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Busty girl krystal swift with big tits public gangbang orgy with big dick
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Part 17 A New Beginning The birth seemed almost anti-climactic. Rafaela endured eight hours of pain to hold her daughter to her breast. Following the birth, Jennifer took the opportunity to repair some of the vaginal damage from the long ago rapes. Rafaela would be as tight as when she first met Michael. Mother, daughter, father and eight aunts cared for the little girl.

Michael understood and allowed his harem to care for his child. By unanimous vote, they named her Michaela. The birth, though, triggered pain in many of his women. Rachel, Beth and Shoshana would never know the pain and magic of having a child in their birth canal.

The day following the birth, Michael and Beth leenuh rae has got a big booty the main living room, smiling at Rafaela, feet up, snoring gently in an overstuffed recliner with a pillow under her butt.

Maria was staring out the large windows overlooking the sea. Her face and body language said she was miserable. They went to her. "What's up, Honey?" Michael asked as he bent to kiss her cheek.

"I know I have to heal, but it hurts so much," she wailed softly and started to cry. Beth sat next to her, pulling her into a hug, "You're almost through it, Honey. Just a little longer and you'll see the clouds part.

Sometimes it just takes a trigger to get you the last few steps." At the word "trigger", her head snapped up.

She looked directly into Michael's eyes, pleading. Michael and his harem had discussed this the night before. Nita had responded to the months of intense therapy, but Maria had hit a plateau and could not seem to get passed it.

In her mind it was simple. Make love to Incredible blonde euro babe aisha in her 1st interracial fuck and she would be cured, just like Rafaela. Jennifer had even put her on birth control, though more to regulate her cycle than afford protection. Maria could not understand why they would not share him. They loved her.

She was sure of that. She certainly wasn't a virgin! Like a sore tooth, she had explored the seeming contradiction every day for the past several weeks. Knowing he might regret it, he said, "We'll talk about it tonight at dinner." She jumped into his arms, tugging to get him to lean forward so she could reach his lips. Her kiss was filled with animal lust and need. When they broke the kiss, he saw the sadness in Beth's eyes.

Maria whispered, "I'll be a good slut for you, Michael." Inside he winced. "Remember, we'll talk at dinner," he said to her back as she streaked to the bedroom she shared with Nita.

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"I don't think she heard you, Dad," Beth said sadly. ************************************************************************************************* As Beth stepped into the shower, Michael followed. He spun her to face him, startling her. He took her face in his hands and kissed her, trying to send his love through his lips and tongue. One hand on her back to keep her pressed against his hardening cock, one hand on the back of her head, keeping their lips locked together.

After what seemed an eternity, their lips parted. He stared into her eyes, "I loved you before you were even born and every minute since. I loved you enough to risk losing you. I love you more than life. Don't ever doubt that, Honey," he said fiercely. They washed in silence and toweled off. Michael picked her up and carried her to bed. They kissed with a ferocity born of pain. She desperately wanted to be joined to him, not through his shaft, but through his skin. She wanted to be a part of him.

She wanted him to be hers alone. She needed to feel that special bond again. He understood. He levered himself atop her, his cock trapped against her belly. "Daddy, I need you inside me. NOW!" She wiggled to free his member, urgently grabbed ela doida para montar no de verificaccedilatildeo shaft. She rubbed it up her slit, parting her inner lips and pulled him into her steaming depths.

He thrust hard and deep. By the third stroke she was fully impaled. Her hands dug into his ass as she thrust upward. They soon found their rhythm. To the outside, it would seem brutal fucking, but it was really an act of desperation on a primal level. Both said goodbye to an old, normal life and sought to embrace a new one.

Having been asked to share one more time, both felt the loss of time together. Knowing each other's body well, they came together. He eventually rolled off her and held her close.

"What just happened?" she asked in wonder. "I don't really know. I just feel like I let go of something." Beth nodded. Maria fidgeted, waiting for dinner. She had spent the afternoon politicking the harem to agree. Finally they were called to the table. It would have been cruel to force the small girl to endure further uncertainty.

Two presents sat in front of her place at the table. One was square, the other rectangular and flat. Maria's hands flew to her mouth and she ran to Michael, jumping into his arms, placing her soft, supple lips on his.

When the kiss broke, she whispered, "I'll be a good cumbucket for you." Inside, Michael winced again. She happily hugged each woman in turn, finally hugging Nita who had a strange look on her face. Danni ashe and ashley rene gagged two bondage and bigtits tore the paper from the box. She opened it to see her commitment ring.

As she was about to put it on her left ring finger, Beth spoke, "Honey, you wear it on our right hand until you and Michael make love. Then you put it on your left hand." She opened the second gift.

"This is for you as a member of our adult family, it is a symbol of love," Rafaela explained. She insisted at being at dinner, despite the pain. "When will I get my ring and necklace?" Nita asked quietly. Alice visibly winced.

This was just what she feared would happen. Michael sat down and patted his lap. She sat obediently. He reached down and lifted her chin, looking straight into her eyes. "Honey, you will choose that time. You know I love you, but as a father, as someone to guide and protect you.

If you offer yourself to me, I couldn't say no. But then I will love you as a woman. Think hard because the moment a woman first offers her love never comes again." "I know you lost your physical virginity to a brutal rape. So did most of the people in this room. What some men don't understand is that your emotional virginity is much, much more important and valuable. Miguel tried to force Maria to offer herself to him. When she refused, he tried to destroy her." "Yet tonight, she's offered herself to me.

Her once in a lifetime gift." "This summer we'll start to travel and learn our new world and our new neighbors. In this land, you and Maria are exotic and, in any world, you and Maria are very beautiful. Young men will seek you out. As a father, I would want you to wait until after the summer to choose samia with nice ass getting throbbed hardcore in kitchen offer yourself." As he finished, he looked up, directly into Maria's eyes.

Then she looked down at her ring. She turned to Alice, her eyes pleading.

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Alice walked around the table to whisper something to her and led her aside. Nita went with them. Jennifer rose and walked to him. She kissed him, hard on his lips, "I don't think I have ever seen a better father." "So just where are we going this summer?" Beth asked.

Michael pointed to Jennifer. "Ask our tour guide. She can make a list and Tim will make it happen. I'd really like to do all the local things and some diving on the Great Barrier Reef." Rafaela rose and kissed Michael with love. She slept in a side room with the baby. Jennifer joined her, concerned with the amount of energy Rafaela had expended so soon after giving birth.

Alice returned as they prepared for bed. Everyone seemed a bit subdued having seen Maria go from uncapped joy to uncertainty. "You trying to put me out of business?" Alice said to Michael, a beautiful brunette pleasuring his cock in pov smile on her face, "months and months of therapy and you get her to open up in ten minutes.

She wants to wait, at least till after summer. She wants to keep her ring and necklace, but she's afraid to tell you." "Go to her and Nita. Take Beth. They really identify with her. They saw her statement on the Internet." They knocked softly. Nita opened the door. Maria sat on her bed, head down. Michael went to her as Beth asked Nita if she was OK. Nita nodded and pushed her gently toward Maria. Michael and Beth hugged her from both sides. "I want to be fixed," a sniffle, "I want to feel clean and new.

Michael, I need you." "I know, Honey," he hesitated, "I love you Chika. But what I said to Nita goes for you too. I could never refuse you. You know that.

But as your father, it is my job to protect you, even if it's from yourself." Maria pretty blonde teen bonnie grey gets pounded by her stepdad to sob which escalated into a wail.

He pulled her to his chest, stroking her cheek. Across the room, Beth held Nita. Finally the tears ran dry and they got the girls in bed. Exhausted, they returned to their room, collecting Alice who slept in a recliner. Michael slept late. He awoke with Shoshana beside him. She smiled radiantly. "Good morning love," he said smiling. "Good morning my husband," she replied.

"Where is everyone?" "It's past noon. They're in the pool. The girls woke everyone early. They want to learn to swim, so they can dive and surf this summer.

They also want to work out with you, Beth and Jennifer. They want killer bodies. According to Jennifer, the guys are awesome. Fortunately, I have the most awesome man." It was the truth from her perspective. He slid out of bed and reached his hand to her, pulling her out of bed and into his arms. He grabbed his trunks. She slipped into a one piece slinky purple bathing suit that accentuated her lovely body, yet could not hide her nipples.

'Dear God,' Michael thought, 'the boys will go ape over her.' Michael and Shoshana were in time to see the end of the lesson. Beth and Jennifer had Maria and Nita in the shallow end with Alice nearby to help, teaching them the basics. Lynne swam laps slowly. Rafaela sat in a lounge, a pillow beneath her, nursing their child. Rachael swam languidly in a wall lane. She had not been diving in more than twenty years! Food arrived as the girls climbed out of the pool. Maria came to him and kissed him on the forehead, "Thank you, Daddy." She walked off swinging her hips provocatively, emphasizing what he had missed.

Lynne swatted her butt, "Don't be a prick tease. Don't tease until you're ready to please." "But I am ready to please!" Giggling, she deftly avoided a black girl white boy and carimpe swat. They came to think of the summer as a new beginning for them all.

They attacked their explorations with a relentless enthusiasm. Tim only objected to public water parks and amusement parks. Reluctantly they agreed to postpone those adventures. They dove the Great Barrier Reef, rode the sky rail to and from Kuranda station, explored the Sydney zoo and aquarium; they took a water taxi to eat at Doyle's in Watson's Bay they climbed Uluru. Nearer home, they learned to surf with hard-bodied lifeguards as instructors.

Oddly, Nita led the flirting. They tanned on the beach and pool deck, Maria avoiding the sun, as she would become too dark. If it wasn't a perfect summer, it was close. Maria turned 17 and Nita 16. They had separate parties for each at the guesthouse in the compound under the watchful eyes of Tim's men. None of the local guests ventured to the main house. Michael and his harem gave Maria a diamond necklace and Nita a beautiful hand crafted belly ring with a native deity outlined in platinum.

The amount of attention poured into the girls helped them heal. Alice monitored their progress. She was pleased, but apprehensive. While Maria was genuinely recovering, she continued to focus on Michael.

One night, near the end of summer, she took Michael aside. Outside, rain pounded against the ocean facing windows.

"I need to talk with you about Maria," she said sadly. "You gave me five months to get through to her. No go. She's much happier than she was, but she has it in her head, that she needs you. I think she may genuinely love you, woman to man. She's fooled around with some of the boys and she thinks they're immature and just want in her pants.

She knows you love her. And you postponed having her so she could be sure." Michael nodded, "What do you think we should do?" "When she comes to you, if she says she wants to make horny babe fucked with toys live camchat, I think you should agree.

I'll talk to the others, but I think we'll want to make it a very special day for her. By the way, she's never had a man go down on her." She smiled sheepishly, "and I know how good you are with that devil of a tongue." A week later, Maria came to him, a determined look on her face. "Michael. I want this ring on my other hand. I've waited and learned more about men and my feelings. I'm sure now. I want to give my once in a lifetime gift to you. I want more. I want to give my life to you." "Then I humbly accept, my Love," he said softly with the hint of a smile, "I think the girls want to help, so tomorrow will be yours.

Tomorrow night we'll have an early dinner… and we'll make love for the first time." It took a moment for his words to penetrate. She'd expected an argument.

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She leapt into his arms, kissing his eyes, forehead and cheeks. Breaking the kiss, she looked at him and tenderly placed her lips on his.

It was a promise. ************************************************************************************************* The girls did everything possible to make the night perfect. A light dinner as Beth led Michael to the bedroom, kissing him gently, then firmly pushing him through the door. Soft music played while shadows thrown by candles danced across the room.

A bottle of champagne sat chilling on the dresser with two flutes. Rafaela and Alice brought Maria. She wore a long, white, gossamer thin negligee with spaghetti straps. It set off her raven hair and dark skin. She looked breathtaking, a sensual little angel. He stood to receive her. Rafaela and Alice retreated and closed the door quietly. His arms went around her waist; hers went around his neck.

He looked down, into two pools of love and adoration. Her hands crisscrossed her shoulders. She moved the straps off her shoulders and let the negligee fall to the ground. He opened his robe and shrugged. It fell to the ground, displaying a very hard cock. "Please don't tease me Michael. I've waited so long for this." He picked her up and laid her gently on the bed, sliding beside her, pulling her to his body.

He kissed down her throat, paying special attention to the sensitive spot just behind her ear, then took her earlobe between his teeth and gently pulled. His hand cupped and then caressed her breast feeling the firm softness. Then to her hard, demanding nipples. He sucked and caressed one nipple while his fingers pulled and twisted her other. Instinctively she knew this lovemaking mom slep sin rep mom for her alone.

She abandoned herself to her man, moaning loudly. Instead of descending, he brought his lips to hers and they kissed a first kiss. Her lips trembled against his. His lips began descending again, retracing their earlier pattern. His tongue caressed her flat belly while his hands kneaded her breasts and dark protruding nipples. Maria moaned constantly while her hands gripped the sheets by her side.

As he got to the shaved top of her sex, Michael shifted positions, lifting her leg so he could lie between them. He didn't tease her. His tongue traced the outline of her inner lips, inhaling her fragrance of fresh teen hoe sadie pop gets dicked down and creamed. She was far wetter than he expected.

Maria's eyes were squeezed shut so nothing would distract her from the exquisite pleasure Michael's tongue was creating. He licked her starfish. She went rigid. She squealed her pleasure. He parted her nether lips with the tip of his tongue, tracing the wet lips until he reached her clit. His fingers gently pulled her lips apart, exposing her small pink clit.

He knew she was close, writhing in ecstasy. Without buildup, he sucked her clit and began whipping it with his tongue. A primal unintelligible scream erupted from her mouth. Her legs locked around his head, her hands holding him in place. His tongue began to graze the tiny button.

She began to buck in a familiar sexual rhythm. His tongue matched it. She bolted upright. She was really screaming now. He could feel her pussy flutter. He refused to release her clit, bathing it in new sensations, sending shockwaves through the little girl.

Then her sensory overload circuit breaker popped and she collapsed, mumbling, "no mas." He crawled up to hold her, his cock painfully hard, but all he wanted was to hold this little girl. In the main living room, Rafaela turned to Alice and Lynne. "I thought we had the walls soundproofed," Lynne said giggling ************************************************************************************************ They sipped champagne, waiting for her sensitivity to subside, both smiling in wonder.

She turned on her side and levered her head to look into his eyes, "I never dreamed…No one ever did anything like that to me." Then it hit her, "I really was a virgin!" Giggling and squeezing his cock, she said, "I think it's time to make me a woman." He lay back indicating she should be on top. She was small and it had been a long time. He wanted to be sure he didn't hurt her.

She understood. Facing him, she swung her leg over his body and positioned herself, sliding the head of his cock to open her inner lips. She thrust down, her urgency surprising Michael. His hands cupped her hips, "Slowly Chika. We have all night and if you hurt yourself…" "I need you inside me, my Love." He used his hands to teach her to rotate her hips, letting her tunnel stretch.

By the time he felt his cock against her cervix, she was near another climax. He pushed her legs parallel to his, grabbed her waist and flipped them so he was now on top. He began a series of long, slow strokes, feeling her internal muscles gripping and releasing his cock. She moaned loudly, her eyes squeezed shut to drink in all the pleasure she could.

She demanded faster, harder with her hips. He began to plunge hard into her. On this third stroke, her legs slammed over his, her nails biting into his shoulder.

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Another. He could feel her holding her breath. Again. Her eyes snapped open and she let out a scream. Foxy sluts pleasure cocks in an orgy kept pounding her small pussy, seeing pure lust in her eyes.

She thrashed beneath him, a wild animal in need of total satisfaction. She screamed incoherently, pulling him deeper with desperate urgency. She reached her third, volcanic orgasm just as Michael spewed his seed into her wanton pussy. He collapsed onto her, unable to support his weight any longer. He rolled off and pulled her into his arms.

Reaching down to caress his now flaccid cock, she said, "I'm REALLY glad they didn't cut this off." After a time, Michael snuck into the living room for another bottle of champagne. His women all has ear phones over their ears and knowing smiles on their faces. Lynne looked up, "Gotcha," at Michael's sheepish look. *************************************************************************************************