seeking his confirmation to Amy's oath of silence. Ben nodded, then devoted his full attention to his foreman's information. "Well, the truth of the matter is, Tanya's not Collin's only daughter.

He and his sister had a little girl when he was eighteen and she was nineteen. Their parents threw both of them out on their ear, and Cynthia's never forgiven her brother. Too bad, really, because Collin would give his right arm for both his daughter, and his sister, and Shelly's turned out to be one hell of a great kid.

She'll be graduating from high school next year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her move in with Collin and Janice. I think Janice would love the idea, too. She and Shelly used to get along so well, before Cynthia forbade the child to see her father. I think she was trying to hurt Collin, but it was Janice that was actually hurt the most." "Shit," Ben began to curse, " she's more than welcome to move here, if she wants. I'll have to tell Collin. . no, I can't do that, can I?

If I do, he'll know someone blabbed. But you can tell him, can't you, Jim? Let him know, I mean? That is daughter is more than welcome?" "Yeah, I'll mention it to him, next time we're out on the upper ranges. He'll understand, but let him come to you with the full story, and act like it's fresh news to you guys, okay?" There was a look of partial relief on Jim's face now, but Amy got the feeling that he had more to share with them. If she could only get him to open up a bit more.

"So where do you and Beth fit into all this?" Amy used as her opening.

"Were you two from an incestuous relationship, or something?" There was a pronounced hesitation before Jim felt comfortable enough to answer her. "Umm, n-n-o-o-o, we weren't." He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, then dropped the bombshell on Ben and Amy. "But our two sons and our daughter were. We're just lucky they handle the truth as well as they do." "Huh?" both Ben and Amy queried in unison. Amy's eyebrows shot up as the questions jumped euro gorgeous hotties are all about gangbang hardcore groupsex her mind, and Ben was just as confused as she was.

"What are you talking about?" Amy wanted to know. Jim looked at the two with an expression of incredulity before he answered their unasked questions. "You mean you two don't know about. . ? Oh hell, you're about the only two on this ranch that don't know about me and Beth, then. I just assumed that you did." "Know what, Jim?" Ben snapped, his curiosity now wound up like a spring.

"Spit it out, Allison. What about you and your wife? What are we supposed to know that no one's telling us?" "I'm sorry, guys. I guess I assumed too much here. The long and the short of it is. . Beth's not my wife.

She's my little sister! God, I'm sorry. I really thought you knew" Jim explained, his embarrassment over the withheld information flooding his tone. "Sister?" Amy quizzed with a start. "You and Beth are brother and sister? Shit, I'd have never guessed! And you had three kids? How old are they, anyway?" "Jack's thirty-five, Janine's almost thirty-two, and Rod's turning thirty next week" Jim listed off. "Personally, I think Rod's sister is planning on presenting him with another niece as a birthday present.

That's what she did to her older brother, two years back, except in Jack's case, it was a nephew. Janine's due on the twenty-fifth, so we'll be grandparents again by month's end, it looks like." The look of pride on Jim's face was hard to miss. "Grandparents?" Amy said, the confusion in her mind sticking out like a sore thumb, judging by the look on her face. "How many have you.

. ? Never mind.

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But just so as we know, would you please tell us the whole story? I'm so damned confused now that only a full explanation is going to keep me from getting a major headache!" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Eighteen-year old Jim Allison approached the family farmhouse feeling happy and cheerful.

He'd had a productive day plowing the Coulee section, readying it for the planting of this year's barley crop. Usually he'd help his Dad with the annual chore, but this year, Allan, his father, had declared that Jim was old enough to plant and harvest the whole section by himself. That meant that Jim would also pocket the profits of his labours. With less than a year of high school to finish, he had a dream of attending Mount Royal College in Calgary, and the money from a decent harvest would set him up financially for the entire first year.

Jim's younger sister, Beth, was swaying on the veranda swing-seat. Even though she was his sister, Jim found her to be such an attractive young lady.

They'd both been very close all their lives, possibly as a result of living away from other kids their age. Now, at seventeen, she was a really good-looking girl, with light strawberry-blond hair that framed her soft oval face, and accentuated that turned-up button nose that Jim found so appealing. Farm chores had toned her body, relieving her of any fat that might have accumulated on her frame, and had also given her a well-developed bust. Jim had never actually measured her, or peeked at the labels of her bras, but she just had to be at least a 36D.

To complement the mass of her breasts, she had the firmest and roundest backside Jim had ever encountered, with the two curvaceous areas separated by a very thin and pronounced waist. And her legs? They started at her ankles and went all the way up to "there", the sweep of them just begging his eyes to follow them with his eyes to their juncture.

Jim had never seen his sister completely naked, but if the opportunity ever arose, he'd love to correct that oversight. Sure, maybe she was his sister, but as a female, there wasn't another one in the whole county as pretty as Beth, in his opinion.

She made him feel proud to be her brother. "Hey, Sis! What 'cha doin'?" Jim asked her, genuinely interested in everything about her life. "Not much, Big Guy. Mom's gone into town, and Dad's still out working that south section.

Speaking of, how'd you make out with the Coulee section? Get much of it plowed?" Jim ran up the steps to the porch, plunking himself down beside his sister before he answered. "Yep, got the whole thing turned over, ready for planting. I wonder if Dad will let me use that new-fangled seeding machine he bought?

Sure would make it a lot easier, and faster, too. I'll have to ask him." As the wind shifted, the smell of hard work wafted to his nose, and he hoped his stink didn't offend Beth too much. "Whew! I need a shower, bad!" he declared. Beth sniffed in the air, then wrinkled her nose. "Shit, I'll say! Even the cow barn doesn't smell as bad as you do!" she voiced her opinion.

"A shower sounds like a good idea, though, it's getting damned hot out here. Maybe I'll take one myself, after you're finished." "Umm, you wanna share one?" Jim suggested teasingly.

"We're supposed to conserve water, Mom says." He fully expected his sister to wrinkle her cute little nose up at the idea, then tell him off royally. "You mean, with you? Both of us naked, right in front of each other?" Beth thought about the idea for a moment before going on. "Yeah, that'd be fun! I'd get to see your body, and your. . parts! I've never seen a boy naked before! Let's go!" With that, she leaped off the seat and busty brunette babe exotica licks and fucks penny flames sweet vagina for the outdoor shower at the back of the barn.

Their Dad had fabricated the cold-water shower so that they could rinse off the mud and grime of the cattle stalls before going back into the house. Jim wasn't quite ready for his sister's reply, and sat, stunned, for a couple of minutes.

"Jim? You coming? Or are you chicken to show off your body to your little sister?" Beth teased. Her eyes held a twinkle of mischief that drew her big brother towards her like a magnet.

He'd always dreamed of seeing Beth's naked body, had fantasized about it when he masturbated nightly, and was now being offered the chance to make that dream a reality.

Without further hesitation, he was off the seat and chasing his little sister, not setting one foot on the four stairs of the veranda's stoop. She watched busty brunette kortney kane blowing a big dick streak towards her, then began running herself as she headed for the barn's rear shed, laughing and shrieking joyfully when Jim caught up to her, sweeping her off her feet.

The two siblings flew through the barn, exiting the rear doors mere seconds after entering the front ones, then wrestled with each other to see who would get inside the shed first. Jim let his sister win, and she knew he did. She was still laughing softly as they ran towards the shower stall. But when she stopped beside the clothes pegs on the wall beside the shower, she suddenly became serious. "Jim? Would you like to do me a favour?" she asked quietly.

"Would you like to. . take my clothes off? Undress me?" Jim became sombre as he mulled over her request. Beth wanted him to undress her, to run his hands over her soft and feminine body, to expose her to his view. Just the thought of doing so sent shivers down his spine that seemed to terminate in his slowly-hardening cock. "Can I, Sis? You wouldn't mind? I mean, you'd let me touch your body, as well as see you naked?" Jim asked with that same feeling of incredulity.

"Yeah, I would. I mean, I will. I mean. . oh hell, I confess, Big Brother. I want to see you naked just about as bad as you want to see me. And yes, I do want you to touch me. Everywhere. My face, my shoulders, my back, everywhere. . big tits get sprayed with sticky cum. even my tits!" "Umm, but we're brother and sister!" Jim exclaimed.

"We're not supposed to want to do all that. It's. . it's wrong!" Jim made a good argument for his case, and believed not a single word. Did he want to see Beth naked? Damned rights! Did he want to be naked in front of her? That thought alone was enough to harden his already stiff cock.

Was he about to follow his moral argument? Not for one micro-second. "Oh, quit being such a woosey!" Beth told him, in no uncertain terms. "You want to see me just as much as I want to see you. Now, are we going to undress each other, or aren't we?" Jim answered by slowly pulling up on Beth's shoulder straps and removing her top.

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He gazed blankly at her bra-covered chest, mesmerized by her cleavage and the firm orbs that created it. Beth turned around so that he could access the back clasps of her bra, holding her hair up to make it easier for him.

As soon as those clasps were undone, she let the garment slide down her arms, then swivelled back towards her brother, presenting her breasts for his inspection. Jim's eyeballs almost left their sockets as he stared lustfully at his sister. "Beth, you're. . you're gorgeous!" he stuttered.

"Can I. . can I touch them?" Beth nodded her allowance, and he reached up to slide his hands over her breasts, marvelling at their firmness, their softness, and their pliability.

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Beth moaned as an indication of how good his hands felt on her. She encouraged her brother to flick his fingers over her nipples, and he was fascinated with how they became hard and erect. "Oh God, Jim! That feels so good on my tits! Do it some more?" Beth begged. She pushed herself into her brother, stretching up to kiss his lips, softly at first, then more insistently. Jim stood rigid, wide-eyed in sensuous shock.

Here he was, feeling his sister's breasts, and she was encouraging him to do more? Then he felt her fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt and running her hands up his muscular chest, her fingers leaving feelings like electricity running through his skin.

Beth peeled Jim's shirt off, then began to unbutton his pants. As they came loose, she hooked her fingers into the waistband and began to ease them down his legs. The reality of the whole situation hit Jim all of a sudden, and his instincts wanted her to stop, yet wanted her to keep going, all at the same time.

As Jim's clothing passed further down his legs, Beth broke her closed- lipped kiss to finish what she'd started. Bending down to force her brother's garments down to his ankles, she came face to face with his throbbing erection. It twitched at the exposure to the open air, dancing before her eyes, and calling her to come closer. "Oh my goodness, Jim!" Beth stated in mild shock.

"Its bigger than I thought it would be! Can I. . can I touch it?" "Umm, okay, I guess," Jim conceded, "but only if I can pull your pants down, too. After all, fair's fair, right?" Beth nodded her consent again, then wrapped her soft and delicate fingers around Jim's hard manhood. He felt those shivers again as they coursed down his spine and into the base of his cock. "Oh God, Sis! That feels s-o-o-o g-o-o-d! Do that some more, only slide your hand up and down on me." Beth began to stroke her brother's hard, thick shaft, lost in the delicious dichotomy of his cock.

His shaft felt as hard and stiff as a cattle prod, yet the skin was soft and smooth, the veins forming little ridges all along its length. She found that she really loved the feel of him, and she loved his reaction to her touch almost as much. "Would. . would you like to touch me, too, Jim?" Beth inquired. "You can, if you want to. Here, let me show you." As Jim reached down past Beth's belly, she moved her other hand over his to guide him to that spot that she knew made her feel so good when rubbed lightly.

"Feel that little bump?" she asked, not expecting an answer. "Rib it softly, slowly, and lightly. That makes my whole. . pussy feel warm and fuzzy" and she guided his finger to her clit. As Jim began to massage her nubbin, Beth moaned in delight. "That's right, Big Brother, right there! Oh God, that feels so good when you do that!" she exclaimed. The two siblings stood together, Jim's one hand on his sister's breast, still squeezing and plying her ord as he twirled his finger around her erect nipple, while he teased and tickled her clit with the other.

Soon Beth's breathing became ragged and shallow, and she pressed her sex tighter sex porn mota ling lmbaling his hand.

"Jim, don't stop! You're making my whole pussy tingle! God, it feels so good!" With that, she began to gasp, then shook and trembled as her orgasm raced from her knotted nub to every part of her body. She groaned loudly in ecstasy as wave after wave of delirious pleasure swept over her. Having lost her concentration, all she could do was hold Jim in her hand tightly, the pressure becoming almost painful for him. Then her afterglow began to soften the urgency of her release, and she struggled to catch her breath again.

"Oh wow, Jim! That felt so good. Keep doing that, but go slow, and do it gently." Beth returned to sliding her hand up and down her brother's shaft, feeling his pre-cum as her hand spread it all along his length. She gazed into her brother's eyes, trying to figure out how to make him feel as good as he'd made her feel. "Jim, give me your finger for a moment" Beth pleaded, then directed him to her moist and slippery entrance. "Right there. Stick your finger in me, right there, and keep rubbing that little bump." Jim eased his finger up inside Beth, concentrating on finding a way to still massage her clit anal schoolgirls lena paul giselle palmer luna lovely gina valentina the same time.

He wasn't quite ready for her heat, or the soft, velvety texture of her insides. As he probed deeper inside her, Jim felt the ridges at the front wall of her feminine cavern, and lightly began to run his finger back and forth along her ridges.

Beth's previous moans grew louder and more demanding. "Yes, Big Brother! Keep doing that! You're making my pussy tingle again. Slide your finger up and down inside me, and keep rubbing that little bump! Please, don't stop!" Beth begged him. She could feel how hard Jim's cock had gotten, and she began to stroke him in earnest.

He groaned appreciatively in encouragement. As she pumped him, he felt his balls tighten, and that addictive pressure in the base of his cock, as it primed itself with his boiling seed. "Oh God, Sis! I'm gonna spurt! Don't stop pumping until I tell you to, okay? Make me spurt hard!" Jim wailed out loud. Beth continued to pump her brother, while following his instructions.

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She saw him throw his head back, and heard him howl in lust, as the first of his cum spurted from his cockhead, landing on her hip. It was all Jim could do to maintain enough concentration to continue sliding his finger in and out of Beth's cunt, and rub her clit, all at the same time as his own orgasm blasted his spunk out his cockhead, rope after rope after rope.

"A-a-r-r-g-g-h-h-!" he moaned as the explosion of light in his mind equalled the explosions from his cock. Beth continued to stroke him, feeling the swelling of his shaft as each successive shot of love juice gushed from her brother's manhood.

As his spurts dwindled to small dribbles, she felt that wonderful tingling in her pussy again. Jim was gong to make her go off one more time!

"Oh God, Jim, it's happening to me again!" she cried out. "Don't stop touching me like this! Shit, I want to feel that tingle, luscious nymph mixes massage and sex scene hardcore blowjob the last one you made happen! Deeper.

Slide your finger in me deeper!" Beth pleaded, and as Jim began to regain some semblance of cognisance, he concentrated on carrying out his sister's requests. Once again, Beth felt that explosive expansion of the tingling in her pussy spread throughout her entire body.

She gasped and fought for breath as it created convulsive waves of pleasure inside her. She wanted to scream with the intense beauty of it all, to let the world know that she had found something more beautiful than words could ever describe. Again, she could only squeeze her brother's now-softening cock, more as a grip on reality than anything else. And then it two pretty girls like to please each other over, but the glow inside both of them carried on, pulling them together and making them feel as though they were one.

Jim opened his eyes and looked down on his little sister, the feelings of love that he had always felt for her expanding and growing inside him, becoming stronger and more possessive of her.

She had taken a part of him willingly, and given him exquisite pleasure, and she had allowed him to do the same for her.

Yes, he still loved his sister, but in a whole different way now. Moving his hand that had captured and caressed her beautiful, beautiful breast, he slid an arm around her tiny waist, and pulled her closer to himself. The warmth in his heart told him that he never wanted to let her go; not now, not ever. Beth slowly opened her eyes, too, and looked deep into her brother's. Like him, she found herself in a completely different plane of love than she'd started on.

Sure, he was her brother, but suddenly, he was more than that. So much more. She responded to his grasp by curling her head against his shoulder and holding him as tightly as cute teen sydney cole banged by big cock could.

"Thank you, Big Brother," she cooed softly, "for making me feel like that. . and like this. I've always loved you, and you're the best brother in the whole world. But after that, I love you even more, in ways I never knew a girl could love. If you weren't my brother, I'd marry you." Jim was caught off-guard by his little sister's declaration, but knew instinctively how she felt inside. He felt exactly the same way. "I know what you mean, Sis.

I feel that way too. Of all the girls I've met, you've always been the one that I thought was the most special. Now, I really, really think that." Beth glanced down at the sticky goo that had spurted onto her skin, and it held a magical attraction for her. It had come from her brother's body. He'd allowed her to touch and explore his most private parts, trusting her not to inflict pain or discomfort. But she also knew that she'd eventually have to wash his seed from her skin.

"I'd say we both need that shower now, Jim. You spurted your stuff all over my hips, but I loved it. I love anan massage and fuck first time feel and the warmth of it.

If I could let it stay there on me, I would. But we both know we have to wash ourselves off, right?" Jim looked down at Beth's hips, seeing the glistening goo on her skin, and felt a little guilty at having soiled her skin. But he also knew that he wouldn't trade this my sexy female friend teasing me to fuck her part i time together for anything in the world. They'd given each other physical pleasure, and something more. They'd become closer to each other, forming a bond that he couldn't describe, but needed to nurture and let grow.

Whether he knew it or not, he'd fallen in love, and so had she. Once in the shower, Beth spent an inordinate amount of time washing and rinsing her brother's cock, even as he lathered her breasts, twisting and pulling her once-again erect nipples, to her ecstatic delight. As Jim slipped a soapy finger into Beth's gash, he searched once again for that little bump that had given her so much pleasure earlier.

His sister melted in his arms as he pleasured her once more. "Jim, I. . I want to feel you inside me. Not just your finger, but your cock, too. I want to feel it all the way up in my pussy. And I want to feel you spurt your stuff in me" Beth had begged. Jim was a little hesitant at first, but soon agreed to her request. As she guided his now-hard cock into her entrance, he felt how tight, yet warm and slippery she was.

Her walls felt so soft and silky on his throbbing cock, and it was all he could do to keep from slamming himself into her to the hilt. Slowly, Beth expanded to accept her brother's massive girth inside her, feeling the delirious joy of his filling of her. When she was opened enough to take his full length, she thrust her hips forward, sliding her cunt over his shaft, feeling his cockhead tickle and tease her waiting cervix.

God, she could spend the rest of her life with Jim buried deep in her sex, and still never get enough of him. Almost instinctively, they began that age-old rhythm of two lovers coupled together, their hips thrusting in an ever-increasing tempo, the friction of one taking the other further and further. It was moments later that Beth began to feel that wonderful tingling in her pulsing clit, and she clung tightly to her big brother as his thrusting pushed her up to, then over the edge.

Jim heard Beth's breathing change to a shallower and more ragged pace, just as the pressure in the base of his cock increased. He felt the surge of his cum as it pushed its way up his shaft, headed for his lovely sister's fluttering cunt, her walls pulling on him as she sought to take all he had to offer her.

Even as his first stringy rope of cum soared up his shaft in a desperate need to leave his body, he held his little sister as she trembled and shook in delirious ecstasy, their joining the only focus in their world.

Pounding himself inside her, Jim held himself still as his balls emptied themselves in Beth's lovely body, feeling like he wanted to be connected to her like this for all time. Amidst gasps, groans, and mewls of pleasure, the two siblings closed out the rest of the world, allowing only their feelings of lust, and of love, to manifest themselves.

In their post-coital glow, Jim held Beth to him as tightly as he could without squeezing the air out of her lungs. "Jim, have you. . have you ever been with a girl like this before?" his sister asked quietly. "No, never. You're the first girl I've ever had sex with, Sis," he informed her in a soft voice, "and it was beautiful, for me, at least.

How about you? Have you ever been with a boy before?" "Umm, no. I've touched myself, and put my fingers inside, but yours is the first cock I've ever let inside my pussy. Mom always said that I should wait until I met that special boy that made my heart sing." She leaned up and kissed Jim fully and deeply, searching for his tongue, then tasting and tangling it with her own.

They held their kiss for several minutes as Jim's cock softened and slowly slipped out of his sister. "I think I just found my special guy," Beth added, "even if he is my brother. I think I'm in love with you, Jim. In fact, I'm certain of it." Jim kissed his little sister once again, all the love in his heart demanding that he never let her go. Not today, not tomorrow, not for the rest of time. "Me, too" was all he could manage to say. Beth spent all her spare time helping her big brother cultivate the coulee section that spring, and harvest his barley crop that fall.

They managed to talk their neighbour into renting them a combine to extract the golden seeds, and a bailer to deal with the straw left behind. Between the sale of their barley and hay, there was enough money for Jim to attend college, with a little left over for Beth's tuition when she graduated. Many a day they spent out in blair williams stunning wet cutie gets cock field, leaving the house early in the morning, and not returning until just before the evening meal.

Beth would pack a large lunch, enough for both of them, and they'd take a break to eat at noon, then make love afterwards. When Jim entered college, it was decided that he'd come back to the farm as often as he could, and he and Beth would plant and harvest another crop, the proceeds from which would go towards Beth's education at the same college.

She enrolled in her first year just as her brother was starting his second. It only seemed natural for the two to share a small basement apartment that Jim had found a couple of blocks from the college campus. Hot little stripper beauty hardcore and blowjob that arrangement, it became possible for the two siblings to make love at least once a day, and many days, it was more often.

Not only did their sex life flourish, but so did their growing love for each other. Beth considered those years to be some of the best of her life, and so did her big brother. Jim graduated at the end of his second year, but remained in the city. He found a good job that paid all their bills, and allowed Beth to complete her degree without financial worries.

Through the whole experience, there were many days spent together, and many nights spent in each other's arms. Both were convinced that they were made for each other, and to prove it, devoted themselves in making each other, as often as possible.

It was half-way through Beth's final year that things began to unravel.

In the late spring, Beth found out she was pregnant. At first, she was scared, but when she told Jim, he was ecstatic. It could have been the end of their relationship, and their love, yet the fact that they were about to become parents brought the two siblings even closer.

Both Jim and Beth felt like there was nothing the world could throw at them that they couldn't overcome together. In the late summer, their Dad was working on some machinery, and got badly caught up in the mechanism. He fought valiantly to overcome his many injuries, but finally succumbed. At forty-seven years old, their mother, who had lost the only man she had ever loved, began to let herself slip into a life of isolation. She had no interest in Beth's baby, in Jim's budding career, or in trying to carry on with her own life.

A year later, she was dead of a coronary attack. Whether it was that, or a broken heart that killed her, even Jim and Beth never really knew. Both brother and sister felt devastated at the loss of their two parents, drifting through their grief as though almost in a fog. "Jim, what are we going to do? Now that Mum and Dad are gone, we have to look after Jack, and still keep our sanity.

I can't raise him alone, and I won't live my life without you. God, Big Brother, I'm scared shitless!" Beth cried. "What we should do is stay here in the city, work our asses off, and give Jack every advantage we can. But what I want to do is move back to the farm, work beside my sister, raise our son, and try to make a living growing grain and raising cattle. Most of all, though, whatever we do, I want to do it with you.

Beth, I need you, want you, and love you more than any man ever could. So I guess it's up to you to decide what you want. Then we'll go from there." "Move back to the farm? Would you really be happy there, Jim? I mean, do you really think we could build a life together?

Everybody in the county knows we're brother and sister. There's gonna be a lot of heads shaking, and gossip flying. Can we handle all that?" Beth wanted to know. "I can handle any shit they throw at us," Jim stated flatly, "and if someone doesn't like the way things are, they can either learn to live with it, or go fuck themselves!" "But what about Jack? You know he's going to get teased mercilessly, don't you?

How's he supposed to learn to handle the derision?" "He'll learn. Trust me, he'll learn, and he'll be the stronger for it. But we have to tell him the truth, all of it. It's his right to know, after all, and we'll do whatever it takes to let our boy know that he's loved, and special, and the best thing that ever happened to his Mommy and Daddy. Because that, too, is the truth." Beth responded with a life-threatening hug of warmth and love for her big brother.

That fall, Jim and Beth when the hiro family had come together that night th from allja tube porn move back to the farm, harvesting what little grain had been planted, rebuilding the run-down farm house, and building cattle pens and a barn for the beginning of their herd. As Beth suspected, Jack was hounded mercilessly for the first few months, but after that, no one seemed to care anymore that he was the child of an incestuous relationship.

By the time his sister Janine was born, fancy beauty gets anal ready for sex people began to assume that because Jim and Beth shared a last name, they were husband and wife. The arrival of their youngest offspring two years after Janine happened even as Jim was being asked to run for local county office.

Eventually, Jim and Beth sold their farm. Some rich city dweller made them an offer that neither one could refuse, and Jim had pursued county politics, but wouldn't run for re-election after two terms. There was too much in-fighting, he said, but everyone knew that the real reason was that his duties took too much time away from Beth.

They'd enjoyed their retirement years of leisure after Jim left office, and had grabbed the chance to move to Ranchland in order to have something to do. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "So, that's how we became involved with 'Children Of Incest', and we've met a lot of great people since we joined" Jim finished.

"I know that you two are only on the fringe of the subject, but there's more happy stories than sad ones. I'm not so sure that the social 18 age old girls xxx story are valid, from personal experience.

I do know that the genetic arguments come into play a lot, though. Jack and Janine worried about that when she became pregnant with our soon-to-be granddaughter. That girl must have gone through a thousand different tests, just in case." "So, how many grandchildren do you have? Amy asked their lead-hand. "Two so far, and one more coming by month's end" Jim answered. "Rod and Janine have a son, her first-born, and her and Jack have one daughter, with another one on the way.

They all live in a big house on MacKenzie Lake, and it's worked out great for all of them. Beth and I were a little worried for a while.

It confuses the hell out of people when a brother and sister greet either of our boys differently. One will yell, 'Hi, Daddy!', while the other says, 'Hi Uncle!'. We all just laugh at it, because we all know the truth, but for someone that's uninformed? Total confusion, every time!" "Yeah, I can see that. Jim, I'd love to meet your kids some time, if they're all up here at once" Ben requested, the grin on his face showing his sincerity.

"Sure. They'll be up for the Thanksgiving seminar. Maybe you'll be able to meet them then. I know it's a technicality, but you two would qualify to attend. .

well, Angela would, and you'd have to be with her, being her parents and all. Besides, it's your barn, and you're more than welcome to pop in any time you want" Jim invited. "I'd love to sit in" Amy accepted the invitation. "Oh, one more question, Jim, if I may. Every week, there's a different car over at your place. What's that all about?" "Oh that? It's simple. Jack's an auto broker for one of the big national leasing outfits.

He somehow manages to get his hands on a different vehicle almost every week. Why? Is that a problem?" Jim inquired of her. Amy just blushed as Ben broke out into gales of laughter. "What? What's so funny?" Jim wanted to know. "I'll. . I'll tell you all about it sometime, Jim. But my silly little niece is gonna be eating crow for the next couple of days! Aren't you Little One?" Ben chortled.

Amy just sat with her mouth clamped shut, and the reddest face Ben had ever seen. "Well, I gotta get back to the house" Jim excused himself, as he stood up to leave."Beth's got me running around like a rooster with his pecker cut off.

Ben, thanks for letting us use the barn, and all the rest of it. I'll make it all up to you by Christmas." Jim turned to head for the back door, then stopped to ask what he considered an important question. "Say, are you two planning on having more kids? Beth was curious, and if I don't give her an answer after all this yakking, she's going to do some major damage to my body." Ben shrugged his shoulders in silent reply, not sure how to answer the question.

He and Amy hadn't discussed the possibility. Amy, on the other hand, just smiled, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She already knew the answer. Maybe she'd let Ben high heels fetish chick and her boy later that afternoon.

. .