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Xxx sex telgu sexstory bathroom
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Based on a true story of how my brother met the love of his life and turned his whole life around. Since my first post didn't bode so well, I decided to make an extension. There will be NO SEX in this story, as it is only a prologue. If you enjoy a good romance story, this should please you.

However, I will add sex to the upcoming chapters, providing if you guys want to continue with this. Again, first story, please go easy on me. I am open to foot fetish 79 tube porn as well as constructive criticism. Any spam comments will be removed.

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April 7th, 1999 London, England My name is Jefferson Westwood. I know, (weird name, get over it.) I'm nine years old and I live with my parents, my older sister Kaitlyn, my fraternal twin brother Jack, and my nearly two year old sister Lexy. We are a semi-wealthy English family living in the Hampstead Garden Suburbs.

Background story aside, nothing eventful really happened these past years living here. Of course, there's that public school that my father insists that I'd be educated at, so life was pretty boring for a young boy like me. A few days had passed into my Easter Holiday when my father James announced proudly at the dinner table that we were going to have new neighbours soon.

I was about to speak up, but Jack beat me to it. "Really, dad? What are they like? Where did they move from?" Being the impulsive one, he's always bursting with questions. "Calm down, son." my father said, "The family's name is Davis, they're from the United States, and they've come to work for the company." Allow me to explain, the company that my father is referring to is his own private fashion business he inherited in the late 1980's. He was an intern under the old executive director when he was in college, and quickly proved himself to be a worthy successor to the multi-million pound business.

Ever since, he has been always looking for more workers to expand it further than Britain. "What your father is trying to say," my mother Christina interjected, "is that we expect you kids to be on your best behaviour." She looked at us all one by one, "They are a nice family and they deserve our respect." Oh, Mum, always the peacemaker in the house.

Unlike the rest of us, she was also born in America and didn't have as much strictness as my father had. Whenever I felt down or upset, she was always there for me. Her dazzling blue eyes comforted me and gave me a sense of reassurance that no one else could. Afterwards, we ate our meal in relative silence while my father talked of politics, taxes and everything else that us kids didn't really care about. Soon after, it was past our curfew at 9pm, and it was time to go to bed.

I would say that I got a good night's rest before our new neighbours arrived, but I would be lying. Jack and I shared the same room as most twins do, and sometimes I regret that. Our room is basically as large as the master's bedroom, with a dresser across from one window and the two single beds with respective side tables on the adjacent wall. We had a TV, though we don't really watch it very much. As I crawled into bed, my brother was simply staring out the window onto the empty house next to ours.

After our old neighbours moved away when we were two, we didn't have anyone to play with nor to socialise with. It was just us, for almost seven years. "Can you believe it?" he exclaimed, "We finally get neighbours we can hang out with!" I obviously did not share the same outlook, "Come on, we don't even know if they have any kids or not, for all we know, it's probably some old married couple." I said.

"Jeff, how long has it been since you hung out with someone?" I was shocked. He was right, between school, music and sports, other than family and other school mates, I really didn't have much ass to mouth threesome toys cummie the painal cum cat. So, I said nothing.

"Exactly, you should be as excited as I am! Mum did say that they had one kid." I chuckled, "Jack, at this rate, we're not going to get any sleep with you hollering about, get some rest, will you?" "Fine, but I wouldn't miss this moment for the world." He got into his bed and slowly shut his eyes.

Before I knew it, I was out too. "Jeff, Jeff, wake up!" my brother whispered. I was in absolutely no mood to be awoken. "What is it, Jack?" I looked over at the clock, it was just barely over 2am. "Come on, mate! It's the middle of the night!" I sank into my bed and pulled my sheet over. "They're here, mate! They're finally here!" He pulled back my sheet.

"Shouldn't you be stalking them out by the window?" He galloped to the window.peace at last. "Looks like they need some help getting their things in, Jeff. This is our chance! After all, Big natural rides cock and facial julia reaves did say to be on our best behaviour, why not welcome the neighbours by showing how much we care?" I hate myself, I really do.

I got out of bed and put on my jumper. Without any adequate lighting to guide our path, it was almost impossible to trudge down the stairs without tripping and falling on our faces. Our room just passed our little sister's room, so we had to add tiptoeing to the equation. "I can't believe we're sneaking out of the house to do this," I said as we were putting on shoes. "Be nice, Jeff. Do what Mum told us." Jack warned. It might have been a spring night, but London weather was still bitterly cold no matter what season it was.

Wind ripped through my clothes like scissors through paper, dear God, what have I gotten myself into? We walked past our driveway, and turned to the adjacent house just down the street.

Before long, we were at the curb where the Davis' car was. It was obviously overstuffed, a seemingly endless mountain of suitcases and various other bags sitting where the passengers' seats were supposed to be.

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Only three seats.Mum was right. We saw Mr. Davis pulling a heavy case out of the car and into his arms. He was a very handsome man, possibly in his early 30s with short cropped black hair and dark brown skin. I didn't see the rest of his family, as they must be inside unpacking their belongings. He struggled and strained under the weight of the case and if not for me, he might have dropped it.

"Thanks, young man," he said, "but aren't you a bit young to be up at this time of the night?" He analysed me from head to toe, probably to ensure that I wasn't trying to mug him or anything, but he still seemed suspicious.

"I live in the next house, Sir," I stated, "My brother and I came over in case you needed any help." A sudden smile went on Mr. Davis' face. "Ah!

So you're James Westwood's kids, aren't you? I've heard so much about you two from your father, a very generous man, you know." I sneered. I never really considered my father as generous in any way, in fact he was quite the opposite.

Cruel, authoritative, manipulating, but he was my one only father that I had. I should respect him. "Do you need any more help, Mr. Davis?" Jack suddenly asked. "Well," Mr. Davis said, "my wife and daughter are inside the house unpacking their stuff, can you go and help them if you can?

It's been a long day, and my wife is already stressed out." "Right away, Sir." Jack then sped off into the house, leaving me, my new neighbour, and possibly a thousand pounds worth of household items and furniture. The next cuckold watching wife swallows bbc interracial brunette was absolutely exhausting.

I initially thought that there was no way a nine year old kid like me can handle all of this work, but I managed to come through. The most difficult part was Mrs. Davis' own baggage, Mr. Davis had most of the weight, but I felt like I was trying to balance elephants upon my shoulders.

We went in and out of the house setting down bins and boxes of kitchenware into the dining room when I caught a glimpse of the Davis family. The mother was absolutely beautiful, she was a light skinned black woman in her late 20s and expressive brown eyes. Her short and curly black hair framed around her oval face and she had the whitest teeth I had ever seen.

Her daughter was essentially a miniature version of her, only with straight hair rather than curly. Probably about the same age as me and Jack, and slightly shorter.

Jack was deep in conversation with her and he seemed to really appreciate her company until Mr. Davis spoke. "Thank you, boys, that should be all until the moving van gets here. Why don't you get some shut-eye? We've bothered you long enough." "It's really no trouble, Sir." Jack replied, "Just let us know if you ever need any more help with anything.

Me and Jeff will be glad to come over." Mrs. Davis began, "That's awfully kind of you, Jack, we really appreciate everything you have done for us tonight, but it's almost morning. We'll let your parents know that you've been a great help to us and we're glad to have you as our new neighbours." For some reason, Jack hesitated a bit, but reluctantly bid them all goodnight and welcomed them to the neighbourhood. "Bye, Jack." the daughter said. "Goodbye, Naomi." Jack said rather slowly.

His eyes never left hers as we went out the door. He seemed to be in some sort of trance as we went back to our house, I tried to talk to him but he only responded with short one-word sentences until we got back upstairs to our room. It was still extremely dark outside, but the Davis' house's lights had mostly went out.

I don't blame them, I was downright tired. As I slipped into bed, Jack did the same. I asked him what was wrong. "Jeff, I think I'm in love with that girl." Son of a. Jack I slept like no boy had ever slept before.

That is, until the sun started to rise. Unfortunately, my window was pointed towards the east, which means I literally woke at dawn's early light. I never really used an alarm clock in my whole entire life, but this alternative wasn't much better. My eyelids were heavily weighing down on me, refusing to open no matter how hard I tried. long did I sleep? Last thing I remembered was.was.last night. Of course! My brother and I were helping the new neighbours move in. Good God, it was all a blur to me, and I still struggled to remember the events that happened a few mere hours ago.

I stumbled off my bed and proceeded towards the washroom. I looked at the mirror. Not bad, I thought. Not bad at all. For someone that was such a heavy sleeper, at least I didn't wake up looking like death. My long brown hair parted over my forehead as usual, looking somewhat better than a rat's nest.

My eyes, which always had a bluish hue, seemed darker than usual. Other than a misaligned incisor, I was in very good shape. Routinely, I brushed my teeth and used a washcloth to wash my face. As the coolness of the water hit my cheeks, I remembered. That girl.the one that just moved next door.

Her name was Naomi Elizabeth Davis. My God, she was beautiful. The best looking girl I had ever seen in my life. That hair, that smile, the way she spoke, it was all very hypnotic and soothing to the soul. Above all, I fell in love with her eyes.

Those eyes, a dazzling display of brown irises that just looks right through you with strength and will. I ventured back to my room, where I found my brother just starting to arise from his slumber. What a waste of a new day.

"Morning, Jeff," I said. He looked up at me, but I could tell that he was not fully awake nor was he attentive to his surroundings. In addition to sharing a room together, we had the same hair, same eyes, as well as identical body types.

Even though we're fraternal twins, I'm still taken aback by how much he looks like me. "Good morning, Jack." What a relief, I thought he was mad at me for our little exploit last night. I just hope he didn't catch a cold from being outside for so long.

Then again, what are brothers for? "I'm sorry about making you go through all that last night," I admitted, "I think I just got too excited about this neighbours thing." To my chagrin, he just stood up, and patted me on the back. "I think we all got a little too excited about this whole thing," he replied, "but you have to admit that it was a nice thing to do." With that, he went down the hallway, and down to the washroom.

Well, despite lifting a gigantic couch last night, he seemed to be in an alright mood. In spite of it all, it was worth the trouble. I just met the most wonderful girl that ever set foot in Britain. "Knock, knock," a voice called. I turned around and found my older sister Kaitlyn standing by the doorway. She was a pretty girl for an ten year old, medium stature, long straight blonde hair, and blue eyes.

We had a very beautiful gabriella paltrova blows her doctor hd relationship with one another, Jeff and I looked up to her for any advice that Mum couldn't answer.

Since we were her only brothers, she loved us both with all her heart. "Well, don't just stand there, Jack," she quipped, "aren't you going to let me in?" "Sorry.Kait." I stammered, "do come in." She sat on Jeff's bed, "Well something has got you tongue-tied, what's wrong, little brother?" Should Breathtaking orgasms for a hot awesome babe tell her?

Should I? "Just thinking of the neighbours, nothing really." I replied. She giggled, "They just moved in last night, Jack, too bad you missed it." I smiled.

Oh Kait, you might be the smartest girl I know, but you're still a blonde. Thank goodness that no one knew that we snuck out. "Yeah," I agreed, "too bad." "Don't worry, Jack!" she said enthusiastically, "We will meet them soon, Mum said so." "What do you know about Americans, Kait?" I asked. She gave an inquisitive look, and put her finger to the side of her face, indicating that she was deep in thought. "They have some weird accents, kind of like how Mum talks, they're very good at sports, and well, I don't know much, really.

I guess we'll find out soon enough." "Find out what?" Jeff asked as he walked through the door. "Jeff!" Kaitlyn exclaimed. She got up to hug him. Ah, the creepy brother-sister relationship that no one ever sees. Kait loved everything about Jeff, even once saying that no boy her age looks as good as him. It was Kait that drawn Jeff into music, since she just started playing the violin. Don't look at me, I'll just stick to football, probably the only thing Amateur wife facial and outdoor webcam in public stripper wants an upgrade can understand in this world.

Kissing him on the cheek, "You guys slept through the entire night when the Davises came in." she said. I looked over at Jeff, a slight grin appeared on his face. His acting skills sprang into action. "Come on, Kait, no one can wake up that early and not feel tired. These people must be aliens or something." "They are technically called aliens, Jeff, since they're not from this country." For the next few hours the discussion went on and on to the point where the three of us just talked about random stuff: TV shows, Movies, certain family members, etc.

Get over it, we're '90s kids, we can do this all day if we wanted to. Before we knew it, it was 9am and our mum inevitably woke to tend to our little sister Alexandra. Affectionately called Lexy, as the name Alexandra was obviously too much of a mouthful to say in a sentence. Since she was less than two years old, she was absolutely adorable.

She was everything you expect a baby to be, down to the cute cooing and occasional grabbing of your nose when you held her.

She had short dirty blonde hair, but strangely, with brown eyes. We heard Lexy giggling so we decided to investigate.

As we walked into the room, we saw her cuddling with her toy elephant while Mum looked on. Wearing her light pink robe, she looked radiant as ever. She turned, "Oh good, you guys are awake, can you go wake your father? He's being a sleepyhead again and he's going to be late for work." So Kait and I went to our parents' room while Jeff stayed behind to help change Lexy.

I don't blame him, he was never really fond of our dad, and Dad wasn't fond of him. The last thing he needed was our father's rage on him if disturbs him in his sleep. They used to be close, but they drifted apart a couple years back, I wonder why.

We opened the door and found our father fast asleep and snoring quietly in his bed. We were always amazed by how big and ornate the master bedroom was: with a large TV across from the bed, and papers strewn all over his desk. Dad always explained since he was a businessman, he needs to keep all papers and documents handy and at the ready. I never knew that meant you can't buy filing cabinets or put them in the study. They also had their own personal bathroom all to themselves that had both a shower booth and a bathtub.

With two adjacent sinks, it was a place made for royalty. "DADDY, WAKE UP!" Kait shouted while simultaneously jumping on the bed. I didn't have that enthusiasm, I thought a simple shake on the shoulder would have sufficed.

Our father groggily stirred and opened his eyes. "Good morning, Princess." He gave her a kiss on the forehead and looked directly at me. "I suppose your mum told you to wake me, didn't she, Jack?" "Um.yes, sir." I answered. He laughed, and put Kaitlyn back down on the floor, "Well, looks like you kids got me, did your mum start cooking breakfast yet?" We smelled the undeniable aroma of bacon cooking coming from the kitchen, we nodded.

"Alright, very good. Tell her I'll be right on my way as soon camille en couple ou en gangbang elle veut du sexe I get changed." He stood up to his full height, a massive figure of 6 feet just barely touching the ceiling. Normally he kept his face clean-shaven and stubble-free, but he kind of let himself go a bit.

He was a muscular man, playing rugby back in his college days to keep in shape. I wouldn't say that he is the strongest guy in the world, but well defined enough to keep bullies away from him. Basically just take a younger Ben Affleck, that's about as close as you can get to my father with his physical appearance. We left him to change into his casual business suit while going down the stairs into the kitchen.

Mum was already busy cooking breakfast while Jeff played with Lexy. If there's one thing you need to know about my mum is that she will go out of her way to make every meal as epic as possible. Her mother taught her how to make eggs in every way possible (yes, even poached) as well as how to multitask within a short period of time. Within minutes, the breakfast table in the sunroom was weighed down with ample amounts of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, fruit, toast, and various juices.

She was nicknamed the "Queen of Breakfast" at the hospital where she worked. Humbly, she refused the title. Of course my stomach instantly started to grumble as did that of my sister and brother.

Instinctively, we got on to our seats: me next to my brother, while Mum and Kaitlyn the caterer with amber deen cheating natural across from us. Lexy was at the other end of the table next to Jeff and Mum. The opposite end of the table was reserved for Dad. Mum always warned us that we couldn't start eating until our father came down. We weren't happy about this rule, but Lexy didn't seem to mind, she patiently waited.

It seemed like eternity until he finally came down, dressed as immaculate as usual. Grey suit, striped tie, the usual lacklustre attire that all dads seemed to wear these days.

Even the way he walked seemed calculative, as if he was being graded on his posture and how quiet he can be while moving. He sat down at the table, drank his coffee, and started his usual morning speech. "Good morning, Westwoods, well as you all may know, the Davises come over last night and just got settled in.

Let's get a round of applause for the new neighbours!" We all clapped with much vigor and fire in our hearts until Dad told us to stop. "They just called me and informed me that their moving van won't be coming in until this weekend, so if they need any help, you kids should be there.

I'm picking up Mr. Davis to work today, his car still hadn't come in yet." I couldn't help but smile, it would be my pleasure. "Anyway, enough talk, let's eat!" I filled my plate to the brim with food as Jeff did the same. We tried to outdo one another by how much we can eat, since we both had a monstrous appetite.

I won two days in a row, but I guess it won't be a consecutive victory this time. Jeff won undeniably. Kaitlyn just ate her food very slowly and carefully, a far cry from the attitudes of her rambunctious brothers. Mum cut the food into little pieces and slowly fed it to Lexy. She just got off baby food a couple months ago, and since then, she couldn't get enough of real food.

Dad finished his breakfast promptly and finished reading his newspaper. He kissed my mum goodbye and went off to work. As for Mum, she only works 3 days a week during the evenings so today was her day off. We just got done with breakfast before we went off our separate ways to do our homework. Oh, homework. For those of you that haven't been to private school, whenever a holiday break comes by, you can be sure that there will be a mountain of homework to finish. Whether this was to waste our time or annoy us, we weren't so sure.

I was in my fifth year of school and it could not have been more difficult. After finishing a review of mathematics, I was ready to rest and watch some TV.

Since Jeff and I figured out Child Lock before any of our parents did, we were free to watch whatever we wanted. It's not like there was much to watch anyway, just basically sports, films, and cartoons. It was just about 3pm when the phone rang, and my mum picked it up. She talked for a few minutes before hanging up. She had an excited smile on her face. "Jack? Could you come over here for a moment?" I turned off the TV and walked over to her.

"There were some electrical problems at the building where your father works, so he's coming home early! Meanwhile, the Davises are coming over in a few hours to have dinner with us, so let your brother and sister know so they can clean up the house.

Isn't this great?" No, Mum, this wasn't just great, this was perfect. I could barely contain my excitement for what is about to come. The new neighbour girl, perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, is actually coming over to my house.

Naomi, a name with such radiance and grace that any other name would be unworthy of her beauty. Her voice is perhaps the most calming sound to my ears, that sweet and wonderful American accent still echoing in my mind. Get over it, Jack, she just got here and there was no way that she is looking for love with a British white boy. I can't but dream of her, she is just that perfect.

At that moment, a melodious sound of piano rushed through russian mom son sex motherless air, bring all around me to an immediate halt. It seems as if time had stood still for just this moment, and all was calm. I walked over to the source of the sound: the sitting room, and found Jeff sitting at his piano playing away. That's the special thing about my brother, he has this unhealthy obsession with the piano since he was four.

Being the stubborn boy that he is, he refused to take lessons from even the most gifted teachers around and taught himself how to play. Our parents were never exactly what you call "musical" people, but boy, did they encourage him to do so. I often asked him why he seldom performed publicly in front of people, and to that he always said, "I don't know, I just don't play as well as I should." I took a seat on the sofa just behind the bench as I intently listened to his art.

His playing style was so tranquil that his hands were literally dancing across the keys. Not a finger misplaced, and not a note misplayed. No matter where the music came from, he would find a way. Whether it was classical, jazz, contemporary, modern, he would learn it and he would play it.

As the song came to a close, Jeff slowly lifted his hands off the final chords and rubbed them together as if they were freezing. His body wasn't even turned when he said, "You could have told me you were here." I was stunned and at the same time, amazed at the precision of his senses.

I had not made one move nor sound to indicate my presence, but he still heard it, no less. "What song was that?" I suddenly asked. He turned around, but still kept his body on the seat, "'Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral'," he gladly answered, "from Wagner's Lohengrin." To be honest, I had no idea what was he talking about… "I thought it sounded really good." I admitted. "So what brings you to me, Jack? You look more happy than usual." "Oh, it's really nothing," I said, "Mum says that the power has went down where Dad works so he's coming home early when the Davises come over." His eyebrows scrunched up a bit when I mentioned Dad, but he quickly hid his expression behind a slightly amused grin.

He chuckled quietly at my statement and smiled. He stood up from the piano bench and put his hands into his pockets. "Let me guess, clean the washrooms, vacuum the carpets, and dust the tables and shelves?" All in about two hours?" I nodded, we both knew this routine all too well. "Does Kaitlyn know about this?" "Not yet," I replied, "Mum just told me about this a few minutes ago." "Looks like we got a lot to do before they get here, brother." He turned to the adjacent cabinet just to his left and opened the doors, pulling out a box of latex gloves.

"Let's get ours hands dirty, Jack. Let's go!" I know, most of you didn't even know how to wash a toilet until you were in your teens. Hell, your parents probably threatened you with grounding or television rights if the job was not done properly.

For me, I never really dreaded doing so at least once a month. Growing up with a nurse for a mother really gets to you. Not that we were a messy bunch of children, we just can't stand disorder and filth. Trust me, Jeff almost failed an art class in nursery school for refusing to finger paint. I don't blame him, not only were they difficult to get off your hands, but the art itself looked hideous.

It must be banned. The next twenty minutes was a flurry of strenuous housework that might have even gave certain chambermaids seizures. Wearing surgical masks and gloves, we attacked any speck of dirt, dust, or visible markings in the main powder room. Violation of child labour laws? Probably. Did we care? Probably not. I wasn't called "Jack the Ripper" for nothing, since my dad taught me how scrub a toilet efficiently just about a year ago.

Remember people, it's about the rim and the underside, always is. Otherwise, you're not really cleaning it, you're just being an idiot and wasting time. The smell of bleach was nauseating to the senses, sure, but it sure was worth having a clean toilet and sink. Next came vacuuming the living room and various carpet areas, Jeff and I had a system about doing this. Since he was the stronger one, he was in charge of physically moving the vacuum while I stood to make sure the cord doesn't tangle.

In the meantime, Kait, whom everyone seemed to forget about, was happily dusting everything until it was spotless and gleaming. Our mum was just pulling out the roast beef when she looked up at us and saw our handiwork. "Oh my, thank you, guys! I didn't expect you would be done so fast!" long have we been working? I glanced over to our grandfather clock, it read 4:23 pm.

Not too bad, I thought. We started from about 3 and Jeff expected it should take until just about 5, but who knew? He was wrong. "It was our pleasure, Mum." Kaitlyn remarked. "Will there be anything else you need us to do?" Mum had finished carving up the beef, and carefully set the utensils aside.

Yeah, that might be a good idea before approaching us… But she did the unexpected, she got down on her knees and positioned her arms toward us for a hug. Instinctively, the three of us returned the favour. I noticed that she was crying. "What's old man and big brazzers, Mum? Why are you crying?" I asked. She looked up at me with her teary blue eyes and forced a little smile. So Jeff grabbed a tissue box nearby and passed it to her.

After wiping away tears and sniffles, she spoke, "I just love you kids so much, I don't think you'd understand that. You guys do everything I ask without complaining, as well as loving each other as brothers and sister should, and I couldn't ask for a better group of children to be my kids." She stood up, "Kait, you've been a perfect big sister to your brothers, taking charge when I'm not around, and just being an angel.

Jeff, you got the kindest heart, doing everyone favours without being asked, and working hard without being told. I can tell you, that's rare for kids these days. And Jack, you're my darling boy, always devoted and latin sister in kitchen at hornbunny watch free porn videos, and you remind me so much of your father." "Mum, it's alright, we do things because we like to, because you and dad have been great parents over the years and never gave up on us no matter what." Jeff said, "If anything, Mum, we should be applauding for you." Oh Jeff, always has a way of words that just seems to make everything alright again.

I couldn't help but clap to that. It was just magical. Kaitlyn joined in, giving our mother even more tears of joy. "You don't know how this makes me feel, guys, it's just so beautiful for a mother to see her kids grow up like this." she blew her nose into a tissue, "Go change into some nice clothes, we got guests coming in less than an hour." And so it has begun.

Since we were nine years old, our choices for formal dress were very limited. You can't go wrong with a plain polo shirt with khakis. In addition, we always wore black socks, since white socks stood out too much. I was combing my hair in the mirror when Kaitlyn came in. "Jack, you look so handsome! May I use the washroom so I can clean up a bit?" I glanced over at her, she looked spectacular. Her blonde tresses of hair cascaded delicately around her face, all the way down to her shoulders.

The eyes were a pale blue, gleaming like black girl screwed by pervert pawn dude at the pawnshop hardcore reality pools of light framed so meticulously by her eyelashes. She was dressed in her normal Sunday clothes, a simple pink dress decorated with a small bow. She noticed my gaze over her, and instantly furnished a smile that lit up the whole room.

I simply just nodded to her request and walked out. Well this is it, the two families from across the ocean will finally meet together in the same house. I grabbed my old camera, after making sure it had film, moved downstairs in waiting. The aroma of cooked beef and potatoes was clearly distinguishable in the cool, afternoon air. Well, it was spring, mind you, so the air is always humid and the weather glum and impassive. There were spots of frost in the garden, and the constant dropping of dew from the eaves.

Believe it or not, this is actually considered a good day, and we English kids carved solitude from the dreary climate that is England's. The doorbell rang, and I expected our new guests to pop through the door, but I was disappointed with the sight of my father, his work bag in hand, walking into the foyer. He hung his hat on the rack and proceeded to take off his shoes. "Hello, son. How are you today?" I cleared my throat, "I'm fine, Sir.

Just a little nervous about this dinner, that's all. It's nothing important." My father patiently nodded, "No need to worry, I think you would like the Davises, they are a very polite and proper bunch. They have a daughter, you know; she's just about your age.

Very smart as well, very well spoken." I simply just stood there, waiting for him to finish. He laughed and patted me on the shoulder, "Remember your manners, Jack.

Remind your brother and sister as well. They should be coming in about two minutes or so, so get ready to open the door. Remember to bow." He started to walk towards the kitchen. "Yes, Sir." I instinctively said, as I followed him to the dining room.

I found Jeff setting the table, paying attention to every small detail possible. Our dining room was nothing short of a palatial setting, with an enormous 16 foot table spanning across the entire room.

There were four chairs on each horizontal side, and one special mahogany high chair at the end reserved for Lexy. Several bottles of port wine were placed at the center of the table indicating how important this meal was. Serving utensils as well as regular utensils were at the ready with accompanying napkins.

"Is there anything that I missed?" Jeff suddenly asked. "Mate, it's dinner for the new neighbours, not a feast with the Queen for Christmas, I think you're overdoing this." "Come on, I'm serious." he said in an earnest tone, "I've got the feeling that I'm forgetting something." I scanned the table, nothing seemed to be missing, other than the food itself. We got the drinks: wine for the adults, a pitcher of iced water for the lot of us.what else was needed?

Then it just hit me: "Cups!" I exclaimed, "We completely forgot of the cups and glasses." My father chuckled, "Right you are, Jack.

A table is never complete without them." He was out of his regular business suit, wearing his casual dress of a white shirt complete with a dark grey blazer and dress pants. I must say he looked dashing but still had a sort of authoritative charisma radiating from his stance and posture. "Jeff, you should know better." Jeff walked over to the cupboard and carefully grabbed the glasses off of the shelves.

He placed them on each respective seat and stared at the intricacy of his work, quite pleased with himself.

"Alright, dear. You can bring the food now." My father proceeded to help my mother with all the dishes that she had worked so hard to prepare. "Christina, you really outdone yourself this time, this looks magnificent." "Why, thank you James." Mum blushed a little bit, always humbled by any compliment given by my father. At that moment, Kaitlyn came down with little Lexy down the stairs.

Lexy was dressed in a similar fashion as her sister, in an aquamarine coloured dress with a little hair bow on her head. "I got Lexy dressed up, Mum," Kaitlyn announced, "What do you think?" "AWWW! She looks absolutely precious! Though I don't remember buying that dress, Kaitlyn." Mum replied. "Haha, I bought this for her last week as her birthday is coming up in a month, but I couldn't resist." "Well, Lex?" my mother asked, "Do you like your dress?" A smile turned up immediately on Lexy's face as she nodded.

I couldn't help but to put my own smile on my face. She was just plain adorable. After our delightful adoration of our baby sister, we started to set the food upon the table. It was your typical Sunday roast, but only on a Friday. Roast beef was always present, served along with our homemade family gravy in a sauciere.

The sides consisted of steamed mixed vegetables: carrots, broccoli, and diced aubergines, nothing like a balanced diet. Potatoes were also on the plate, roasted until they were golden brown and crispy. Lastly, we had our Yorkshire puddings. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a common English side dish made of pancake batter. Shaped like small tea cup, we serve it with our gravy. All was well. The doorbell rang, it was time. "Jack, will you please get the door?" Mum asked.

It would be sex storiessex sex stories xxx sex stories com genuine pleasure. After looking in the mirror yanks asian hope gold learns to love her body more sure everything was straight and proper, I ran over to the front door.

This is it, the moment of truth that I have been waiting for, better make a good impression. My hand slithered over the cold brass doorknob while I slowly turned it. Mr. Davis glanced at me and his face instantly lit up as he smiled. "Well, Jack, for a stranger who broke into my house you sure clean up well." He laughed, and proceeded to walk in; Mrs.

Davis and Naomi followed close behind him. My parents sprang up immediately and introduced themselves to their new associates. As for me, I wasn't really paying attention, I was too focused on the angel right next to me. "Hi, Jack." Naomi said. "How do you do, Naomi." I nervously said. We basically discussed about how she liked it here in the UK and how everything went last night, she seemed really glad to start a conversation with someone that wasn't her parents.

She mentioned that she never really had many friends because she didn't exactly fit in with the other kids. I was about to ask her what she meant until my parents interrupted. "Jack, come on, let's have dinner, shall we?" my dad asked. Oh come on, she was just starting to get to the good part! Oh well, good things happen to those who wait.

The family walked from the foyer into the dining room to find Kaitlyn playing with Lexy in her chair. Of course, when she saw the Davises, she instantly stopped and walked over to greet them. "You must be Mr. and Mrs. Davis, I'm Kaitlyn Westwood. It's a great pleasure to meet you both." She looked over at Naomi. "And you must be their daughter, and you are…" "My name is Naomi," she answered, "Naomi Elizabeth." Kait suddenly started clapping, "Finally! A girl in this neighbourhood!" We all started laughing, and yes, this is actually normal behaviour for my sister, probably inherited from my mum from her younger days.

I can't help but notice how much they look like each other… In the meantime, Naomi giggled. And the sound was beautiful. Naturally, we both sat next to each other at the table. Jeff was at my right, my parents directly across from us. The conversation with our new neighbours was relatively light, mostly between our two mothers discussing how well the food was prepared.

Mum tried to shrug off most of the compliments, saying that it was only alright, but the stern look from the Davises forced her very hott rare interracial lesbian sincerre and monroe concede defeat. The beef was savoury and juicy as usual, which complemented the potatoes nicely. I even admit that the side dish of vegetables took me by surprise. Normally I was not very fond of eating healthy, but this was the exception.

As I tried not to eat like a savage as I usually do, I looked over at Naomi to see what was happening. She was so gentle! I mean with almost perfect table manners! Her utensils almost never touched the plate and never made a single sound. I guess I was quite immobile for a while because Jeff shook my shoulder.

"Jack, are you frozen?" he whispered. I immediately was taken out of my trance and I tried to focus on what lay in front of me. Is every crush like this? When you're so absorbed into another person that you could barely stop staring?

I had hardly touched my food before my father began to speak. "Alright kids, let's all introduce ourselves. Jack, you already met Naomi, but you haven't met her parents yet. Oh God, I completely forgot about what happened last night.please don't rat us out.PLEASE DON'T RAT US Flogging japanese babes muff hardcore and groupsex. My silent pleas for mercy proved to be futile as Mr.

Davis started to recall the events of the night before. "Actually James, both of your sons and I have met before." he remarked. A look of confusion immediately appeared on Dad's face followed by a skeptical expression.

He raised his right eyebrow, "Oh, is that so? When did all of you meet all of a sudden?" Hostility and suspicion were palpable in the way he spoke. Taking the hint, Mr. Davis hesitated. I didn't blame him, my father was quite strict when he didn't know what was going on, especially when it involved his two sons.

(Wasn't he such a great host?) I took a quick glance mom sax full movi com the table, everyone had stopped eating as the attention was redirected towards the two men.

Sensing trouble, Mrs. Davis rose to her husband's rescue. "I can explain, James." she said softly, Dad quickly gazed at her. Mr. Davis was in absolute silence as his wife tried to save his pride. Naomi stayed quiet, as did much of the kids at the table. "We drove to the house approximately at 2am, and the whole neighbourhood was asleep by then.

Naomi and I started to move some of the lighter stuff into the house while Scott handled the heavier things. I guess that's when your sons started to come by, Jack came into the house and introduced himself and Jeff as the boys living next door.

He offered to help us so naturally we accepted it. Jeff came in about 10 minutes later with my husband carrying the luggage and the other bags. All of us finished just before three-thirty so we told the boys to go back home." My father did not say anything, so she continued, "Please, James, your boys have been a great help to us and I'm sure they would never do anything to anger you. If anything, I think they deserve praise for they've done for us, even when they weren't being asked to." My father still didn't say anything, his gaze fixed upon his plate.

Suddenly he looked up, with an expression that was neither anger nor gratitude. His light brown eyes had a gentle glow to them, which could mean anything. Finally, he spoke. "After this, you boys and I are going to have a talk, do you understand me?" "Yes, Sir." We both said, knowing that our fates were sealed.

Nasty oriental tits mashing stockings and japanese of us continued eating, too stunned to say anything else that may tip my father over the edge.

This was my fault. I could have told him from the beginning, at least he would have praised about my honesty. Why didn't I say anything about it?

I looked over at Jeff but he didn't even acknowledge me. Not even a hint. The only person who met my eyes was Kaitlyn, who gave me a look of sympathy and regret. She tried to reassure me with a slight smile which admittedly, was probably what I needed most.

On a lighter note, the food that Mum prepared was excellent as usual, As the food slowly started to dwindle from the table, conversation between the two families seemed to be inevitable. All of us kids didn't want to talk out of line or to say something stupid, so it was up to the parents to break the ice.

What I didn't expect was that that person would be my mum. ibu mertua sange japan extreme Naomi, you've been awfully quiet throughout this dinner, who don't you tell us more about yourself?" she asked.

"Umm…" she stammered, "I like school and reading a lot." Shy, but not too shy. I like it. My mum tried to speed up the conversation, "Anything about school that you come to enjoy?" "I just got into the gifted program at my old school," she said, "It was a step up for me because my old classes were too slow and the kids in there don't behave." "Do you like it?" She started to smile, "Yes, I really like it, the kids are a lot nicer and actually like learning new things from the teacher." "Naomi's a math genius," Mrs.

Davis said, "When she first started grade school, she won multiple awards for mental math as well as some for complex multiplication. Her father and I can't be anymore proud of her." Naomi face started to turn red. "Really, guys. It's nothing." I spoke up, "I think it's really impressive, Naomi, not everyone here can be good at maths at a young age." "Thanks, Jack." she tried to suppress a slight smile, "I really appreciate it." "Was there anything you planned to do before you moved here?" my dad asked.

She hesitated a bit, but replied, "I was thinking about going into gymnastics, my gym teacher told me I was flexible enough." My mother's eyes sprang wide, "You know, we do have a gymnastics camp downtown in London, they train both girls and boys for local and regional competitions." "What do you think, dear?

Do you think you might be interested in that?" her father asked. "I might.I don't know." she shrugged awkwardly, "I'd have to think about it." Mr. Davis looked over by the staircase and noticed Jeff's piano shining through a tiny sliver of sunlight coming from the windows.

Naqaab burqa creature moon boy

It was a grand piano we bought for Jeff when he was four years old. It cost a fortune to transport and to assemble in our house, but he made it worthwhile by practicing on it almost every single day for the past five years.

Kaitlyn once joked that Jeff would be the next Mozart, but as time went on, that title became more and more plausible. "I'd say," Mr. Davis remarked, "That's a fine piano you got there, I take it that one of you is a musician?" "That'll be me, Sir." Jeff answered, "I got it when I was in my first year." "Really, Jeff?" Mr. Davis looked surprised, "I don't suppose you can play something for us after dinner?

Mrs. Davis and I do enjoy a bit of Beethoven, if you don't mind." My brother's face was flushed red as I mustered the courage to respond, "Umm.sure. I'm sure that it won't be a problem." "How did you get interested in the piano, son?" "Well, my parents played a lot of Mozart to us while we were growing up, I guess it really stuck to me as a kid." "Not exactly a prodigy, yet." Dad remarked, "He still has quite a long way to go." "I'm only nine, Sir." Full length sex in buetiful sexinporn replied.

"Still a young age to accomplish so much, Jeff." Mrs. Davis said, "You know, Naomi here is turning nine years old on the 10th, and she's done so much already!" Naomi started to blush, "Thanks, mom." "Anything for my baby." I would say that we had a nice and pleasant short dinner but I was completely wrong as the adults dominated the conversation afterwards.

Mostly talking about business and job opportunities around the area, which us kids were none too interested about. It was considered rude to leave the table, so we had to endure the torture until all the food was clear from the plates.

To be honest, I didn't have a problem with that, she was still right here next to me. "Okay, kids." my mum said, "Run along now and let us clean up the table, alright?" "Yes, mum." we all answered. I took Lexy out of her chair and put her in the nursery where she happily played with her toys. Jeff joined in with her, keeping a close eye to make sure nothing goes wrong. Meanwhile, Naomi, Kaitlyn and I sat in the sitting room just across the hall. The sitting room was essentially a study that we never found a use for.

Bookshelves lined the walls with all types of literature, from children's books to dictionaries to medical journals. There were four lounge chairs surrounding a small round coffee table. A portrait of my father and my mother hung proudly opposite of the door, showing their joy after they both graduated college.

Not exactly a great place to hang out, but quiet enough to help everyone gather their thoughts. Kaitlyn started the conversation, "So Naomi, that's a quite interesting name, is there a story of how you got it?" Naomi began to smile, "It's my grandmother's name when she got baptised by her local church, she was raised by a white family after they adopted her.

What about you, Kaitlyn?" "It's the name of one of my mum's old friends back in secondary school, she tutored her in science and got her interested in nursing." Our guest looked around, "Is that why there are so many…" "All of her notes from university, I'm afraid." I said. "That's incredible…" she murmured.

She went on to tell us that back in her home in the United States, she lived in what we call a flat in the UK, only a lot smaller than what we imagined it to be. North Philadelphia was her birthplace and it was a rough town indeed, crime and violence rampant in the streets. She turned out to be a very gifted child who excelled in school, both her parents worked day and night to support her at their living expenses.

Most kids around her bullied her for her love of mathematics and sports, so consequently she made very few friends. When Mr. Davis was dismissed from his job due to a funding shortage at his old workplace, he scoured the area for something to keep his family afloat. Unfortunately, no one was hiring, not even teen pussy fucked and groped at blowjob casting jobs.

Mrs. Davis' teaching job was also heading towards rougher waters, with her wages shrinking smaller and smaller. Just before he was about to apply for unemployment benefits, he received a monthly call from my father, checking up on his old college friend. Learning of his first time sex girl 18age, he offered him a job as head secretary of his new company. Seeing this as an opportunity to save his family from poverty, Naomi's dad gladly accepted.

As for my dad, he didn't waste any time to make sure his old friend was comfortable in his new life. He pleaded with our neighbourhood manager, promising to help pay the mortgage on the Davis' new house until they can get everything together. Within a week, little Naomi's life was changed forever as she ventured into the unknown with stare at two lesbian attractive girls masturbation smalltits parents. Kaitlyn spoke up, "Oh dear.

Pretty beauteous nymphs have pleasure masturbation and smalltits

must be extremely difficult for you guys to leave your home all of a sudden! I can't imagine leaving Britain for hardcore milf feet horny step mom gets slammed country I don't know about." "I don't think my dad had a choice, I knew we didn't have a lot of money, but at that point we couldn't even pay our rent.

Besides, I really like your country, it's clean and peaceful and full of wonderful people." Naomi said. "Wonderful people, like us?" I asked. She looked directly into my eyes, her sharp brown eyes shining and smiled, "Yeah, exactly." Our conversation was interrupted by music bisexual brother joins sister and boyfriend from the floor below us. Something by Beethoven, I believe. One of Jeff's favourite pieces. "Is that your brother playing the piano downstairs?" Naomi asked.

"Well, I can't think of anyone else that could, do you want to go downstairs and have a listen?" I offered. She nodded. As we ventured our way downstairs, we saw both our parents sitting on the chairs behind the piano listening patiently to Jeff's art.

Lexy was sitting in Mum's lap just smiling as she usually did whenever she hears music. My brother was in his seat of power as usual, with an absolute stoic expression on his face as his large hands glided among the keys.

It was always hard to tell how music affects him emotionally as he never shows it. The Davises seemed to be really moved by the wondrous sound that was flowing through their ears. Any tension that they had at dinner earlier quickly vanished as Jeff played his piece. When he finished, there was a tremendous applause, including from my father, who was hardly impressed with anything Jeff did over the years.

Mum was crying tears of joy, unable to take in what she had just heard. Mrs. Davis did the same, grabbing a box of tissues nearby to dry her eyes. Even Naomi was at a loss for words, but I didn't blame her: there were simply no words that can lucidly describe what happened just moments ago.

Jeff cleared his throat, "That was Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, I hope you guys enjoyed it." Mrs. Davis stood up and immediately gave him a hug, "It's beautiful, Jeff. Promise me that you won't stop doing what you do. You have some incredible talent and I know it can take you far. Just keep on playing…please." "Thank you, Mrs. Davis. That really means a lot to me, thank you." She released him from her embrace and just smiled.

Mr. Davis walked over and shook Jeff's hand, patting him on the shoulder for the good work. "Jeff, that was really something, and let me tell you, it's not easy to make a man cry. Don't ever doubt your extraordinary abilities." "Yes, Sir." Jeff said.

Mum put down the box of tissues and rose from her chair. "Would anybody like some dessert? I believe we have some ice cream in the fridge." "I haven't had ice cream in years…sure, Mrs.

Mamba black dick inside slut hot milf movie, I would love some." Naomi replied. For us, ice cream was a bit of a rarity that we seldom ate. My parents, being the usual health nuts that they are, always refrained us from sugary desserts as much as possible. Unless we were celebrating something, ice cream was completely out of the question. We were led into the kitchen where Mum laid out the tub of vanilla ice cream for us.

The container was only about half full, so the four of us grabbed spoons and began digging in. By the time we finished, Kait was already on the verge of a sugar rush so she went to go play tag with Lexy. Both the fathers went into my dad's study to discuss Mr. Davis' new job while Mum gave Mrs. Davis a tour of the house. Sensing boredom coming along, Jeff suggested that we go into the lounge where we just placed our new pool table.

"You know how to play pool, Naomi?" Jeff asked. "Not really, I've seen it a lot on TV but never actually understood how it worked." she answered. He went on explain that it usually requires two players, (so I was excluded from the first game) and one player breaks the triangular set of balls with the cue ball. Whoever pockets a ball first gets to have another turn, but only to sink another ball with the same pattern.

This continues until all the balls are pocketed. If you sink the 8-ball before you clear out, it's an automatic loss. Naomi nodded as he explained the process, seemingly assured of what she was doing. Since she was the guest, she went first. The break didn't sink anything so it went to Jeff who sank two balls on his turn.

"Show off." Naomi pointed out, Jeff simply shrugged. For the first few minutes, my brother dominated the game while Naomi slowly got the hang of it. When she sank four balls in one single turn, his eyebrows went up in shock. "How did you do that?" he asked. "It's geometry, Mr. Westwood, just plain geometry." she proudly answered. Her full pink lips formed into a devious grin. My brother quietly chuckled, "Is that a challenge, Miss Davis?" She said nothing, only giving him a wink before letting him take his turn.

You could say that the game soon turned into a fight to the death between my brother and my crush, but that would be an understatement. Soon it all came down to just the 8-ball, and sure enough the tension between the two was clear.

The showdown had begun. Jeff took the first shot, aiming the ball directly at the corner pocket. When all seemed to be lost for Naomi, he coincidentally hit the cue too lightly and the 8-ball just barely hit its mark. It hung over the hole like a spectre, but it didn't go in. Naomi shook her head, "Too bad, Jeff, I'm really sorry." She positioned the stick over the cueball, ready to win the game once and for all.

As she pulled her arm back, time seemed to slow down. She gazed at me, while giving me a confident smile struck the stick forward. Rather than the rolling to the other ball, the cue ball pounced towards the edge of the table and ricocheted left, completely missing its target.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the cue ball sailed through the air and struck me directly on my right cheek. I groaned over in pain and collapsed on the couch. Our guest's eyes went wide and she rushed to my aid. "Oh my God, Jack! I'm so sorry! Are you alright? Do you need an ice pack or something?" she looked over at Exceptional tight teen gets her soft fuckbox and little butthole banged, her face stricken with concern, "You guys DO have ice moms lick teens part 2, right?" After a brief nod, my brother ran to the kitchen.

"Oh my… I think it's swelling up a bit… please don't get mad at me, Jack! It was only an accident!" She looked as if she was about to bawl her eyes out. To be honest, it didn't hurt as much as it did ten seconds ago, but it did sting quite a bit.

Just when Naomi started to cry, I put my hand on her shoulder. "It's alright, Naomi. I know it's an accident, no need to blame yourself for it. We all make mistakes." As if on cue, Jeff returned back with the ice pack and put over my face. I winced at the sudden chill that impacted my cheek but the pain gradually subsided.

Glancing over to the side table on my right, I grabbed a tissue and handed it over to Naomi. I looked right into her glassy, but very beautiful brown eyes, "Please don't cry, you're much too beautiful for doing so." At that moment, I almost wanted to take those words back, it sounded so stupid!

Reluctantly, she took the tissue. "Thanks, Jack." She wiped away the excess tears running down her face, but continued studying mine for any signs of bruising. However, I felt no pain at all, just the sight of her was enough to make me whole again. Naomi's lips began to quiver, so I put my finger to it and told her to calm down.

After 30 minutes of sitting in silence together, the ice pack melted so Jeff put it back in the fridge. Right on time, our parents came over. "Naomi, it's getting late." Her father said, "It's time to go home." I looked outside, it was getting darker as the sun slowly dissipated over the horizon.

Her expression was sombre, devoid of any emotion as she stood up from the couch. She faced her parents, "Okay, just let me get my jacket and we'll go." Her mum wasn't buying any of it, "Honey, is everything alright? You seem really down, anything we can do?" "Actually… I was wondering if Jack can walk me over to the house." she suggested. My eyes instantly shot open. What was she up to? Whatever it was, I wanted to be a part of it. Mum looked over at the Davises, "Why, of course you may, dear." she said, "I don't see a problem with it, do you James?" Dad looked a bit uneasy as he attempted to form an answer, "It's alright with me, but be back in no less than ten minutes, you hear?

We still need to talk." I nodded at him, "Yes, Sir." "Very well." He turned over to the adjacent room and called out, "Kaitlyn, the Davises are leaving! Show some manners, young lady!" Like a speeding bullet, Kaitlyn burst into the room holding Lexy in her arms. "Do you guys really have to go so soon? It seemed like you just got here!" "Kait," Mum warned, "The Davises have had a long day, don't forget that they just moved in yesterday, they need their rest." She put Lexy down as they both frowned at the same time, "Okay, fine.

But can we get a hug from Naomi? She's been such a good friend since she got here." "Sure thing, Kaitlyn." Naomi said as she embraced her. Lexy seemed disappointed to be left out, so she crossed her arms until our guest picked her up and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Bye, guys. Thanks for the dinner, Mrs. Westwood, it was truly wonderful." "You're more than welcome, my dear, drop by anytime you like! You're always welcome in our household." Mum furnished one of her warm and sincere smiles.

As they all walked to the doorway to put on their shoes, the rest of us followed behind. Jeff shook hands with both of Naomi's parents, promising to keep playing piano for as long as he could.

Naomi started to whisper in Jeff's ear, but I could only pick up one word: rematch. I put on my coat as I escorted Naomi outside. Kaitlyn looked bewildered when I stepped out the door, but she remained silent. With the warm glow of the sunset shining over our faces, Naomi and I descended over to the driveway and turned left towards her new home.

It seemed just a moment ago that she was moving in… After her father unlocked the front door, Naomi carefully took me by the hand up fuck two busty chicks hardcore and fucking stairs to her bedroom. It still was very vacant, containing only a bed and a night table beside it. The walls were bare and unpainted, but under the light coming from the window, they looked as if they were made of gold. She sat over on her bed, and motioned for me to sit beside her.

"I really had sex xxn porn story com great time tonight, your family was wonderful." she said. I managed a coy smile, "Anything for you guys, we can't ask for better neighbours than this." Naomi giggled, "Aren't we your only neighbours?" "Exactly." "Oh Jack," She laughed, "Such a clever boy…" she started to reached for my face as I pulled back immediately.

"What's wrong? Oh, I'm sorry!" She looked down in shame. I lifted her chin, "I told you before, you don't have to apologise." It was really dark now as the sun had completely set.

She took a slow and laboured breath, "Did you mean it, Jack?" "Did I mean what?" "That you thought I was too beautiful to cry." "I… think you're the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on, no English girl can compare. You should never feel sad." I dumbly said. She pulled me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Pain erupted over the right side of my face, more intense than anything I have felt before, but I didn't care. If this is indeed love, then love hurts.